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Judicial Watch • HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 16

HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 16

HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 16

Page 1: HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 16

Category:FOIA Response

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Date Created:December 2, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 02, 2014

Tags:2720, HHS

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BCFS-Health and Human Services 
item, used reimburse staff that uses their personal vehicles for business purposes, such running pharmacy pick medication for UACs, driving to/from the airport, for estimated cost $200,000. addition, $440,000 added for airfare for staff member's travel and out work this surge event; includes parking, taxi and other related air travel costs. 
Combinded total reimbursement for Ground Tranportation, Hotel Lodging, Mileage and Airfare being requested $9,794, 104 
Escort Services-Clients/Escort Staff ($5, 184,000) 
Based best practice and the age the UAC, some times necessary for staff escort UACs during the transfer, reunification and/or discharge process. there are behavioral issues concerns for flight risks, times, two staff will accompany the resident. expected that during this surge period where most UACs attending camp will Category cases, fly outs will likely and therefore swift movement and robust transportation plan will need place. The assumption for these releases follow: Assumption $600 per UAC; Assumption $1200 per Staff; Assumption 60% discharged would equal $108,000, per every 100 UACs. Therefore for the initial budget proposed, $108,000 1200%= $1,296,000 months= $5,184,000. Total reimbursement requested for $5, 184,000. 
($20,486,400) will provide three meals per day and tWo snacks each UAC daily accordance with ORR requirements and state licensing standards and Federal Nutritional guidelines. Our food service provider meets the USDA guidelines for nutritional content and serving size (preferred menus from ORR core programs were provided the caterer). Food will provided local catering service $75 per day for meals and snacks. The meal plan estimated provide 1200 UACs and 822 staff minimum: $75 2022 individuals (staff+youth) 120 days 18, 198,000. The food reimbursement being requested for $18, 198,000. 

Household ($160,000) 
Household Supplies will needed maintain the shelter and keep clean and healthy for the number UACs coming and out the shelter daily basis.. The standard household supplies used will include such items as: hand santizier, Clorox wipes, wash rags, hand soap, paper towels, mats, and other general household supplies. Other items for the shelter will require periodic replacement such light bulbs, batteries, flash lights, small rugs, storage bins, hand vacs and ziplock storage bags. Reimbursement being requested $160,000. 

Client Personal ($108,000) 
Each UAC will receive personal hygiene kit upon intake that will include personal items such 
toothpaste, soap, chap sticks, deodorant, travel toothbrushes, lotion, etc. will purchase hair 
grooming supplies for each resident; combs, brushes, shampoo and conditioner cost $15 
per kit. Projected cost allow for 50% turnover month (1200 600 1800 $15 months 
$108,000). Total cost for client personal supplies projected $108,000.