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Judicial Watch • HOUSE Sestak Conspiracy Complaint

HOUSE Sestak Conspiracy Complaint

HOUSE Sestak Conspiracy Complaint

Page 1: HOUSE Sestak Conspiracy Complaint


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Date Created:July 7, 2010

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 22, 2014

Tags:Conspiracy, Sestak, complaint

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Because one above the law! 
July 2010 
Leo Wise, Esq. 
Staff Director and Chief Counsel Office Congressional Ethics 
U.S. House Representatives 
P.O.Box 895 
Washington, 20515-0895 
Re: 	Request for Investigation into Conspiracy Between Congressman Joe Sestak and the Obama White House Cover Criminal Conduct 
Dear Mr. Wise: 
Judicial Watch, Inc. non-profit educational foundation dedicated promoting transparency, accountability, and ethics government and fidelity the rule oflaw. Judicial Watch has over 600,000 supporters and sixteen-year record combatting government corruption. 
Judicial Watch, the public interest, hereby files this request for investigation into conspiracy between Congressman Joe Sestak and the Obama White House cover criminal conduct regarding job offers made Congressman Sestak exchange for leaving political campaign. 
Although Congressman Sestak refused the offer, was unequivocal that quid pro quo did, fact, occur when first mentioned interview gave Philadelphia television anchor Larry Kane February: 
"Were you ever offered federal job get out this race?" Kane asked Sestak episode Comcast Network's "Larry Kane: Voice Reason." 
"Yes," Sestak replied ... 
See Exhibit James Rosen, "Anatomy Scandal: The Curious Case Joe Sestak's Job 

501 School Street. S\'5th Floor \laslii11gto11. DC: 2002-tTel: (202) 6-t6-S172 (888) J\'-E:Tl llC 
!ax: (202) 6-+6-.)199 C'mail: info@jll( Internet Sitr: 111tp://w\w l11diciaJ\' 
Office Congressional Ethics July 2010 Page 
However, subsequent that interview and slew media inquiries concerning potential violations federal law, neither Congressman Sestak nor the White House has offered any consistent answers regarding the job offer. The public record instead details potential conspiracy withhold and cover the facts that "the Obama administration offered the second-term congressman 'high-ranking' job would 
2abandon his primary challenge against Sen. Arlen Specter."
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs sidestepped questions the media for over three weeks regarding the job offer before finally responding March press briefing that appeared Sestak had been contacted someone the 
3administration, but suggested that the conversations "were not problematic."
The record statements made the media leads different conclusion. 
The record statements made the media suggest that Congressman Sestak and Obama White House officials conspired cover the facts job offer made Congressman Sestak effort avoid criminal sanctions for violation the Hatch
Act and other federal laws.And doing, they may have engaged criminal conspiracy. Section 371 the United States Code states, relevant part: two more persons conspire either commit any offense against the United States, defraud the United States, any agency thereof any manner for any purpose, and one more such persons any act effect the object the conspiracy, each shall fined under this
title imprisoned not more than five years, both. Congressman Sestak's initial statement the press February, said that had been offered "federal job effort dissuade him from challenging Id. Id. See U.S.C.  7321-7326 (Hatch Act) and USC 210: 
Offer procure appointive public office; USC 211: Acceptance solicitation obtain appointive public office; USC 
595: Interference administrative employees Federal, State Territorial Governments; and USC 600: Promise employment other benefit for political activity. See18U.S.C. 371. 

Office Congressional Ethics July 2010 Page 
Sen. Arlen Specter the state's Democratic primary." remained consistent his
initial statement job offer through the end May.
Then, interview with John King his CNN program May 24, Congressman Sestak refused provide any further information, instead placing the onus respond "what was offered" squarely the shoulders the White House. 
Just one day prior the White House's release its official statement 
regarding its investigation, Congressman Sestak told the press the Obama White House
contacted his brother about "what's going occur."
The following day, May 28, 2010, the White House Counsel's Office released its official statement regarding the job offer and found "no improper conduct regarding Congressman Sestak," concluding "that allegations improper conduct rest factual errors and lack basis the law."9 
And was after the White House broke its silence about the "job offer" that Congressman Sestak's story changed. And changed-significantly. The White House's statement indicated that Congressman Sestak had been approached about "unpaid service presidential advisory board." Accordingly, "in his own statement, 
10Sestak laid out the same scenario. said no,' said the advisory board offer."
The White House Counsel's report stated that former President Bill Clinton was asked White House chief staff Rahm Emanuel speak Congressman Sestak encourage him abandon his campaign exchange for "executive branch positions See Exhibit Thomas Fitzgerald, Sestak says federal job was offered quit race, Not so, says White House, The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 19, 2010 120100219 was offered federal accessed June 28, 2010. See Exhibit Matthew Balan, "John King Presses Axelrod, Sestak Job Offer Issue; Goes Nowhere Fast," Media Research Center, Newsbusters, May 25, 2010 /matthew-balan/2010/0 fast accessed June 24, 2010. See Exhibit Paul Kane, "Sestak says his brother, White House met about alleged job offer, The Washington Post, May 28, 2010 0/05 /27 /AR2010052705245.html> accessed June 24, 2010. See Exhibit Anne Marie Riha, "White House Counsel's Office Rep. Sestak Job Offering," whitehouse.blogs.foxnews. com, May 28, 2010 accessed .June 25, 2010. See Exhibit Linda Feldmann, "Joe Sestakjob offer? White House says did nothing wrong." CSmonitor. com, May 28, accessed June 29, 2010. 
501 School Street SW, Suite 700, Washington, 20024 Tel: (202,) 646 172 888 S93-S442 FAX: (202) 646-S 199 email: 
Office Congressional Ethics July 2010 Page 
advisory boards that were uncompensated." From this point forward, Congressman Sestak was careful not refer his exchange with former President Clinton "job offer" the sense that was and most commonly understood-and term had 
11used emphatically and consistently prior May 28.
Specifically, the fact that Congressman Sestak changed his story after consulting with the White House points potential conspiracy cover criminal conduct. 
What even more astonishing the White House Counsel's admission that "unpaid advisory position" had been offered Congressman Sestak exchange for his agreement drop out the Democratic primary race. remains violation federal law interfere federal political campaign through any form inducement, whether paid unpaid. This raises even more questions and concerns about what may 
12have actually transpired and between what parties.
The House rules provide concise guidelines for disciplining Member Congress for engaging conduct that diminishes the creditability the House and states, relevant part: House rule specifically authorizes the Standards Committee enforce standards conduct for Members, officers, and employees; investigate alleged violations any law, rule, regulation pertaining official conduct; and make recommendations the House for further Action .... Some standards conduct derive from criminal law. Violations these standards may lead fine imprisonment,
Public office public trust not subjected political manipulation, sale, offered payback for political favors. strongly urge the Office Congressional Ethics conduct independent investigation these allegations that the record may clear. criminal unethical conduct uncovered and Congressman Darrell Issa and .Judicial Watch have independently filed complaints with the 
U.S. Office Special Counsel, Hatch Act Unit, response Congressman Sestak's admission job offer. Committee Standards Official Conduct, Publications Forms, 2008 House Ethics 

accessed July 2010. 

Office Congressional Ethics July 2010 
appropriate sanctions are forthcoming, the public's confidence the high standards elected office and the rule law will strengthened. aware that the False Statements Act, USC  1001, applies information submitted the Office Congressional Ethics. 

Thomas Fitton President 
425 Third St., SW, Suite 800, Washington, 20024 Tel: (202) 646-5172 1-888-593-8442 FAX: (202) 646-5199 Email: 
EXHIBIT -Anatomy Scandal: The Curious Case Joe Sest... ... 

James Rosen 
-March 19, 2010 
Anatomy Scandal: The Curious Case Joe Sestak's Job Offer 
Rare the Washington scandal where both the accuser and the accused refuse talk about the charges. But silence has been the norm the case Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pa., who alleges the Obama administration offered the second-term congressman "high-ranking" job would abandon his primary challenge against Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa. 
Rare the Washington scandal where both the and the accused refuse talk about the 
silence has been the norm the case Rep. 
Sestak, D-Pa., who alleges the Obama administration offered the second-term 'congressman "high-ranking" job would ,abandon his primary challenge against Sen. Arlen 
,In the aftermath the allegation, Sestak remains :challenger Specter, the five-term Republican who :defected the Democrats last year, the Keystone State's May primary. 

And while the White House repeatedly dodges questions about the supposed joli offer, Sestak keeping mum. 
"There's nothing gained focusing t11is politics stuff," Sestak told Fox News recently. 
The story behind the potentially explosive charge remains vague. 
The allegation first surfaced interview Sestak gave last month Philadelpl1ia television anchor Larry Kane. veteran journalist, Kane was previously best known for his coverage The Beatles' 1964 American tour, and for memorable appearance John Lennon made, delivering zany weather report, Kane's local Philadelphia broadcast 1975. 
"Were you ever offered federal job get out this race?" Kane asked Sestak episode Comcast Network's "Larry Kane: Voice Reason." 
"Yes," Sestak replied. 
"Was the Navy secretary?" Kane followed up. 
"No comment," said Sestak, adding. would never get out for deal. I'm this for the Democratic principles." 
"OI [] 
The Elusive Truth About Chivalry's Not Dead Kagan? NBC 
She's liberal through and through, Chris Matthews whines about tough 
but media are unwilling explore her questions posed Kagan 
ideology Republican senators 
John King Presses Axelrod, Sestak Job Offer Issue; Goes Nowhere Fast Matthew Balan (Bio Archive) 
Tue, 05/25/2010 -12:51 his CNN program Monday, John King pressed both Obama senior advisor David 
Axelrod and Democratic Rep. Joe Scstak the latter's allegation that was offered 
job the White House exchange for getting out the Pennsylvania Senate primary 
against Arlen Specter. Even though King pushed for answer, Axelrod denied any wrongdoing the 
White House's part and Sestak refused explain further [audio available here; video below the jump]. 
The CNN anchor raised the controversy with Sestak minutes into the Eastern hour. Though 
King was late pressing Sestak the issue, given the politician made the allegation against the Obama 
White House February, tried hard get the Pennsylvania Democrat divulge further information. 
The congressman went beyond filibustering, rephrasing his vague answer and even trying change the subject: 
Story Continues Below 
KING: Congressman, want clear up, once and for all, controversy that has dogged you little bit. You said some time ago that when Arlen Specter was still the race-early the primary-somebody the White I-louse came you and said, will offer you job-will give you some kind job you would gel out. talked David Axelrod earlier today. I-le said White House lawyers have assured them that all these conversations were appropriate. What specifically did they offer you, sir? 
SESTAK: Well, was actually asked reporter something that-a few months ago, that had happened almost eight months earlier. 
KING: Right. 
SESTAK: And answered honestly (unintelligble) 
Matthews Continues Assault Kagan Detractors 
Paints Sen. Sessions (R-Ala.) voice the Confederacy SHARE m '{] f!J... ,'J 613012010 12:06 
John King Presses Axelrod, Sestak Job Offer Issue; Goes Nowhere ... http:! /news ogs/matthew-balan/20 0/05/25/j ohn-ki ng-pre ... 
KING: You answered honestly, and you said they offered you job. 
SESTAK: said-and did answer honestly, and said yes, because felt, you asked about naval experience, that have personal accountability-I should have for role matter, which talked about. Beyond that, I'll let others talk about their roles. Beyond that, have-
KING: Sir, need ask you about this. need ask you about this. You mentioned your military experience and you cast yourself-and don't question-as man great integrity. The American people, you know, don't trust politicians. They don't trust this town. somebody was playing politics usual, possibly, breaking the law, sir, trying induce you leave political campaign with federal appointment, that could possibly breaking the law. We're trying get just the basics who said what and offered what? 
SESTAK: Yes, sir, and I'll let others speak for themselves and (unintelligible)KING: You're the only one who knows, sir. You're-
SESTAK: Actually-
KING: There's you and someone the White House involved these conversations. You're one the parties who knows. 
SESTAK: Someone, said, was asked. answered the question, and did forthrightly for personal accountability that 

matter. But others-KING: what the harm-what the harm you saying this the person who called and this what they offered that can that person and get the other end the conversation? 
SEST AK: I'll tell you what the harm actually appears be. You and should talking right now about how people were slammed this economy, John, and that's all that
KING: would Jove talk about those things, sir. have talked about them the past and hope will talk about them the future this campaign. And have talked about them the past, but this question about the public trust institutions. You want move the United States Senate. You want put your hand bible and take oath. When people look this town, they don't like the shenanigans, and I'm simply asking you, who offered you job say get out ofthc race? 
SESTAK: Yes, sir, and I've said all I'm going say the matter, and have great respect for you, but others need explain 
whatever their role might be. did explain, with integrity, role, and-but thank you very much. 

KING: All right, Congressman, we'll keep trying get that answer. 
SEST AK: It's always-
KING: lfyou change your mind, we'll here take your phone call-I promise you. 
SEST AK: Yes sir, and I'm sorry rush. have vote-literally time just ran [out], but they give extra minute. And John, thank you very much. 
Earlier, the anchor interviewed Axelrod during the first full segment his program. raised the issue Sestak's allegation near the end the segment: "Sestak says, early on, was offered job the administration get out that race. Robert Gibbs ... said lawyers the White House and others have looked into conversations that were had with ... Sestak, and nothing inappropriate happened. But the White House has refused say what happened. nothing inappropriate happened, then what appropriate happened?" 
The White House senior advisor stuck the official White House position, and added that wasn't participant any the conversations: 
AXELROD: Well look John, didn't have any conversations with Congressman Sestak and 
didn't have any conversations with anybody connected with Congressman Scstak. all 
can tell you what Robe1i told you-you know, these allegations were made, they were 
looked into, and they were found unwarranted-

KING: But David-David, forgive for interrupting, but candidate Barack Obama 
promised the most transparent administration history of5 6/30/2010 12:06 
John King Presses Axelrod, Sestak Job Offer Issue; Goes Nowhere ... ogs/matthew-balan/2010/05/25/j olm-king-pre ... 
AXELROD: And he's delivering that well. 

KING: these conversations did happen, marches into the gray area, perhaps into the red area, felony. felony 
induce somebody offering them job. 
AXELROD: Well, certainly. 
KING: why won't the White House just say here-
KING: Either Congressman Sestak lying, somebody had some conversation with him about job. 
AXELROD: Well, John, you're absolutely right. such things happened, they would constitute-they would constitute serious 

breach the law, and that's why when the allegations were made, they were looked into, and there is-there was evidence 
such thing .... 
KING: You cannot say what the conversations were? this has been looked into White House lawyers-
AXELROD: was not party the conversations. no, can't say that. 

KING: And you haven't been briefed what the lawyers told Robert Gibbs? 
AXELROD: All know is-well, I've been briefed, Robert has, that they looked into and their conclusion was that was 
perfectly-the conversations were perfectly appropriate. 

KING: then why can't understand what those conversations were? We're talking circles here because (unintelligible) 
can somebody say-well, this guy talked to-AXELROD: Well-we're not-we're only talking circles because wasn't part those conversations, can't relate you what the conversations were. 
KING: Can you make available the people who had the conversations? 
AXELROD: I'm sure that all this will be-you know, don't think any questions will left unanswered this. 

-Matthew Ba/an news analyst the Media Research Center. You can follow him 'lvitter here. 
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John Noe 
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Tue, 05/25/2010 -13:03 Airforce_5_0 
The reason got nothing because was illegal. The selling post and seats are not new the Chicago and Illinois politicians have office right now! 
Hey Nancy, does the words "Culture corruption" sound familiar? 
Login register post comments 
Test for CNN 
Tue, 05/25/2010 -15:06 sawing batta 
Here's your test, CNN. are you "viable" news network? 
will you push for answer pushed around? 
Login register post comments 
King ... 
Tue, 05/25/2010  17:43 unkeeaf 
King will sometimes act like real reporter. have doubt there may something all this, but the Obama administration 
counting the press just ignoring it. Good bet. 
Democrats replace donkey with fitting new symbol -Part 
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Questions left unanswered 
Tue, 05/25/2010 -22:46 MadRat think John King did great job pressing his interviewees for answer and blocking their escape routes. 
KING: You cannot say what the conversations were? 
KING: And you haven't been briefed what the lawyers told Robert Gibbs? 
KING: Can you make available the people who had the conversations? 
AXELROD: I'm sure that all this will be-you know, don't think any questions will left unanswered this. 
I'm sorry but Mr. Axelrod but you've already left questions unanswered. 

Login register post comments 
Yes, the Chicago 
Tue, 05/25/2010 -17:37 dscolt 
Yes, the Chicago way. Blagojevicl1 didn't see problem with nor did Obama until somehow got wind the FBI investigating Blago. Don't you think was rather coincidental that Obama withdrew Valerie Jarrett JUST before the FBI came down Blago? The whole point community organizing creating the pretense group conferred power when there isn't any all shouldn't surprise that appointing one's successor just another pretense democracy. Daley, Blago and Obama all come from and fully participated the Chicago culture corruption. Daley and Obama were only clever enough not get caught -yet. Corruption Chicago endemic and Obama just taking this the next logical step -nationwide. 
Keeping Specter, willing person bought high the list the corrupt. Without willing people buy and bought, corruption can not flourish 
Either Sestak has lied about the whole thina which makes him totallv unsuitable candidate the oublic's eve Obama committed of5 6/30/2010 12:06 
John King Presses Axelrod, Sestak Job Offer Issue; Goes Nowhere... ... 
[Home Biogs Forum About Contact] Copyright 2005-2010 NewsBusters. Terms Use. of5 613012010 12:06 


Sestak says his brother, White House met about alleged job offer ... told reporters Thursday that would not expand upon his prior statements until the White House releases its report the matter. President Obama said his news conference such report would come "shortly." 
Richard Sestak, who has served his brother's top political adviser and campaign lawyer, spoke with administration officials Wednesday, Joe Sestak said. 
"They got ahold brother his cellphone, and spoke the White House ... about what's going occur, said Sestak, who said expects the White House will release its information Friday. declined elaborate his discussions with his brother. 
Joe Sestak first alleged the White House offer but the matter has caught fire since the upset 
victory over Specter, Pennsylvania's senior senator, last week's primary. The White House has refused explain its version events; press secretary Robert Gibbs has said legal aides have reviewed the situation and have declared that nothing "inappropriate" occurred. 
Obama responded briefly, and touch awkwardly, when asked about the allegation Thursday's news conference. 
"There will official response shortly the Sestak issue, which hope will answer your questions," Obama said. declined follow-up request answer those questions personally. 
"You will get from administration. --and will coming out, when say shortly, mean shortly. don't mean weeks months," said. can assure the public that nothing improper took place. But said, there will response shortly that issue. 15-minute interview with the Capitol press corps Thursday, Sestak said the fixation with the story inside-the-Beltway phenomenon that does not translate into hurting his efforts defeat 
Republican Pat November. said the ordeal has grown out single quip --answering 
"yes and saying was offered "high-up job --to question posed longtime Philadelphia newsman Larry Kane during February interview. of3 6/30/2010 12:26 

Sestak says his brother, White House met about alleged job offer ... 
"Something happened last July, literally, hardly even remember it," Sestak said the offer. "All sudden, this interview, someone asked question ... and answered front. But immediately said the same thing said you and haven't deviated: Look, let's move on, the rest politics." 
Congressional Republicans have refused move on. Seven Republicans the Senate Judiciary 

Obama --but Republicans said job offer designed primarily impact the outcome election crosses the line. 

Sestak declined say whether the alleged job offer was inappropriate and defended Obama's integrity. think the president's pretty legitimate, you know, person," said. 
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Sestak says his brother, White House met about alleged job offer ... 

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Row Seat  White House Counsel's Office Rep. Sestak Job OfL ... 
-Row 2., Seat - 
White House Counsel's Office Rep. Sestak Job Offering 
Posted Anne Marie Riha May 28, 2010@ 11:59 White House Comments Disabled 
UPDATE: The White House Counsel's 
Office released official statement 
today regarding 'unpaid advisory 
council' position that was offered 
Congressman Joe Sestak former 
President Bill Clinton. The White House 
maintains there was improper 
conduct regarding Congressman 
Sestak. After the White House 
statement was released, California 
Representative Darrell Issa (R), who 
has criticized the administration this 
issue, put out his own written 
statement response. short time 
ago, Congressman Joe Sestak put out 
his own statement the matter. 
read Sestak's statement, please click 
[1.J, Below are the White House 
Counsel's Office Statement and Representative Issa's response. 

The White House Counsel's Office has released the following statement about any discussions White House officials may have had with Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman .Joe Sestak about job offer lieu running against Senator Arlen Specter for senate seat. Major Garrett questioned President Obama directly about this Thursday's press conference. 
SUBJECT: Review Discussion Relating Congressman Sestak 
Recent press reports have reflected questions and speculation about discussions between White House staff and Congressman Joe Sestak relation his plans run for the United States Senate. Our office has reviewed those discussions and claims made about them, focusing particular the suggestion that government positions may have been improperly offered the Congressman dissuade him from pursing Senate candidacy. have concluded that allegations improper conduct rest factual errors and lack basis the law. 
Secretary the Navy. has been suggested that the administration may have offered Congressman Sestak the position Secretary the Navy the hope that would accept the offer and abandon Senate candidacy. This false. The President announced his intent nominate Ray Mabus Secretary the Navy March 26, 2009, over month before Senator Specter announced that was becoming member the Democratic Party late April. Mabus was confirmed May. time was Congressman Sestak offered, nor did seek, the position Secretary the Navy. 
Uncompensated Advisory Board Options. found that Congressman has publicly and accurately stated, options for Executive Branch service were raised with him. Efforts were made June and July 2009 determine whether Congressman Sestak would interested service Presidential other Senior Executive Branch Advisory Board, which would avoid divisive Senate primary, allow him retain his seat the House, and provide him with opportunity for additional service the public high-level advisory capacity for which of2 6/30/2010 12:32 

Row Seat  White House Counsel's Office Rep. Sestak Job Off... http://whitehouse.blogs.foxnews.corn/2010/05/28/white-house-counse ... 
was highly qualified. The advisory positions discussed with Congressman Sestak, while 
important the work the Administration, would have been uncompensated. 
White House staff did not discuss these options with Congressman Sestak. The White House 
Chief Staff enlisted the support former President Clinton who agreed raise with 
Congressman Sestak options service Presidential other Senior Executive Branch 
Advisory Board. Congressman Sestak declined the suggested alternatives, remaining 
committed his Senate candidacy. 

Relationship Senate Campaign. has been suggested that discussion alternatives the Senate campaign were improperly raised with the Congressman. There was such impropriety. The Democratic Party leadership had legitimate interest averting divisive primary fight and similarly legitimate concern about the Congressman vacating his seat the House. virtue his career public service, including distinguished military service, Congressman Sestak was viewed highly qualified hold range advisory positions which could, while holding his House seat, have additional responsibilities considerable potential interest him and value the Executive Branch. 
There have been numerous, reported instances the past when prior Administrations -both Democratic and Republican, and motivated the same goals -discussed alternative paths service for qualified individuals also considering campaigns for public office. Such discussions are fully consistent with the relevant law and ethical requirements. 
Issa Written Statement 
"After more than ten weeks outstanding questions, the White House has offered version events that has important differences from what Congressman Sestak has been saying for months -that was offered 'job' 'someone the White House' exchange for leaving the Pennsylvania Senate race. 
"I'm very concerned that the rush put together this report, the White House has done everything but explain its own actions and has instead worked craft story behind closed doors and coordinate with those involved. The White House has admitted today coordinating arrangement that would represent illegal quid--pro-quo federal law prohibits directly indirectly offering any position appointment, paid unpaid, exchange for favors connected with election. 
"President Clinton and Congressman Sestak now need answer questions about what the White House has released today -that the behest the White House Chief staff, they dispatched former President get Joe Sestak out the Pennsylvania Senate Primary. Regardless what President Clinton Congressman Sestak now say, abundantly clear that this kind conduct contrary President Obama's pledge change 'business usual' and that his Administration has engaged the kind political shenanigans once campaigned end." 
Article printed from Row Seat h'l:tp:/ / 
URL article: nsels-office-on-rep-sesta ke-job-offeri 
URLs this post: 
[1] here: http:/ / 
Copyright 2009 Row Seat All rights reserved. of2 6/30/2010 12:32 

Joe Sestak offer? White House says did nothing wrong. -CSMon ... content/vi /prin!/304836 

Joe Sestalzjob offer? White House says did nothing wrong. 
The GOP isn't buying the White House assertion that offered Rep. Joe Sestak only unpaid position advisory board he'd drop his effort unseat Pennsylvania's Sen. Arlen Specter. 

Rep. Joe Sestak (D) Pennsylvania speaks reporters Capitol Hill Friday. The White House acknowledged that had 
enlisted Bill Clinton try ease l=