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Judicial Watch • IRS Pages from May 2015 4782-4784

IRS Pages from May 2015 4782-4784

IRS Pages from May 2015 4782-4784

Page 1: IRS Pages from May 2015 4782-4784

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Date Created:July 22, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 22, 2015


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RE: 501(c)(4) Page _______ ,.__._._.._.__._
Gardner Lorraine
Fro (pwlex
Sent: Thursday. May 12. 2011 8:28
To: Gardner Lorraine
Subject: RE: 501(c)(4)
You are awesornei Thaks for the kind words.
._. _,__
Fro Gardner Lorraine [mallto:Lor1alne.E.Gardner@IR$COUNSEL.TREAS
Sen Thursday, May 12, 2011 8:20
To: (l;){(
Subject: RE: 501(c)(4)
Thanks. will oontact her. she anything like you. know will like her. branch chief did not allow send you the
memo because thought would subject disclosure Chief Counsel Advloe. did not have time follow see
that would the wise. wanted you have the memo for the bene the meeting. will follow-up that question soon
possible. early next week can send you, will. and will make sure you get the revised version. Lori
From: (i;8(
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 8:16
To: Gardner Lomlne
Subject: RE: 501(c)(4)
You are correct. Director certainly can obtain
She really great you will like her. think that
that Information readily for you. She outlook and Nanette Downing. would really willing help also.
blain rough copy your law and the way. you sent copy you memo did not receive it? there any way can
analysis? Lori.
:-- p--- _.._....
From Gardner Lorraine [maiilo:Lorrane.E.Gardner@IRSCOUNSEl. iREA5.GOV]
Sent. Thursday. May 12, 2011
Ta: (Q:(
Subject: RE? 501(c)(4)
.ru)(s)I.lll .__.
Y._AmIeorrect? Lori
Sen Thursday, May 12, 2011 7:51
To: Gardner Lorraine
RE: 501(c)(4)
Subject: RE: 501(c)(4)
Good morning Lon
Just let you know. received inquiry from Director yesterd
Anything else not back; (hanks.
From: Gardner Lmzine rnarrux NSB_.TREA5.
sent: Thursday, May 12. 2011 5:43
re: U:)(@
sumecz: 501(c)(4)
Good morning. hope you are doing well. have some questions that hope either you someone with histories! knowiedge
(fie Commissioner side TEGE gen answer. (5);
(b)(5)I_D__i)__, are working the issue. lam
for meeiing next Friday. There will least one more mee ng74 that pnor any decision being
preparing another memo
made. look forward hearing from you. Lon
S01(c)(4 organizations invoivcd politica.i campaign activities, but keep mind that iax assessments
are noi. limited contribuiions poiiiicaily active 5!)1(c)(4.)s:
Tho 201 Woriqalan ofthc IRS Exempt Organizations Division indicates that [i]n rcccnt years, ou:
examina program has concentrated section 501 (c)(3) organimtions. Beginning 201 are
increasing our focus section 50} (c)(4), (5) and (6) organizations.
The Chamber Commerce 501(c)(6) organization, and may itself under high scrutiny. One can only hope.
(91).! (4)
IRS-JW-220-00 814