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Judicial Watch • DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 6

DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 6

DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 6

Page 1: DHS CBP Airport Tours pg 6


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Date Created:December 15, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 15, 2016

Tags:Somali, liaison, Tours, Cbp, engagement, operations, Airport, visit, field, Minneapolis, Members, questions, Community, Civil, officer, International, chicago, DHS, office

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(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)
Friday, February 19, 2016 10:18
(b) (6), (b) (?)(C)
Significant Visit: DHS Community Engagement Tour MSP
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OFO Field Liaison,
Below summary significant visit that occurred Minneapolis St. Paul Airport last night; pictures are also
attached. Please let know you have any questions.
Ms. (b) (6), (b) (7)(C)
Chicago Field Otlice
Office Field Operations
What: DHS Community Engagement Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport Tour
Date Visit: February 18, 2016
Field Office: Chicago Field Office
Location: Minneapolis
Details: February 18, 2016, CBP Field Operations, partnership with TSA and DHS Office Civil Rights and
Civil Liberties (CRCL). conducted port tour the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport for
approximately SomaJi community members explain CBP and TSA processes and procedures, and help
address community stakeholder questions. Community members were provided with tour the FIS
include primary processing, trusted travel programs, and secondary inspection procedures. TSA representatives
then provided overview their operations and processes. After the tour concluded, community members
were given opportunity ask questions; many also shared comments about their experiences with DHS and
the steps being taken improve ties with locaJ Somali community members. During the question and answer
session, CBP provided overview the complaint and compliment system, including the methods for
reporting, along with CBPs commitment professionalism. Current CBP and TSAjob vacancies were
discussed. Attendees responded with requests for DHS outreach efforts during Somali community events
further advertise these positions interested individuals.
CBP Participants:
Jennifer Area Port Director
(b) (6). (b) (7)(C) atch Commander
ssistant Port Director
hief Officer Professional ism Service Manager
(b) (6), (b) (?)(C)
rvisory CBP Officer Public Affairs Liaison
DHS Partici~ants:
WJIRllUJl senior Policy Advisor, CRCL