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Judicial Watch • Deborah L. Cook – 2009

Deborah L. Cook – 2009

Deborah L. Cook – 2009

Page 1: Deborah L. Cook – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:11

Date Created:September 10, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 06, 2014

Tags:Smalkap, Slandard, Poors, rydex, Smallcap, EMERGING, Deborah L Cook, Deborah, shares, filing, 2009, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, dividend, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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AOIO Goermnenl Acr 19?8 
Rev. Ji2UIO 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 SC. fl/  ti/.// Court Organization !hit lltport Plrwn Repo.-llng (last nami.:. firsl, middle initial) 
U.S. Court Appt:is, 6th Cir (>41312010Cook, Deborah 
Sa. lhp0.0fJ(J -:1ore lh.::m S5.0c)lJ.OIJO 3lue Cod..-.; 15,ilOU k:.s l.-SljJ)4JI -50.DOO -$5U,1)() -j; 00,000 =$100,COI -SSl>,/l.1.10 See 1_.nlmn1b ::i:u! =S21UX)!  3.r)tl.Om ... s500.001 -1.000.ot,(} ..,.$1.000,0IJI S5,0C0.000 ... S5.J4X1.001 -SH.000,LlOf> -S2-,000,00I  $50.000,00(1 =fore lha..:1 550,000,0frtJ Valui:Meth..)JC JJ,lJI -S5U.t.i00 S50.l)lll $1011.VOO .1 =S.llJO,UUI Sl50,000 
!5n-C1lumn :1r.d Ll31 =S:!0.00 S.b0,000 S5()1),Cl01 .000.(l{XJ ,...51.f)()(J,fH) 55,1100,0!)0 $S.OOU.OOI -S25.0!}(),(lf)(_i =-?5.fJ(!fl,fl()I 50,fXiO.fMHI =More 1ha11 $50.000.000 VJlui,.: ;jtt1pJ C,>J.:;-. Appr:.111 to:.1(Rnilbt.J.teOnlyl 
(Se vh1mn(2) -lkok Vo.hie ::.!)thcr 
VII. INVESTM.ENTS and TRUSTS -inwme, 1  rrarua..rions lin..t 1hos. srouu and dcpendtnl Ile-port 
Name Pen.on RtportiD! 
Cook, Deborah I.. 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -inco ..... value. rramacrion. r1ndud rhopo and c/Jildren: PP 14-1.0 offilini: in.rrrucr;,,,,,_J 
NONE (Nu reportubli: income, assets, transactions.) 
/. Do.!cr;ption ;s..>1.:t lm.:ume t asst:h) reporling pe-riot.1 ofr.:oning pl.nlh.J 
11.l Ill 1-) (IJ {5) 
Pla.:1: (.)after c..ttmattd 
Linc Garmin was purchased 12131/08 ;, u1d nor settle unril 116/09. was unscnkd rradc nul showing ,rn reporting for the 2008 disclo:;urc rcp,1rt. 
Linc 42on Vil: !shares 13ardays Agg name change from !shares Lcl1man Aggregate from 2008 disdosure report. 
Lin 85on Vfl: insr.allmenc note: was addl!d the report place the inLJAI. WHO KNOWINGLY ANU Wll.Flil.1.Y FALSIFl:S FAILS tllS TlllS HElOltT MAY lit: Slln.H:C:T CIVIi. AND CRIMINAL SANCTIONS U.S.C. app.  W4) 
lfail signed original and additional ctipics tn: 
Committee Finam:ial Disclosure Adminislrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-30 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544