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HRC Order of Proof

HRC Order of Proof

Page 1: HRC Order of Proof


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Date Created:February 22, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 22, 2016

Tags:Mchugal, Hausa, Castle, Omaha, Maxim, proof, vince, arkansas, hubbell, Madison, momma, WATER, Business, mummy, HRC, White, order, thomas, FBI, trust

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Memorandum (mm Xndepcnacm 011):er
All CA. 492/98 HRC
HRC Order muffvz
ebb Humn
Order Proof 5-21 196; 451-93 Whit arming supuxvlsm ma; cram Was mmmmm 2mm SM. and cases mmmqar. qhzmly manna Meuougal acquim 1990 Continued mm: infonmhnn may; .I. and othcrpax activity nugal, Hale. uckcr, .p: MIX-00M and mmmmimw wilh (mo, wmch decided
mmmm mummy. from: weed Infbmmh Amm David and SBA art-mu Maw Janey SBA lovemgatimz magmas: H51: Com/w; 352.0 0:me warm)! 1m: one wcax warm): givm Magma 01. 7mm mad 712mm. les numm 1mm warmm
lo/9; MGSL vmigntlnnfxefcx me. ROSE LAW (ELY)
(Hank, REID /19, 212-07 [127i 9:1} Cus wdian nmem for Pusan whu respcmdedto all
men me. arc, Became Charo-mung .4: mm, 1293 MGSL use Mus acgumics (mama): Dpyo
tigmion arm mail: Dcalmm Ilubbel mum; and expense fraud about 0mm, lv93 hrga) gmzmmgmma, bsm cfpubll
page rec Kemp lawman from allocation RLF received back (he Rick Maw-v
w.) 5mm Wzbb all
seaxch 93-95 for dscum Kmady mle
Pam nfn few Wm: lewd, billing ml; mammal md. Mrs Clinton .1135 dcmyml AJAgm 1m, Ming stock ing, and cmum RLFi mas, dza him, mcmcrdwlu, umc were locamd for mm: held Marina: 100}:
1993 bcpm
1mm: vumguion may
whzn 1:21 the Finn can
Athmuiauatiun, lowing lama klmimm mllcy Paymmt ofihc Madisoanlk Trust [at and 0mm-
JDmcluhu 1995 Learnbd lllcu fast time 01c
man MGSL MGSL mpttsmmlml: light
afbillm rdsbmnmlng available. Wlll set funh nerd; was killing Mummy 0;: mam Growl smh
malty upmtdbyllubhcll 1ch was attorm all
{GI 11-7351:
when the min: woxk was dune fur
Dcpanmem 111313] and 2mm; Iiwycr 11111 pmmv 1h: busmsss John mum, 1111
Lamam um: Mcbouga! was these dmsions and was hapyy wjm 1mm Finns
(smegma/ lion ofMGSL Maw; 1111 in)! mm; 111th business [Them 111s 1m: public wslzmnny Massey 11mm
did no: 11:11:11 119 mugm 111 the business had 111311111, His grandjmy 1mm
swung. mu: 1115 1mm partner The Secuiues Dame work is: MGSL and 111s role name 1992 convcmz tns Foster and Hubbell requeming 1-11; MGSL les would not back wit wanting 1(- say had 11mm MGSL 11mm; the RLF
Did sign Msma wadi zE/9_,w11ich appren was prepared Foam, Memo 111115
1111111111: woxk 11: did bu: limits who mug); =11 11.: ms; business 11: would not
11mm: vnsim 1111 mum 111m basin Tce before in: 1.1111: Rack (and jury no,
giv: deuils dam. and everybody did. :19 31111113 rcmlds wrailable.
Tried mousmmz mics fee 11m; pmpmeu byC 1.111. was informed lawDecem ne: the: would ufying before Senate
hmmy 396 Was mid early mus week mat: would bsteam 11/95 Wax copy ems 11111113 Nmrds ovum weekend 15/96 they were pmduuc Dmd Kendall 61:1 behalf owls pmdmed style mute acmrate mmmmt
Damv 15:11 (11 21-91 agaucm secticn the yum; 115501.121: 1.1111: F1111 1935-1911151
11: didzesemh memos for 1m, New saw RLSJW
men, mepsrse may 1h:dwecuanofHRCon!hawcn dry 1ssue, {mum with
Sun: Alcohol Bathge Cmmixaiax 011 and 1010s client mam, Ammnmon 911m prcpucd meamhmemcs 1151ch 115 B/A
mgmim; thc 11mm mnnazcdl 156 r11: 11111111111ymcm 1mm; 11mm 11211111101111.1111 115mm
lumauami 11m 1111s 9.1590
11711111111 1911115011 Gama 1:110 1111 3/4115 11mm (in with smsim 111111111, 11) Crack
norm 111 mm) mummy. 11m urauy cum 1:111:15 the 151:, 601m: 211::th and
51y ::1v vcd 111s mmcum {the imemst Arum 2111; Luau Assucizlliom
Workrd with View: Hubbell and mry :99: mvmaum Ann] Bmhw. Wald) Huhbc etc. Tem Lbs Rock grandjmy 12/{v Was
MGSL was 5st msion um): gmndimy
(new: the Manson hill
lcsh puma gm; jaw culy I998, being ab}: :ccomttuctevems much became 4112 ing remnls 1w, hem discwmd,
Cam Fm: gajar from 1939
,Wr 50m: RLF invaices knowledge 11::
meld, gm-m
Nuw Jaww Sun Was Mutation mad during the EOKMB lmga icn rim mass: Vim the 1min Supreme behalf tamxmmy the maxim was cmspondence bsmeen
thmsayinghccnamfmn whytv 4.1mm
pay beam fr! lawyer had cm. Had Jig-me mums was cnusmmiug xenon ngamr MGS}. Lmd {BC was mpmacntiug MGS hen nu: the index
Gregory. [GI Securihe iawyer Cimumsmcea EUYB ding obtaining xmlium Oppcs 199 mpmcmmu :er051 mama slim. mnmmM
Thrash, Tom mum yr; fur Augmm 04mm, Q1: acquis 1m: parry 17y MFC Ward Ammumenuw Drama f0) MFC involving Wmd Am: Mike olmwg 1m. op.mmm mum.
Thames, mg- MGSL nfl985,m1uhng mming natty
made and]: ham mmxds Lhnthsyem xmmpati
Human regrxdrrig Vminus pemm apamte Sewex eruti
Pmc, Mama (3; 37: HIE Sammy Webb Hubben (he may: Pmpmd hummus documents Lb: xxxues! ofnubbcu so: Seth Ward {1/}: LYYhiLg givmto dkec Ward ammcms sac magma
Mmdy, was [GT 12/95] One om: scuem: HRC Pmpygd cover zrs for invoices sen: MGSL (mm
(tpxesca tlwm one signed Inc Sam]: may cover letters
Ruswli, Msry Ros: Law Firm support pcrmn Memo momeys mam was for Curvy all hsr wrest. moms, mm}; time whcr Madlyon iawsuit was penning
59m. any wmm she was Wm. Hubhcll and Donovan D32 cawm Sc! axi< wan stmm 19354935
Lmum John rDcGJ 9/9 Many/Accountant Came walk Madison 1983 Acted pre dam MGSL, we: direction ems aja: ewe elder Jim McDmEgal Jim Momusyfz wag n9: the icial MGSL sham 13f mmnum but beam: chairman ofMadis-m Emanuel Comomc Low aimed McDmxgal 1cm mum requimmcmx :Jmamm arm: Hm: new: amicuaugm Mm: Smk (Mating unkind Palmersbiplbwkcz-duim Rom. :qu wmminn cm! (hmzdur SeL: ack dzmng apme was mum 1986 mmninmmn mum mm. [Ag in: In: 7,11 uxr ix. Mcuawl nzw uwmgmuam.
Damn Don Farmer fzdcm ban; exmnms: Loan mime: moo Bank nude numrmw was McDuuga], Jmku, Ward Involved 13015 imzial 1mm the nwm and Mummy! make the dewa-paymml oz:
d1: Whhawmsrpmpe Man MuDu igni, Tuc buy 1h: 5me mam ufKingsmn. said smck Wanna Wed: chief 121 mm: atMGSL April 1925 Loans rue dwc urn/mow] ated nppn ismi pir mad [DC V/arii 15c pummm Ihcmw
gamed Castle Gmndcw 69.50;
mngwmm Convexsutmns Huhba rspmmning him was comm. :nwiLhHRC re: Lmvxvioasw
Emma- {me Cnnvusmmn Randolph 111:: Image chgkus 17mmny mgmmg the:
Gavan mew: Mum 1956: (51an gum ilhmrm waving inmatinm ma? gut himujob uh: mm, Airport Hm; xepmemed [he Airgun uInn Worked mum Csm Cuupcmicxl lcnnimwd the Ann Cnmmxgaiou
Smghom. wur Mzidwxm: Mcnougxl cxacu is. LLm
Rampage about 2mm mam 51; Mcnnugvd ling me, including Maple Cmck CASH:
Grand: wulsmom lml and sale afthe LUC/Canl- (3mm use Hag damned kmma lgc mom thsSewer LGhty 1935 Vluuzgenmnt Various :awsum :11: um: managcmm ultimutzly FDIC/RT
39mm; wardinata: (1111: vs:
legal actions, an. xczmlfgave number chimed Huhhcil/RLF having Snmd Huggng Rep/m rachexbn, Em, 22-97 Emplnycd ison bank oprrzmsn winmhn cxpmmw The MEET. cords mrw Recon: 1g, inch whim The $27,500 cashisr and amok garage mm: Eartha i986 exam: 1m: Vgits and
Yang, Crag MGSL empBJyR Finsnaa; aim amasmnm smmfcdcra}
Wm, smh [me367 795] Unmdukx] mmpmmr anmhw EVEN; Huhbull myval and mmsfulbi Denmn one primary dam with the, 3mm ugmmMGSL :AyrilnrMn mtwlmhMGiL
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mowny, for McDon;
Paper umpzny Negaiiakw the UWDDI: IDC pm, duaimj, pmpertv sum pmwm his nuns has testi rm]
mowm-rl um: Legit mme timings: ,veammmby and vma not mm; )xnaf 5:1;sz Ems] Various lama: mmween Ward ELM-1130 :xslaz mmmmsm namigmnm Sam: um: wcr: backdate MGSL {3103540303 agreement lurtmmmts with Webb Huhbcii and HM: all the RLF enmcs the billmg moms re: HMSczlx Van! [Wud has tosx iimi doesnt
mmrmba eve: talking mzc um; dpp mutant. Aigphm: minimum alving Wm: and the WWDUs mus-nun; Zals
mm, 53)? MGSL mmwngm dorm and from Ike vmcms Madison prmecls, mainlmg
Maple Creek Cam am; Tack don-menu Tuckar law and Rose myim bahdfanLiSL 021 Dcc wok mam, mm: appenw; cmmin documzm,
Gummy aim mm: aim when 11)qu New sun msum mum win wok
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MGS :mpiiyy 1932,1954 sud Sum McDaugL wiw bank apcrauans may: 35:;ny Jim McDougal when 1851. 8053] Sm:
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and 601on 5mm
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varimxs :12: 1:4er which impulsu conmnpomms: nfa mmal refusal Miami: about :1): Herod Hugging
Bunch. Gary 1-20-98 Pmaidmi/Cusuxlien rda aon Tins: Bank fomcdin 91: wawwxed mum; Sold 195 1h: MtDougalx Smivhs, Tucm a}. Gimx,RL1 led app: Sink
Lmun bemean Bank omuimvuc Mr! mgiirdmg Vince} the Rose Law Firm Icpzcsmicd Mgr $.1,(L}U*gaid Decamber 19m. mum pay May 1932 17:11 until Omaha: 198-: 3=panth0V1934 MRI may mgm Wymvmuftha old hill lpasc um: Wand 1cm fmm Faster. dated. Omaha 19M
Lam mum and imds wing I-LRC, wwuc. 191%; The W82 mic mum maving ums
Pockms, Teresa 30me ::. 1mm m.-
req ,Mznoigai iii: dealings wfi Jim Mm.- (swam; [hz events imam upic the Ginsu-Ag closing 2/3/86. samu- orisc ucklc CSIic The pins for in: dzvewmant gm; Sewar including extending
Map]: Creek, 2mm: marry dmiapm the ,axioml mpmy south an: amide The ,986 max ofMCSL Mccdiigs leading due MGSL Domd with ulnar: Dallas His mime-m silliasc ngs :e- McDaugaJs, aging (ha {Mtimticn impmpuz minis Bzvt Ilasseu 1min; ssmiiic mum 1am (h: son
Bum (10mm: mice 1... .11. 11.. 1111 ml: Ismael-Mm cum 1...... Ariana agenda. 1...: .11.: Comm
11.... um. and 11.... aamplw-i Man. (11 17mm: rhc
mm... 1...... mce an... 31...... 1111 Rpmumed Mama, and 11.1.5111 Mckey
11.. a... 3...; yepmmmm mu. Survicc Commune advexse
.1. Tuckm 0112.11 .1: Arkansas Powen gm. v5.1) 111 very hwy during the March 11.11.1915 .51.... m... 1.310.111 11.... Webb Hubhc 1111th apt: 1): um-of tcwn depozninm A1111] 1986 and actuallym anal! 11in 1.. 1-: Rock 5,111.15. the
Ward-MT- agrsantbm Any money 1.1... 1.: 11110. punks! would going 11m .1... Govmm pocket 193114.;19131... 1.55 1:11.. and [1.12mi .9115 v1.1. 11.. Gevermr hwsun mam lyy camp: (Sm/emu. 1:1}: mm. was mining fax Governor 111. mimmz Govemm 1.11.. 911...... 111mm... 11.....1. wfmn 1.. Omaha. 1991.w1..=... managed 11.9.5155... 11.; 11: Ann var) 11m: 1;! from cum... Owing the mum and
whammy mammpnmenuagumzam. Lamar. mm... 0.21.. poliucal 115,1. 1.. 199; {Zunpnigu mks. said a... Duly
.11... 1.; 1.1: we. heard 1111s tam. mum. med was when 11m. 1131..
1... 1.111.. 325 McDouga 1.1.5 11.5.1111. mm. Conwnvlmn with 1;.m1or. 111 1.1151139] mam wanted 1121... 111.....1... 1111... w... Wmvninng alzwwmmom: W1C 1.3.1 Mav 1994 maize/1mm M11. (numnaeka -vm [101511)]: RIC 12111319115 Act uns and 9111a; dwing invesugmjnns 19,1115 1990; 9-17-95 011gnn1 and ame) McDuug 15.1 mum... 1.. ning 1-1.... 9.0111 1... various McDougalproirms the Castle Sewe Water 1121153111011 prop-2515 1.1 Deumn 1.11 mawlcdgc the 6111119115 invclvement
1m; smir 1y... .1... Mchugal m... .1... 199: campaiu.
21* .11.... mam... mgmding 1.1: mcuy and 11.. Las mmy 3111393 1..
11w. 1111.1... pad o...- musing legula 1.. 1917, 1.... mew 11c v1.2
13.1.0111... 1.111.: M651 (11mm 1111811111, 19151
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Hus Jum 9111*;th questions 1m... 19, 110.1 gmnd my; 1.. 1.1..con9171y! om:
minim 111mm... mfumul .11... 1.... 1110 wow: 1.- mlanomhim MGSL
VWDC, and CMS: 11mm 011 don
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made he print and slaxmnicwm (7ch 11:5 ycm
Vifc ozz Unbougal tbs mid 990 McDonga! exam mveSlmam sum dwelopmcnu gum; the mid-7n Iozr Ipmci ms, bmmwzrs amigm the Wutewatzt ptapmy/ Ieh 10m McDougsls Rapaym
91mm paymsms aim pays-mm; had: 4;an hym Manougm; Worm (Ziimom
BDK. MIBT-acqumihnmlou mun mm. lIGSI,
gypsum. MFG, and buyincs: aunties Mme McDougah and asawmy
affected the 52160010 Din sumo Novmubu, 1987-1213 .chugaI
Acccmm cheek inluly 1933 whim arcmly 0mm balms: cum; Van;
Weir [cn check awncm and mus 50% am: ofWWDC, which Clintons McDougnla were jmmly
51m mcivm gamma. all omega sales, 521; Ward The opmm agreement 1mm and Sewn Water Wm; mk: nmzw
The mam Vhe: pmpcny 0mm: (3mm
mum mmmc L/down payment this land The McDou ,cmn meeting The anng ban He: during and 04-.
Inwmzims hr, ;=.
The dcvclopmmo mmnm and vmious pm: convclaamm much 01mm nummms Actions during mx-wening Including aiminai muzzgmm cu: He: swemcn during camp Including he: know. BILL mam
1mm; mama MoDcug :LYy gt: 5m. 31791113910921
hem: ofEKC mammal! mad 22:: 11.5 max: .1, and Ward Cam/sisa 1993 about La: criminz mvmigumm imIHing Jims mming Sam 33M due [mam] 927/ inriudmg ammcms the were gang :4: changed the Clinmns mud problem Other (visas and (Emma mgaxmg ihc vanous inmuganans Lb: 1900 A}: comfort given and Zy wucrpmm mm; 5mm
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Irma 1:: cansidemd anyway. mmmmz time afkis
wopmum 1m, nou smiameuu mde 1:, Ema: stat mant:
funhczmmu at} anvmpn Began mapam with gnvemmmt Avgusi, was mama 12cm: Lime Rank grandjury, April 1.2, 1-997 1de yum aims HELL. LLIAMS, SELIG TUCKER LAW FIRM [Mina-M Finn]
8pm. Stuck mm, mmm Tuckcx law 1955 Work ma: Sew Waia mama Sam Wax; closing 1le bwfm: 986 Exam Plegmrzmus fox (he MGSL Bum Nesting D311 with 31: muss Mam 6.95 man (51:: human Tucker 12w $986 the cm! Hex Swapping Cam mum :cviawing Mrs. mm; liquox isms Htrmemos 151 mi: and Mchugal
sung, 18-96 Mme: Seen Commi me: Vary mpcr snce Semi Atmmey qusemtt MUSL uumb afmgul cr) utters 0mm Fchnury ms, but cndcd damg
mm}: {lone RLF] Opened bmkax/ sala Mime; Finn Mm}: 1985 {did work his ma] 15586 exam and mnmzium with (mam mpmim with mm: MuDouga] my: mum Bring new CPA rmsmd Cmis Mchy Memphis max.
Rania) 8th 8-19-97 mheH Law :vmtner Ripxmmmd MLWL the Walt MGSL litigmicn 1987 1938 1nd theta nemament
new Alum! :mm
VII. STATE. AGENCIES Arknmm Securitiea Depmmm (ASD)
nmasimcr, Lcc 1-15-97 Scoun men xiioaer 1930mm January 1935 Appomwd Funk mm; served under Gwmcr mam;
MGSL net warm pmblama 1mm from his Ccpanmcnx MGSL regarding that ux: mw!
tequitcm chiascd amny nausea Seme er, Hcvcrly {GI 95] Sister Woody Ewen, lmxgdmc 1mm Qinmn Marked clerk as: omsy (kenmrs when mm:
(imam Ass mm.- the Mimi! Law 1!: culy 19w: While hell, dld mrki MGSL pnmmly dam mmca
Cupob lllo, Appmmbd Arkms Securiuas mmmisxlummnvingu LEM: Sdpsn
Clinton ass mmw Hm: mgm proposal ASL! mammcu mum dalibimunns and her Den Hmury 1am mm; in:
micmwmum 61L Gowrmur
(:1de pint: hip hmkrr
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Drummer 6111mm} SL.}lmT.snn,Axlamns, (Mew. 44vsu,l.?:rangh
owncts 31. vgamst 1mm and mgmmm, Vince :Mauewasemm the ysuc cmcd Arkansas ApprovL rate 13C Mock Wardw
Saws: Ems/Kb Sm. wgulcung uzmnarsu 3Ls and mtermicnw federal
vantage 1956 szhsm 649/ IBB1cm:wmadwonnngrdufbuvwxs.copitd her 7/1 Kshmdwykwn momma Sam Bram madungmp ohchHLBB mam
Mas} Egan} noting, mma cmamlaxionsltpw wtuieallscrous,
itcms51946rm nflnmi Amanda aKLh semnnmssn Wampum Mt; mugMMam mam MMGSL :h- FDIC/RIC Pcbxmry 1939
Cunw thbe 1:17:11 andhcrrcamimmbcing, ubpomaudasa ssm
unmasm Fm: hamm-wld M11 Tch/cmm istheoncwhupmsmtw audxthuzssmmc... 1992 cmpajm and wnm smerxm campaign Statement salad mpaigmm awzmmouzmbe gshuwn crap;
mm: liffom 1990: mga mm: and waimony
medicy. Charles Gamer ASL) emplom 0n: dJs deputy cmmmmm MGSL wadl pwblems Mbmng mnmo 11/3/35 wim Uivis FiriimghofMGSI saying ma: did notbtkeve
mam mum i353: pref: 51m nppmvall and rum ngu sccnmyliah Dmmmaz. 1935 gum 51. izsues regarding
Brady. lhan leg Dimgzwt with Reverl) Essay immpmzccn and agreemem Wit do: RLF MOSL
Jones, [GJ m/Osj dsputy ASD cum-m
3m: ing anyone He: dmgmemm Beverly )Idvixmg (he Guvmnm Alumni urvmgerommiman (ABC)
name: Dan 201.97 Le, dmunsc} far {175 ABC Wen/airy: Name 15, mwrd Dummu mum ubh Svrvi .CnmmivsimnPSC: Ext-34247 Sum, vim 1115:1213 sc: form Donavm Hm; maths Psr [AL Jim; involving mmc mien? an: Momma ma: 1m: Law Firm, wine: wmcmd FSL Pmcdme Rah: orERC
1m, Psc mumkciing wan outside counsel. such the RLF Arkansas Beam: (mm/1m: kecmds Arkmm Polllnion (:ammi Board Cum oiRecmds
vm, memsxn
Wk, 31;: Imam anm mgnrm mum Mama, Idulm:p non-Came (handgun.
mm, Jim :mainu 1085 MGSL emninmm min 5m; puma; (1mm Maplr: meek mes mama appraisals cm: questionable transactinns swam agreement Ruining; wart mama: rim sumqum: actionx Darluna Aucm cmuinnz Hug dam mum anvmuusmua uglwmmt ding. now;
mum upemmr mum The 1984 saw- ism 0.4m 11136191245 from mass MGSL Bond [Dkeclurs Intexm and imp Sun: leguh
3127/11/86 meeting Dallas SJascquenucnons mxtecom nmmmpmgmdmg GSL on. of? cmms andthr mum making
Jeff .nuM camAGN and 10:15 9.: vmtsidc counsel looking into activities MGSL 55m: civil- Ltkms Susm, Dcnlon am, Daw dnals,
cm; mum Ahmmw swarm}: McCrwy
vclwd Madison Fmsv on, and perhaps other 1mg 1937 1990 CRIMINAL
Aaron. Cary Egan ubpocnas 1/. Maneugnl Hank (1211 and (a: addiu Lmowledqe 0M3: public and was
known vanmu 3:0ng Rmk duxiszg this Lmk frame)
mum investigation
aw,Aprix FDIC LegatDi simrale ugxmmth ngm-am
ma. huhnlfafjm fademl ugem Replncmrx: Vof Genish Mocwan R1,? muons by, mismmemmm mm, and {311x335 Human. and perlmvs 0111315 case assigned Rm, autumn wlm RLFy Webb whm qua 0:13:12 xin her ngm, case iwck Ilubbell may reptakmation anGSL RLF. incl 5cm Wani convwsaticm
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1112 weark mm;
(ltd. Dime: (1mm Sclecxtd yxen ngs which baa the nubteu-Wmd~Rm Law Firm mines
RLY mm; (uswdtam Aclivity shown the RII invoim RIC, including the reading Eomd
gging Hub; ammo: attomzys Mchugal um,
timely: xcmcs Mi}; Reva. :tc
,prims xed Huggmg Rayon
x11. 1392 CAMPAIGN
Lynch, 1mm; JG! 1351
ccn rsmim: are Imbbell and Vim Fest/2: and quescicm mama mac Vin
0mm) and palms mm; her mrtem mam menu): and notes Muse}! would 110 the Holy the mught the business
anging smncs and Ma; omnpaim Lynch, Thomas mtwugs 5mm gt! In: hold his made Activitim sum =ch ng, Owl; smy Wm: :rmivr mun ebb Hublw the [mking my,
ign (a: Hwn 3mm em. 1mm mtmm my, Tun Mmmgm 2mm SamHeusr mm: u33/11r92 Hug WDc umwoggmg maiden! paign (elm: arm: Momma rum mummy seminal: may 4135 ml:
11113111): 311131117} 1c: 2195] Ker 115111111110111 111111 was Hum 111111111116511: 1111111
cunts 1mm 1111.15 11a airpagn 111111, 5131111: 111 1211 vim 11119111111111: 5:13 1115 Wea 124 I130 111111115 11111 or: am: mm:
11111111, Bmsv 296;
Chlcfof 1111 comm cum {he 1931111 Would 11m dismiss-J 1111, 7/2125 hammmr 11111111 1111111 Beverly mm; 1:20th
PHI/BB 1:111; 111 MGSL 111111 Govcvrm 21m bud} knew 111-11 MGS 1.1111111111111111 111.1 Meonugal was 111:: way 1111. L-x 411111 mdwnum 111111111 5111111111 111111111 111e, 1m. Whitewmr mod: Awuhghl 13711111111 11111111 115111111 mmed. the Gwm-m 111: 19117 exphmn 11m vwcm Bill cum running 111 ansicem 1993 The 1111 11111 1111 11371 111:111131192111 D1p111yc111m ..1111111111 19:12 01111111 91315111511 Gmpnigp 11111111111 111 1115 199: 01111; ;qu 111 m1- Sccmzq 11051111151, 11mg 1,113 dafeaso
depm e111 mmn 1131111 1111111111 1151111111111: Weeks 11am 1992 electron) 111mm 1111111111121 1511111111 11mm 111 California.
um: 1121 yea substance 1111111111111111111-1 1111 11, seems: pm}. 111m hr: Jinmnshmhcm
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sand mwnma nou! 5150
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dmng 1:111 W101! 151.1 mm- chschrrmmj/Qmmw 111m 7rn11d1;m,p.42,
momma 2:1,
Elm! Diane 7,] 271796 Woxked 111 the 1111111111 m1; {1:111 ermmgmx ux. 11g 111 wurking 1111 EEC: 512111112111
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