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Judicial Watch • Jan E. Dubois – 2003

Jan E. Dubois – 2003

Jan E. Dubois – 2003

Page 1: Jan E. Dubois – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 12, 2014

Tags:Jan E Dubois, Witter, Equity, Morgan, Stanley, 2003, assets, TRUSTS, Codes, dividend, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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FLAlCIAL DISCLOSlTRE REPORT Governmenl Act Jl978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S;C. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (Last name, Fitst name, Middle initial) Court Organization -DUBOIS, JAN U.S.D.C., E.D., 	Title (Ai:tfole III Judges indicate active senior stntus; ReportType (check appropriate type) magistrate judges indicate full-or pa1rt-ti1111e) Nomination.. Date JUDGE, u.s.:o.c. Initial Fina1 Date Report 7126/2004 	Reporting Period 11112003 1213 l12Cl03 Chamb4-,W Office Address the basis ofthe information contained this Report and any modifications pertainingthereto, is, opinion, compliance 
with applicable laws and regulations. 
Reviewing Officer. 
DlllPORTANT NOTES: :lns1nlctions accompanying this form must follo1d. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have reportable infbnnation. Sign last page. POSITIONS.. (Reportilig individual on1y;seepp. 9-13 rfiling inslructions) 
 NONE  rTi1. .,, 
... .c.. 
II. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 14-16 filing .instructions) 
 NONE (Noreportablugn:cmcnts.) 
ill. NON-INVESThlfT INCOME. (Reportingindividualandspouse;seepp.11-24offilingins1n1ctions) OliifE -(No rcporltable non-investment income.) 
 (yours, not spouses) 1. 
NruncofPerson Reporting DateofReport 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation. lodging, food, entertainment 
(Im:ludes the spouse and dependent children. See 25-27 instructions.) NONE (No such reJPOrtable reimbursements.) New York Intellectual PropeJrty Law Association March 27, 2003 -31st Annual Dinner Honor the Federal Judiciary New Yoirk City, New 
York (Hotel and Dinner) Aspen Institute Seminar November through 16, 2003 WYf=, Maryland (nnlcage, lodging and meals) GIFTS. (Includes those spouise and dependent children.. Sec pp. 28-31 instructions.) 
 NONE -(No such rq10Jrta11,: gifts.) LLA.BILITIES. (Incl1J1des those spouse and dependent children.. See pp. 32-34 ofinstructions.) 
 NONE .-(Noreportablcliaoilities.) 
Name Person Rcponing 	Date ofRport ... 
_?age 1of5 
VII. INVESTN.IBNTS and TRUSTS income, value, transc:itions (includes those the spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 34-57 ofiiling instructions.) Income durn11g Gmss value end Transactions during reporting period 
Dc=si:riptioo Assels reporting period reporting period 
(i.n:luding trust assets) 
ti) (2) 
(2) (1) 
l2) 	(5) 
Place (X) after each m1111:t e:amtpt Amolllll Type (e.g. Value Vahte Type {e.g. fro111 prier disclosure div. rent. 
Code2 Method buy, sell, Monlh-Code! Codc2 Code bfCl/sellerint.) (J-P) C) Dividend 
89. Quest Com. Intl Inc. (9)(311) --94. Fin.rt Union National Bank (10) -96. LibtCrty All Star Equity FI> SBI (9) None Interest Dividend 98. Treasury Bond Fed S:tri1> Interest Payment Zero oupon -DUC 05/05/03 (5) IRA -99. NCR Corporation -102.. citiGroup (5) lRA None None Dividend Redeem SIIS lucome/Gain Codes: Sl,000 less $l,OOl-S2.500 $2,501-$5,000 =SS,ODISIS,000 -$15,001-$50,000 
(Sec Colmnm; am! 04) SS0,001-$100,000 G SJOQ,001-$1,00(),000 Sl,000,00J-S:i,OOll,DOO =More than SS,000,000 Value Codes: =SI5,000 less $!5,001-$50,000 =.$50,001-$100.000 :SI00,001-$250,000 
(SeeColum11:s and 03) :so,000-ssoo,ooo S500,00l-S!,OOO,OOO Sl,OOO.OO!-S5,000,000 .P2 $5,000,001-S:!.5,00D,OOO S25,000,00lS50,000,000 Slliore than S50, 000, 000 Vnlt1< Mc:faod Cocll!li =Apprni!1t! Cost (Real Estate Oniy) Asses.::.m-nt Cush/Marke 
(Sro Cohtmn =Book Viue =Other , =Estimated 
-.. Income during Gross value end Transactions during reporting period 
Description Assi:t.S reporting period n:porting period (iErclnding trust assets) 
(I) (2) (I) (2) (l} 
P111 (X) after cad! asset exempl: AmOUDt (e.g. Value Value Type (e.g. Date: Value Gain Identity frcm prior Wsc:losure Coded div. ient. Codc2-Method buy, sell, Month-Codc2 buyer/seller {AH) int.) (I.P) Code3 merger, Day (IP) (A {ifp!Wate (Q-W) n:demplion) 
106. Cpital Opportunity (6)(28)IRA Dividend 
Motgan Stanley Dean WiitterHigh YieldB 
AJctivc .Assets Moneyrin:ist (t7) Dividend 
A1::tive Assets MonCy Tn:ist (17)(9) Dividend 
112. AJ:tive Assets ManeyrilllSt (17) Dividend 
120. Morgan Stanley Dean B(5)IRA Dividend 
t23. Y:ahoo, Inc. (6)1Ri None 
125. Citigroup Dividend 
130. AIDL Time Wamcr(Ok /a.Amedca None Online,lnc.XS)IRA 
131. Housing Mort. 5.2% Duc4/l/07 Interest 
IRA 132. MICH. ST. HOSP. FIN At.rm REV REF-TRllNl.rY HEAL1li-SER. 134. Oracle. Corp. (5) IRA Interest None 
135. Mricrosoft Corp. (5) IRA Dividend 
136. Nokia ADR (5) l[RA Dividend 
137. Cisco Sys Inc. (5) IRA None 
138. MlorganStanlcyDeat1Wittel Dividend 
1391. Visteon Corp. (9)1[36) Dividend l4CJI. Biogen (6)IRA None 
(See Collll!Ul1s and 04) :SSCOOl-:Sl00,000 G =$100,001-$1,000,000 H.I Sl,000,00!-$5,000,000 =More than $5,000,000 Value Codes: S,000 less $!5,001-$50,000 =SSO,OOl-$100,000 $100,001-$250,000 
(See Calun111is wid D3) s:!5o,.ooo-ssoo,ooo $500,0D1-$1,00il,OOO $1,000,001-$5,0GO,OOO S5.000,00lS25,000,000 $25,{100,001-$50,000,000 =$More lhan SS0,000,000 Value Mt:lhod Codes =Appmisal =Cost (Real Estnte Only) =Ill Cash/lvlllrket 
(Se-.: Column C.2) Boiok Value Other Estimated 
Nume Person Reporting 
Date Report 
-income, ltlue, lranscntions (includes those the spouse il8d dependent cliildren. Sec pp. 34-57 filing insrrm;tions.) 
VII. INVE.ST:rvIENTS and TRUSTS Income during Gross value end 
Transactions duling reporting period 
I)cription Assets reportingperiod reporting period 
(in1cluding trust assets) 
(2) {I) 
141. 142 143 a.ce (Xr after each a:s,,c:t 11.tClll)rt from prior disclosure .mmer Hldgs. Inc.. (38) :mmer Hldgs. Inc. (:18) -Tr:avelers PPT CAS ICP (40) -Amount Code! (AH) Type (e.g. div. n:lll. int.} None None Dividend Value -COde2 (J-P) Value Method Codel (Q-W) Type le.g. buy, sell. merga,Tedemption) l2)Date: Month-Day Value Codc2 (J-P) Gain Ciide (A J.JI Identity ofbuyer/seller(if private tnmsaelion) 
144. 145 146. 147. 148 149. ISO. 151. 152. 153. Tr;avelers PPIY CAS CJf {l) -n. HLIH FAS-A (07.01-10) --Tr:.avelers PPIY CAS -Tr:.avelers PPTY. CAS CPA (4CJI} --Dt1ke Energy Corp. --w1csand Cnty (Jeni 4.45 12/01/05 --IVCll. Roberts Sch Dist 5315 5/15/18 -DOO less Sl,OCll-$2,500 S2,501-S5,000 $5,001-$15,000 S15,00J-S51>,000 
(See Co!ll!llllli and D4) Sji0,001-$100,000 G $100,001-$1,000,000 SJ,OOO,OOl-$5,000,000 =More than SS,000,000 Value OXles: = $13,000 tlr less $!5,00J-SS0,000 SS0,001-$100,000 $100,001-S250,001) 
(See Cofomns and DJ) $250,000-S500,000 S500,00l-Sl,OOO,OOO $1,00tl;OOl-S5,000,000 S5,000,00lS25,000,000 $2S,00Ci,00l$50,000,000 SMlre than SS0,000,000 Value lte1mo6 Cedes Appraisal Ccst (Real Estate Only) Ass..Ssment -Cash/Mm:ke! 
(Sec Colt1m11 C2} Botik Va!ue =Othr Estimmed 
(Indicate part report.) 
(1) (Line 211 Originally c.l11ded.separate purchases units Pennsylvania insured Municipal Bond Trusts for the yeais 1987 through 1991. -of the 9groups units the Municipal Bond Trusts were sold 1993 Purchases P.i!lnltsylvania Insured Municipal Bond T=sts .1992 separatel.y l.isted lines 
loss. are through 37,. and 41, 1993 l.ine 45, and 1994 line 55. The figures line are for the :remaining gioups units :L:n Mtmicipal Bond Trusts -Pennsylvania Insured Municipal Bond Trusts 54M, 55M, 68M, and 117M. lUl. units series 68M (5) and series 117M {4) were sold January 1995, loss. 
presmtly owns i1l:s series 54m. 
(5) (Lines !j8, 59, 62, 64, 613, 69, 97, 98, 102, 120, 130, 134, 135, 136, 137, 151, 152, 155, 156, 157, 158) 
Securities :Ln IRA AccoWlt with Morgan, Stanley, Dean, Witter, Inc. 
(6) (Lines 156, 106, 123, 140, 153) Securities -IRA Accoilnt with Morgan, Stanley, Dean, Witter, 
(9) 	(Lines 75, 77, 78, 80,, 82, 86, 88, 89, 96, 111, 125, 138, 139, 154 Securities rust which 
co-trustee and income beneficiary. 
(10) (Line !94) Checking Acco1!lil1:. 
(17} (Lines 110, 111 andl 112) Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Money Market Fundis. 
(Line :106) Morgan Dean Witter Mid-Cap Growth changed name Morgan Stanley Dean Wi.tter Mid-Cap Equity Trust Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Mid-Cap Equity Trust changed .name capital. Opportunity Trust 
(Line :38) Name correct.ion from Phila Wtr Swr 12th Ser. MBIA-IBC MBIA 7/1/16. 
(Line B9)  u.s. West Inc., exchanged for ? Quest communications International, Inc. 
(Line 125) tllllllllllllAssociates First cap exchanged for lllllllllll Citigroup. 
(Lin.e 139) Spin-off. fx:om :Ford Motor company. 
{37) (Lines and 77) Bel.l Atlantic Corporation changed its name Verizon COJlllllUDications. 
(38) (Lines 141 and. 142) Spin-off from Bristol Myers-Squibb Company 
(39} (Line 113) Inadver-ten1:J.y omitted redemption -asset June 26, 2000. 
(40) (Lil1ef1 143, 144, 146 ;and 147) Spin-off from CitiGroup. 
 (4lr (Li11ef1 and 158) Ail:n V