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FCC Net Neutrality 622011

FCC Net Neutrality 622011

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WASHINGTON --More than grassroots organizations, consumer groups, civil rights organizations, innovative businesses, 
technology experts and public interest advocates filed letter with the Federal Communications Commission Friday, 
signaling broad support for strong Network Neutrality rules. The letter highlighted five key areas which rules proposed 
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski must improved protect the free and open Internet. The Commission slated vote Net Neutrality Dec. 21. 

The signers include Free Press, New America Foundation, Media Access Project, Reporters without Borders, Daily Kos, 
Common Cause, Entertainment Consumers Association, Nonprofit Technology Network,, Center for 

Media Justice, National Hispanic Media Coalition and Public Knowledge. tremendously diverse array organizations and constituencies have come together tell the FCC that want real 
consumer protections and Internet Freedom," said Sascha Meinrath, director New America Foundation's Open 
Technology Initiative. "This make-or-break issue, and the signatories this letter are unequivocal their demand that. 
fatal flaws with Chairman Genachowski's draft proposal fixyd immediately." 
The letter filed today outlines the key elements real Net Neutrality apparently missing from the FCC's proposal, and calls 
the Commission make sure each included. 

Real Net Neutrality, the groUps say, must inelude ban paid prioritization, which would allow Internet service providers speed their preferred content and services while slowing down the rest; extending protections wireless networks mobile broadband providers cannot act gatekeepers the mobile Web; loopholes key language that would allow providers exempt themselves from rules; and clear rules for "specialized services" that would prevent pay-for-play platform that could stifle innovation and threaten the Internet's level playing field. 
"There are several fatal flaws with Chairman Genachowski's reported draft proposal that will harm the open Internet irreversible ways they are not addressed the time the agency votes rule," said Free Press Research Director Derek Turner. "If this proposal adopted is, the FCC will send signal the market that free speech and i"nnovation the Web require the permission Comcast and ATT." 
The letter also asserts that rules must built sound legal foundation and calls the agency restore its authority over broadband reclassifying under Title the Communications Act. 
"Some proponents the proposed rules urge not let the perfect the enemy the good," said Tyrone Brown, president Media Access Project. "But reports the contents the item indicate that far from good this point. Those ready accept the rules 'as-is' fail recognize that incomplete protections founded unsure legal grounds cannot characterized good start. Open Internet rules and the Commission's ability implement national broadband policy goals should based sound legal authority and provide real protections for free expression and innovation online." 
Click here view copy the letter and full list signers: 


Free Press national, nonpartisan organization working reform the media. Free Press does not support oppose any candidate for public office. Through education, organizing and advocacy, promote diverse and you would rather not receive future communications from Free Press, let know clicking here. Free Press, 501 Third Street, Suite 875, Washington, 20001 United States 

Free Press, 501 Third Street, Suite 875, Washington, 20001 United States 


Agenda for the Public Hearing the Future the Internet 
Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010, 6:30 p.m. 
Albuquerque Journal Theater, National Hispanic Cultural Center, 
17014th Street SW, Albuquerque, 87102 

6:00 	Doors Open 
6:55 	Opening Performance, Emmet Garcia 
7:00 	Welcome, Joe Garcia, All Pueblo Indian Council Andrea Quijada, Media Literacy Project 
7:05 	Speaking Program Featuring: Loris Taylor, Native Public Media Geoffrey Blackwell, Office Native Affairs and Policy State Rep. Antonio Maestas 

U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich 
amalia deloney, Center for Media Justice) 

7:45 	Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps 
8:00 	Public Comment Period 

8:55 	Closing Remarks: FCC Commissioner Michael Copps 

The conversation about bringing broadband every corner the country and protecting consumers and their access the open Internet important one  one that should not occur just Washington, D.C. After all, this about keeping 
the Internet open for new entrants, small companies and people all backgrounds across our great This about people with limited access capital and about minorities and women, people living tribal lands inner cities1 who have waited for too long for real opportunities the traditional communications space 
have equal opportunities the Internet. that's why I'm here Albuquerque: hear from you. I'll participating town hall meeting discuss the future the Internet with the public organized Free Press, the Center for Media Justice and the Media Literacy Project. hope you'll join Tuesday beginning 6:30 p.m. the Albuquerque Journal Theater the National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 
4th Street SW.  
Read more: ABQJOURNAL OPINION/GUEST Open Internet Needed for All columns/15225846opinionll-15-lO.htm#ixzzl5MKJtzKf post this group, send email For more options, visit this group 



'I'he Intei1et vs pobi on 
openness, ht1$_ flptji;lhed openness 'l:ind .i:lPends fll potential 
just about co1io 
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From:  free Press Media Reform Daily []  
Sent:  Thursday, January 06, 20;  
To:  Tim Stelzig  

Subject: Future the Internet Unclear 
News the movement for January 2011 
The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Leave the Future the Internet Unclear 
Last month, the FCC approved rules that regulate Network Neutrality. Yet the rules, written, seem please almost noone. Opponents regulation believe there too much it. Net Neutrality advocates believe the rules are too weak. 
Fiona Morgan, Independent Weekly 
Net Neutrality? The FCC Hopes You'll Make App for That 
The FCC announced competition for apps that will check mobile carriers are blocking online video sites, slowing down VOIP services that compete with them are monkeying around with the sites user trying visit. was exactly this kind citizensleuthing that heated the Net Neutrality debate. 
Ryan Singe/, Wired MetroPCS Walled Garden Without Skype and 
Does MetroPCS' new service exclude Skype and Netflix? Based recent research, the preliminary answer that question appears yes. The MetroPCS rollout suggests that some sectors 
the wireless industry plan move a very different direction 
than just described. 
Matthew Lasar, Ars Technica 
Republicans Challenge FCC's Net Neutrality Order 
House Republicans are wasting time going after the FCC's controversial Net Neutrality order. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (RTenn.) filed the Internet Freedom Act, asserting that the authority regulate the Internet rests with Congress, not the FCC. 
Katy Bachman, Media Week 
2011 upon and there's shortage work ahead the fight for media reform and media justice. That's why April, we're thrilled hosting our fifth National Conference for Media Reform Boston. Register today and take advantage the discounted early bird rates! 
Some Show Aren't There for Gadgets 
The State Department Has $30 Million Spend 
Internet Freedom 
Fast Company 
Pay Industry Moves Adapt Internet Age 
Los Angeles Times 
Comcast's 'TV Everywhere' 

Copps, Genachowski Praise LPFM Law have been waiting for this day for long, fong time." says FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, reacting the signing the Local Community Radio Act, which will allow more low-power stations onto the dial. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski calfed the legislation big win for radio listeners." 
Radio World 
FCC Take Public-Safety Network Without Addressing D-Block Controversy 
The FCC has tentatively scheduled January vote broadband for first responders, but the item will not address the controversial spectrum issue that has divided key lawmakers how get police and firemen mobile conhectlon. 
Sara Jerome, The Hill 
FCC January Agenda Includes Public Safety Item 
The FCC released its tentative agenda for Its January public meeting and included proposed rule ensure public safety broadband network interoperable nationwide. 
Juliana Gruenwald, National Journal 
How Obama's Bid Expand Internet Access Ran into Big Trouble  
President Obama has made closing the digital divide pi-lorlty, and when signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, declared that would "renew our Information superhighway." The stimulus allotted $7.2 billion for the Increase broadband use rural and underserved areas. Those billions dollars have been spent, and yet, are only slightly better off than were the outset. 
Tiffany Stanley, New Republic 
Like Netflix, Roku Underestimates Per-Byte Broadband Threat 
Netfllx CEO Reed Hastings reportedly unoncerned the looming threat low broadband usage caps and high per gigabyte overages. Like Hastings, Roku CEO Anthony Wood also seems taking the cap and meter threat rather llghtly. It's not really clear what broadband market Hastings and Wood are looking at. 
Karl Bode, Broadband Reports  
Michigan Hopes Recover with Help Technology 
Michigan certainly won't have the politlcal pull other tech
focused states such California. But attracting Investors and 
entrepreneurs, hoping generate new tech-focused 
economy that w!ll help cities like Detroit recover from the collapse the auto Industry. 
Jennifer Martinez, Politico 
The Newsonomics Tablets Replacing Newspapers 
Plan Starts with iPad 
Media Post 
Facebook, States Reach Agreement 
National Journal 
Goldman Flooded with Facebook Orders 
Wall Street Journal 
What Would the Police Find They Searched Your Phone? 

ATT Sell iPhone 3GS for $49 
Qualcomm Acquires Atheros for $3.1 billion 
Internet Sales Tax Could 
Ease State Deficit 
San Francisco Chronicle 
ESPN3D Goes 24/7 
Media Post 
World's Fair Use Day 
Jan 13: Washington, 
FCC January Open Meeting 
Jan 25: Washington, 
FCC February Open 
Feb Washington, 
2011 Media That Matters 
Feb 10: Washington, 
L.A. Media Reform Summit 2011 Feb 26: Los Angeles, 
FCC March Open Meeting 
Mar Washington, 
NTEN 2011 Lobby Day and Annual Conference Mar 17-Mar 19: Washington, 
Arts Advocacy Day 2011, 


Portions this e-mail may contain copyrighted material. make such material available advance understanding public issues, which believe constitutes "fair use." accordance with federal law, the material this email distributed without profit those who have expressed prior interest receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. 
Freo  oru.,., "''"" -"""'" -""'' reO.m  
Publishers are just beginning ask themselves, what news consumers like tablets much and quickly that print readers flee from musty, old newsprint even more quickly? What newspaper readers, pivotal early adopters the iPad, decide they really don't need the paper anymore --that they've got the paper, almost-paper-like form right front them, more environmentally friendly and updating throughout the day? 
Ken Doctor, Nieman Journalism Lab 
The Man Who Spilled the Secrets 
The collaboration between Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and some the world's most respected news organizations began The Guardian. What followed was clash civilizations 
Guardian editors and their colleagues the 
New York Times and other media outlets struggled corral whistle-blowing stampede amid.growing distrust and anger. 
Sarah Ellison, Vanity Fair 
 Former Huffington Post Chief Hired Run Glenn Beck 	Looking further expand his growing media presence, Glenn Beck, the conservative talk-show host, has hired one-time chief executive the left-leaning Huffington Post lead his new website, The Blaze. Bill Carter, New York Times 
Newsweek Bires Publisher 
After months staff turmoil including new owner, editor and chief executive and scores lower-level departures, the management ranks Newsweek are beginning stabilize. The magazine has named new publisher, Ray Chelstowski, former publisher Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. 
Jeremy Peters, New York Times 

Hungary Under Fire for Media Law Prepares Take Helm 
European human rights and Internet groups are urging the European Union pressure Hungary change controversial medfa law that went into effect the beginning the month and places new restrictions Internet and other content providers. 
Juliana Gruenwald, National Journal 

Americans for the Arts Apr 4-Apr Washington, 
The National Conference for 
Media Reform 2011 Apr 8-Apr 10: Boston, 

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From:  Free Press Media Reform Daily []  
Sent:  Wednesday, January 05, 2011 :44  
To:  Tim Stelzig  

Subject: Comcast Savior for Local News 
News the movement for January 2011 
Cqicastls Savior for Local News 
Comcast's promise support local nonprofit journalism organizations looks good first glance. These new news startups are filling the gaps left commercial media, and they need more resources. But let's clear: This gesture reason approve Comcast's takeover NBC Universal. 
Josfl Stearns, StopBigMed/ 
TV, Internet and the Merger: What's Best for Consumers? 
Comcast's plan acquire majority stake NBC Universal
marr)'lng the king distribution with household name 
programming --Is likely make free Internet trickier, not 
John Dunbar, Investigative Reporting Workshop FCC Mulls Comcast-NBC Merger, Groups Complain 
Company Withholding Key Documents 

The FCC the home stretch its rvlew the merger comcast and NBC, but Bloomberg and coalition public Interest groups are complaining-that key documents have still not been produced the cable giant. 
Jenna Greene, Blog Legal Times 
Comcast-NBC Vote Not FCC's Jan. Public Meeting 
Agenda appears the FCC expecting have. voted the Comcast-NBC merger circulation before Jan. 25, least currently has plans schedule public vote the deal the Jan. meeting, some had speculated mfght. 
John. Eggerton, Multichannel News 
MetroPCS LTE Plans Charge More for VoIP and 
2011 upon and there's shortage work ahead the fight for media reform and media justice. That's why Aprlf, we're thrilled hosting our fifth National Conference for Media Reform Boston. Register today and take advantage the discounted early bird rates!  1.  '" 
.         OTHER NEWS.u 
The Year Ahead for Media: 
Digital Die 
Wall Street Journal 
Winners and Losers In' 
Media and Tech ology 

San Antonio Current 
U.S. Government Getting More Interested IPv6 
Ars Technlca 
Bell Canada Levy Per Gigabyte Penalty Heavy 

MetroPCS's discounted LTE mobile broadband plans aren't just the beginning possible price war. lhe announcement represented long-talked about tactic wireless ISPs charging for content different rates and potentially favoring their own services 'while charging more for access rivals. The company appears poised test the latest Net Neutrality rules enacted the FCC. 
Ryan Kim, GigaOM 
Metro PCS Data Plan Draws Protest from Net Neutrality Advo.cates new pricing plan Metro PCS has prompted some advocates complain that the wireless comi:>any violating Net Neutrality principles. 
Wendy Davis, MediaPost 
What Happened Net Neutrality? 
Given the frenetic closing days 2010 Washington politics, not surprising that the Dec. decision the FCC Network Neutrality was barely noticed. Unless you are communications industry executive one the lawyers, lobbyists, advocacy groups long-running debate, this fundamental move regulate the technologies that increasingly manage our business personal activities could not have made much impact. But should have. 
Peter Osnos, The Atlantic 
Net Neutrality? Not the Coffee Shop 
Net Neutrality rules arrived just before Christmas, but they won't 
apply Kindles, coffee shops dial-up Internet. And they won't 
apply Google. 
Nate Anderson, Ars Technica 
'He Signed You, Bill--NowYou're Law' 
President Barack Obama signed the Local Community Radio Act into law. This decisive victory caps 10-year struggle.for communities looking to grab slice the local airwaves. The new law will open hundreds new potential frequencies for licensing !ow-power radio stations --noncommercial, hyperlocal radio stations tht are run nonprofits. 
Candace Clement, 
LPFM Expansion: It's Official 
Yes, the Local Community Ra.dio Act 2010 finally passed both 
the House and Senate almost two weeks ago. But it's not official 
until the president signs it. And has. 
Paul Riismandel, Radio Survivor 
KCET-TV Still Delivers the News --or Does It? 
KCET's daring and possibly foolish flight away from the PBS network has been force only since New Year's Day, but doesn't seem too early guess that one program the station's new lineup will not win lot fans. 
James Rainey, Los Angeles Times 
Fierce Telecom 
Struggling Borders Meet with Publishers 
New York Times Profit Forecast the 
First Year for Oprah's 
New York Times 
Sma.rt Phone Banking the Rise, But Safe? 
American Airlines Fee 
Battle with Web Agencies 
New York Times 
Under Murdoch, Klein Pay the Millions 
World's Fair Use Day 
Jan 13: Washington, 
FCC January Open Meeting 
Jan 25: Washington, 

FCC February Open 
Feb Washington, 
2011 Media That Matters 
Feb 10: Washington, 
L.A. Media Reform Summit 
Feb 26: Los Angeles, 
FCC March Open Meeting 
Mar Washington, 
The National Conference for Media Reform 2011  Apr 8-Apr 10: Boston, 
2/15/2011 Ex-Regulator's Predictions for 2011 
The FCC has just finished busy few months, first voting Net 
Neutrality order and then circulating Comcast-NBC order the 
full Commission, whfch wit! likely finalized the next few 
weeks. with the two biggest issues 2010 the rearview 
mirror, what's next FCC world the new year? 

Bruce Gottlieb, National Journal 
FCC Loses Another Indecency Case. 
Broadcasters won another round their fight against FCC 
crackdown rude language and racy images network 
Amy Schatz, Wall Street Journal 
Groups Gearing for Possible Retransmission Dispute 

The National Association Broadcasters taking its fight limit efforts overhaul the current process for resolving. fee disputes betwen broadcasters and cable firms its viewers, while critics that process are pushing the FCC make changes. 
Juliana Gruenwald, National Journal 
Groups Push FCC Find, Flex Its Retrans Muscle 
Public Knowledge, joined the New America Foundation and the 
Benton Foundation, urging the FCC weigh the retransmission Issue with all the power they argue the agency 
already has Its disposal, Including possibly regulating the rates 
broadcasters are Increasingly charging for their station signals 
and n:iandatlng that they keep supplying their signals MVPDs 
during disputes. 
John Eggerton, Multichannel News 
Gannett Imposes One-Week Furlough 
Gannett Co. said all non-union employees Its U.S. community 
newspaper unit will required take one-week furlough 
during the first quarter the calendar year due continuing 
revenue declines that division. 
Russell Adams, Wall Street Journal 
Internet Gains Television Public's Main News Source 
The Internet slowly dosing television Americans' main 
source national and International news. Currently, percent 
say they get most their news about national and International 
news from the Internet. 

Pew Research Center 
American Media's True Ideology? Avoiding One medla landscape Uttered with opinionated talk show hosts and ideology-driven websites, strong points view are hardly tough find. But media crltlc Jay Rosen says mainstream news reporters don't disclose what they believe enough the time. 
David Folkenflik, NPR 

Pakistan Was Deadliest for Reporters Last Year the journalists who were killed worldwide while working 
2010, died Pakistan, making for the first time the deadliest 
country for reporters, according study released the 
Committee Protect Journalists. David Goodman, New York Times