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Judicial Watch • Dennis Jacobs – 2003

Dennis Jacobs – 2003

Dennis Jacobs – 2003

Page 1: Dennis Jacobs – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 26, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 23, 2013

Tags:Saybrook, FINANCL, jacobs, Dennis Jacobs, dennis, stock, court, 2003, investment, ICE, CIA, Federal Judge, Judge

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Rev. 1/200.:1. 
FDIANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT G-0VEl!lllent Act 1978 Calendar Year 2003 F.S.C. app.  !01-tl 
Pt:rson R.:portin:::; (Last na..-ne. F;:rs:: name. :fiddle init;al) JACOBS. DENNIS Court Organiurtio:i Court Appeals, Circuit Dale Report 4/30/-04 Ti1l.; Arti!J.;! J:idges indicate active s-..nior status: ma.gii>!rni.: _;udges indicate ful(,.. part.*rUne) Judge  Active ReportType (chc.;k appropriate t)fC)  Nom:nat1on.. Dat;; Initial Annual 3,2{}192 Flml Reporting Period 1/1/03 12/31/03 Chambers Office Address U.S. Courthouse Foley Square New York, N_Y, 10007 Ol1 the hasis the-i:nfonnation contained :in this Report and any modifications pertaining thereto. is, rting: 	D:tte Report 
ACOBS. DENNiS 	41l01il4 Filers Non-Investment Incom 
NONE f,loreportablc noo-inws!nmrt inm.5 and l)..l.) S5D,00l-$100.J)(X) Sl00.001-$1J;(Xl,OOO $1,0CO,O()J.$5,00G.000 tikre tlum SS,000,000 Vafw.:Ct. Sl5.000ork $1SJJ01-S5C.000 $50,001-$10{),00(> -SlOC.OOl-S.:50,0COC 
(SccCoh.mmsC.1 am.103:1 $.!5QOIJO..$SO:::,f)IX1 $500_C-Ol-$! ,;J(l{),000 Sl,C00,00l-S5,000J}CX:l S5,G00,001-$25,00C:,GOO $25.1))).0fti-.SSS,C/). - :r:i.-1 $More than ...,0,000.WJ oltc.:1:-.C:! 8rr,:; ValtK iilher -=EstLM:.c:1f:(l0 }vt SlOO.IJOl-S2..i0,000 
(Set: Cniurnns ant 03) S250,DOCS580,01)J Sl.OIXJJill-S5,(KY1_1.itH.l $5,000.001$25,00D,DOO $25.GXi.Q(: .$50)K.Z.llX> Cdl.fri.farket 
.>!umnl2; Esnma1cc 
FINANCIAJ, DISCLOSURE REPORT Page of4 aine Person R.;porting JACOBS. DEN!S Date ofRepc:: 4!3G/04 
VII INVES T1ENTS and -;nco:ne:., vabc. trat.SC:.t.OOS (mcludcs those ofilie Sf)OJ.Se and deper.dr.: children. See pp. }4..57 filing instr..!dions 
$LOC!0 less SlJJOl-S:.500 $2,50:; -$5,00J $5,001-$15.000 S15,001-$:5G,OGO and S5ltXH-SH)IJJJr1 Si00.(IO!-S.Jl0i)J:F)J $l,000,00!-S5,000.000 H2. :.I.fore thrn $5,JOO.OOJ 
alue Cod.;s s:5,000orkss S!5JJ.:)l-5Ci.J)O :SS0,00!$100,DO-:.: $100.00l.$250,000 
.S525,000,000 S25,1))(1.()(1 l.$W} fX>!HJ