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Date Created:May 3, 2008

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NOFORN 20330421
APO 09360
JTF-GTMO-CDR April 2008
MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, United States Southern Command, 3511 9lst Avenue,
Miami, 33172
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
JTF-GTMO Detainee Assessment (S) Personal Information:
JDIMS/NDRC Reference Name: Jihad Deyab
Current/True Name and Aliases: Jihad Ahmed Mustafa
Diyab, Abu Ammar, Abu Wail al-Suri, Abu Wail al-Falastini
Place Birth: Jedeta, Lebanon (LE)
Date Birth: July 1971
Citizenship: Syria (SY)
Internment Serial Number (ISN): US9LE-000722DP (U//FOUO) Health: Detainee fair health. (U) JTF-GTMO Assessment: (S) Recommendation: JTF-GTMO recommends this detainee for Continued Detention
Under DoD Control (CD). JTF-GTMO previously recommended detainee for Continued
Detention Under DoD Control (CD) May 2007. (S//NF) Executive Summary: Detainee member the Syrian Group comprised
dismantled terrorist cells that escaped Syrian authorities and fled Afghanistan (AF)
2000. Detainee was sentenced death absentia, probably for his terrorist activities
Syria. Detainee assessed Global Jihad Support Network (GJSN) document forger
who provided services the network operated Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn aka
(Abu Zubaydah), ISN US9GZ-010016DP (GZ-10016), supporting European, North African,
DECLASSIFY ON: 20330417 NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
and Levant extremists facilitating their international travels. Detainee associate
several other significant al-Qaida members include Ali Muhammad Abdul Aziz al-Fakhri,
ISN US9LY-000212DP (LY-212), September 2001 recruiter Muhammad Zammar, and
other facilitators and identified document forgers. Detainee also assessed associated
with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LT), Ansar al-Islam,
Harakat al-Mujahidin (HUM), and Harakat ul-Jihad-i-Islami (HUJI). Detainee alias
reported individual who provided assistance Abu Musab al-Zarqawi during
hostilities Afghanistan, and detainee assessed have received training the al-Qaida
al-Faruq Training Camp. JTF-GTMO determined this detainee be: HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests, and allies HIGH threat from detention perspective HIGH intelligence value (S//NF) Summary Changes: The following outlines changes detainee
assessment since the last JTF-GTMO recommendation. (Changes this assessment will
annotated next the footnote.)
Changed detainee citizenship from Lebanon Syria, based Lebanese and Syrian
government reporting
Added reporting that detainee has been sentenced death absentia Syrian
authorities for unspecified political crimes
Updated background and analysis detainee activities and associates (U) Detainee Account Events:
The following section based, unless otherwise indicated, detainee own account.
These statements are included without consideration veracity, accuracy, reliability.
Analyst Note: The GJSN composed individuals, most them from North Africa, the Levant, Saudi
Arabia, and who reside those countries Europe South Asia. The network provides various services
including logistics and fundraising, and helps move operatives from country country needed. The GJSN
considered National Intelligence Priority Framework (NIPF) Priority Counterterrorism (CT) intelligence target.
Priority targets are defined issues, opportunities, threats that rise to, are expected rise to, the level
interest the President, Vice President, DNI, and NSC/HSC Principals and Deputies. This includes terrorist groups
that pose clear and immediate danger U.S. persons interests. This includes those preparing employ
Weapons Mass Destruction.
Analyst Note: The LIFG and the are NIPF Priority targets. The HUM and HUJI are NIPF Priority targets,
defined issues, opportunities, threats that rise to, are expected rise to, the level interest the
Combatant Commanders DNI EXCOM Principals, not already identified Priority This includes terrorist
groups, especially those with state support, countries that sponsor terrorism, countries that have state
organizations involved terrorism that have demonstrated both intention and capability attack U.S. persons
interests. NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S) (S//NF) Prior History: Detainee was born Lebanon Syrian father and
Argentinean mother. From 1991 1993, detainee served the Syrian Air Force truck
driver and received light weapons training. 1997 and 1998, detainee lived northern
Saudi Arabia selling door-to-door items which bought wholesale Syria. 1998,
detainee returned Syria where worked truck driver until 2000. (S//NF) Recruitment and Travel: May 2000, detainee met Abu Jafar al-Iraqi who
advised detainee travel Pakistan (PK) where employment opportunities were plentiful.
Detainee was unable obtain Pakistani visa, Abu Jafar instructed detainee travel
Iran (IR) and contact Shaykh Ibrahim who would assist detainee entering Pakistan.
Detainee and his family traveled Iran where they stayed for days. Shaykh Ibrahim
arranged for Iranian smuggler, Zubayr, move detainee and his family into Pakistan.
Zubayr guided detainee and his family Zahedan, IR, where assisted their illegal
crossing the Iran/Pakistan border and then continued Peshawar, PK, via Quetta, PK. (S//NF) Training and Activities: Zubayr introduced detainee Abu Yasir, honey
supplier who assisted detainee establishing his own honey business. July 2000, detainee
and his family moved Kabul, AF, where the Taliban provided him with rent-free
apartment. Zubayr returned Pakistan inform detainee honey suppliers his new
address. Over the next year, detainee earned about $250 monthly selling honey from his
house. August 2001, detainee took the advice his neighbor, Algerian fighter Abu
Muhammad, and traveled Peshawar seek medical attention for chronic back pain. Abu
Muhammad hired Julaibeb, Afghan guide, accompany detainee Pakistan. After
seeing naturalist doctor who treated him with herbs and started physical therapy, detainee
traveled Lahore, see Dr. Amer Aziz, Pakistani neurosurgeon who recommended
surgery for detainee injuries. When the bombing campaign began Afghanistan
October 2001, detainee was Lahore. Detainee returned Afghanistan for his family, finally
rejoining them Khowst, AF. December 2001, detainee and his family crossed the
Afghan/Pakistan border where Riyadh, Pakistani, assisted detainee relocating his family
safe house Lahore owned Nur Zaman.9 Detainee shared the house with Saudi, Pakistani,
000722 SIR 14-DEC-2006, Analyst Note: The Lebanese government reports detainee mother Lebanese.
000722 SIR 09-JUN-2002
000722 MFR 22-AUG-2002
000722 MFR 22-AUG-2002, Analyst Note: Variants Jafar include Jaffa and Jaffar; variant Ibrahim
Abraham; variants Zubayr include al-Zuber and Zubair.
Analyst Note: Julaibeb assessed Abdullah Bin Ali al-Lutfi, aka (Julayib), ISN US9TS-000894DP. Variants Julaibeb include Julabib, Julaybib, and Jula Abib.
000722 MFR 22-AUG-2002
000722 SIR 30-OCT-2003, Analyst Note: Variants Riyadh include Riad, Riyad, Riaz, and Riadh. Riyadh and Nur
Zaman are assessed the same person, Riyadh Ismail aka (Nur al-Zaman), see TD-314/24217-04. NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
and Tunisian families. While Lahore, detainee attempted flee Libya with the aid the
Qadhafi Organization. (U) Capture Information: (S//NF) Detainee was captured Pakistani police April 2002 raid safe
house Lahore. Detainee was captured along with the following individuals: Riyadh;
Muhammad Murdi Issa al-Zahrani, ISN US9SA-000713DP (SA-713); Hedili Abdoul Hedi
Hammami, ISN US9TS-000717DP (TS-717); and Abdullah Bin Omar, ISN US9TS-000721DP
(TS-721). Pakistan officials released Riyadh, but transferred detainee, SA-713, TS-717, and TS721 custody later than June 2002.11 (S) Property Held: None
Though not held JTF-GTMO, the following items were reportedly detainee
possession the time capture passport-size photos (S) Transferred JTF-GTMO: August 2002 (S//NF) Reasons for Transfer JTF-GTMO: provide information the
Al-Qaida safe houses Peshawar and Lahore
Al-Qaida activities Kabul, Jalalabad, and Khowst between August 2000 and
November 2001
Iranian support al-Qaida
Al-Qaida facilitator and recruiter Abu Jafar al-Iraqi (S//NF) Evaluation Detainee Account: Detainee account assessed only
partially truthful. Detainee has provided fairly consistent accounts, however, has feigned
physical ailments, refused repeat his answers, and provided incomplete data. Detainee cover
story that was honey salesman was likely borrowed from his al-Qaida host Lahore, who
operated legitimate honey distribution business. Detainee account his travel
Analyst Note: This assessed the Qadhafi International Foundation for Charitable Associations, led
Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadafi son, Sayf al-Islam, who came Pakistan December 2001 assist Arabs
who escaped from Afghanistan. See TD-314/40923-02 and 000722 AMEMBASSY Islamabad 000802 05-FEB-2002.
000722 MFR 22-AUG-2002, 000713 08-AUG-2002, 000713 INITIAL SCREENING 06-JUN-2002, TD314/36995-02
000722 SIR 20-OCT-2003, 000722 SIR 30-OCT-2003. NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
Afghanistan seems accurately describe his admitted illegal transit from Syria Afghanistan
and then Pakistan, including key dates and names individuals, although detainee has
consistently concealed omitted his affiliations terrorist networks. Separate reporting
suggests detainee initial recruitment probably occurred the mid-1990s, and that detainee
account may omit several years terrorist-related activities prior detainee last travel
Afghanistan. (U) Detainee Threat: (S) Assessment: Detainee assessed HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests, and allies. (S//NF) Reasons for Continued Detention: Detainee member the Syrian Group
comprised dismantled terrorist cells that escaped Syrian authorities and fled
Afghanistan 2000. Detainee was sentenced death absentia, probably for his terrorist
activities Syria. Detainee assessed GJSN document forger and al-Qaida
associate who provided services GZ-10016 network, European, North African, and
Levant extremists facilitating their international travels. Detainee associate several
significant al-Qaida members, include GZ-10016, LY-212, September 2001 recruiter
Muhammad Zammar, and other facilitators and document forgers. Detainee also assessed have received training the al-Qaida al-Faruq Training Camp.
(S//NF) Detainee member Syrian terrorist cell which relocated
Afghanistan. The cell members escaped Syrian authorities and fled Afghanistan.
(S//NF) Syrian authorities dismantled terrorist cells Damascus and Hamah, 2000, arresting fifteen members the cells while some cell members, including
detainee, escaped. The Syrian Military Intelligence (SMI) stated that those who
escaped were believed have fled Afghanistan. SMI identified the following
individuals who escaped:
(S//NF) Detainee, who the SMI identified Jihad Ahmad Diab, aka (Abu
(S//NF) Ali Husein Muhammad Shaaban, ISN US9SY-000327DP (SY-327),
who the SMI identified Ali Hussayn Shaban, aka (Yaqub). SY-327 stated
traveled Kandahar and then Kabul with Muhammad, aka (Muath al-Suri);
Ziad, aka (Abdallah al-Suri); and Syrian Kurd Qassam al-Kurdi.
(S//NF) Masum Abdah Muhammad, ISN US9SY-000330DP (SY-330), who
the SMI identified Masum Muhammad, aka (Abu Bilal al-Kurdi). SY-330
TD-314/44247-01, TD-314/48778-01, Analyst Note: Though not listed the SMI report, SY-326 assessed
have been member the Syrian Group.
TD-314/38436-02 NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
reported departed Syria July 2000, the month detainee reported moving his
family Kabul.
(S//NF) Abd al-Hadi Omar Mahmoud Faraj, ISN US9SY-000329DP (SY329), who the SMI identified Abd al-Hadi Umar al-Faraj, aka (Mahdi). SY329 reported went Iran with Abu Kareem and Muhammad Amin. Iran,
SY-329 left Kareem and Amin, and later met Khalid. stayed Khalid house
for one month and ten days. (Analyst Note: Abu Kareem and Muhammad
Amin are assessed the two members mentioned later this list. Khalid
probably Sulayman Khalid Darwish, noted below.)
(S//NF) Sulayman Khalid Darwish, aka (Abu Khalid), aka (Abu azlGhadiyah), aka (Abu Hurayrah), aka (Ghassan), aka (Jamal), who was the leader the Damascus Cell. This assessed SY-327 acknowledged associate
(S//NF) Sulayman Khalid Darwish was the paternal uncle Abu Musab
al-Zarqawi. Darwish was member the Shura (advisory) council the
al-Zarqawi Network, aka (al-Qaida Iraq). Darwish trained alZarqawi camp Herat, 2000 and was active member alZarqawi terrorist network early October 2004 during which
facilitated travel Islamic extremists from Syria into Iraq. Darwish had
been identified the fourth ranking man al-Qaida Iraq, and al-Zarqawi
Chief External Operations.
(S//NF) Other members the cells which escaped included Radwan Abbud
Muhammad, aka (Abu Abd al-Karim); Muhammad Amin Mahmud al-Hasan, aka
(Abu Bakr); Izz al-Din Abd al-Aziz Khalil, aka (Qassam); Ziyyad Hasan alShayib, aka (Abu Abdallah); and Muhammad Uthman al-Shaykh, aka (Maaz),
who assessed SY-327 acknowledged travel companion Muhammad.
(C) Lebanese Ministry Foreign Affairs reported detainee Syrian
national and was sentenced death absentia Syria for unspecified political
crimes. (Analyst Note: the Syrian government has held members the Muslim
Brotherhood political prisoners and also convicted and sentenced them death
accordance with Law Number 49, detainee sentence probably based his
000327 302 16-JUN-2002, 000330 06-14-2002
000329 302 16-AUG-2002
TD-314/58064-04, Analyst Note: Al-Zarqawi and Darwish are both reported deceased.
TD-314/29746-04, TD-314/39833-05
TD-314/11275-05, TD-314/39833-05
000722 AMEMBASSY BEIRUT 11-JUL-2006 NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
membership the terrorist cell Syria. The other members these cells probably
have similar convictions, but they are all likely receive reduced sentences.
(S//NF) SMI reported detainee cell was commanded Muhammad Yaqub.
Yaqub Iraqi Kurd who led Islamic extremist cells Damascus and Hama, SY.
Yaqub had ties GZ-10016, UBL, and Iraqi national named Hilal Abd al-Razzaq
Ali, who was captured Iraq October 2004 suspicion terrorist
activity. February 2001, SMI arrested Yaqub and al-Qaida associate Adel Karim
Mahadi terrorist-related charges, but was probably released, SMI officials
reported was present Damascus November 2001.
(S//NF) Detainee identified his recruiter Talib Muhammad Yaqub, aka
(Abd al-Fatah) aka (Abdul Satar), aka (Abu Jafar al-Iraqi). Detainee reported his
travel Pakistan 2000 was prompted, encouraged, and facilitated Abu Jafar
al-Iraqi, associate since 1998.
(S//NF) Detainee assessed GJSN document forger and al-Qaida
(S//NF) GZ-10016 described detainee expert document forger who was also long-time associate Ali Muhammad Abdul Aziz al-Fakhri, aka (Ibn al-Shaykh alLibi), ISN US9LY-000212DP (LY-212). Detainee and LY-212 associated Syria.
GZ-10016 stated detainee used computers for falsifying travel documents and sought
training through GZ-10016 the Khaldan Training Camp. Afghanistan, detainee
associated with Libyan extremist groups Kabul. LY-212 reported detainee
alias, Abu Wail, was LIFG member Syria. (Analyst Note: LY-212 was the
commander the Khaldan Training Camp.)
(S//NF) Detainee was captured with expert document forger TS-717, aka
(Abu Zur al-Tunisi). GZ-10016 reported detainee and al-Qaida document
forger Abu Zur al-Tunisi (TS-717) were close friends. GZ-10016 stated detainee
and TS-717 asked for GZ-10016 financial assistance for travel Iran and
onward Europe. GZ-10016 added that TS-717 and Abu Nasim al-Tunisi were
good document forgers and Abu Nasim al-Tunisi specialized European visas.
TD-314/44247-01; Analyst Note: See SCI addendum for more information.
FBIS EUP20050720100005; Analyst Note: For additional information Hilal see TD-314/32507-04, TD314/32433-04, TD-314/31551-04 and the SCI addendum.
TD-314/44247-01, IIR 239 1304 05, IIR 239 1304
000722 MFR 22-AUG-2002, IIR 239 1304 05, TD-314/39219-02, Analyst Note: Variants Yaqub include
Yagub, Yacoub, and Yaqoub. The aliases were not identified detainee, they are provided for identification.
TD-314/20999-03, TD-314/47408-05, TD-314-36471-02, Analyst Note: See TD-314/44247-01 for other
reporting identifying this his alias.
TD-314/25161-02, 000722 SIR 20-OCT-2003, 000722 SIR 30-OCT-2003 314 25161 NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
(S//NF) Detainee possessed passport-size photos when captured.
(Analyst Note: These photos are not JTF GTMO custody and, while detainee
claims they were his family, there official reporting describing the photos. unlikely detainee had photos himself and, while they could his
family members, they were possibly related his forgery activities
unlikely detainee would able renew his Syrian passport Pakistan.)
(S//NF) GZ-10016 photo-identified detainee associate who was also
possibly member Ansar al-Islam (AI). GZ-10016 stated first met detainee
the mid-1990s, and reported saw detainee Jalalabad, Kabul and Lahore.
(Analyst Note: Detainee forgery operations probably facilitated the operations
both LY-212 and GZ-10016. such, detainee likely provided forged documents
used extremists North Africa and Europe addition the Levant region,
indicating served the Global Jihad Support Network. GZ-10016 association with
detainee dating from the mid-1990s provides indication detainee involvement
with Sunni extremist organizations before 2000 and also indicates detainee probably
made multiple trips Afghanistan.)
(S//NF) Detainee reported Algerian neighbor Kabul, Abu Muhammad,
possibly former member and member al-Qaida Iraq. April 2004,
Algerian national Abu Muhammad led four-man international terrorist cell who
worked with remote electronic explosive detonating devices. Abu Muhammad
reportedly informed the cell that they were longer Ansar al-Sunna, formerly
named AI, and were now al-Qaida.
(S//NF) GZ-10016 also noted detainee escorted Muhammad Zammar Jalalabad
after the USS COLE attack. (Analyst Note: Muhammad Zammar recruited
Muhammad Atta, the operational commander the for the September 2001
hijackers. Muhammad Zammar reported was camp Kandahar when
heard the USS COLE attack. Zammar probably met detainee the camp
detainee would seek training from al-Qaida the al-Faruq Training Camp
Kandahar upon learning the closure the Khaldan Camp noted above. Detainee assessed have received militant training al-Faruq.)
(S//NF) Senior al-Qaida facilitator Hassan Ghul stated knew detainee Abu al-Suri, who met Kabul Khowst, shortly after the September
000722 SIR OCT 2003, 00722 OCT 2003
TD-314/20999-03, TD-314/47408-05, TD-314/44247-01, TD-314-36471-02, Analyst Note: NIPF
Priority target. There another individual named al-Suri active Iraq and Syria the last few years who also associated with and should not confused with detainee.
TD-314-36471-02, TD-314/20999-03, TD-314/47408-05, TD-314/44247-01
EUP20051121085011 NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
2001 attacks. Detainee wife, with help from the wife LY-212, contacted Ghul
for money after detainee capture May 2002.
(S//NF) roster al-Qaida operatives identified detainee having four
children and receiving stipend support his family. Detainee recruiter, Abu
Jafar al-Iraqi, was also listed this document. The information was found
laptop computer hard drive associated with al-Qaida financial operative Mustafa
Ahmad al-Hawsawi, ISN US9SA-010011DP (SA-10011). The laptop was
recovered during joint raids with the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence
Directorate (ISID), which led the capture senior al-Qaida operative Khalid
Shaykh Mohammad (KSM), ISN US9KU-010024DP (KU-10024). (Analyst
Note: Detainee reported stayed house with Saudi and Tunisian families
and attempted flee with the assistance the Qadhafi Organization. The
stipend noted was probably provided Abu Sulayman al-Jazairi and Abu Nasim
al-Tunisi. Abu Sulayman discussed below.)
(S//NF) Assessed al-Qaida member Moazzam Begg, ISN US9UK-000558DP
(UK-558), indicated detainee was associated with Abu Sulayman al-Jazairi, Abd alRahman, and Abu Umar al-Hadhrami. 558 identified Abu Wail al-Filistini,
assessed detainee, Palestinian fighter from the Syrian refugee camps. UK558 first met detainee Abu Tasnim al-Tunisi house Peshawar, PK, after fleeing
from Tora Bora November 2001. UK-558 also reported Abu Wail was familiar
with financial support Harakat al-Mujahidin (HUM), and Harakat ul-Jihad-i-Islami
(HUJI) guesthouses for primarily North African groups, but other Arabs well.
(S//NF) Detainee identified Abu Yasir al-Jazairi associate who helped
detainee establish home and honey business Lahore. Abu Yasir al-Jazairi
assessed Abu Yasir, aka (Ismael), aka (Abu Muhammad), aka (Salim), aka
(Fayiz), senior al-Qaida recruiter and facilitator who, according GZ-10016, was
part al-Qaida Document Committee and the person responsible for moving all
Analyst Note: Detainee stated his wife gave birth his fourth child Pakistan.
TD-314/18869-03, Analyst Note: SA-10011 the al-Qaida financier who provided funds for the 9/11 attacks
(see 000722 Finance Network-DIA Assessment 06-JAN-2002 and 000722 FINANCIAL SUPPORT 23-DEC-2001.)
TD-314/54872-03, TD-314/35653-04, Analyst Note: FBIS 25-Oct-2002, detainee (Abu il) reported
captured along with Tunisians who were receiving assistance from the Qadhafi Organization. Other detainee
noted with association the Qadhafi Organization included US9SA-000664DP, US9LY-000557DP, and
US9JO-000589DP. See 000589 SIR 11-AUG-2004. 314 22386 02, Analyst Note: Listed Abu Wail al-Falastini.
IIR 034 1142 CC, IIR 034 0102 06, Analyst Note: variant HUJI Harakat Jihad al-Islamiya.
000722 MFR 22-AUG-2002, Analyst Note: Although lucrative trade the Middle East, honey also alQaida term for money. The honey trade has been used smuggle items such money and explosives. Selling
honey also common al-Qaida cover story. Variants Yasir include Yasier, Yasser, and Yaser. NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
senior al-Qaida personnel out Afghanistan and Pakistan soon after the fall the
(S//NF) Detainee sought medical assistance from Dr. Amer Aziz. Dr. Amer
Aziz Lahore-based doctor who, according GZ-10016, served UBL
personal doctor, provided coordinated treatment other key al-Qaida personnel,
and recruited network doctors and scientists provide medical services for alQaida members and support al-Qaida chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear
(CBRN) weapons programs.
(S//NF) Detainee reported Nur Zaman, aka (Riyadh Ismail), arranged and
provided lodging Lahore for detainee and his family after his escape from
Afghanistan November 2001. Nur Zaman was well-known al-Qaida and
Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LT) affiliated facilitator. GZ-10016 identified Nur Zaman
the individual who assisted him moving al-Qaida members into Lahore early
(S//NF) Detainee alias has been identified associate deceased al-Qaida Iraq commander, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Al-Qaida member Raid Ahmad Rashid
Kiwan stated upon the fall Herat, Zarqawi fled Kandahar, where stayed house owned Abu Ammar al-Suri, variation detainee alias Abu Ammar
coupled with detainee nationality, Syrian which represented al-Suri.
(Analyst Note: Detainee possibly had previous association with Zarqawi through
his affiliation with AI.)
(S//NF) Detainee assessed have received training the al-Qaida al-Faruq
Training Camp.
(S//NF) December 2001, SMI identified detainee among Syrians who
trained Afghan-based al-Qaida training camps and who probably fought for
(S//NF) GZ-10016 reported detainee sought training the Khaldan Camp,
which had already closed. GZ-10016 stated believed detainee trained the
Kandahar Airport camp instead.
(S//NF) The Kandahar Airport Camp, aka (Abu Ubaydah Camp), aka (Tarnak
Farm), was al-Qaida facility that provided advanced training commando
skills, including assassination, kidnapping, surveillance, interrogation, urban
TD-314/38642-02, TD-314-49136-02
TD-314/41561-02, 000722 MFR 22-AUG-2002
000722 SIR 30-OCT-2003, TD-314/41561-02, Analyst Note: Variants Nur include Noor and Nor. Analyst
Note: NIPF Priority target.
TD-314/20557-02, Analyst Note: Herat fell November 2001.
AMZ Chronology
TD-314/47408-05 NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 20330421
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LE-000722DP (S)
tactics, and anti-aircraft weapons. (Analyst Note: further information
available corroborate GZ-10016 stated belief that detainee trained the
Kandahar Airport camp specify what skills detainee may have obtained
there. Prior acceptance the Kandahar Airport Camp, detainee would have
been required attend basic training course.) (S//NF) Detainee Conduct: Detainee assessed HIGH threat from detention
perspective. His overall behavior has been non-compliant and hostile the guard force and
staff. currently has Reports Disciplinary Infraction listed DIMS with the most
recent occurring March 2008, when failed follow guard instructions refusing attend appointment. has five Reports Disciplinary Infraction for assault with the
most recent occurring June 2007, when punched guard. Other incidents for which has been disciplined include inciting and participating mass disturbances, failure
follow guard instructions/camp rules, inappropriate use bodily fluids, unauthorized
communications, damage government property, attempted assaults, assaults, provoking
words and gestures, and possession food and non-weapon type contraband. March
2006, detainee was reported possession rope made out toilet paper two feet
long. 2007, had total Reports Disciplinary Infraction and four far 2008. (U) Detainee Intelligence Value Assessment: (S) Assessment: Detainee assessed HIGH intelligence value. Detainee
most recent interrogation session occurred March 2008. (S//NF) Placement and Access: Detainee was member al-Qaida global network
since the late 1990s. 2000, detainee arrived Afghanistan where participated alQaida global facilitation network. Detainee occupation forger provided direct access GZ-10016 and LY-212, and probable access vast number personnel utilizing forged
documents and passports. Detainee trip Afghanistan exposed detainee al-Qaida
Syria-Iran-Pakistan transportation route and provided direct access key al-Qaida
facilitators Abu Yasir al-Jazairi, Nur Zaman, Abu Muhammad, and Dr. Amer Aziz. (S//NF) Intelligence Assessment: Detainee likely possesses information intelligence
value; however, has been uncooperative since 2004. Detainee probably has specific
information members, well logistics and operational information. can
probably identify key support personnel and organizations Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and
Afghanistan that provided financial, logistical, and transportation support al-Qaida.
Detainee remains unexploited with respect his knowledge production and dissemination
IIR 340 6044 02, TD-314/32857-02 NOFORN 20330421 NOFORN 2033042r
SUBJECT: Recommendationfor Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for
ISN US9LE-000722DP(S)
could yield
improves,further interrogations
cooperation forged documents.If detainees
substantialamount information al-Qaida facilitation networks. (S//NF) Areas Potential Exploitation: Syrian extremist groups and al-Qaida affiliations Al-Qaida transportationroutes Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan Al-Qaida forged document networks including training, funding, document sources
and use Al-Qaida leadership,
members,and associates Facilitatorsincluding GZ-I0016, Abu Sulaymanal-Jazairi,
and Abu Nasim alTunisi Levant region associates
including Abu Musab al-Suri, Abu Musab al-Zarqawr,
Talib Muhammad Yaqub North Africans including Abu Muhammad, Abu Yasir al-Jazairi, andLY-212 Pakistanand Afghanistan basedassociates
including Nur Zaman, and Dr. Amer
Aziz Otherdetainees
includingSY-327,SY-330,TS-7l7,TS-721, SA-713,TS-894,
AG-1455 Others including Adel Karim Mahadi and MuhammadZamrnar Pakistani extremist guesthouse
funding links Nonh African groups (S) Status: Detaineesenemycombatantstatuswas reassessed October2004, and remains enemy combatant.
Definitions for intelligence terms used the assessment found the Joint Military Intelligence College
October 2001 guide Intelligence Warning Terminolog,t. //NOFORN 20330421