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Judicial Watch • DHS 2003 Mexican Incursion Report

DHS 2003 Mexican Incursion Report

DHS 2003 Mexican Incursion Report

Page 1: DHS 2003 Mexican Incursion Report


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Date Created:September 22, 2006

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:Incursion, Mexican, DHS, 2003, report

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Purpose: The purpose this document provide intelligence overview concerning Mexican Government incursions, encounters and sightings the U.S. and Mexico borders. 
Sources Used: Information contained this report derived from Border Patrol reports Mexican Military and Police activity the US/Mexico border. 
Time Period: This document provides the most recent, corrected and amended information/intelligence available. 
Material marked LIMITED OFFICIAL USE information that does not qualify for classification National Security Information. nevertheless requires special protection against unauthorized inadvertent disclosure protect sources and methods law enforcement activity, potential evidence, and the integrity pretrial case reports. LIMITED OFFICIAL USE material must stored locked container when not use and disposed shredding burning when longer useful. 
INTELLIGENCE UPDATE: Mexican Government Incursions, Encounters and Sightings the Southwestern Border (SWB). 
Executive Summary 
Section One -INCURSIONS 
Section Two -ENCOUNTERS 
Section Three -SIGHTINGS ATTACHMENTS "A" -Map Incursions Year and Sector 1996-Present 
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF: September 30, 2003 
From 1996 present, the U.S.B.P. Special Coordination Center has confirmed one hundred eighty five incursions into the United States Mexican government personnel. 
};;-In 2003, September 30, 2003 the U.S.B.P. Special Coordination Center (SCC) confirmed twenty-three incursions. 
 Fourteen were Mexican Military personnel. 

Nine were Mexican law enforcement personnel 
 Four report September 30, 2003 
 Eleven report September 30, 2003 

methodology used classifying each incident. 

INCURSIONS Incursion defined the unauthorized crossing the U.S.
Mexico border Mexican Government Personnel. may either intentional unintentional. 
Armed Incursion: Mexican Government Personnel are carrying weapons. 
Unanned Incursion: Mexican Government Personnel are not carrying weapons. 
ENCOUNTERS Encounter any activity Mexican Government Personnel
the Mexican side the U.S.-Mexico Border that results interaction between the parties involved. 

Encounter: Mexican Government Personnel establish communications with LEA's U.S. Military personnel their respective sides the Border 
SIGHTINGS Sighting the discovery significant Mexican Government activity, which not encounter, the Mexican side the U.S.-Mexico. 

SECTION ONE -INCURSIONS Incursion defined the unauthorized crossing the U.S. -Mexico Border Mexican Government Personnel. may either intentional unintentional. 
MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED) -EL CENTRO CALEXICO October, 2002 approximately 1130 hours, Mexican Police Officer wearing plain clothes and identifying himself member the Homicide Unit made incursion approximately seven miles east the Calexico Port Entry. The Mexican Police Officer came U.S. territory for approximately five minutes speak U.S. Border Patrol Agent regards the six illegal aliens that had just apprehended. The police officer presumed that the subject was for was one them. returned Mexico without any further incident. 
MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED) -YUMA YUMA -On October 2002 approximately 1115 hours, two agents working the Yuma area Andrade, California encountered two uniformed Mexican Police officials All Terrain Vehicle TV). This was approximately 1fl0 mile west International The two Mexican officials were wearing patch the uniforms that Transite." The individuals stated they were from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico and were supposed providing security for race that was taking place Mexico. The Agents told the individuals that they were the United States and directed them return the Mexican side the International Boundary. The two Mexican officials complied. The Agents further noted that there were two sedans visible. 
One appeared marked Mexican and the other was but both had least two occupants visible. further incident occurred. 
MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED) -YUMA YUMA -On October 22, 2002 approximately 1045 hours agent while routine patrol was advised via radio that sensor the area oC:]had been activated. When arrived encountered military type HUMVEE with several subjects dressed drab green uniforms, which appeared military. When advised the agent that they were 

U.S. soil they were cordial and stated they were lost which time the agent advised them return Mexico. They left his position and proceeded east toward Algodones south 
the All American Canal the Mexican side the boundary line. There were further MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED) -LAREDO LAREDO 
NORTH -On November 2002 approximately 1130 hours, citizen reported seeing Military type helicopter, possibly Huey type, cross from the Mexican side the 
border into United States airspace. The citizen described the personnel wearing Military 

jumpsuits and helmets and armed with what appeared M-60 caliber machine 
The aircraft crossed over about the 8-mile mark Mines 

then traveled river 
aircraft then backtracked and crossed back Mexico. The aircraft was also identified 
having markings and was gray/green color. Two pilots and three four other 

personnel were seen the aircraft. The citizen also stated that had seen the same type aircraft about two weeks previously and the incursions occurred everyday for about two weeks. the incident, the citizen mentioned that was with USDA Officer the 
b)(2) MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED) -YUMA YUMA -On November 2002 approximately 0217 hours agents responded sensor activity near the International Boundary. Upon arrival the agents located 1992 Ford Explorer stuck approximately four feet north the international boundary. Across from the vehicle Mexico there were several Mexican soldiers and military vehicles. The location the 
b)(2) 	incident miles from San Luis, AZ. The agents made verbal contact with captain the Mexican military. While conversing with the Captain the agents observed six seven bundles consistent with narcotic contraband the rear military vehicle. The two subjects that had been the Ford Explorer fled north foot and eventually returned Mexico. appears the Explorer had circumvented checkpoint entering the U.S., and driving west along the border. Once intercepted the Mexican military the vehicle became stuck and the subjects fled foot. Agents report seeing several sets footprints Uungle boots) back and forth from the vehicle Mexico, indicating the Mexican soldiers had entered the U.S. retrieve the contraband. The Mexican military stated the subjects had brought the contraband into Mexico where )(2) bury it. The vehicle was negative for stolen wants. 
b)(2) 	November 28, 2002 approximately 0845 the agent working illegal entry activity about nine miles west the Fabens Port Entry. The agent observed two individuals the Mexican side the Rio Grande River, one individual along the levee the United States side and approximately ten individuals standing along the river bank the U.S. side. The agent noticed that the two individuals the Mexican side were carrying military type rifles (M-16 style) and were wearing military type clothing. For officer safety reasons the agent observed all the individuals from safe vantage point. Upon being noticed the Agent the subjects walked back into Mexico. the subject walked back into Mexico the agent noticed the subject that had been hiding along the levee the U.S. side was also carrying military type rifle and wearing military type clothing. Once the Mexican side, the three subjects wearing military clothing waved the agent and departed the area along with the rest. short time later military humvee vehicle approached the ten subjects and spoke them. The vehicle then preceded the leave the area after picking the subjects. time did )(2) the observe these individuals make any threatening actions towards 
b)(2) MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION MCALLEN RIO GRANDE CITY -On January 2003 while the Roma, Texas 
area, Agents observed several Mexican Military soldiers escorting three aliens river from the Roma Port Entry. The three aliens were carrying yellow inflatable raft. The individuals, three aliens and six Mexican Military soldiers (with their weapons) 

crossed the Rio Grande River island located just upriver from the Roma Port 
Entry. The island considered United States territory. 
One individual and Mexican soldier guided raft back the Mexican side with what 

(b)(2) b)(2) 
appeared white bundles. One the Mexican soldiers admitted Agents that 
(b)(2) (b)(2))(2) 
b)(2) b)(2) 
10, MEXICAN GOVERNMENT INCURSION -TUCSON NACO -On 2003 approximately 1645 hours, Border Patrol 
Naco, Arizona area. approached the line near 
observed three individuals about five feet north the International Boundary fence 
walking southbound. described the three individuals Hispanic males. All three 
individuals were wearing jeans and sweatshirts and one them was carrying camera. 
The agent believed that one was member Grupo Beta and the other two subjects were 
employees from the television station Univision. then observed the three subjects jump over the International Boundary fence and meet with approximately members the Grupo Beta. All the members Grupo Beta the south side were wearing jeans and orange jackets with unknown type Mexican logo the sleeve the jacket. Also identified were four five trucks, two orange color, with large logo 
the side the trucks stating Grupo Beta. weapons were observed. The Patrol Charge and the Mexican Consulate were notified. 
b)(2) Note: Grupo Beta are special police units esta protect migrants crime--including corruption local police--and crack down alien smugglers. 
observed two Mexican 
b)(7)(e) mmutes 1scuss1on, 1v1 signaled other subjects During this time, the soldiers walked down the river and
they prepared The soldiers then signaled the individual and people started coming and headed the river where 
were located. The soldiers onto the raft and sent )(2) 
north the United States. 
12. MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED) -YUMA the International Boundary, east Monument 198, encountere 27, 2003 approximately 1435 hours, Patrol two military vehicles traveling towards the International Boundary. One vehicle was green Humvee with five Mexican soldiers the other was two door green pick-up truck with four soldiers. The Border Patrol Agent and Mexican soldier who identified himself the Commander the unit exited the vehicles and made contact. The commander stated that his unit was the 22nd Regiment San Luis Sonora, Mexico and they were patrolling the area because many vehicles were seen entering the United States possibly carrying drugs, east this area. All the Mexican soldiers were anned. The Border Patrol Agent reported the Supervisory Agent charge where was instructed release them. The Senior Border Patrol Agent then advised the Mexican Military personnel that they 
were the United States and directed them return Mexico. coo erative and returned Mexico with further incident. 

b)(2) b)(2) 
confrontation over who would take custody the nine subjects, the Mexican Military told the Wardens that the Wardens could take two the subjects and the boat and that the Military would take seven the subjects. The Wardens allowed the Mexican Military take seven the subjects. The Mexican Military returned and gave one their subjects back the Game Wardens. The Game Wardens took custody the three subjects and their boat for having unregistered boat U.S. waters. The Game Wardens handed the three subjects over the U.S. Border Patrol. The three aliens were taken the Zapata Station for processing. The Game Wardens retained custody the boat. 
All the aliens were offered the opportunity contact the Mexican Consulate, which the aliens turned down. The aliens were also offered medical assistance, which they also turned down. After the aliens were offered, and accepted, voluntary return 
16. MEXICAN CUSTOMS INCURSION (UNARMED) -SAN DIEGO CHULA VISTA -On June 2003 Chula Vista Border Patrol ents initiated traffic 
The two subjects the vehicle identified themselves Mexican 
San Diego Mexican Liaison Unit was contacted and they checked with their Mexican counterparts the (SAT) Servicios Administacion Tributaria who confirmed the employment the two individuals. The subjects were not armed. They were released upon completion records 
17. MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED)-EL PASO FABENS -On July 2003 1240 hours Border Patrol was the border 
his K-9 unmarked vehicle. Upon nearing the location the agent saw six people who had just entered the United States from Mexico crossing the Rio Grande River afoot. appeared the agent that two the individuals were leading the other four. the agent neared the group the four subjects the rear ran back into Mexico. The other two subjects front began move more slowly toward the Rio Grande. The agent could see that both subjects were wearing military fatigues and were carrying rifles. order protect himself the agent exited his vehicle, drew his service pistol and ordered the two individuals lie down. The subjects threw the rifles into some bushes the edge the Rio Grande and lay arrived and the subjects were taken into custody and transported They both had identification papers indicating that they are members the Mexican Anny. Paso Sector (MLU) contacted the Mexican Army and confirmed their status. The rifles were recovered and were G-2, 7.62 mm, and semi-automatic. The soldiers and all their 
were returned Mexico without further incident. 
18. MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED) -EL CENTRO CALEXICO July 2003 approximately 1245 the Centro 

b)(2) b)(2) 
reported observing four uniformed individuals rifles and wearing side arms, enter the United States from Mexico, the Port Entry Calexico, California. The four individuals appeared Mexican Law Enforcement Officers. They walked approximately thirty yards north the southern bank the All American Canal, spoke with people swimming the canal for 
five minutes and then walked back Mexico without further incident. 
19. MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED) -EL CENTRO CALEXICO July 26, 2003, Border Patrol Agents assigned the Calexico, California Station encountered eight armed Mexican milita ersonnel and milit Humvee that was stuck the sand about 
The Mexican Army soldiers were into custody incident and transported the Calexico, California Border Patrol Station. After confirmation from high-ranking Mexican 
Military Official their identities, all subjects and their vehicle were returned Mexico via the Port without further incident. 
20. GRUPO BETA INCURSION (UNARMED)-SAN DIEGO/BROWNFIELD -On July 28, 2003, Border Patrol Agents assigned the Brownfield, California Station encountered two Mexican Nationals Tecate Peak, one-quarter mile north the International Border and four miles west the Tecate, California, Port Entry. The two Mexican Nationals claimed Grupo Beta Agents from Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. They were unarmed and plain clothes. One the two had Grupo Beta credentials. They stated that they were searching for reported sick female Mexican National who had entered the United States two days prior. BORST was activated and responded the site conduct search for the missing woman. BORSTAR Agents, Brownfield Border Patrol Agents, and the Grupo Beta Agents worked together, but were unsuccessful the woman. The Beta returned without further 
21. MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (UNARMED) -YUMA/YUMA -On August 25, 2003, Border Patrol Agents assigned the Yuma, Arizona Station apprehended two members the 22nd Regiment the Mexican Military after they made illegal entry into the United States east San Luis, Arizona. The subjects, who were plain clothes and unarmed, stated that they were lost. Both subjects were 
and later returned Mexico. The Mexican Consulate was notified. 
22. GRUPO BETA INCURSION (UNARMED) -YUMA/YUMA -On August 26, 2003, Border Patrol Agents assigned the Yuma, Arizona Station reported that Mexican "Grupo Beta" officials had made incursion into the United States near Andrade, California. The Mexican agents were foot pursuit subject that was involved alien smuggling when they inadvertently crossed the border. Shortly after arriving the area, Border Patrol Agents arrested the fleeing subject and encountered Mexican agent 

nearby. The Mexican agent was allowed return Mexico without incident. Mexican Office was notified. 
23. MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED) -EL CENTRO/EL CENTRO September 14, 2003, Border Patrol Agent assigned the Calexico, California Station working observed individual carrying rifle the 
south bank the American Mexicali, Baja California Police Department was notified. While searching for the armed individual, Mexicali Police Officers entered into the United States territory (approximately forty yards.) After brief incursion all Mexicali Police Officers returned Mexico. Mexicali Police Officers took seven )(2) the armed individual was one them. 

Chronological Listing and Map Incursions for 2003 
Pacific Ocean 
INC'L'RSI0'.'11 (ARMED)