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Judicial Watch • Judicial Watch Bin Laden Movie-CIA Full Production

Judicial Watch Bin Laden Movie-CIA Full Production

Judicial Watch Bin Laden Movie-CIA Full Production

Page 1: Judicial Watch Bin Laden Movie-CIA Full Production


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Date Created:May 18, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 02, 2012

Tags:Maria, Affairs, Bin, marie, movie, KATHRYN, laden, SARAH, Monday, al Qaeda, Friday, AGENCY, Pentagon, meeting, unclassified, production, White House, Obama, IRS, ICE, CIA

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,3/i:Si_.tQr Reuuest Summary
Sfaxw: canyunlsvs
Dale(s) uiamvznn
BIJilL1ings Mwlsit Haadzumm-a
Parking H-equlre was (one)
Pumas? visit Mam-9 Media Spn espaman Man Mark Eoal Represenung
Self snoukawuk
Set!-Mark Baal
c052m7320 Egiiio )(3) (axe)
Tuesday, Mny 10, 20! Gecrgc Little
MESSAGE: lbetltexr hum Filmmakens Mark Baal Kathryn gelow
Attached please letter from wrizedpmduner Mark E05] and director/producer Ktlluyn Eigelnw that
was emailed George Little t_his smoon. Can you con receipt oflhis letter? so, lkhle
viaphone all ]orviaemalls11
Assistant Mark Baal
3201 LD:UU {A4
May 10, 2011
Mr. George Little
Central Intelligence genoy ice Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505
Dear Mr. Little,
Please consider this brief note inlmdumion and arequest for information. you may know, follow our 77:2 Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow and
are making feature film alarm! the extraordinary effort capture kill Usama Bin
Laden. Given the historical nature ufthe suljeet mallet, intend make accuracy and
authcmieity hallmarks the pmducLion., for believe that this one those rare
instances where mmh really more interesting than clion. this point, have discussed the withDC1A and Jeremy Bash, and hope that
now appropriate time engage with your and discuss the parameters our
research. you agree, would very much appreciate your guidance, and lnnk forward talking your convenience about the appropriate next steps. via email can reached by_ p_hone arr (:_]orl(
ineerelyg __I v__
Mark Bual x2mryn a1geww
co5ao72a2 .;- W3)
UNCLASSIFIED Sumect. lRe:v-ipanide Vpate: 06I2VaI2ovA1 09.21 -0:
1.. ___,, 7.... j%,m
Marie Puestonian hope youre having fun Hoaling.
CO580731 DaI2(s;olUwsg1 971,1/51,207
Bufmings visit Hemdquman
Parking Required (mg,
Purpose Sit Meeting wnvmzn sp.oInsansrean, InroFnauon_
LmIoe:,mml 69: Mark oal Kamryn igelow suau:unAivm
Sent: Tl]_LLsr;lay, June 09, 2011 06:24
Subject: Fw:- CIA driver mark bnal
From: Sarah Zukawski[
Dale: Tliu, Jug; 2011 20:33:55 +0009
Tu:MaricH flli RE: CI1Tdrive ;-_1>11:1rk 3al
co5Ro725; Marie.
Everything arranged for Marks car tomorrow; will i-5e the same driver hadon Monday and Tuesday, whose
inforrnafion beiuw:
name: snoukai Aii ..., ,,,.
Dont hesitaie lel know theres anything elge ican heip.
----~-Original Message.
From markboal [mai11u ar-14
Sen Thursday, June 89, ze11 3:51
To: Sarah Zukowsld
Cc: Marie Harf
Subject: CIA driver mark boa}
when yuu have the driver info for tomorrow, please pass along Marie.
co5so7247 (bx:-1
Sent: Thursday. .lJune O9, 2011 3:53
Subiect: 115:
What his assisiantfs emaiv-address?
Fmm:L lfhursdwi, June 09, 2011350
Subjgzi: Rg:
Nope, not yet... {just emailed and called him again.
Maria Harf Signkespersony
Sent! Th?;saa Time 09, 21111 03:43
Hi-, any word from Man: Baal assistant yet
From: -Mehal, Hobart CDR OSD [Roberl.Meha@osd.miI]
Sent: Thursday. June 09, 2011 4:39
To: Wckers, Michael HON OSD OUSDX
Cc: Ferguson, Thomas (IN, OSD OUSD1; Wilson, Douglas HON OSD PA: Whitman, Bryan
SES OSD PA; Morreil, Geo OSD PA; Lapan. David COL OSD PA; James. Darryn
CAPT OSD PA; Turner, James 080 FA: Stfub. Phllip OSD PA; Ogilvie: Vicente
OSD PA; Magus, Jame; R,BngGen QSD_OUSpl; L_gwery, Todd RCIV OSD OUSDI; Rigler. Tara oso PA;
Grego ames LTO OSD PA; Robbins, Elizabeth LTC OSD PA: Smith, Heidi CIV, OSD
OUSDI: Weinslein, Douglas OSD OUSDI: Symonowioz, Erin OSD OUSD!
Subject: EXSUM: Meeting wi1h Mark Boel UBL Movie
Sir, tried capture the ineeting below, order bring others speed and get all the savne page.
Mark Baal, writer/Producer Hurt Locker, working Sony Pictures Movie portrayal
the hunt for USL.
The meeting lasted minutes and Mark spent most the time laying out his way ahead.
They were just about begin Filming movie Focusing the Battle Tara Hora (2991)
when May changed everything. TIMELINE: Next two months will spent research/background reconstruct much
possible Start Shooting Fall 2911 Release date set for 4th Qtr 2812 (Sep-Dec) Boal indicated: wants accurate recreation historical event Not interested giving away TTPS (indicated that was proud not giving
anything away Hurt Locker) wants highlight the great cooperation/coordination between CIAIDOD and the
extensive Intel work (decade) that culminated the UP. plans return late June, early July For some more depth meetings (USDI
indicated would willing meet with him,_
but could not say this point how much would able discuss) Date: date has spoken with CIA pers include Mike Morrell. (indicated was
going back tomorrow and would returning the end Jun) Has not yet spoken Has not yet requested Formal DoD support (realizes that will require script -For
Recommended looking from main components CIA, Dob, NH. There was 60-36% certainty based the lntell was Gutsy Decision the POTUS (NH involvement was critical) Involved developing options, evolving and refining plans, rehearsing GP, and finally
execution Asked Baal had asked speak with Na, sewer, CJCS, vclcs, m-_ ___
CO5807248 Response was not yet, but certainly something would lodking doing
possibly when returns late Jun/early Jul.
,POST Meeting: suggested reach out the get sense their pcsition/support For the
project. Also, reconmended the very least informal request OSD regard DaD
participatiun the research phase
**(prior formal request for DoD support).
Commander Bob Mehal
Public Affairs officer
Defense Press Operations
1469 Defense Pen agan (Rm ZDQ51)
Washington, 20381-1468
(783) 697-4162
CO580725O (B50)
sumecz: Fla: Meeting lnmnnuwwlm Mam Baal
Tu: Half
Cc: VJPres!onB.Gosnrn,[
This message digilally Slg ed.
hey rnariel thanks for arranging all this. def lhere see mark.
Niels E..,I:l:srl._;_l .._
Preston salsa
Dare 06/09/20111257
Subjecl: Meeting tomorrow with Mark Baal guys!
Thank you much for your great work talking Mark Baal earlier this week. After talking you. was impressed told that you were both screenwrile dream terms compelling characters.
though! ma! was pretty good compliment.
Hell coming intu tomonow for few hours chat before heads back tn-LA 0LSal.uldav-
are ar_o_und11:30 have the OPA conference room n2servedL ______ _i_ ]We only have for two hams, darn wony about this turning into
anal}? hon sson will out town aweddinu Iamnqow, one ball) OPA colleagues this email
(Preston Golson ,was (he one lhe meetings wllh Monday...) will there.
Please let one mem know there are any issues with this timing Iomorruw:
Thanks again much!
Maria Harf
CIA Office Public AffE_lifS
From: Maria Han Subjaclj C,n1 rra_H_on ommung man mm.-mw
Media Spokesperson aLPubIc Arrairs.
Dale: U6/21/2011 11:15AM
Thanks for the note] sorry your schedule crazy, but know that goes with the territory.
Absolutely, can reschedule {or next week Ill pipg you set somelhing when have sense for
Marks schedule
Marie Harf
CIA Office Public Affairs
Subject: Re: Con rma [nee a_l 1400 lomorraw
Something has come that requires presence elsewhere 1-300 Iuday (twa other places, actually.
but had pic_k one). Could resphedule for next week sometime?
Subject Ra: Cartlimnation nflrles ngat 1400 tomormw
Tu: Erie Eril-larr
This message digitally signed
History: This messegs has been replied to.
Something has come that requires presence elsewhere 1400 today (two other places, actually,
but had pick one). Could reschedule this for next week sometime? Hall
oet otidii 5555
Con rmation meeting 1400 tomorrow
This email con mee}l_ng vlimscregmwriter Mertgggl a_t_1A_00 OPA conference roon1_.
owjfuesdav. June
Please let know lfanything changes; on-terwlse will see ::]at 1400 tomcrrawl
Marie Harf
CIA Public Affairs
CO5807?76 ...
From sumecr Re:Can !Inal1onO1mee ngsl 14DDm_mo_rruw M3935
Date s.r2a.r2o11
Tins sag mguauy signed Q11
From Har ;_.V_..L[_
Date: 06If?G/2U1 05:25
Subje :1: Curl mlution meeting 1400 mmorrow
This email oonNn11 meeting wi;Lu 5prev2 vrile_[MarIg,l ajaI 14001gmorh:w (Tuass1av...Luna;21 0P_A_ Tynverenoe roam.
Please let know anything changes: otherwise will seal; (Jet 1400 tomorrowl
Marie HarY
CIA -ubllc airs
Sent: rhL_Irsday,_Juns 23, 2011 6:45
subject: Maik xumun-oiv achmems: imag e001.ipg
Thanks Sarah!
Maria Harf ,5P9.
Fmm: Sarah Zuk0wsk [m5 L:gL
Sew Thgrsqay, June 23, 2011 06:05PM
Sm-lined: Mraurlk Boa! CIA !.ornnngw Marie,
Here.are the details :1! Mark Eual driver and car for his visit the Agency tomorrow: h$u);at Ali Kirk
Let you need anytlring else. Thanksl
2o2_=.s1 ogaca
Tai bjem: Fw: ca! 511 CIA tomorrow
Amdhmenns: imageo .Jpg rsd_ay. Jrme 23, 2011 6:45
Marle E_. Harf_
_CA Spokesperson
From: Sarah Zukowski _iV
Senltz Thu[sd}ay, June 23, 2011 06:06
Subject: Mark Baal CIA tomorrow Marie,
Here are the details Mark Baal driver and car for his vlslrto the Agency mrhorruw:
Sho_ugat Alifrk
Let know you need-anylhlng else. Thanks!
Sarah 5__aLrmh Zuk9L.4
Subjecu: Details for tomorrow
Ton1orrow event begins 1:30 CIA]-ieadqua.rters. Everyone needs In-he sealed 1:15, and
the lent opens 12:30, you can plan gel here any time after noon. Let know when
ynu arriving can meet yuu.
Can you also have GPG let lcuuw about your driver?
Maria Harf
Central lnlelligsnoe Agency
Media Spokesperson
CO5807254 U..-
Wfi Subiecli Re:Reoomrnendatiuntmni> i-UBLmnvia Marie Harf _,.. ..._ ... Data: no/17/7011 03-59
This message digitally signed.
Thariksior reaghinu ou,t,!_l do.n rnind_chatt Lno.with him all. and nextluesdav would orobal:ilv:workIo(
019- nunds very interestlii
From: Maria i1an
Date: /17/2011 03:26
subject: Recommendation iIorrti___ii UEL movie
F71] one the media spokespeople OPA, and weve been informally working with movie produoer and
screenwriter Mark Baal, who making movie about the UBL operation. you may know, Mark won
two Academy Awards for The Hurt Locker, which focused Army bomb ditfuslon team that was
embedded with Iraq. Mark serious lmmaker whos looking anacourata portrayal (at least
tar Hollywood goes) UEL and the operation. been working this movie for some time and has met with number your colleagues CTC and throughout the Agency.
One ofthoso folks hes chatted with iuho recommended you someone else who might want
sit down with Mark. This discussion wontl:e1or attribution any way..BasioaIy, hes spoken number talks who worked the operation from Hos, and your predecessor! ibut hes looking
for more color about what was like working this from the field.
Hes going H05 next Tuesday aftemnon (this time, chatting withl and thought you
were interested you that with him then too.
Dont hesitale let know you have any questions! its totally you whether not you want
participate. know this Isnt the typical CIA experience hears.
Marie Hart
CO5807275 (b)(3)
Fmm Maria Harf Subject: Fw:1 _IDriverlnfurmaiion for Mark Baal meeting
Media Spa kespetson (omen-aw [Link Altadlmenl (5)1 Pubiic ai;LJ
Dale: 06/20/2011 02.25
Driver info for tomorrow!
Maria Hari
CIA Public Affairs
Folwarded Maria Her! bri OS/20/20i1 02:26
From: _,Sarnh Zukuwskii .,,
Dale: DSIZDIZDH 02:08
Subject: iDrI ver Information for Mark Ecais meeting longamaw [Link At1achmenl(s)]
Here the iuiormaiiun fur the driver that bringing Mark the Agency for his Nolan meeting
Driver Name: Shuukat Ali Virk ynu need the car iviake/mudelanid license plate number well? more than happy gel that
necessary. Thanks much and let know ifyou need anything else.
Frnrm: Sarah Zukowsk
Sunk: Mondav. Jjgne 20, 261 2:O6T-
subject: Driver Infcinnation for Mark Bears meeting tomorrow
Attachments; imageooejpg aria,
Here the information furthe driver that bringing Mark the Agency far his Noun meeting tomorrow:
Driver Name: Shoukat Ali virk
-1_i you need the car make/model and,icense plate number well? more than happy get that necessary.
Thanks much and let know -/ou need anything else,
zuguswskx Assisunz
znweno. ..137lzu.
COE807278 (b)(3)
une 22.2011 5:09 ..J
ram Mam Bears office Produc Aifam Contact Info
Thanks Johathan!
Mark, good talking you today. Thanks for the update.
iF} ;m: Jonathan Levan
enIk: Wednesday, Jun 22,2011 08:04
er! ma_rLu
Subject: From Mark Boas ice Production Alxomey Contad Info George.
Pei your conversation with Mark, below contact informatjnn for produc attorn Irwin Rappapori:
lrwln_M, Bgppapgtt, P.C.
Best Wishes.
Jonathan Leven
Office Mark Baal
CO5807253 __. .,J
mm; MarieE.Har1 Subject Re: Folks var Mark Boar
Media Spokesperson
Ohi(;e_r_)f Puhli;/k alrs __7_ __j
Data: D6/15/20l l1: r5AM-
Thanks much for the additional suggesliuns for folks chat with Mark Baal they all make lot
sense. This helpful. Mark actually going back June and 21, and then for the
week the 27m well. will work get these three lined chat with him one those dates. cant tell you enough how much appreciate you and all yuur colleagues working lhis project with
us. really have sense Lhal this going movie the UBL operation and all want
CIA well-represented possible.
Marie Harf
CIA Public Affairs E3-Tarl __,, lsstan e,
1500- 1545 Cuurtesy Call with Katherine Eigelow (Director UBL movie)
Attendees: Mark Baal (screenxvriterw
Marie Harf Forv.arrJed by] 0112517012 05:35
From Marie Han
To: _,_
Date 07/06/2011 07:26
Sub_;ecL Re: Meeting with UBL Movie Director Kalhryn Bngelow
Thank you!
Marie Har1
CIA Public aiis Thank you! From: Mane fA_ 07/06/2011 u7.24;42
la: Mavie Hang
Date. 07/06/2011 7:21PM
Subjecr Rs: Meeting wxlh UBL Movie Director Kalhryn Bgelaw
Thank youl
_xvuane E_. Harf Thanks much! really appreciate yau. o7/as/2u11 07:22:30 Hi,Mar1e. ADICIA available for courtesy I:al.., 07/OS/20110718208
Maria Harf AH. Academy Award-winning Director Kathryn Bi. 07/06/2011 10:19:54
From! Sumac! Re: Meeting wilh Mavis Director Kamryn Bigelow
pe:la Assma Depuly Dlreclor, Maria Han TO:
Date: 07/06/2011 07.24
This messaga digllally slgneu.
Hislory This message has been replled to.
Thank you!
Maria Harl iThanlireclorKaIhryn Eigelow
Datc. En/os/ o7;1ai5ivT
Hi. Marie. AD/CIA available for courtesy call with Ms. Bigelcw Friday. July. 3:00-3:30. his
office. AD/CIA would like OPA representative attend well. Please confirm that time vvlll wont lor
Ms. BigeIows schedule and advise anyone else will aecompanying her when she visits,
Fromrr Sur>iecI- Re: Maa ngwnh UBL Mona nimmnrxamyn Eligaluw
(st fclal Assistant Depuly Direclcr Marie;
Date: u/rusrzrm dizia
This message digitally signed,
History: This message has been replied tn.
Hi, Marie. AD/CIA available for courtesy call with Ms. Elgelow Friday, July, 3:00-3:30, his
office. AD/CIA would like OPA representative attend well. Please con that time will work for
Ms. Bigelov/s schedule and advise anyone else will accompanying her when she visits.
Date. 07/OSEIWI 10;197Ni
Subject: Meeting with U8], Mwvie Direpwr Kathryn Bigelgw
Academy Award-winning Director Kelhryn Bigelow, who directing Ihe upcoming UBL movie, will
visiting Washington, from July 14th thruugh 18th. you know, (and other USG entities. include
the White House) have been engaging with the lms screenwriter, Mark Baal. (Markmet with Mr. Mcrell
few weeks ago.) BothMark and Kathryn have told how impressed they are with the Agencys work
the UBL operation and how eager they are bring that the screen.
When Kathryn town, are planning bring her into Headquarters for tour. think wnuld
nice she could have meet and greet with Mr. Morell when she here. She expressed her gratitude for
his and the Agencys assistance with this project, and she would like thank him person and give him update where the movie stands.
Would any these days wort: far quick rneeijng? really appreciate your assistance}
Marie Hat
CIA Office Public airs
Senl. sda.y...Juy 12, 2011 3:59
Subject: RE. Monday meetings
Great, thapks
Maria Harf
Central Intelligence Agency
Media _Sp_0/k65D6fS_T
:]_Je5day, July 12, 2011 3:58
Sulfbjecit: R:eV:VMonday meetings
yes thanks Jul 12, 2011, 12:50 PM,i IV/role: assuming Kathryn going the meetings Monday Tuesday weli, right? Ijust want let our peopie know whuiI they meeting with next week.
Maria Harf
Central Inlelllganae Agency
Media g9kesperson
C0t 807293 (b)(3)
._ -,=..: .3,
From: Sarah Zukowski
Sam: JUQSUEY. y12, 2011 9:17
Subject: Re; DEIBHS for Mark Baal/Kathryn Blgelow Friday, 7/15 Visil
Attach mums: image0O1.jpg
That Would greahali got from Mark was the name. Thanks much!
Sent: Tuesday, Juiv 2011 69711
V0: Sarah Zukowski
Srulhjece: Re: Details for Mark Baal/Kathryn Bigelow Friday, vlsii:
Ok, great. you need Bab I/lehas contact info? have it...
Maria Han
(CIA Spokespersgn
Fmm: Sarah ZukowerJ]_ ___V__
em_%: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 03:54
Subject: Re: Details for Mark Baal/Kathryn Bigelnw Friday, visit pleasure! Ijust got word ihat Mark setup his meeting there Lhruugh Robert Mehai;no1 sure this useful but
figured wouldnt hurt pass aiong.
Thanks much, Marie!
Fmmf _i_
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 06:25
To: Sarah Zukowski
subject: RE: Details for Mark Bual/Kathryn Bigelow day, 7/15 visit rah!
Youre the best! Thanks forgetting this quickly. should able find someone for you the Pentagon Ill touch soon with that info.
Maria Harf
Central Intelligence Agency Media Spokesperson
From: Sarah Zulwwskl
senf: Tuesda July 12, 2u116:16
subject: Details for Mark BoalKaoryn Blgelow Friday, 7/15 visit Marie.
Hope you are well. Iiust coordinated travel fbr Mark Boal and KathrynBlgelovv trip the Agency this Friday and
wanted pass them along you.
Transportation details for their driver and car:
Narrie: Shgukat Virk
This the first aware Kathryn going the Agency for this project. passing along her Info for security clearance
(and Marks for convenience):
}E[,V ..l Bi55,
ii/I_arl< Boa migdle name) think this everything but let know theres anything missed. one quick question they are going the
Pentagon aftertheir meeting Langley and asked help with car/security clearance there well you know
who should/can contact the Pentagon lcr help with (his? Any help would much appreciated. Thanks muchl
[,$avnhZukoW Aaaismnt
_=__=__, xozs 90: Flour Wnghinqlu 200013
mg... .... ...... 2p2337.obo3 2_o2_.337.s I37 lax
www.9lm.n2ln l has tour that mnming but the museum oks unscheduled for the
aflemuan, that should work well. Thanks forihe heads up.
Dale: 0771 312611 09:58
Subject: Tour Friday
UBL movie director Kathryn Blgelow and screenwriter Mark Baal are naming inlu Has mis Friday meet
with AD/ClA, and _Ka1hryn would like 0_uur sirhlls the one ___:gave Mark law weeks ago. Its
going around 1230 PM. one you lrea this?
Marla Harf
CIA Public Aflairs
From: mark@ V__
Sent: ursday, Jufy14. 2011 3:42
Quick head that our Pentagon meeting pushed 6pm Friday... you need scheduie
something between 4-5, could stay and make worries not...just updating you.
Sent via Black erry ATT
)5807297 (W3; (bxe
From: mark@{ V__
Sent: Wednesdav, July 13, 201! 6:59
Subject Re: Laden Project release
Sorry discon
Call Cell pls}
~-Original Message--~---
From: Marie Her?
To: User
Subject: RE: Fwd: Bin Laden Project release
Sent: Jul 13, 2611 1:82
Thanks for sending.-The lawyers are going take leak shortly, and they nill
back touch with any issues.
There was bne potential already raised here you want chat the_phone about it?
pertains para
Maria Harf
Central Intelligence Agency
Meqja spnkesperson
-----Dnlglnal Messa2e-~>--
From: mark@ mailtotmarkari ___;_f7
Sent weq5gsday; JG1y 13, ze11 3:16 Fu: Fwd: Bin Laden Project release
Heres the release Sent via Blackaerry ATT -g-Original Message
From: Irwin Rappaport
Date: Wed, Jul 12:84:15 Mark BoaJ,kasoersT
Chicl, Ts:
Subject: Ea: COFlRECll0ll: Rel }spaos:1 Nuw B11400
The willingness which uuryoung ~,~
psupla are llkaly serve any war, Cc: lmarle Haml matter howlusll- shall
direclly pvcporllunal how lhey
parcelve veterans earlier wars were
zrealed and apprecrals-.d malr
naliarl Geqrge Washmgmn
Dale: 0//1 zJ1w o3:o nPl.l
.This message uigllally signed. pmblem! Well have cpen for you. Please advise whcrme visitors are that can advlsel
Dale: ubjccl:
CORRECTION. Ref Space? New al14DD possible, need slide the schedule about minutes. would possible have Wvaull
open and accemihle 1400 lomorrow. The whale walk-thmugh should lake more than minules.
Please lat know this doable.
daze. o7/14/2o11,o2;gu
Subject: Reri paqe? 14307 problem being its original layout. possible have opened and ready for display
tomorrow 4439? 1400
Cc: Marie l_E.
Dare: 07/13/201
Subleci. Ra! course this doable, however please note have already returned original layout. you still
wanl tour it, please let know and the time that can have openedior you. ilwasrgiv
7#MariJe Han 07/13/2o11_D5Eo4
Subject: silage
Hii__7 was given your name the POC ]who could detennine the feasibility having potential
walk-through the your Vaull the? ibuiiding that was used for some the lactii planning lhe Bin
Ladin Raid.. consultation with lhe Office Public Affairs and part the larger chronicling ofthe Bin raj UPA will hosting some visitors sanctioned ODCIA this emoon. The plan
ion _jspaces, but they are also very much irnsrested seeing ther ispaoes that were used
the months leading the Bin Ladin Raid such thing permissible. such lhing doable?
K505807302 L?-(hm e Eubilc Affairs Fom raeu byjennirerixi. YDI:Igg;bloolJl ]ori37I1s 11:3a ;;M
From: Marie Hari .._
To: Seams Lime llganiler N,_Yuu,ngblog Preston
Gnisor{_ ___ __>
Dale: 07/14/zml 03:33
Subject Schedule for Kathryn Eigelow me-ztings
Below (he nal schedule lgrnorrows visit:
1230: Arrival; Icur wiml lot iobb _._Aig i_a_r1_ax 3111 NHB atrium
Approximately 1:00 1:15: rol CICJJ
1:30: Brie AC1 model
Approximately 2:00 215: Tour jnunairig (caordinaied days ago wan
3:00: Meeting with ADICIA Vlix:haeiMnreI
-They have 6:45 meeting with Dr. Vickers, may will leave immediately following their meeling with
Mr. Morel
Monday TEID: __,
Kalhryn would like sit down for brieichats with the omer folks Mark has laiked inoludel jis
organizing ihs liming forthlsj:
Kathryn not interested riding the deep dives that Mark did: she wants meet these folks a_nd tell
them abii abam the movie.
lseni DICTC email was up~to-speed, and CTCLW has said they will same. (looking this rnonday emoun also)
Marie Hart
CAOf Public Affairs
sEea *1*h;VV
CO5807306 l[:: 3UD19C- Re: Sdtedulq fur Kahhryn Eigslaw mamings Tu: Jergiler Njqunggood
Cc. Marie Haif
Date 07Il5/2011 11:43
This message dlgilally Signed
uhghl L_:
Frum: _.lennil_e_r Yggngblggl __J
Cc: Maria Haiti}
Date: 07/15/2011 11:42
Subjeclz Fw: Sdtedule for Kathryn Bigelow meetings Lf1LQ_ls}he schedule fa] today. Maria has been organizing this wilhr
Jennifer Youngblcud
Deputy Director
..Ql oe,ot Public air$
rwardad by; 111115201 :30
From: Maris Hail George E;lttle __lie nnilarE_)/ngungbilg Prsstun
Dale: 07/14/2011 03:33
Subject: Schedule lur Kathryn Bigelnw meetings
Below the nal sched_1Le jar tomorrows vlsil:
12-:30: Arrival; tour with] lnflub Aful1grt_exh[bit and NHE alrium
Approximately 1:00 :15. go! crcg,
1:30: Brie AC1 rno ell
Appmximately 2:00 2:15: Tuuro ]buildlng (coordinated days ago witti
3:00: Meeting with AD/CIA Michael Murell
They have .4245 meeting will: Dr, Vlckers. they wlll leave Immediately following their meeting will
Mr. lvlurell.
Monday TBD:
Kathryn would like slt down for brief chats with the other folks Mark has talked to. Include
organiung the timing for this):
Kathryn not interested doing the deep dives that Mark did; she wants meet lhe folks and tell
then) bit about the movie.
isem D/CTC email was up-lo speed. and CTCL inas _iu they Will the same, (looking (his monday emoon aiso)
Thaniso,Il1 let you know what says does ask for car will sure to_ get the same dniver Mark has always had
(Shoukat) all the info will the same.
Thanks for checking and 111 let you know when hear from him!
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Subject: Car for Mark and Kathryn today? Sarah!
Mark and Kathryn will back CIA today and tomol- r*ow for meetings (today they begin
and tcmnrruw 11). you have driver info for them? the same guy again?
,Tl3aglg.5_ 7IOD_e (uu had great waekend!
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(Forgot ask something
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