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Judicial Watch • DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 28-29

DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 28-29

DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 28-29

Page 1: DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 28-29


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Date Created:December 15, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 15, 2016

Tags:invite, Liberties, participants, terminal, Tours, Roundtable, participate, Cbp, Airport, Minneapolis, event, Homeland, JENNIFER, rights, Civil, International, security, DHS, office

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From: (b) (6), )(C)
Subject: RE: Next Roundtable Minn
(b) (6). (b) (7)(C)
That sounds good. can host the roundtable different week close tour date. Please let know your
pre ference and some dates that works for you.
(b) (6) (b) (7)(C)
Homeland Security
(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)
Senior Policy Advisor
Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
U.S. Department Homeland Security
Washington, D.C.
This message may con
ommunications, privacy information other information that may privileged and exempt from
disclosure outside the agency the public. Please consu Homeland Security, Office for Civil Rights and Civil
Liberties and the Office General Counsel before disclosing any information contained this ema
From (b) (6), (b) (7)(C)
Sent: Wednesday, January 2016 6:00
(b) (6), (b) (?)(C)
Subject: Next Roundtable Minn
(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)
Happy New Year you and yours. sorry weren able connect the phone today, but wanted follow
via email our general thoughts will training for the next two days and didnt want delay this any longer.
Jennifer lead for CBP With Jennifer now the Area Port Director, asked her serve our lead for
local engagement Minneapolis, including the next tour MSP for the Somali community. She will our
speaker for the tour. serving the role the OFO Ferrara did the past.
Looping TSA Ive also looped p!!ithat next tour could arranged partnership with TSA well.
Tour-only tour+ roundtable Wed like adhere our commitment offer annual tour the airport
and would like ask for CRCLs help sending out invitations for it. erms structure, wed like run this
years tour the way have done before offering general informat ion the beginning, walking people
through CBPs process, walking people through TSAs process (assuming they can participate), and then closing
with open QA. Given that only vetted participants can enter the secure areas the airport, wouldn
want host full roundtable that time.
Dates Ill let Jennifer ~ote which dates would work best for their teams, but agree that Wed and Thurs
evenings seem work best. From our end, wed look dates after the Feb holiday, that people would
have time plan for the event and could vet the names once received.
Invite language Ive included the language used for the last invite for reference (CBP) can vet all
those that RSVP, but need least one full business day so. For anyone who does not pass vetting, our
preference would for CRCL reach out them and advise that cannot accommodate them for the tour.
You may recall that had two parties show last year that did not pass vetting. Attempts were made
contact them, but avail.
Thank you,
(b) (b) (7)(C
From: Community Engagement
Subject: Invitation attend tour MSP Airport XXXX
Dear Colleague,
The Department Homeland Security (OHS) would like invite you participate tour the Minneapolis-St. Paul
International Airport part our ongoing efforts engage with community leaders and members. During the event,
participants will provided with step-by-step tour our operations, designed offer greater understanding
airport processes and procedures. Throughout the event, will discuss traveler expectations, rights, and
resources. Participants will also have the opportunity ask questions representatives from OHS, U.S. Customs and
Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration.
The tour will occur Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Terminal 1-Lindbergh {4300 Glumack Drive, St. Paul, 55111). The event will begin Terminal Baggage Claim Participants will met airport officials and led
into the secure area the airport. participate this event, ask that you send email
business XX>< with your (1) name, (2) date birth, (3) nationa
passpo number permanent resident
card number. This information required that you can cleared enter the secure areas the
airport. Participants who are not cleared who not provide this information will not able participate the
Please note that this event will closed the press and participants will not allowed take pictures video
recordings during the event.
Thank you for your interest, support, and partnership and hope see you XXX.