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Judicial Watch • Intelligence Community Directive 732

Intelligence Community Directive 732

Intelligence Community Directive 732

Page 1: Intelligence Community Directive 732


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Date Created:July 18, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 21, 2017

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Damage Assessments AUTHORITY: The National Security Act 1947, amended; the
Counterintelligence Enhancement Act 2002; Executive Order (EO)
12333, amended; 13526; and other applicable provisions law. PURPOSE Establish policy for the conduct damage assessments
response the unauthorized disclosure compromise classified
national intelligence. Provide process for coordination and cooperation within the
Intelligence Community (IC) ensure damage assessments are produced efficient, timely, consistent and collaborative manner. Provide process for the use the findings and
recommendations from damage assessments strengthen the protection classified national intelligence and prevent future unauthorized
disclosures compromises. APPLICABILITY This Directive applies the IC, defined the National
Security Act 1947, amended, and such elements any other
department agency may designated element the the
President, jointly the Director National Intelligence (DNI) and the
head the department agency concerned. For elements within departments, this Intelligence Community
Directive (ICD) applies damage assessments unauthorized disclosure compromise classified national intelligence. For all other damage
assessments, departmental policies shall have primacy. POLICY Damage assessments are used within the counterintelligence (Cl)
and security communities evaluate actual potential damage
national security resulting from the unauthorized disclosure
compromise classified national intelligence. Damage assessments shall conducted when there actual
suspected unauthorized disclosure compromise classified national
intelligence that may cause damage U.S. national security. Damage assessments may also conducted when there
actual suspected loss, misuse, unauthorized access modification classified national intelligence that could adversely affect national
UNCLASSI FIED cases where the unauthorized disclosure compromise involves classified national
intelligence originating from and affecting only single element, the damage assessment shall conducted the head that element after coordination with the National
Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX) ensure that the information compromised from and
affects only single element. cases where the unauthorized disclosure compromise involves classified national
intelligence originating from otherwise affecting more than one element U.S
Government department agency, there will Community damage assessment. Such
damage assessments shall include participation and support from the affected elements and
other representatives directed the DNI. Damage assessments shall conducted manner not unduly interfere with
ongoing criminal investigations prosecutions. Damage assessments shall include the following: Identification disclosed compromised classified national intelligence, including
sources, methods, activities (specifically including: equipment, facilities, locations,
partnerships, plans, strategies, technologies, programs); description the circumstances under which the unauthorized disclosure
compromise transpired; Evaluation the impact the disclosure compromise the classified national
intelligence, including the classification level; the amount information disclosed; the length
time that the unauthorized disclosure compromise continued; the breadth organizational
equities involved; and the duration programmatic lifecycle the systems, capabilities,
operations involved; estimate actual potential damage U.S national security, including
intelligence sources, methods, and activities; Identification any foreign involvement the unauthorized disclosure
compromise, well foreign tradecraft trends, indications, and effects possible targeting
Foreign Intelligence Entities; Identification systemic weaknesses vulnerabilities security, CI, information
assurance, human resources, and other internal organizational functions that may have facilitated
the unauthorized disclosure compromise; assessment the likelihood and consequences further disclosure the
compromised classified national intelligence individual, organization, foreign government, other entity that not authorized receive the classified national intelligence, including
those organizations countries hostile the U.S.; Identification areas where additional damage may occur absent corrective action; Detailed, actionable recommendations prevent future occurrences, when
appropriate; and summary findings for use understanding and mitigating damage that could
result from future unauthorized disclosures and compromises.
UNCLASSIFIED Nothing this Directive precludes element from conducting equity review
the unauthorized disclosure compromise classified national intelligence. Damage
assessments are separate and distinct from equity review, which may conducted
determine what classified national intelligence may have been lost compromised; the
originator the information; the departments and agencies that may have equity the
information; and the activities, programs, operations, assets that may affected. Equity
reviews not provide analysis and recommendations. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The NCIX shall: Oversee and coordinate equity reviews and formal damage assessments within the IC; Lead, when designated the DNI, facilitate damage assessment teams when the
unauthorized disclosure compromise involves classified national intelligence affecting more
than one element U.S. Government department agency, and may appropriate delegate
certain responsibilities heads elements; Provide copies completed damage assessments affected parties; Share lessons learned vulnerabilities, threat identification, patterns and trends, and
adversarial capabilities and tradecraft with elements; Share best practices such recommended mitigation measures for implementation
throughout the IC; and Ensure draft damage assessments are reviewed all affected parties for the purposes validating factual accuracy. The Assistant DNI for Partner Engagement shall: Work with affected elements ensure DNI Representatives are appropriately
informed the potential loss compromise classified national intelligence; Coordinate needed with departments and agencies outside the regarding the loss compromise their information; and coordination with NCIX, and the heads other relevant ODNI components and
elements, oversee communications with affected foreign partners ensure consistent
message regarding any damage. Heads elements shall: Consistent with Section D.4, coordinate with the NCIX validate that the
compromise from and affects only single element; Conduct damage assessments cases where the unauthorized disclosure
compromise involves only classified national intelligence originated and affecting only their
element; Promptly notify the DNI, through the NCIX, any loss compromise classified
national intelligence concurrent with crimes reports the Department Justice and reports
Congress accordance with lCD 112, Congressional Notification
UNCLASSIFI Provide requested support for damage assessments conducted accordance with
paragraph D.5; When the unauthorized disclosure compromise involves compartmented
program, ensure access the program appropriate personnel the office the NCIX and
the affected element for the purpose fulfilling the responsibilities under this Directive; Implement mitigation measures recommended the final damage assessment, and
inform the DNI, through the NCIX, implementation those measures; Upon determination that actual suspected unauthorized disclosure
compromise involves the classified information interest another U.S. Government agency foreign government, consistent with CFR 2001.48:
(1) Inform the U.S. Government agency the circumstances and findings affecting
its information interest; and
(2) Consult with the DNI designee determine the appropriate U.S.
Government entities coordinate with prior notifying foreign government. Foreign
governments normally will not advised any security system vulnerabilities that contributed the compromise; and Provide NCIX with copy damage assessments completed accordance with
Section D.4 this Directive. EFFECTIVE DATE: This Directive becomes effective the date signature.