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Judicial Watch • Florida SoS Letter Re NVRA

Florida SoS Letter Re NVRA

Florida SoS Letter Re NVRA

Page 1: Florida SoS Letter Re NVRA


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Date Created:April 5, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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RICK SCOTT KENDETZNER Governor Secretary State 
April 2012 
Thomas Fitton, President 
Judicial Watch 

425 Third Street, SW, Ste. 800 
Washington, 20024 

Dear Mr. Fitton are receipt your letter from Judicial Watch directed Secretary State Kurt 
Browning and Director Dr. Gisela Salas regarding your questions into Florida's 
cor.lpliance with Section the National Voter Registration Act. responding behalf Secretary Ken Detzner (the successor Secretary Browning) and Dr. Gisela Salas, Director for the Division Elections regarding your inquiry into the records maintenance activities for the voter registration rolls Florida, and concerns about the voter removal data with particular focus the removal deceased voters and those who have moved. 
First, stated you earlier, please assured that Florida does comply with the 
requirements 1973gg-6, National Voter Registration Act, 303(a) the Help 
America Vote Act, and sections 98.065, and 98.075, Florida Statutes, all relating 
ensuring that the voter rolls are current and accurate and include only eligible voters. 
Second, consulted the following sources address your letter: 
2010 U.S. Election Administration Commission (U.S. EAC) Survey. With the 
exception few fields which the Department completes, the Supervisors 
Elections responsible for directly inputting their data and responses onto 
online version the survey. The Department consolidated the data reported 
and forwarded the information onto the U.S. EAC. For Florida, the period 
covered this survey was from October 2008 (book-closing for the 2008 
General Election October 2010 (book closing for the 2010 General Election). 
 Gray Building  500 South Bronough Street  Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250 Telephone: (850) 245-6500 Facsimile: (850) 245-6125
Commemorating 500years Florida history 

Thomas Fitton, President for Judicial Watch Date: April 2012 Page: of3 
urtification Activities Report for 2009, 2010, and 2011. Based sections 98.065, and 98.075, Florida Statutes, the Supervisors Elections are required report activities relating records maintenance. The reporting dates are January 31, and July each year, and cover the previous month reporting period. Address list and eligibility records maintenance activities are ongoing yearround. 
Florida Voter Registration System (FVRS). law and rule, Supervisors Elections are required record the removal any voter from the registration records and the specific reason underlying the removal. The FVRS has evolved particularly the last couple years become the most reliable source for data regarding the activities associated with the processes for identifying and removing ineligible registered voters from the rolls. 
Third, removal address changes, important note that the process not automatic with the exception being notified the voter out-of-state elections official. Although under duty let the Supervisor know about address change, voters not always so. Consequently Supervisors rely heavily thlrdparty source address changes (post office, DHSMV, jury notice, etc.), and feedback from their address list maintenance programs. Even Supervisor knows that voter likely resides out-of-state because mail came back undeliverable. Instead, the voter first has sent final notice. voter does not respond the notice comes back undeliverable, the voter's status changed inactive. The Supervisor must then wait another general election cycles and the voter does not vote attempt vote update his her voter registration record during that period, then and only then, can the voter's name removed from the rolls. That being said, Supervisors Elections are continuously processing address changes and conducting least biennually (oddnumbered years) specific address list maintenance program per section 98.065(2)-(3), 
F.S. They also report the Deparbnent bi-annually regarding the level address list maintenance activities for the prior months. Those reports are reviewed for any unusual patterns data but they are not compared quantified against what contained the FVRS. have found over time that they have limited value other than ensure that Supervisors are certifying that they are doing address list maintenance. 
FVRS records indicate that for the period November 2008 through October 2010, the number registered voters removed for having moved out-of state and/or still being inactive status after general election cycles was 387,826. For the period November 2010 through April 2012, the total number registered voters removed for the same reasons was 678,486. 
Fourth, the removal deceased registered voters, the removal process much more streamlined the information comes from the State. law, the State identifies Fitton, President for Judicial Watch Date: April 2012 Page: of3 
the deceased registered voters through comparisons against governmental death databases. Automated matches are then reviewed and once 'validated,, electronic notice the match sent down the Supervisors. The Supervisors has weeks remove those names from the rolls without any further notice the voter. some cases, Supervisor will determine that the match not valid and not remove the name. 
Until recently were not able capture out-of-state deaths because such information was not available from Florida Department Health's Office Vital Statistics. However, based proposed Department legislation, the Florida Legislature enacted law that expanded the data sources could consult identify more deceased registered voters (i.e., the Social Security Administration Master Death File Index (S.SA Index). See ch. 2011-40, Laws Florida. recently completed comparison our 12+ million registered voters against the 90 million records SSA Index. prelim.ID.arily identified about 54,000 deceased registered voters. Those automated matches are currently undergoing internal review for further validation. Over half these matches have. already been forwarded onto the county level for processing. There are currently 6379 notices deceased matches pending the county level for removal accordance with 98.075(3), F.S. examining the U.S. EAC Survey, the numbers deceased registered voters appear underreported the Supervisors and not reflect the actual numbers removed. The most accurate indicator the number removed deceased voters found FVRS records which contain the record removals and reasons for removal. For the period November 2008 through October 4,, 2010, total o/239,363 deceased registered voters were removed and for the period November 3,, 2010 through April 2012, another 200,389 deceased registered voters were removed. conclusion, believe the issue presented the U.S. EAC survey data one reporting, not address list maintenance activities. will examining our processes for repo1ting future U.S. EAC surveys. Otherwise, are compliance with the requirements address list maintenance activities under state and federal laws. you have any further questions comments, please not hesitate contact me.