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Judicial Watch • Document Analysis of al Qaeda plot to hijack plane in Frankfurt, Germany

Document Analysis of al Qaeda plot to hijack plane in Frankfurt, Germany

Document Analysis of al Qaeda plot to hijack plane in Frankfurt, Germany

Page 1: Document Analysis of al Qaeda plot to hijack plane in Frankfurt, Germany


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Date Created:September 26, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 26, 2013

Tags:frankfurt germany plot, hijack, al Qaeda

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judicial Watch Document Analysis
IIR: Frankfurt Hijacking Plot bin Laden 2000
September 2013
Name, address and telephone numbers identify passport forger Hamburg. The Taliban Deputy Minister ofForeign Affairs
conducted meetings Frankfurt for Taliban and other Afghan
terrorists and support personnel during january and February 2000.
The existence ofa secure, reliable terrorist-sponsored, route
Chechnya from Pakistan and Afghanistan through Iran, Turkey and
Documented Jerati ial coordination and cooperation between
and Chechen tants. lis: IIR contains raw inforniati ofpossible intelligence value. not final,
evaluated intelligence. Nonetheless, both the content and context ofthe reported
information can extremely valuable, especially after the 9/1 terrorist attacks
and the subsequent decade war against
The subject report was classified SECRET Not Releasable Foreign
Nationals (NOFORN). was declassified and released judicial Watch []/V)
August 22, 2013, response FOIA request filed May 16, 2002, for
inforrnati activity and investigations leading the 9/11 hijackings.
date information contained the report from the year 2000. IIR contains information from eight (8) letters detailing plans for
tei ists involved international plot hijack commercial passenger aircraft
from Frankfurt, Germany. The report extraordinary because contains names.
addresses, meeting loca 1S, and telephone numbers ofpersons involved the
plot. September 26, 2001, unidentified human intelligence source provided Intelligence with copies letters, written Arabic, and sent friend ofthe
source, describing terrorist operation hijack aircraft flying out Frankfurt
Germany.1 The IIR states: The information was allegedly passed Western
ews media reporting identified sour for French intelligence reporting this Rashid Dostum. [Alain] Chouet [fol mer Chicfof Frances main foreign intelligence
ludicial Watch Document Analysis
llR: Frankfurt Hijacking Plot bin Laden 2000
September 2013
officials [NFI) [No Fin ier lnformatlon] previously, but was disregarded because
nobody believed that Usama bin Ladens organization the Taliban could
carry out such operation. [Emphasis added]?
The source reported that the hijacking plot never came fruition because
Chechen. nvolved the planned operation withdrew once the European Union
denounced Russia actions Chechnya.3 The withdrawal ofthe Checliens
disrupted the plot, causing dilemma for the planners. 
The subject IIR rough synopsis what the source verbally translated
from Arabic Rus ian from the text the letters. The actual letters were conveyed
with the report. The reporti officer advises that the accuracy the verbal
translations cannot firmed.5 Seven (7) ofthe eight [8] letters were posted
from Kabul, Afghanistan, one (1] was sent from Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. The
source stated that intentionally removed his own name from the content the
letters. There are further identifying details concerning the author.
agency, the DGSE] said Abdul Rashid Dostinn, Afghan il)l from the Uzbek community who
was fighting the Taliban, had his men infiltrate Qaida camps. Their information wa. Weste intelligence ls. oday, Dostuin chiefof staff the Afghan army Doland,
Angela, and atlicrine Shrader. France Warned CIA Hl]
16,2007. [htt
Today, sec. World, April 16. 2007. (htt
lrancu- -tll N.htm].
 Bac ground: The Russians and iechens fought two from 1994 1996, and from 1999
2009. The -1-7-nation Council Europe was the only inter itional body punish cow over the
1999 7000 war Checlniya, suspending the Llclegatioifs right vote, although
restored 2001 promote dialogue. See: Irish, john. European body denounces Checliny
World Finance, 22,2010. (htt www.wurldfinaiicecoin home news euro ean bod
 and. Background: Chechen hijacker paiticipatinn the plot, and their subsequent withdrawal
coinplicated planning. The hijack meant happen but een March and September 2000 but the
planners pii back use of: feren opinion, pai cularly over the date, objective and Monde, quoting from the repor l