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Judicial Watch • III Harvey Bartle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

III Harvey Bartle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

III Harvey Bartle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: III Harvey Bartle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Rhoads, Bartle, III Harvey Bartle, Harvey, Philadelphia, children, Market, 2003, EPA, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Report Require1l the Etbics 
FINANCIAL .DISCLOSURE REPORT  Government Act 1978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  101-111} Person Rf:pmting (Last name, First name, Middle initial) Court Organi7.ation Date Report 
Bartle, III. Harvey U.S.D.C., E.D. Pa. !i/1112004 Title (Arl:icl11 Judges indicate actiivc seniorstatus; ReportType (checkappti:>priate type} Reporting Period magistrate judges indicate full part--time) Nomination. Date l/112003
U.S. District Ju1dgc (Active)
@Annual Jnitial Final 12131/2003 Chambem Office Address the basis the information contained this Report and any
modifications pertaining thereto, is, opinion. compliance 16614 U.S. !Courthouse with applicable laws ancl regulations. 601 Market Street 
Reviewing Officer.
Philadelphia 19106 
IMJPOJR.TANT NOTES: The iru.'tlUctions accompanying this fonn must followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part wb1:rc you have reportable inf0I1mation. Sign last page. POSrCTONS. (Reporting iridividual only; secpp. 9-13 offiling instructions) NONrE -(No reportable poilitions.) 
c:o.:rrustce Trusts undCr will AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; sec PP 14-16 offiling instructions)  NOIE -(No reportable agn:emcmls.) 
CJ)C)...... ..,, o.r-2! 
rn. .-..

Name Person Reporting

Date: Report Bartle, Harvey S/l 112004 
Ill. NON-INVESTiv.IENT INCOME. (Reporting individual and spouse; see pp. 17-24 filing instructions)  8/12/04) Fileris NONB:  on-Investment Il11com -(No reportable ncm-in1estment income.)  21[)03  DAI  CoTrustce's Fee  (yours, not spOllSt's}  $19,000 Spo1l1se's Non-Investmenlt ][nc:om -(If-you were married during any portion the reporting year, please complete this section. (dollar amount not requirc:d except fi>r honoraria) NONE -(No reportable ncm-investment income.) Texas Teachers Retirement System 
IV. REUvffiURSEMENTS tion. lodging. food. c:ntertaimnent.

(Iniludes those spouse and depC!ldmt children. See pp. 25-27 ofinslnlctions.) NONE  -(No such reporaLD.le mmbursCIDClllS.)  Nancy SOUR.CE otts Joshua Drew  Partial transportation and lodging connection with officiating their wedding (Sept., 2003, Big Fork. Montana) (approx. SSSO)  

Bartle, llll. Harvey  511112004  
(Amended GIFI'S..  (Includes those spolllSe and dependent children. See pp. 28-31 instructions.}  8/12/0il) NONE  -(No such repottablj: gift:;.)  The Philadelphia Bar Association  Membership (mended alljudgcs)  $272 LIAl3IlJTIES. (Jnclude!: those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.) 


Date ofReport 
Name Person Reporting 
Bartle, Harvey 	(Amended:,B./:].2/04)

,:Vn. INVESTMENTS and TF..USTS -incim:, value. tr.mscations (includes those oftbc spouse mid dependent children. See pp. 34-57 filing instmctions.) 
Income during Oross wine end Tmnsactio11s during reporting period 
Deierlplion Assets 

rcponing period n:portiug period 
(including tnistassels) not excn"41t ftom disclosure 
(1)	(1) (2) {I) 
Plac:e ex)" ancr each asset ui:mpt 

Amollllt Type (e.g. Value Value Type (e.g. Dale: Value Idenlityoffrom prior disclosme Codc:l dh. mrt.or Code2 Melbod buy, sell, MODlh-Code2 buyer/seller (AFIJ int.) (J-P) cixte merger, Day (J-P) (A-(if private Rdcmplio11)
(Q-W) 	transa.ction) 
DNONE (Na n:portable income, useliS, ballSal:lioas) 
Eastrnat11 Kodak (Com.) Dividend 
Gc:nc::ral Motors (Com.) Dividend 
Xcro:1t (Com.) 	None 	Dclpllii Jutomotivc Systems (O:mi.) Dividend 	Hudson United Bank, Pruladclphia, Pcnns)'lvania lfnten:st Vangd-W'mdsor (IRA rolk1ver) (previously 	Dechert Price Rhoads H.R.. 11[) Retirement Plan) None TriJst established Dechert Priicc Rhoads (Sf91) 
10. (Sec -Additional Information ExPlanations) Royalty 
11. 12.  Mernin Lynch (Mcn:ury U.S. Llirgc Cap Fund Class TIAA/CRBF (lletirc:ment Fund)  None None  
13.  -Trust; uradc:r will (see attacbmetit)  
14.  -Easton Vance Pa. Mun. Income Trus1  Interest  
16. 15.  -Vad:cmpc:r Am. Capital T:nist --Wacbovia Securities  hltcR:st Interest  Name changed from Pnldential  Income/ Codes:  =Sl,001-S2,SOO. =$2.501-$5,000  =$5,001-SlS,OOO  =$15,001-SS0,000  
(See Coluams 131 and)  , SIOO,OOl-Sl;ooo,ooO  ,.. l,OOO.OOJ-S.S,000,000 =Mort tlmr. SS,000,000  =StS,01l0 :1m  =$15,001-SS0,000  =sso,O:ll:.sioo,ooo  =SlOO,OOl-$250,000  
(See Cohmms :::1 :md D3)  1.;  "'$250,000-$500,000 $500,001-$1,000,000 = Sl,OOO,OUl-$5,000.000  =S5,000,0Ql-S25,0DO,Cl00 "'$.:?S,OOO,OOl-S.S0,000,000 SMore than $50, 000.000  
-'alw; M.elhocl (odes App.'11:isa!  =Cos: (Re:il Estate Only) Assessment Cash!Jvlarket   Book lut  =Other  

Name Pen;on Reporting

Harvev Bartle, 

VII. 	Pagel INVES'Th1ENTS AND TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (includes those spouse and children. See pp. 34-57 Instructions.)  
(Amended 8I12I NONE (No reportable i111come) Abbott l.ab:> 
Bristol Myers Squibb Cisco Sy:stelcns ExxonMobil 	Freddie Mac: Gereral :Slectric MBIAinc. Medco Health Solutions 
Philadelphia Suburban Philip Moms PNCCoi:p. PPG Indastries 

Div. Div. Div. Div. 
M T 

Part sale 11/10 Spinoff 6/3 
Part sale Part sale 11/10 
- from 6/3pm. 8/25 
Name c:hange from PhilipMorris 
See Zimmer 
Spinfrom Merck 
Spino.ff Medco Healfu 
Name change Altria Group 
See Bristol Myers 	ln:ome/GainCodes: A=Sl,000 lt!SS B-$1,001-$ZSOO tsee CoL B'.L 04) Fs$50,ll01.  $1l00,0o0 G=StOO,(IOl  $1,000,000 Value Codes: J-=$15,000 orless K=$15,001-$50,000 (SeeCcL 03) N-$250,00-S:SOO,ODO Qoc$500,001. $1,000,000 1'3-$25,000,CIOOJ. -$50,000,000 Value Method Codes: Q=Appraisal R=Cost (real estate Oilly) (See CcL C2) U=Blo::l: valu.e V=Other Cs$Z.S01-SS.000 Hl-$1,000,000  $5,000,000 

Lt=$50,DOl.. $100,000 
Pl-Sl.D00,000-$5,000,000 P4'-More than $50,000,000 

0=$5,(IOl. -$15,000 E=$15,001 -$50,000 H2"'More than$5,0DO,OOO 
M-=$100,000-$250,000 Ec$15,D01-$50,0DO P2-$5,000,ll001-$25,000,000 

Name Person Reporting 

Bartle, Illfoo4.Report Page INVESTiv1E!'ITS AND TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (includes those ofspouse and children. See pji. 34-57 ofInstructions.) 

PIM:t(X)"  NONE  (No reportable inaune)  PPL IResources  Div  Vem:on Communications  Div  PartSale  6/'J/,  11.ranlyield l1'llld. Pd.  F.x. Div.  Nuw!ellPAPremium.hv.:.Fd..2  .Div_. Jrasd. Mun. Jnc. Tr.  Ex.Div.  5/'Zl  partial retum capital  PAinsd. Mun. Inc. Tr. lstQllJ:.  Ex.Div.  3/25  partial :retam capital  Vim J:Bmpen Cap. Quality  .Div.  V11KampenCap.PAAdv.  Ex.Div.  T  Vim Kampen Cap. Value  Ex.Div. V21n .ampenCapPA Inv. Gir.  Ex.Div. So. East Transit5"  Exempt Lehigb Co. Hosp. lnl Govt.  Int. CoDm:mi:id.Maney Market 1i;;,jjae/GolnCodes: A-$1.000 or.._ B-Sl.001-$2,500 C-$2.501-$5.000 D-55,llOl-$15,000 
e CaL 1>) l'-S50.D01 $10Q.llDO G-$1.CIO,D!ll  $1,000.0DO Hl-$1.000.000  s.; H2-Mare that $5,llXl,Dll) J-$15,Dll)a;$50.000 L-$511,001 $100,0lll M-$lllO,lllO. $2SO,OOll 
-Cat. D3) 	N-s250.00. SSIJ0.000 C>-$500,llOl  Sl,000.000 l'l"$1,IXJO,OOO  $5,000,llOO Pl-$5.tllO,OOOl  S25,000.llOO P3-$25,IO:MlllD1  .$SO.OIXl,000 N-Man 11um $50,IKXl,om 
,t;i;, MelllodCocles; Q-Appnim lt-co.t (ral estall! cnly} U-Blockvalue V-atber W-Estimatl!d 

Name Person Reporting 
Date Report 
(Indicate Jl'iirt ofReport.)
VII(9)  Dechert Price Rhoads ("DPR") tenant under July29, 1988 lease office building located Philadelphia, owned its laiidlord, 
Bell Atlantiic Properties, 1nc. The Jea.o;e grants DPR certain rights the financial JCSUlts the premises set forth the lease (flParticipation Right"). 
DP:R. 11Cttllor, assigned the Participatio:n Right irrevocable trust, cn:atcd May, 1991forthe benefit those partners who have borne will 
bear sham the rent and other cxpcmes under the lease during its year base term. one chose beneficiaries. PNC Banlc. Philadelphia. 

the trustee. Verizon Communicatiom Inc. the successor interest Bell A1lantic Properties, Inc. certify that all information given above(including information pertaining spow:e and minor dependent children,, any) acci.irate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any information not reported was withheld because met appHcahle statutozyprovisions perinitting nCln-disclosure. SUBJECJ" CIVIL AND CRIMINAL SANCTIONS( U.S.C. app.  104) .,,.;-,: GovemmentAct onm 
Calendar Year 2003 u.s.C. llllt-111) Person RClpOlting (Lastname Fin.t mime, Middleinitial) 2.. Court Organi7.ation Date Report Harwy -U.S.D.C.. E.D. Pa. Title (ticfo Judges indicate achn: 
senior staius; 
@Annual modificationspCrtainingiihcreto. is. inmy

with applicable laws and regulatiom. ' 
r;,' ,,;.,,_:, 

bvi-hii  ,;_ 
magistrate.j111dses indicate full-or part-time)   
IMJPORTANT NOTES: The illSfnlctions accompanyingthis form must followed. Completeall puts, checking theNONE box for each part
whc:re ;,00 have repaitable inftKmatioii. Sign bist POSITIONS. 
''="  NONE.   
-   :.: 
Trusts unclerwill 
n. AGREEMENTS. (Reportiiigindividuaton1y,-pp.14-16arti1ing inmudians> ,
 NONE (NolqlOltableagiir:emmts.) , 
Gr-c  ,._,e,._-:.--.  ,.,.  
" ;.,-)  ,-.  


Nameorrerson Reporting FINANCIAL REPOT 
Bartle., III, Hm.ey 
NON'-INVESTMENT INCO:ME.(Reporting individual;sec pp. 1724 offiling'ns)' 

  ,', Filer's Non Investment lncom. ,-. ;. NONE. -(No reportable 110111-invc:slment 

,.,::-:.>: Texas Teachem Retirenleot System p01use''s lrnc:om6fyou wwe'married during ofthe reportingyar. compl this section. (ckJIJaramountnot .. . .  >..  . ';, ' '_ -, .' 
IV._ REINIBURSEMENTStramportatioa. eotertaimneat. 
(lnc:ludesthose sp>me llDd di:pendlmt children. See pp. 2S-27 imtnu:tiCllll.) 

 NONEt -(Nosuchnporta'ble) 

.;j ,..' 
The Bar Association 
Nancy Potts Joshua Drew 
VL. LIABILITIES. (lno1udc:s these spouse ac1 dependent cbit-en: See.pp, .32-34 ofinslnac:lioas.) 
 NOJ"if.Et -(Noreportableliabilltia;.) 
Name Person Reporting 
"VIL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income. va1ue. transcatiOlllS (mc1um:st11111Cort1icspouscanddepenc1entc:bilc1ren. Seepp. 34.s1ormmil1Slnldions.) 
Date ofReport of 	rtJe,lli Harvey::: 

A.' '' ' 
Income during Gross value end 
n:porting paiod
:o=.criplionof Assets:. 
R:pOrting paiocl 
(includinglnmt assets) 
not eiiempt 
(1) (2)
l "(Xf lftcr'eachasset Cxaiipt from prior discloluJe 
1YJlc (e.g.div. n:nt. Va1ue

A-H) int.) 
.' NONE (Noreparlableini:ome.-a.ar1Dmlctions)  Easln:um-Kodak(Com.)  
Geocnu Motors (Com.)  Dividend,. :.:  

Dividend  Xero: (Com.)  
 Delpb A111tamoliw Systama.(Con11.) - "''  Dividend  Hudson United Bmk, PbiJH.elphia. Penmy1vmia ..  llllterest 	Vang11an:l-W"mclsor (IR.A tollO'