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Judicial Watch • HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 113-114

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 113-114

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 113-114

Page 1: HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 113-114


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Date Created:July 9, 2018

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Tags:Yaneri, Cartel, Smuggling, Trafficking, Seattle, minor, facility, unaccompanied, alien, 2014, mexico, HHS, children, Washington

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Date the Incident Reported ORR: 09/15/14
Summary SIR: (3)
During meeting review the program rules between Program Director, Lead Case Manager and Case Manager
and all UACs care
disclosed several incidents with YDW
She reported that one occasion YDW
Yaneri touched her hair making her feel uncomfortable. She then reported that another occasion she was sleeping when
YDW Yaneri came her room and grabbed her neck. She also reported that another occasion staff
her why she was taking prescribed medication and when UAC told her why she responded saying that she did not have take the medication. UAC reported that she had not reported this information Case Manager she did not know
that this information was reported.
Valeria disclosed that staff YDW Yaneri came into her room and pulled her legs while she was sleeping.
During meeting review the program rules between Program Director, Lead Case Manager and Case Manager
and all UACs care,
disclosed that night time while all UACs were bed sleeping she overheard staff
saying perdonar (she will not forgive me). Then, she heard camera flash. She reported that she
recognized the staff voice. She reported that she unsure YDW
took pictures the UACS.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: Children Village
Date the Incident: 09/15/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 09/15/14
Summary SIR:
When minor first arrived the program she reported that she came the reunited with her year old male
who resides Seattle, Washington. Case Manager,
conducted thorough assessment
with the minor and she revealed that reality she came the live with her year old boyfriend
who lives Missouri. The minor stated that her intention was sponsored her male cousin and when she would
released she would leave with her boyfriend. Case Manager contacted the cousin Seattle, Washington. Mr.
expressed his concerns regards sponsoring the minor. Mr.
informed that was not expecting minor, that
really did not have close relationship with the minor Guatemala and that lives with other adult males one
bedroom apartment. Moreover, Mr.
confirmed that minor reality was brought the her called
who adult and resides Missouri. said that was concerned proceed with
sponsorship with the minor because has never been trouble with the law this country and minor would probably
leave with her boyfriend after being reunified with him. Mr.
stated that aware the law consent this
country and that minor not supposed sustain intimate relationship with and adult.
then got contact with
who stated that paid $7,000 dollars bring the minor illegally into the with the purpose
establish intimate relationship with the minor and live with her. Mr.
informed that met minor around Feb.
2014 thru phone call that was having with brother that has Guatemala. Since then and minor continued
having communication and relationship thru different social media. Mr. aware that minor 15yr old and
stated that lied minor about his age and reality 32yr old (DOB: 6/1/82). According Mr. wants
help minor because she single mother who has 2yr old daughter home country. During this phone call Mr.
stated that was willing come forward and provide
with all information and documentation order help minor released from the program. However, stopped answering the phone calls
and did not provide his full address.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: BCFS Fairfield
Date the Incident: 09/15/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 09/15/14
Summary SIR:
Jose reported during session that fact told teacher about certain incidents that occurred back his country. said
that was forced kill while was working for the Gulf Cartel back Mexico. Minor indicated that was taken into
high consideration for these type missions because was known that was intelligent, not drug user and
responsible. However, minor added that did not like such missions, but had other choice. said either did would get killed. Jose disclosed this with feelings remorse adding: Maybe now being punished for what
did. Jose stated that did not tell teacher anything else. denied other allegations concerning raping people. Minor
agreed discuss these issues with his primary mental health counselor
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: Heartland ICRC
Date the Incident: 09/15/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 09/16/14
Summary SIR:
Minor reported several instances community violence victimization and provided some trafficking concern indicators
while working for
The minor reported the federal authorities Mexico beat him after suspecting
criminal activity based his looks, minor shared the people worked for punished him did not comply with their
directions, unknown NARCO leader held him for day half make him stop working guide, and was part car accident. Minor reported November 2013 was stopped Mexican authorities and was accused lookout
for the Cartels. Minor denied being affiliated with Cartels that time. Minor reported the men stopped him and hit him
with their fists his body and with plastic weapon the sole his feet. Minor reported his feet were left feeling
tender and was not able walk. Minor reported after being hit officials and was dropped off different location
and left find his way back his community. Minor reported hitchhiked able make home. Minor reported
since February 2014 has been threatened and hurt the people worked for foot guide,
Minor reported February told members the Cartel that did not want work for them any longer since was
not getting paid for his services. Minor reported the men told him had two choices, either continues working they
would hurt him. Minor expressed they did not verbalize they would hurt him, but that they pointed wooden paddle
indicating the weapon they would chose hurt him. Minor reported since then five different occasions was hit his
buttocks when was not able complete the work guiding the people. Minor reported was hit with wooden
paddle the point bruising. Minor reported would receive between 10-20 hits with the paddle each time. Minor
denied being paid what was told, not receiving pay consistently, and being threatened hurt didn continue
working for the Cartel. Minor reported mid-March 2014 he, along with other peers, were picked unknown men
who were trying gather information about what the minor and his peers worked in. Minor reported believes the men
were NARCOS Minor reported the man wanted make the minor stop working. Minor reported the people who picked
them first hit them with the back weapons. Minor reported was left with bruises his arms. Minor reported
witnessed the men hit his friends worst manner than what was hit. Minor reported the men blindfolded the group teens and took warehouse filled with dead bodies. Minor reported they remained the warehouse for one day and
half. Minor reported while they were the location the boss the men who took them spoke with them ask them
stop guiding people through the Mexican border. Minor reported became frightened the experience and stopped
working guide until was made work again the people
Incident Type: Sexual Abuse during Journey
Facility: Boystown
Date the Incident: 09/04/2014
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 09/16/2014
Summary SIR:
Minor was traveling truck along with five other girls night. Before reaching the border, few males had stopped the
vehicle and assisted the girls off the truck and proceeded question the girls about their respective ages. Minor reported
her age one the males and was then taken isolated area. The male raped the minor with witnesses around
and threatened kill the minor she should report anyone.
Incident Type: Allegations Abuse Program Staff Inappropriate Behavior
Facility: IES Weslaco
Date the Incident: 09/11/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 09/11/14
Summary SIR: 09/12/14, incident was reported between Medical Assistant UAC was
reported that
asked was okay accept hug and kiss from her (kiss was UAC cheek); this entire