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H amicussocietyapp

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ldquo;Fighting Corruption Little Every Month 
          Amicus Society- Application for Membership 
Yes, would like join Judicial Watchs Amicus Society, dedicated group people devoted continually combating government corruption. wish make automatic, tax-deductible monthly contribution $______________ Judicial Watch. authorize Judicial Watch debit pledged monthly donation via (please check ONE): 
 Credit Card 

 Visa  MasterCard  AmEx  Discover 
Credit Card Number Exp. Date: _____/______ 
Name Appears the Card 
Date: _____/_____/_____ 

  Direct Debit (Please Include VOIDED Check) 
Bank Name Name Account Checking Account Number Bank Routing Number Signature 
Date: _____/_____/_____ 

Please Complete and Return to: 
Development Department 
Judicial Watch 
501 School Street, 
Suite 500 
Washington, 20024 

See back contact 1-888JW-ETHIC 

The Judicial Watch Amicus EFT and Credit Card Program 
This authorization shall remain effect until notify Judicial Watch writing call indicating that wish end this agreement, and there has been reasonable time act it. 

For Direct Debits: authorization Judicial Watch charge account bank shall the same had personally signed check this organization. 

For Credit Cards: authorization Judicial Watch charge credit card shall the same had personally signed credit card authorization slip. 

 record each charge will appear regular bank credit card statement. 

 the event error, have the right instruct bank reverse any charge. understand this must done written notice within days the bank statement, within days after the charge was made. 

Frequently Asked Questions How does the EFT/ Direct Debit program work? 	This program works conjunction with your bank, similar automatic teller machines, direct deposit payroll, Social Security checks, and other electronic banking devices that you are already familiar with. simply accomplishes normal transactions electronically, inexpensively and quickly without wasting paper, postage time. When the monthly transactions take place? the 10th every month. participate the EFT/Direct Debit program can more money taken out account than have authorized? 	Absolutely not!  Electronic funds transfer, just like any banking credit transaction, strictly regulated.  Only you can designate the amount and frequency the transactions. How can sure gift going you? 	Your monthly gift clearly itemized your bank credit card statement each month. Will receive record contributions for tax purposes? course. Amicus Society members will mailed copy their Annual Giving Report for the previous calendar year early January. dont know bank routing/account number.  How can find them?