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Judicial Watch • Joe A Fish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Joe A Fish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Joe A Fish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Joe A Fish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:November 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:iSharcs, VIPERS, Vanguanl, Joe A Fish, Allen, shares, vanguard, trust, stock, united, 2009, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Rt'porl Requirtd 1hr 1hics 
AO'IO Go'llf!rnmml Ac/ 1978 
Rn.o. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app. JOI-I JI) Penun Reportiai: (last name. fim. middle inniol) Fish. Allen Coart Ori w.tloa United Slates District Court, Northern Districl ofTexas Datt lltport OS/I S/2010 Tiiie (Anick Ill judges indicalc active lL Report Typ< (check opproprialt type) Nomination. Dole Initial Annual Final Sb. Arnendal R.epon Rcpcutl Ptriod 01/01/2009 1213112009 Chambm Olflce Addrna Coir.mcrcc trect Suite 1404 Dallas, cxas 75242 ... bull th laformalloa coatalnecl tllil llrport a..t any odlficaU...1 lln1tllerrto,11 ls. Illy oplaloa, co111plin wltb applJcabk laws rqulatioDL Rerinfl Oftleer Datt  

IMPORTANT NOTES: Tio" ituuactions 11cco.,pa11ying this /on11 Must hrfollawd Comptnull p11ra, cucl11, IH11/1111,/ootl, mrenai11wim1. (l11cllks thasr Sf'OflSt tmdlkpowkn1 chlldrtrr; ltt pp. 2S-27 o/fUing lnsrn.rtions.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) GIFTS. (lnd1ulu lhau 'f1011.U 1111 tkpenlienl cldlllm1; I pp. 11-JI Jifint ilutr11ctioftS.) 
[Z] NONE (No reportable gifts.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 


Datt f Rrport 
OS/I S/2010 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ,,, o-, ..,,., lrfltuaCUoltS (/1tc/Mtla lliou lfHH'H "" """'' c/Ultln1orting period  
(I) Amount Code (AH)  (2) Type (C.J., div.,rait. inL)  (I) Value Codc2 (JP)  (2) Value Method Codd  (I) Type (e.g., buy. 1cll. redemption)  (2) Daae mmiddlyy  (3) Value Codc2 (JP)   Gain ICode (AH) ldmtity buycrlscllcr (if private tranaaction) City Irving. Texas Jr. Lien Texas Sllldium Revenue Bonds  Interest  Redeemed  OJ/I SIQ9 Texas Federal Credi! Union Accounts, Dallas,  Dividend Guardian ln5. Ann. Co. deferred annuity -Guardian S1ock Fund  Dividend -Centurion Fund  Dividend TIAA-CREF dcfc=d annuity -CREF S1ock Fund -TIAA Real Esme Fund -CREF Inflation Linked Bond Fund 10. IRA#I 11. -Vanguanl T011 St.ock Mkt Index Fund (VTSMX) 12. -Vanguanl Inflation Protce1cd Securities Fund (VJPSX)  Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend  Buy (add'I) Sold (part)  10/01/09 10/01/09  
13. IRA#2 14. -Vanguanl TolI Stock Mlc1 lndo Fund (VTSMX) IS. -Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities Fund (VIPSX) 16. IRA113 17. -Vanguard TolI Stock Mkt VIPERS (VT!)  Dividend Dividend Dividend  Buy (add1) Sold (part) Buy (add'I)  10/01/09 10/0J/09 01/01/09 Income Gain Codes: A-Sl.OOOc.-lelS 1,001 -tuoo C-sl.501  U.000 -S5,IJOI  U.000 Sl5.DOI -S5C.OOO cs..co1-e1 ...SD4> S5C.OOI  SI00,000 -SI00.IJDI  1.000.000 Ill -Sl.OOO.OOl -S5.000.000 112 M'"" -".000.000 
Value Codes"' leas -SU.DOI SlD,000 -S50.001  I00,000 -SI00.001  S2,0,000 

(S.. Col-... ond Dl) Jlol -S250,00I  "00,000 $500.001  Sl,000.000 -Sl,000,00J. U,000,000 l'2 -S5,llOO.OOI  S25,000.000 
I') -S25,000,00J  U0,000,000 P -M""' -uo.000.000 
Value MC1hod Codes 	QAppWI -c.,.. fl!.col EN'< Only) SA-..:m oCnh Marker ...... -Boolr. Val11< V-other 
18. -iSharcs TIPS Bond Fund (TIP)  Dividend  Sold (pan)  JO/OJ/09  
19. -iSharcs EAFE Index Trust (EFA)  Dividend  
20. -Vanguard REIT VIPERS (VNQ)  Dividend  Buy. (add1)  10/01/09  
21. -SPDR Select Sector-Energy (XLE)  Dividend  Buy (add'I)  10/01/09  
22. -American Centu')' Int'! Bond Fund (BEGBX)  Dividend  Sold (part)  J0/01/09  
23. -iSharcs ITSE Xinhua O.ina (FXI) 24. -iSharcs Russc:ll IOOO Value Trust (IWD) 25. -iShares Russell 2000 Value Trust (IWN) 26. -iShrcs EAFE Value Index Trust (EFV)  Dividend Dividend Dividend Di'idcnd  Buy (add'I) Buy (add1) Sold (part)  10/01/09 10/02/09 10/01/09  
27. Vanguard Emerging MarlOd 
mmldd/yy cump1 from prior di1dosurc 
div rcn 
(ifprivall:or inL) 
1.1-GaiaCodc:s; -Sl.000 le.  B-Sl,001 -S2.$00 -Sl.50  U,000 -S5,DO!  $1$,000  ESl5.00I   (Stt Col -..1 or.! 04) l.VolucCodcs (Sa: Columm ind Dl)  F-SS0,001. SI00.000 JSU,Dmmlcoo -$230.001  U00.000 -slS.000,001.  O-SI00,001 -Sl.000.0llfl -S1'.00l  U0.000 -S500,DO!  1,000.000  111 -sr .ooo.ocn  ss.000.000 -S50,DOI  SIOO.OOO 1,000.001  U.000.000 -Man: -sso.000.000  112Mon:11m1 u.000.000 -s100.001. "15.000,001  ru.000.000 Value Method COiiet  Ollppniat -COii (Real E.slale Only)  s-,.,...._,,.  T-coshMuUI  

(Sa: Col..,,. C2J U-Bool;Valuc -other 
Fish, Allen 
VII. INVESTMENTS and STS -inCOlff Hlltt, lralfUctiollS (ld.,/a thou ofspo1u ""' "lfUld chUJnlf; Pl'-J./-41 i1tSINIClitHU.) 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Grau value end 
Income during 
Description Asscu 
(including lrUsl ISiets) 
Tranuctions during"' poriod 
oftqJOrtini.> period rcponing period 
(I) (2)
Value Value 
Type (e.g.. 
Type: (e.g 
(3)Value 1> 
ldcntiiy Code 
Code2 Codtl
div., rm!, 
Place "(X)" aflcr each UICI 
2.ValucCoda ... 1ca K-SU.001-SSD.OOO L-SSO.tJOl-SI00.000 -s100,001  nso.ocu !Sn: Columm lllld DJ) -Sl,0,001. SS00.000 -S"10,00I  Sl,000.000 -Sl.000.001  Ss,000.000 -ss.000.001  ru.roo.llOO I') -S2'.000,ll01  $50.000.000 -MIR Ihm $30.000.000 v,1.,.. Method Codes QAPJQi>ol -COii (Real Es!at< Only) 1s..eoi....... U-Book Valu< -