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Judicial Watch • John F Walter Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

John F Walter Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

John F Walter Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: John F Walter Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:John F Walter, Walter, Schwab, shares, Charles, money, Growth, vanguard, stock, Market, 2003, EPA, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, Judge

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POSIDONS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 9-13 filing instructions). 
 NONE -(No reportable positions.) 

III. NON-INVESTM:ENT JNCOME. (Reporting individual and spouse; see pp. 17-24 filing instructions) Filer's Non-Investment Incom NONE -(No reportable non-investment income.} 

John Walter defemd compensation from Walter, Finestone Richter 

-(Ifyou were married during any portion the n:porting year. please complete this section. (dollar amount 
not required except for hooonria) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation. lodging. food, entertainment. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) 
(No such teprtable reimbursements.) 

Name Person Reporting 
Date Report 
Walter, John 
51512004 GIFTS. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 28-31 instructions.) 
 NONE -(No such reportable gifts.) LIABil.JTIES (Includes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.) Ii!! NONE (No reportable liabilities.)

Date Report 
Name Pe:son Reporting 
Walter, John
-income, value, tr.mscations (includes those the spouse and dependent childn:n. See pp. 34-57 filing instructions.)
VIl. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS lDc:ome during Gross value end Transactions during reporting period 
Description Assets 
("mcluding llUst assets) 

ieportiDg period tepOrting perDi 
Place (X) da' each asset exempt iomprior disclosure DNONE (No 1CpOrlab1e income, assets. ortlansaetians) Fredricks Fund Fredricks Fund Fredricks Fund Shares Shares Bell South Shares Lucent Shares Qwest Intl. Shares SBC Communications, Inc. Shares ofVodaFone  (1) Am:11mt Code (A-H)  (2) Type (e.g.div. Rot. int.) Distnbution Distribution Distnbution Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Dividend  (1) Value Code2 (1-P)  (2) Value Method Code3 (Q-W)  (1) Type (, scD, mmger,lion)  Ifmt exempt limn disclosure Date: Value ldcntilyofMonthCocle2 Code] bu.ycdscllcr Day (J-P) (AH) ("ifpim=11"11mC1i:m)   
10. Charles Schwab Money Market  Interest  
11. Vanguard Money Market  Interest  
12. Rowe Price Money Mam:t  Interest  
13. Vanguard GNMA Fund  Jntcrcst  
14. Vanguard Cal lnsumi Fund  Interest  
15. Vanguard 500 lndc Fund  Dividend  
16. Vanguard Intl Growth Fund  Dividend  
17. Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund  Dividend  
18. Rowe Price European Stock  Dividend  Exempt ino;aes;" 
 :(:co1;11iii1>4) varue:cildcs: 
cSec:-Oritinms and 00) 

7.osi(RearEstafe'Only) ;.: -caSblMatki:f Value Metboi.i"Codes 	-'1l =AJ)plaiSal  

(See ColWDll C2)  =BookValue =.Other EstirDaied 
Date Report 
Name Person Reporting 
Walter, John 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transcatians (includes those the spouse dependent children. See pp. 34-57 of!iling imtructions.)  
Description Assets ("mcluding trust assets)  lllcmmdmingiepartingperiod  Gross value end Iq>Orting period  Transactiom miring reporting period  
{l) (2)  (l) (2)  (1) lfnot exempt from disclosure  
Place (X)" after each asset exempt frompriordisclosure  AmJunt Type (e.g. Codel div. ient. (AH) iDt.)  Value Value Codc2 Method (1-P) Code3 (Q-W)  (4) (S}T)PC (e.g. Date: Value ldelllityof buy.sell, MonthCocle2 Coclet buyWe!ll:r llllllF. Day (1-P) (A-H) (ifprivateJCdeqJliou} tnmne1ion)  
19.  Janus Olympic Fund Dividend  
20.  Schwab 1000 Fund Dividend  
21.  IRA -cmme., Schwab -Century Business Services Dividend  
22.  IRA -Charles Schwab -Nasdaq 100 Trust Dividend  
23.  IRA -Charles Schwab -Schwab 1000 Fund Dividend  
24.  IRA -Charles Schwab -Schwab Money Market Interest  
25.  IRA -Omles Schwab -NASDAQ 100 Interest  
26.  IRA -Oiarles Schwab -Schwab Money Market Interest  
27.  Walter, Fincstonc Richter Profit Sharing Plan Interest  rollover 1/17 VanguardIRA Rollover Ira  
28.  Vanguard Rollover IRA-Prime Money Market Fund Interest  -Pt  Rollover 1117 frcm  
29.  Northern Trust Bank Interest  
30.  CaliforniaNational Bank Jnteiest  Acct. 7121 ClosCd  Wells Fargo Bank Interest  
32.  Alliance Growth Income Dividend  Sold 11128  
33.  Baron Small Cap Dividend  
34.  GMO Growth Fund -Class Dividend  
35.  Rydcx OTC -Inv. Dividend  
36. Rowe Price European Stock Fund Dividcnd  


... "'.iii;ooo;ooo  ....

(See Colwnn C2) =Book Value ,;. Esnmated: 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -iucome, value, innscations (includes those the spouse and dcpeudentchildren. Sec pp. 34-57 filing instructions.) Description Assets {including trust assets) Place cxr after eac:h usct eJlelllPl frompriordisclosure 37. Tweedy Brown Global Value 38. Black Rock Municipal Fund Cash Reserve Shares 39. Strong Ultra Short Term Muni Jnc. FIDld 40. Baron Growth Fund 41. Villa Camarillo, Ltd. lncomc dming Iq>Olting period (1) (2) Am>unt Type (e.g.Codel div. nm. OI' {A-H) inL) Dividend Interest Interest Dividend Distn'bution Gross value end reporting period (1) (2) Value VllueCodc2 Mdbod (J-P) Code3 (Q-W)  D.Transactions during reporting period (1) Ifnot exempt from disclosure Type (e.g. Date: Value Identity buy, sell, Mcmlh  Cocle2 Codet buyer/seller mqi:r. Day (J-P) (A-H) (If private tedeqition) tnmsactioll) Sold 3n2  
42. Villa Camarillo 168 Ltd. Distn'bution  
43. AGERE Systems Dividend  
44. Comcast Corp. Dividend  Buy  
4Fidelity Advisors Equity Income Dividend  Buy 11128  
Federated Max. Cap. Investor Class Shares Dividend  Buy 3/12  
47. Vanguard Total Stock Market Admiral Shares Dividend  Buy 3/12  
48. !Bond Interest  Buy 4128