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 Lord let our eyes opened. Moved with
compassion, Jesus touched their eyes. Immediately they
regained their sight and followed him.
for .s. Healt care
eases the process finding meaningful,
affordable coverage, including for
those who are unemployed whose
employer does not offer plan. The
law also includes host provisions
affecting hospitals, nursing homes
and other providers, well Medicare
and Medicaid.
Catholic-sponsored health care providers
have been working behalf fair and
universal health care system for decades. 2007, the Catholic Health Association
collaborated with leaders from across the
ministry develop our Vision for U.S.
Health Care, document that details
the values and principles that should
reflected health reform legislation.
That document, based Catholic social
teaching, became advocacy tool and
way evaluate legislative proposals.
Like any major legislation, the Affordable
Care Act not perfect, and changes
will necessary improve it. The
law, for instance, does not help cover
undocumented immigrants and will,
even when fully implemented, leave
approximately million people
without adequate health insurance.
CHA welcomes input other areas that
require improvement and will continue work key implementation issues
and move the U.S. closer universal
coverage and access. 2010, President Obama signed into
law historic health reform measure that
provides coverage for additional
million people. CHA worked closely with
members Congress, the White House
and other groups make sure that the
legislation protects life from conception natural death. The law provides
federal funding abortion and maintains
important conscience protections for
health care providers and institutions.
Following assessment the
health reform law relative the values
and principles named CHA
Vision document.
For millions people who currently
cannot afford insurance, the reform law
accessi ever one,
pay ing spe ial ion poor ulnera ble eliver the same level and quality care everyone without limits
variations based age; race; ethnicity;
financial means; health, immigration employment status. nsure that each person has core
health benefit package covering
services across the life span care.
OUR PROGRESS pands les
health insurance coverage million people who are
currently uninsured
individuals and small businesses more easily compare and
purchase health insurance policies
(effective 2011) rovides rovides
federal tax credits help low- and
middle-income individuals and families purchase health insurance coverage.
Eligibility based annual income less than 400% the federal poverty
level, which approximately $88,200 annual income for family four
(effective 2014)
federal tax credits help many small
businesses pay for the cost covering
their employees (effective 2013) les
parents keep children their
health insurance until the age
(effective 2010) pands
Medicaid coverage those earning
less than 133% the federal
poverty level, which approximately
$29,326 annual income
for family four (effective 2014)
insurance companies ability charge
significantly different premiums based factors such age and health rohi its hases out imits
insurance companies from denying
coverage those with pre-existing
medical condition (effective for children 2010, adults 2014)
the Medicare drug coverage gap known the doughnut hole seniors
can afford all their medications
(effective 2010-2019)
Note: The reform law does not provide any financial assistance undocumented
immigrants help them purchase health insurance coverage.
coverage million people who LAW
WIT THE OAL EALTH STATU ake preventive care core part
health benefits every community
and develop provider and patient
incentives that reward prevention. mprove health literacy and
education help patients play
greater role maintaining their
own health and wellness.
qualified health plans provide free
coverage for preventive services ncludes
Medicare coverage for developing
and following personalized health
and prevention plan les
Medicare patients receive
preventive services with co-pays other
out-of-pocket expenses rovides
incentives for state Medicaid programs
offer free preventive services grant program support
evidence- and community-based prevention
and wellness services
suffi ien
financed hare the responsibility financing
across all stakeholders. are for those who cannot help
themselves having all stakeholders 
including government, employers,
individuals, charitable organizations
and health care providers collectively
assume responsibility.
that everyone the country have
health insurance, which helps spread the
costs coverage and care across
stakeholders including individuals, employers,
providers, insurers, suppliers
and government. Offers hardship exemption
from the requirement carry insurance
(effective 2014) ncreases
the Medicare hospital surtax families with
annual income above $250,000 mposes tax high-cost, Cadillac 
health insurance plans educes
the national deficit $148 billion
over the first years and trillion over the second years LAW pay
housing for vulnerable women who care received minorit groups.
consensus -driven allo ation resourc es, and
organized for cost- effe are minist rat ion anage cost growth promote
affordability and sustainability; efficiently
use facilities, equipment and services;
minimize administrative expenses. pend resources care that most medically beneficial.
research identify treatments that provide
the best medical outcomes
Begins link Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP
payments quality outcomes, instead the quantity care delivered tends
the life the Medicare trust
fund nine years uires
insurance companies clearly describe
coverage and benefits policies ncreases
payments Medicare and Medicaid
primary care physicians
not-for-profit hospitals assess the needs
their communities and adopt and publicize financial assistance policy for patients
and designe ddress healt
need all stages life
from conce ption nat ural deat nsure that services are coordinated
and integrated all along the continuum care the system should truly
accountable for health outcomes. esign palliative and end-of-life care
ensure the best and most compassionate
treatment for persons with serious,
complex diseases and those the final
stages life.
OUR PROGRESS reates standard, basic health benefits
package that provides comprehensive set services while prohibiting federal
funds from covering abortion rovides
$250 million over years pay
for counseling, education, job training and
housing for vulnerable women who are
pregnant parenting sta lishes voluntary insurance program
(known Community Living Assistance
Services and Supports CLASS) assist with the cost services patients
need live home instead
long-term care facility
incentives encourage clinical
coordination (e.g., accountable care
organizations, medical homes, bundled
payments for multiple providers
treating the same patient)
Note: President Obama issued Executive Order prohibiting any
federal funding abor tion under the health reform law. LAW LAW
the doughnut hole seniors can
safe, effec and esigne deli ver
great ossi ualit tandardize and expand the use
information technology improve
clinical coordination, reduce
medical errors and improve the
patient experience. evidence-based medicine
optimize outcomes and quality;
prioritize patient safety minimizing
the systemic causes errors.
development national strategy improve health care services, medical
outcomes and population health nhances
collection and reporting data health
disparities reduce differences the quality care delivered various populations
Builds efforts expand the use
electronic medical records and other
information technology that
improves quality and reduces cost RTS
research compare the effectiveness
medical treatments and share the findings
with doctors and clinicians you have questions need additional health reform resources,
please contact Jeff Tieman, CHA Senior Director Health Reform Initiatives, visit CHA reform web site Catholic-sponsored health care providers implement and plan
for health reform, their efforts also represent progress toward the ministry
Vision 2020, strategic roadmap for the next decade Catholic health care.
Vision 2020, coupled with CHA Vision for U.S. Health Care, help
identify gaps the reform law, additional changes needed and leadership
opportunities continually improve our health system. ision
 Inspired the Gospel and grounded our
beliefs and values, the Catholic health ministry
will serve compass guide our nation
through the complexities evolving health
care system. Over the next decade will
collaborate, promote innovation and generously
share knowledge improve the health
 ontinue champion the sanctity life from conception death.
 ead the development sustainable, personL
centered models care across the continuum.
 eet the current and emerging needs vulnerable persons.
 ngage all who are called serve through
ministry-wide commitment formation.
individuals and communities. 
 roaden and deepen our relationships within
the community the Church.
For more information Vision 2020, see Our Vision For The Next Decade, 
available CHA web site
Behold, will treat and assuage the city wounds; will heal them,
and reveal them abundance lasting peace.
33:6 passionate voice
for Jesus mission love and
healing the world today. valuable resource
for information, services and
programs support and strengthen the
Catholic health ministry. vibrant community members joined shared
mission for compassionate care.
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St. Louis, Missouri 63134
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