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Judicial Watch • Diane P. Wood – 2003

Diane P. Wood – 2003

Diane P. Wood – 2003

Page 1: Diane P. Wood – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 29, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 05, 2015

Tags:Diane P Wood, Diane, Institute, Seminar, chicago, meeting, university, Washington, 2003, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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5 U.S.C. App. Sec /O/.f/I). 
Calendar Year 2003 
Reporting (las.I narr..;,first, middle initial) Wood1 Diane I?-. Title (Article indicate active senior status; magisWtejudges indicate fall-er part-lime) 
U.S. Circuit Judge (Active) Chambers Office Address 2b02 .s. leeting, Va;-.:;;;01.J.vec, BC:, Canada -_T,i-L1F Analysis Group 18/1/03 -Stit.lir:arr Washington, -T1F Cordell Hull !nstitute 10/17/03 10/17/03 -Seminar, Washington.. -T1E,L Night; American Law Institute 10/22/03 10/24/03 Counci Meetig1 New York, -,F,L 
12. A.ercan Society lnternational Law 10/32-/03 11/1/03 -Judicial Out:-s ach Meeting# Washington, -1,f,L Traie Law Centre South Africa 11/4/C3 11/10/03 -Serrnars, Pretoria Stelienbasch, South Africa, T,F,L, Assoc. Bar City New York 12/6/03 12/9/03 -Seminar, New York1 -T,F,L American Institute 12/11/03 12/12/03 -Council Meeting, ?hiladelphiaf -T,F,L 
LX. CERTIFICATION certify .:hat all tr.e ir:fol.11latic-, given above (including infotion ;:ertai;;.i:!.g spo:1se ar:d minor 
dependent chi2..dren, any) aCC.ltae, truet and complete tb.e hest kno;.;2..edge and belief, and that any 
infcrmation not reported was withheldQecause met applicable statutory prosios permitting r.o-disclosure. further certify ::hat earned inc11:e ::r:::m outside employmer.t and honor.aria and the acceptance qifts which 
have been reported are compliance iith provis1ons 5 u.s.c. app section 501 t. seq.t U.S.C. 7353 
and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Kote: 	Any individual who knoingly and wilfully falsifies !ails fi1e this report may subject civil and criminal sanctions U.S.C. App. Section 04). 
Mail original and three additional copies to: 
Committee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office oftbe United States Courts One Columbus Circle, N.E. Suite 2-301 :.ashington, D.C. 10544 
Reprm roq-.Jired /Jy-the Ethics 
A0...10 (w) U.S.C.App. Sec. 101-111) 
n... 112002 
Calendar Year 2003 Pr Organb: ation Date Report 
U.S. Couxt Appeals1 ------- 7th Cir OS/15/2004 !--4 Report Type (che type) Reporting Period 
Nomination,- Date --- 01/01/2003 Initial Annual Final 12/31/2003 the basis the infonn.ation contained this Report and any modifkations pertaining thereto, opinion compliance 
with applicable laws and regulations. 
Reviewing Officer Datt 
IMPORTANT NOTES. The instruc:tions accomp(J.nying this Jann mU$t followed. Complete all p4rlS, checking the NONE bo,. for each section where you have reportable ir.fonnation.. Sign the last page. POSITIONS (.eporting individual only; .tee pp. 9-13 ofInstructions.) NONE enior POSITION (No reportable posltions.) ecturer Law NAME The Unieraity Chicago ORGANIZATION ENTITY Law School 
O>:Z: NONE (Nor::porlllbleagreements.) ::: >-.) 
::::> :Ortahle income.assets, transactions.) 
Teachers Insurance Annuity Assn (TIM) 
College Retirement Equities 
Harris Bank Chicago 
Charter One Bank *Annual. Report-see sec VIII 
 None None Interest Interest -- 
Premium Premiurn 
IN/A ..1 --- 
------------ III ____.. 
lnc/Galn Codes: A=Sl ,000 less (Col. Bl,D4) F=$50,00l-$l00,000 Val Codes1 J=S!5,000orless (Col. Cl, Dl) (F$500.00J-Sl.000,01Jil 
V!tl Mth Codes: QAppralsal 
(Co!. C2J Boo}; Value 
B=$!,00l-S2,500 C=$2,50l-$5,000 D=S5,00l -Sl5,000 E=Sl5,00i-$50,000 G=SJ00,001-Sl ,000,000 Bl=$1,000,00l-$5,000,000 H2=$5,000,00l rr:.ore 
K=SlS,001-$50,000 L=>0,u0l-Sl00,000 M=> !00,001-$250,000 },=25il,00:-$500,000 Pl$ ,000,001 $5,000,00C 112=$5,000.DV $25 ,000,000 P3.,,,.$25,00D,001 $50,0CIO,OOO P4=$50,000001 more 
RCost (real ests:e onty) S:Asscssment 
V=Otbe: WEstimated 
Name 011ersun N.eplrt1ng 
Date ofRoport 
wood, Diane 
1_. The TIAA and CREF accou::i.ts reported Part .lIl are not :incomef:rodu;:oing. The value accumulations each either increases decreases depeding on. the market ar.d the amol.Ul.t emims 
paid in. The gain noted Part VIl, ::::olumri reflects the appreciation depreciation each accowit for Calendar Year 2003. 
Name Person Reporting 
Date Report 
Wood, Diar. 
Information continued from Parts through VI, inclusive. 
PART REIMBURSEM.SNTS (cont1d.) Line Source Description A.BA Section Antitrust B/13/03 8/15/03 -Meeting, Vancouver1 PC, Canada -T,LF Analysis Group 10/1/03 -Seminar, Washington, T,F Cordell Hull Institute 10/17/03 10/17/03 -Seminar, washLgtoc, -T,F,L Night} 
American Law Institute 10/22/03 10/24/03 -Council Meeting, New York -T,F,L American Society !ternational Law 10/21/03 11/1/03 -Judicial Outreach Meeting, Washington, -T,F,I, 
rade Law Cen tre South Africa 11/4/03 11/10/03 Seminars, Pretoria Stellenbasch, Sou Africa ..ssoc. Bar City New York 12/S/03 12/9/03 seminarf New York, T,F,L Amer1can Law Institute 12/11/03 12/12/03 Cou.cil Meeting, Philadelphia, -T1F,L 
IX. CERTIFICATION certify that all the iri.formation given above {including informatio pertaining spouse a::id minor 
dependent childrent any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief aad that any infonnatio not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory provisions permittig non-disclosure. further certify that eaxned income from outside emplOj1ient honcraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported are compliance with the provisior.s U.S.C. app. section 501 et. seq., U.S.C. 7353 and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Signat Date 
Note:: Any individual who and wilfully falsifies fails file this rep ort 
k..lowin9ly tn