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Judicial Watch • FBI FOIA Response 16,750 Comey Memo Records 00262

FBI FOIA Response 16,750 Comey Memo Records 00262

FBI FOIA Response 16,750 Comey Memo Records 00262

Page 1: FBI FOIA Response 16,750 Comey Memo Records 00262


Number of Pages:3

Date Created:February 12, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 15, 2018

Tags:16750, comey memos, memo, 00262, 2017, process, PAGES, appeal, Comey, Freedom, letter, federal, FBI, FOIA

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Federal Bureau Inves gallon
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January 25.
FmPA Request No. 1391462000
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Dam Mr. Mavshall
Thia; 15m mfervnwtu yuur Freedom Information (FOIA) revues:
The Fsdalai Buleau Investtgattan (FED has teamed over 1575:: pages records potsmis tly
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Should you request that retease mam: patter you wttt was $532,511 bnsau utt
duplica fee (we cents pet page Sets CFR gnaw and
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