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Judicial Watch • Judicial Watch Special Report: U.S. Government Purges of Law Enforcement Training Material Deemed “Offensive” to Muslims

Judicial Watch Special Report: U.S. Government Purges of Law Enforcement Training Material Deemed “Offensive” to Muslims

Judicial Watch Special Report: U.S. Government Purges of Law Enforcement Training Material Deemed “Offensive” to Muslims

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Date Created:December 5, 2013

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Judicial Watch Special Report:
U.S. Government Purges Law Enforcement
Training Material Deemed Offensive Muslims
Documentation and Analysis Islamist Active Measures and
Influence Operations Targeting Anti-terrorism Training
December 2013
Judicial Watch 425 3rd Street, Suite 800 Washington, 20024
Tel: 202-646-5172
December 2013
Judicial Watch promotes transparency, integrity and accountability
government, politics and the law. carry out our mission through investigations,
research, litigation and public education. part our educational activities
produce Special Reports important public policy matters illuminate the
operations government way that informs the public and holds our trusted
public servants accountable.
This Special Report documents the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI)
purge anti-terrorism training material and curricula deemed offensive
Muslims. The curricula purge occurred following February 2012, meeting
between FBI Director Robert Mueller and various Islamic organizations. This purge part broader Islamist influence operation aimed our government and
Judicial Watch filed Freedom Information Act (FOIA) requests March
2012, seeking records pertaining FBI Director Mueller secret meetings and the
curricula purges. The FBI refused respond substantively our request, forcing file lawsuit the U.S. District Court for the District Columbia, (Judicial Watch Federal Bureau Investigation and U.S. Department Justice (No. 1:12-cv01183)).2 The litigation compelled the FBI comply with the law and produce the
requested records Judicial Watch, many which are discussed this report.
The American people deserve complete, accurate, factual information
concerning the threats subversion and terror posed our country. Accordingly,
Judicial Watch will continue investigate, analyze and pursue additional lines
inquiry concerning Islamist influence operations, and other active measures 
targeting the law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the Defense Department
and the media.
Thomas Fitton
Comments questions should directed to:
Christopher Farrell
Director Investigations Research Judicial Watch Special Report:
Table Contents
Abbreviations Terminology
Documenting the Purge FOIA lawsuit record production Outside groups and purge pressures Identification offensive training material
The Islamist Influence Operation 9/11 and the Immediate Aftermath Active Measures Campaign Chronology Recent Developments the Influence Operation Islamists and the Obama Administration
Conclusions Abbreviations Terminology
OIC Qaeda
Council American-Islamic Relations
Communist International
Department Defense
Department Justice
Federal Bureau Investigation
Freedom Information Act
Harakat al-Muq wamah al- Isl miyyah, (Islamic Resistance
Islamic Society North America
Joint Terrorism Task Force
Muslim Brotherhood
Muslim Public Affairs Council
North American Islamic Trust
Organization Islamic Cooperation
United Nations
Specific terminology this report frames the analysis, while providing
context and meaning. The terms active measures (aktivnyye meropriyatiya) and
 influence operations were used the Soviet Union describe covert and
deceptive activities carried out support its foreign policy objectives. The
United States Department State documented and reported the Soviets campaign.3 use the terms the same way describe the activities the Islamists.
The goal active measures influence the opinions and actions
persons, institutions, governments and the public at-large. They are activities
distinct from intelligence and diplomatic operations. The essence active
measures deception.4 Deception has been staple international politics and
statecraft for centuries. applying the Soviet-era terminology Islamists, parallel can drawn
between the Communist International (COMINTERN), and later, the International
Department the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee that the
Organization Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).
important differentiate the OIC and ideological, intergovernmental
organizations with political and sociological objectives.
The OIC 57-nation organization that seeks represent the Muslim world,
and international organization second size only the UN) maintains
 Islamophobia Observatory, and claims institutionalization and legitimization the phenomenon Islamophobia the West over the last five years.5
The was founded Egypt 1928 and acts transnational Islamic
organization. Their motto is: Allah our objective; the Quran our law, the
Prophet our leader; Jihad our way; and dying the way Allah the highest our aspirations. The English language website the states the organization Egypt-born Islamist organization founded for launching Jihad against the
infidels general and Christian West particular has been ideological
protectorate Saudi Arabia for over half century.
Islam (in its religious context) the organizing element the OIC and the
MB, but neither strictly religious group. Both are organized address political,
economic, and social issues. taxonomy the OIC and the reveals structures
and functions akin the internationalist organs the Soviet communists.
The Islamists active measures techniques include:
Disinformation deliberate effort deceive public government opinion
through written materials oral representations. Occasionally, forgeries
documents and government records may used attempt damage
discredit person organization.
Front Groups normally presented non-governmental, non-political
organizations engaged promoting desirable goals such world peace,
civil rights, tolerance, understanding, ecumenism and education.
Non-ruling Islamist Political Parties encouraging communication, liaison
and mutual support, including specific political action propaganda
Political Influence Operations Islamist operatives take active role
political, governmental, press, business, labor academic forums. Their
goal leverage their participation and influence into real policy gains for
Islam. Cooperators and dupes help the Islamists achieve their interests.7
Sharia Islamic doctrine establishing comprehensive legal, sociological
and political framework.
Islamophobia term favored the OIC, and other Islamist activists.
used offensive weapon accuse non-Muslims bigotry, and defensive
weapon invoke victim status for the accuser. neologism that takes Islam 
and attaches the phobia suffix order assign person group diagnosed
mental illness characterized irrational fear.
Contemporary coinage Islamophobia attributed the Runnymede Trust, leftist think tank London, specializing racial and ethnic theories. Their 1997
paper, Islamophobia: Challenge for All, details eight (8) distinctions closed
and opened views Islam. Islamophobia was defined the Trust outlook world-view involving unfounded dread and dislike Muslims, which results practices exclusion and discrimination.
Islamists wielding the term Islamophobia for political and other purposes
benefit the word negative connotations. Mentally ill, racist, hate criminal,
fearful, fear-monger? the context influence operations, the word potent
weapon that used often terminate rational discussion. For that reason,
December 2012, the Associated Press decided drop the term from its reporting
Terrorism premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against
noncombatant targets subnational groups clandestine agents. (22 USC
II. Background
 Only coalition Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States. Ilich Ramirez Sanchez
a/k/a Carlos the Jackal 
Revolutionary Islam, 2003
 The future must not belong those who slander the prophet Islam. Barack Obama
President the United States
67th Session, United Nations General Assembly
September 25, 2012
 Our job change the Constitution America. Sayyid Syeed, PhD
Islamic Society North America (ISNA)
43rd Annual Conference
Labor Day, 2006 March 2012, Judicial Watch submitted FOIA requests the FBI and the
Department Justice (DoJ) seeking access records about controversial
February 2012 meeting between FBI Director Robert Mueller and various Islamic
Judicial Watch sought any and all records setting criteria guidelines for
FBI curricula Islam records identifying potentially offensive material within
the FBI curricula Islam, well any directives withdraw FBI presentations
and curricula Islam. Judicial Watch also sought records communications
between the Office the Attorney General and several entities, including the Obama
White House, the Executive Office the President, and Muslim organizations, such the MB, the Islamic Society North America (ISNA), and the Council
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) regarding the FBI curricula Islam.
The FBI acknowledged receipt Judicial Watch FOIA request March 20,
2012, and was required respond May 2012. The DoJ acknowledged
receiving Judicial Watch FOIA request March 14, 2012, and was required
respond April 11, 2012. July 18, 2012, Judicial Watch filed suit the U.S.
District Court for the District Columbia compel the Obama administration and
its Holder Justice Department comply with the law, due the FBI and Justice
Department failure provide the records federal law requires.
III. Documenting the Purge FOIA Lawsuit Record Production June 2013, result its lawsuit, Judicial Watch obtained and released
hundreds pages FBI records revealing that, 2012, the agency purged its antiterrorism training curricula material determined group Subject Matter
Experts offensive Muslims.9 The FBI refused disclose the identities
these Subject Matter Experts. The excised material included references linking the
Muslim Brotherhood terrorism, tying Qaeda the 1993 World Trade Center
and Khobar Towers bombings, and suggesting that young male immigrants
Middle Eastern appearance may fit the terrorist profile best. 
Among the records produced FBI policy document, Guiding Principles:
Touchstone Document Training, which provided the rationale for the
curriculum purge. The Touchstone document contains extraordinary
statement: Mere association with organizations that demonstrate both legitimate
(advocacy) and illicit (violent extremism) objectives should not automatically result determination that the associated individual acting furtherance the
organization illicit objective(s). Perhaps not automatically, but should
definitely result preliminary inquiry and some fundamental investigative work. Outside groups and purge pressure
The FBI should not outsource its counterterrorism training the terrorists
and/or their agents influence who have sworn destroy our country. The
Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has lobbied successfully for years remove
references Islam, sharia and jihad from the national security dialogue and
terminology law enforcement, intelligence and defense agencies even though
terrorists from Hamas use those terms and Quranic doctrine and quotes
justify their operations and attacks. 2005, MPAC founder Salam al-Marayati made the following public
statement Islamic Society North America (ISNA) conference Dallas:
Counter-terrorism and counter-violence should
defined us, said. should define how effective
counter-terrorism policy should pursued this
country. So, number one, reject any effort, notion,
suggestion that Muslims should start spying one
another That why are saying have them [law
enforcement] come community forums, opendialogues, they come through the front door and you
prevent them having come from the back door.10
During the notorious February 2012 meeting, FBI Director Mueller
reportedly assured the Islamic groups attendance that the agency had ordered
the removal presentations and curricula Islam from FBI offices around the
country that were deemed offensive. One group that reportedly met with Mueller
 ISNA was already tied the terror groups Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood federal court documents. The government had named ISNA 2007
unindicted co-conspirator the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing lawsuit,
along with CAIR, and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT).12
MPAC posted its website that its February 2012 meeting with Director
Mueller concerned the use inflammatory training material that depicts
falsehoods and negative connotations the Muslim American community. MPAC
stated that the FBI proposed training changes were welcomed first step
ensuring that such mistake does not occur again. also sought formal
statement from Director Mueller acknowledging the negative impact these
training materials the Muslim American Community.
The Department Defense (DoD) instituted purge similar the FBI
April 24, 2012, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey ordered the entire U.S.
military review its educational and training classes, files, and rosters
instructors ensure that members the armed services were studying material
 disrespectful the Islamic religion. MPAC issued statement May 18, 2012
that, While are spending treasures both lives and finances overseas trying
win hearts and minds, here home are training our young servicemen and
women fill their hearts and minds with hate. [Emphasis added]
Curiously, the purge FBI training materials seems have been initiated
the reporting one journalist (Spencer Ackerman Wired) concerning one
briefing presented Quantico. Ackerman himself reports: apparently true that FBI intelligence analyst William
Gawthrop who conducted the counterterrorism
training Mueller apparently referred [in congressional
testimony October 2011] only held particular
three-day seminar the FBI training academy
one occasion. [Emphasis added]
Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) encouraged the systematic purge.17 Back the
spring 2011, Senator Durbin had organized U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
special hearing Muslim civil rights America. The event purportedly came
 response the spike anti-Muslim bigotry. The Senate panel featured thenAssistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, who led the agency civil rights division,
and Farhana Khera, who runs San Francisco group called Muslim Advocates.
Attorney General Holder has been the guest honor and featured speaker the
annual dinner the Muslim Advocates.18 Muslim Advocates described itself
follows: are experts with deep experience the courtroom
and powerful connections Congress and the White
House. thoughtful voice Washington,
ensure the concerns American Muslims are heard
leaders the highest levels government.
watchdog justice, use the courts bring task
those who threaten the rights American Muslims.
Our team legal advocates, policy experts and
communications professionals.
Counter anti-Muslim hate challenging bigotry and
hate crimes.
Empower communities strengthening American
Muslim charities and educating people about their legal
Fight discrimination with high impact lawsuits against
those who wrongfully target American Muslims are strategic the battles take on, our
resources have maximum impact. create
coalitions with our allies inside and outside
government tackle the most urgent issues facing the
American Muslim community. [Emphasis original]19
Another member the Illinois congressional delegation, Rep. Jan
Schakowsky (D-IL), has been praised CAIR for her strong defense the Muslim
Community during questioning FBI Director Robert Mueller the House
Permanent Select Committee Intelligence. the same October 2011 press
release, CAIR Director Nihad Awad thanked Director Mueller for his pledge
perform top bottom review FBI counterterrorism training.
Nonetheless, other members Congress, including then-Rep. Allen West (RFL), objected allowing radical Muslim organizations the opportunity dictate
U.S. counterterrorism policy and want the material reinserted into the
documents: Now you have environment political correctness which precludes
these [FBI] agents from doing their proper job and due diligence after the
perceived threat, stated West.21 Identification offensive training material reported March 2012 National Public Radio (NPR): The FBI has
completed review offensive training material and has purged 876 pages and
392 presentations, according briefing provided lawmakers. Documents
obtained year later the Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit revealed that among the
reasons given the FBI for purging offensive training documents were:
 Article highly inflammatory and inaccurately argues the Muslim
Brotherhood terrorist organization.
 Page inaccurately states that [al Qaeda] responsible for the
bombing the Khobar Towers and that clearly linked the 1993
bombing the World Trade Center.
 The overall tenor the presentation too informal the current political
 The Qur not the teachings the Prophet, but the revealed word
 Remove references mosques specifically radicalization incubator.
 Remove sweeping generality Those who fit the terrorist profile best (for
the present least) are young male immigrants Middle Eastern
 author seems conflate Islamic Militancy with terrorism and needs
define the difference and use their analysis. its May 22, 2013 article some the Judicial Watch revelations, The
Washington Examiner reported, While the Muslim Brotherhood not the U.S.
State Department official list international terrorist organizations, some its
offshoots, including the Palestinian group Hamas, are.
Ironically, 2011, then-FBI Director Mueller, who later ordered the purge
 offensive material including the exoneration the Muslim Brotherhood had
described the Brotherhood group that supports terrorism the U.S. and
IV. The Islamist Influence Operation
9/11 and the Immediate Aftermath
Judicial Watch has long history pursuing national security matters
relating terrorism. began representing FBI Special Agent Robert Wright
August 2001 concerning FBI efforts silence him about Islamist money laundering
and financial support terrorist organizations.32
Nine days after the attacks 9/11, Judicial Watch filed Complaint
Concerning Certain Tax Exempt And Other Organizations Reportedly Used
Money Laundering Front Operations for Terrorist Activities The United States
and Abroad with the Internal Revenue Service. Our report specifically cited the
activities terrorist front organizations.33 November 24, 2008 the federal
government finally obtained guilty verdict against one the organizations
named: the Holy Land Foundation for Relief Development (and five individuals).34 March 28, 2005, Judicial Watch released documents from the FBI
obtained result the FOIA litigation (Judicial Watch Department Homeland
Security Federal Bureau Investigation, No. 04-1643 (RWR)) that contain
declassified Secret FBI report, dated September 24, 2003, entitled: Response
October 2003 Vanity Fair Article (Re: [Redacted] Family Departures After
9/11/2001). the hijackers 9/11, them were Saudi subjects. The report
contained many redactions that the Justice Department claimed were made the
privacy interests the Saudi subjects identified. not clear how the Justice
Department concluded that the alleged privacy privileges non-U.S. persons trump
the public interest obtaining full information about the government
investigative response the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Additional redactions were
claimed for law enforcement investigative purposes even though the report claims
that information investigative value was learned from interviews bin
Laden family members and Saudi royals.
New information detailing flights Saudis out the U.S. from Las Vegas and
Providence, were the report. FBI procedures processing the Saudi flights
were also revealed. apparent from the report that bin Laden family members
and Saudi royals were subject only cursory, pro forma questioning the FBI.
Experienced investigators suggested detailed counterterrorism interviews would
have taken minimum two hours per passenger. There was evidence offered
that any such interviews were conducted the FBI. The report silent the
identity the official who approved any the flights.
This extraordinarily favorable treatment bin Laden family members and
other influential, wealthy, Saudi subjects was facilitated through the personal
connections and influence Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi Arabian
ambassador the United States from 1983 2005.36 Foreign nationals with
contacts, communication, travel, investments, family associations and other material
witness information concerning the largest terrorist attack U.S. soil were given
 pass because elaborate, well-cultivated influence operation personified
Saudi prince. Entirely consistent with his long ambassadorial service the United
States and his knowledge and appreciation influence operations, Prince Bandar
was appointed Director General the Saudi Intelligence Agency July 19, 2012.37
American Islamists also engage influence operations and active measures
operations. Anwar Aulaqi, U.S. citizen and militant imam the Dar al-Hijrah
mosque Falls Church, Virginia perfect example. described the
 spiritual leader and inspiration the 9/11 hijackers; the Fort Hood murderer, U.S.
Army Major Nidal Hassan; and the 2009 Christmas Day (attempted) airline bomber,
Umar Farouk Abudulmutallab Nigeria, and others.38 Judicial Watch began
investigation Aulaqi and has gone court compel the government produce
records concerning his terrorist connections. date, Judicial Watch litigation has resulted the release more than
1,800 pages responsive records, many which were previously classified. The
documents pertain the FBI investigation Aulaqi connections two the
9/11 hijackers; his suspected involvement with terrorism early 1999; his
banking activities; his frequent patronizing prostitutes; and, the State
Department revocation his passport approximately six months before his death drone strike.
Aulaqi was interviewed the FBI four times the eight days following the
9/11 attacks.39 Aulaqi telephone number had been found German police the
Hamburg apartment hijacker Ramzi bin Shibh.40 Aulaqi had also been
investigated the FBI 1999 and 2000 for his contacts with operatives associated
with bin Laden, Omar Abdel-Rahman (the Blind Sheik and mastermind the
World Trade Center bombings) and the terror group, Hamas.41 Six days following
the 9/11 attacks, Aulaqi suggested Islamist website that website that Israeli
intelligence agents might have been responsible for the attacks.42 Documents
suggest the FBI was aware far back September 27, 2001, that Aulaqi may have
purchased airplane tickets for three the 9/11 terrorist hijackers, including
mastermind Mohammed Atta.43 The FBI was sufficiently concerned Aulaqi
activities and contacts that was placed under surveillance November 2001.
Aulaqi presented himself publicly the face moderate Islam America. gave number media interviews and appeared National Geographic;
National Public Radio; and, the New York Times. Aulaqi also frequented
prostitutes Washington, hotels, spending thousands dollars. FBI memo
seeking prosecution Aulaqi for prostitution-related charges provides detailed
account his conduct, the evening before his speech Pentagon
audience.44 February 2002 Aulaqi had lunch the dining room the Secretary
Defense and made presentation Pentagon brass, part the military
outreach the Muslim community.45 preparation for Aulaqi Pentagon
luncheon, Defense Department lawyer who purportedly vetted his background
and credentials wrote that she had the privilege hearing one Mr. Awlaki
presentations November and was impressed both the extent his knowledge
and how communicated that information and handled hostile element the
According records and surveillance logs obtained through FOIA lawsuit
against the FBI Judicial Watch, the bureau issued bulletin 10:40AM the day
before the Pentagon luncheon (February 2002) that declared Aulaqi
terrorist. The Aulaqi warning notice reads: Warning approach with caution not alert the individual the FBI interest and contact your local FBI field
office the earliest opportunity. [Emphasis added.]
Nonetheless, according the FBI surveillance log for February 2002
11:30 am, Aulaqi boarded the Metro train, blue line north for the Pentagon.
11:32 am, Aulaqi exited the Metro train, walked through the turnstyle [sic] and
greeted two unidentified white females. 11:40 am, Aulaqi and the two
unidentified females walked through the train station, onto the escalator, walked
southwest and west adjacent the Pentagon, the steps and walked northeast
towards the entrance the Pentagon. And 12:00 pm, Surveillance discontinued the Pentagon. short, the FBI followed this terrorist literally the front steps the Pentagon.
Within days the Pentagon luncheon, Aulaqi left the United States. Eight
months later, returned the United States under mysterious circumstances.
Aulaqi was stopped and detained Customs officers JFK International Airport
because outstanding warrant for his arrest, until FBI Special Agent Wade
Ammerman ordered Aulaqis release, even though the warrant was still active.48
Records obtained Judicial Watch September 2013 suggest that Aulaqi
may have been agent the U.S. government, that perhaps Aulaqi was
manipulating the U.S. government achieve his own goals. The records show that
then-FBI Director Robert Mueller appears more deeply involved the post9/11 handling Aulaqi than previously known.49
One memo from Mueller then-Attorney General John Ashcroft October 2002 seven days before Aulaqi re-entered the United States and was detained
JFK airport marked Secret and titled Anwar Aulaqi: IT-UBL/AL-QAEDA.50
The substance the memo redacted full. Interestingly, the memo one
least three FBI reports, whose primary subject Aulaqi, the nine days leading his return the United States October 2002. Another FBI memo marked
Secret, October 22, 2002, days after the clerics return, includes the subject
line Anwar Nasser Aulaqi and Synopsis: Asset reporting.51
Other records Judicial Watch uncovered show that October 2002 before Aulaqi returned the United States memo marked Secret and
Priority was faxed from the FBIs Washington Field Office FBI headquarters.
October the FBI directors memo was sent Ashcroft. And October 10, the day
Aulaqi entered the United States, there was heavily redacted fax from the FBI
resident office JFK International Airport that included the clerics plane ticket,
customs form, passport and Social Security card.
Aulaqi left the United States before the end 2002, and spent the following
years the United Kingdom (2002 2004) and Yemen (2004 2011). Aulaqi was
killed Yemen Hellfire missile fired from Predator drone September 30,
Aulaqi seems the perfect example active measures operative.
means deception, conducted himself publicly supposedly moderate 
Muslim cleric, while engaged clandestine operations supporting the 9/11
hijackers. While lecturing Pentagon officials their need sensitive the
Muslim community (an influence operation), secretly plotted traitorous, Jihadist
attacks against his fellow citizens. appears have manipulated and/or
deceived, least for time, the FBI and perhaps the CIA. Having fled the country, went drop the cover deception, and then openly advocated for Jihadist
attacks against his country birth. radicalized, inspired and directed terror
attacks the head Qaeda the Arabian Peninsula until his death.
His death leaves many unanswered questions: How much his terror
support network intact the United States? What was Aulaqi relationship with
the U.S. government? Was there recruitment attempt the FBI the CIA? Was
Aulaqi double or, perhaps, triple agent? What value importance did Aulaqi
have that the FBI was willing waive arrest warrants get him back into the
country? Was Aulaqi successful recruiting and placing Islamist operatives the
U.S. government? Aulaqi ran aggressive cyber-Jihad from Yemen, using
YouTube for proselytizing and recruiting Islamists wage Jihad around the world.
Those techniques are increasingly important for influence operations and broader
active measures campaigns. Why did the U.S. government allow Aulaqi years
unfettered access the Internet and YouTube?53 The public was told that Aulaqi
was terrorist, when appears that was, least, U.S. government informant.
Did President Obama know about Aulaqi status when ordered his death
drone strike?
Active Measures Campaign referenced above, 2007 and 2008, the United States charged the Holy
Land Foundation (HLF) Richardson, (and related persons) with material
support terrorism through laundering millions dollars for use arakat alMuq wamah al- Isl miyyah, (Islamic Resistance Movement HAMAS).
November 2008, the HLF and five men were found guilty unanimous verdicts counts unlawfully funding terrorism. HLF records introduced key evidence the trials included Explanatory Memorandum dated May 22, 1991 detailing
the relationships and activities the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic
Movement North America. Attachment number (1) the Memorandum listed friendly organizations including: the Islamic Society North America; Muslim
Students Association; United Association for Studies and Research; Mercy
International Association; International Institute for Islamic Thought; and others.54
The Explanatory Memorandum described detail Civilization-Jihadist
Process that stated, Their [Islamists] work America kind grand Jihad
eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within and sabotaging its
miserable house their hands and the hands the believers that
eliminated and God religion made victorious over all other religions.
The Explanatory Memorandum documents how Islamists are waging jihad
the West variety means and number fronts. There nothing new
about the jihad phenomenon has been carried out one degree another since 632, although its current politicized manifestation traces its roots the first half the 20th century. The Koran demands jihad. ignore that fact our peril. Dr.
Patrick Sookhdeo, expert jihadist ideology and Visiting Professor the
Defence Academy the UK, has stated, Islamism has replaced communism the
most significant ideological opponent the Western liberal world order. Radical
Islamist movements have declared war the West well other Muslims.
Even Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has identified, real displaced
aggression this very fundamentalist jihadist Islamic community, and that that
the West responsible for everything that goes wrong and that the only thing thats
going solve this Islamic sharia law and the concept the caliphate.
Current jihadist operations are conducted under the umbrella, direction and
coordination the Organization Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the MB, well
Qaeda (AQ) and its affiliates. The motto provides perspective their ideology
and operations: Allah our objective; the Koran our law, the Prophet our
leader; Jihad our way; and dying the way Allah the highest our
aspirations.58 The arsenal jihad includes the weapons terrorism and acts
war, well influence campaigns, propaganda and active measures.
Since 2009, least seven (7) Islamists (the Tsarnaevs, Muhammad, Zazi,
Hassan, Abdulmutallab, Shahzad) have attempted conduct attacks the United
States undetected either the law enforcement intelligence communities.
Likewise, Muslim political pressure and community groups have failed identify,
warn authorities interdict these terrorists. 2011, the Obama administration
was carrying out the training curricula purge demands groups like CAIR, the
Russian government was, without success, warning the FBI about Boston Bomber
Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
Controlling language essential for effective influence operations, part broader active measures campaign. example the radical purging certain
terms and phrases from government lexicons can found comparing language
used the 9/11 Commission Report59 that used both the 2009 National
Intelligence Estimate60 and the 2008 FBI Counterterrorism Analytical Lexicon61.
Certain terms and phrases rooted basic Islamic history, well the
language/publications the terrorists themselves have been removed from U.S.
government law enforcement and intelligence records. Why? Whose interests are
served not using accurate language describe the actions persons attacking
U.S. persons and property? Who wishes the historical record revised such
way deny facts? Why would America leadership seek ignore almost 1,400
years history? sensitivity Islam concern, why would seek deny
the teachings Islam and its historical conquests from medieval Spain
Indonesia, and beyond? Isn such denial insensitive decision was made that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies
the United States would better served not using historically accurate
descriptive terms, then which government official made that decision? Who? How
was that order scrub vocabulary conveyed the agency(ies)? What review
and editing process was used and who were the editors/reviewers? appears that the U.S. government has elected deny reality. The
compulsion for the U.S. government, its political leaders and the public at-large
deny reality not new. Having documented U.S. national amnesia towards the
brutality the Soviet Union her book, American Betrayal, author and syndicated
columnist Diana West reminds that: throughout the 1970s and beyond, Red terrorists
from Europe and the Islamic world struck civilian
targets from Italy Sweden Japan Israel. Not that ever thought that world Islamic; was always
described Arab. Often directed Cubans, Arabs, and
Czechs, these forces were clandestinely bankrolled,
trained, and supported Moscow destabilize the West Once again, the response Western leaders this
Soviet assault Western society was official flight
from reality, [The Terror Network author Claire]
Sterling put it. She describes what was then the
familiar mode Western behavior: mass avoidance
all the densely accumulating evidence that led the
conclusion that the Soviet Union was the culprit behind
the chaos and terror. This led group hug around
The denial and avoidance has manifested itself official government policy.
Dr. Sebastian Gorka, professor irregular warfare the National Defense
University, explains that the confusion our policies stems from two obstacles:
 The first misguided belief that the religious
character the enemy ideology should not discussed,
and that need not address it, but instead should use
the phrase, Violent Extremism describe our foe and
thus avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness. The second that even could demonstrate clear-headedness
the issue and recognize the religious ideology Qaeda
and its associated movements for what is, form
hybrid totalitarianism, still drastically lack the
institutional ability analyze and comprehend the world
view this enemy and therefore its strategic mindset and
ultimate objectives. government officials are forbidden use terms such jihad and Islamist,
how can they ever hope conduct the fact-driven analysis required comprehend
and act upon threat information? President George Bush declaration
September 17, 2001 the Islamic Center Washington, that, Islam peace, good example how have disconnected facts the 9/11 attacks from
conclusions Islam peace.
The Obama administration has also taken strong action combat anything
deemed insensitive Muslims. Whatever the broader motives the Obama
political operatives, this desire eliminate insensitivity is, large part, rooted
fear fear terror attacks, violence, provocations, days rage, burned
consulates and protests. American leaders engage self-censorship out fear 
pretending tolerance and respect. They ironically proclaim that
 intolerance intolerable and must eliminated. Consistent with this fear-based
approach, December 2011, Secretary State Hillary Clinton hosted three-day,
closed-door, international Istanbul Process conference measures combat
religious intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization. 
The conference was intended implement Human Rights Council
Resolution 16/18, victory for the OIC advancement its goal that defamation religion should punished criminally worldwide. 10-year goal the OIC was
accomplished. The Resolution, titled: Combating Intolerance, Negative Stereotyping
and Stigmatization of, and Discrimination, Incitement Violence and Violence
Against, Persons Based Religion Belief, implements two steps for member
states: prohibiting discrimination based religion belief; and, training
government officials, including how implement effective outreach religious
communities. Participants included experts from invited countries and
international organizations, well personnel from the U.S. Departments
Homeland Security and Justice.65 hosting this conference Secretary Clinton
directly and indirectly advanced the agenda the OIC and validated oppression.66
Rather than strongly defending the First Amendment, Secretary Clinton gave
the impression the member states the OIC and the rest the that the
United States would fall behind most Western Europe, Canada and Australia,
with some sort Sharia-compliant speech code. the Secretary State would
internationally compromise the Constitution through compliance with criminal
blasphemy code, surely some use offensive language could, and would,
curtailed the FBI. Violent extremist became the euphemism for jihadist, militant
Islamist terrorist. May 10, 2012, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) went the floor the House Representatives and discussed disappearing language about the jihadist threat
using chart display the frequency use descriptive terms government law
enforcement and intelligence documents:
Violent extremism
Hizbollah Qaeda
FBI CounterTerror
Lexicon 2008
Strategy 2009
Report 2004
How does one identify, study and plan for defense militant Islamist
terror threat one not permitted examine the doctrine, organization, history,
ideology and conduct the opposition?
Islam religion that also expresses itself ideology and system
governance that requires compliance and submission. Just like the structure and
organization the Soviet Union and its Communist Party apparatus, Islam offers
entire intellectual and ideological structure and process. Examination Islamist
ideology critical thwarting the threat posed our country. Studying ideology the means which understand man relationship mankind, the nation and
From March 2011 through June 2012, Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chairman
the House Committee Homeland Security, held series hearings
radicalization within the Muslim-American community. The hearings focused on:
the radicalization the Muslim-American community and that community
response; radicalization prisons; recruitment within the Muslim-American
community Al-Shabaab; and, the threat American military communities the
United States well the Insider Threat from radicalized Muslims the
military.67 The hearings were controversial and drew condemnations from CAIR
and the ACLU.68 The hearings did not uncover reveal any new information, but
the overreaction them the American Islamist network was revealing. This may because the most important finding came result the first hearing: There Need Confront the Islamist Ideology Driving Radicalization.
Twelve years after 9/11, many Americans are woefully ignorant the
militant Islamist terror threat. Just many Cold War-era Americans were not
conversant the dialectical materialism Karl Marx, nor could they recite from
memory the names the members the Central Committee the Communist
Party the Soviet Union likewise, they are not familiar with the ideology the
Muslim Brotherhood the writings Sayyid Qutb (the leading member the
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood the 1950s and 60s). Many Americans believe the
rest the world should respect and admire the individual liberties guaranteed
our Constitution. They wrongly assume that, only given fair hearing and
consideration, Western-style Jeffersonian democracy would embraced
throughout the Islamic world. Obviously, those Americans are gravely mistaken.
The mistake not new. example from the Cold War demonstrates the
parallels between the struggle against Communism and today struggle against the
Islamists. Global Psychological Conflict, analytical volume compiled and
published the Industrial College the Armed Forces 1961, the following
offered concerning The Importance History
 There flows from American humanism and
humanitarianism, belief, almost article faith, that
human beings all over the world are very much alike, that
their basic aspirations, interests, fears and hopes are not
really too different. instinctively deemphasize our
thinking the extraordinary differences that exist the
system values and mentality even such closely
related nations the French and Italian. Thus come,
not theory perhaps but actual fact, the conclusion
that cannot really very important whether
dealing with the Frenchmen the Italians, know
their history and literature, their peculiar social
stratification, their special philosophy life short,
their true national individuality. Americans are also
more modern than almost any other national group,
the sense that live the present and look into the
future. This also leads natural nonconcern with the
underlying historical developments that have shaped
those foreign nations that constitute our audience
today. not only the average American who lacks clear understanding the
Islamist threat. Journalist and author Diana West describes the national information
gap the challenges facing the United States, and the purges the available
 Years battle even worse, years battle planning 
have passed without our leadership having studied,
even having become acquainted with, the principles and
historic facts Islamic war doctrine. Four years into the
so-called war terror, then Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter
Pace even pointed this out speech the National
Defense University December 2005.
Notwithstanding Pace concern, the study and analysis
Islam and jihad remained facto forbidden policymaking circles inside the Bush White House, which even
codified lexicon 2008 help government officials
discuss Islamic jihad without mentioning Islam
 jihad. The Obama administration would carry this same
see-no-Islam policy its zealous limit, finally mounting
two-front assault the few trainers and fact-based
training materials that were sometimes (sparingly) used law enforcement agencies and the military educate
personnel about Islam and jihad. What history should
remember the Great Jihad Purges 2012 began the
Justice Department, affecting domestic law enforcement
agencies, and spread the Pentagon, affecting the entire
U.S. military.71
This see-no-Islam policy was recently display Seattle, when the Puget
Sound Joint Terrorism Task Force, conjunction with the U.S. Department State
Rewards for Justice program, bought advertisements for public buses part
public education and awareness campaign June 2013. The advertisement featured photos wanted terrorists and the wording: Faces Global Terrorism and
 Stop Terrorist. Save Lives. $25 Million Reward. The terrorists featured
are from around the world. Three were born the United States, seven are from
African countries, four are from the Philippines, with one Malaysian and one
Chechen. These facts detailing wanted terrorists did not deter Representative Jim
McDermott (D-WA) from writing letter complaint the Director the FBI
concerning the advertisements, and further stating: When you start saying that this the face terrorism, you are really stigmatizing whole group people. have now come expect, the FBI apologized for and discontinued the
advertisements immediately.
Islamists engaged influence operations leverage the powers our own
Constitution Bill Rights back against active measures form ju-jitsu.
The First Amendment becomes weapon curtail offensive speech; freedom
religion becomes either freedom from religion, demand for state-sanctioning Islamic religious practices, while excluding and suppressing Christian expression.
While Lenin believed would sell him the rope which would hang us, the
Islamists dream shackling ourselves dhimmitude (accepting condition
subservient, second-class status) that will help achieve the goals the Islamists 
 Civilization Jihadist Process. 
Active measures campaigns seek bring social and political pressure bear
against the targeted institution(s) and government(s) arrive desired result.
Pressure exerted through subtlety and deception. Active measures are designed influence behaviors, decisions and outcomes. Bearing this mind,
interesting note that Spencer Ackerman launched his reporting the FBI antiterror training curriculum Wired (September 2011), nearly simultaneously, Matt
Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, Eileen Sullivan, and Chris Hawley from the Associated Press
began their Pulitzer Prize-winning probe into NYPD intelligence operations (August
23, 2011).73 not unreasonable ask these reporters were manipulated through
orchestrated program bring substantial negative publicity against the two leading
counterterrorism law enforcement agencies the country virtually the same
moment. Certainly, exactly that sort discrediting and crippling action exactly
the desired outcome active measures program seeking thwart the
operations major law enforcement agencies. Similar operations other enemies the United States have been carried out for decades through journalists, both
wittingly and unwittingly.
Islamists will offer that jihad war creative force.74 The Communists
believed and said the same thing concerning war. Marx said that war was
creative source social development, the last word social science the eve
each general reconstruction society Lenin voiced the opinion that great
historical questions can solved only violence. The Soviet Union lasted
decades. From the Battle Tours (AD 732) the attacks 9/11, the historical
record dense with factual information the Islamists jihadist efforts against the
Chronology Recent Developments Influence Operations chronological examination the Islamists influence campaign and other
active measures helps provide context and perspective.76
December 2005:
The OIC establishes 10-year plan action that includes
international criminalization Islamophobia through the
United Nations (UN).77
April 2011:
OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu meets with
President Obama the White House.
July 2011:
State Department and OIC meetings Istanbul
Process, Secretary Hillary Clinton tells OIC that U.S.
government will use old fashioned techniques peer
pressure and shaming against Islamophobia.
August 2011:
The Associated Press begins series articles attacking the
New York Police Department intelligence operations.79
September 2011:
Wired magazine Spencer Ackerman begins series articles
attacking individuals within U.S. government for
October 2011: Muslim groups send letter White House demanding
 purge all counterterrorism training materials and reeducation all FBI agents exposed Islamophobic 
October 2011:
DOJ Civil Rights Division meeting with Islamic groups
discuss criminalizing criticism Islam discrimination.
October 2011:
Joint Chiefs Staff issues action directive screen trainers for
military intelligence and psychological operations based solely Ackerman Wired report.83
November 2011:
White House responds Muslim groups purge demand
letter, agrees set inter-agency task force, including
extremist Muslim groups, oversee FBI counterterrorism
training development.84
December 2011:
Secretary State Hillary Clinton holds closed door meeting
with the OIC advance the Istanbul Process.
December 2011:
Passage Resolution 16/18 drafted the OIC and backed the U.S. The resolution sought limits speech deemed
 discriminatory defaming religion
January 2012:
U.S. Military Academy West Point cancels address
highly decorated founding member Delta Force and former
Deputy Under Secretary Defense for Intelligence, Jerry
Boykin, after complaints from the Hamas front group CAIR.87
February 2012:
Islamic groups meet with FBI ensure compliance with
demanded Islamophobia purge.88
March 2012:
Judicial Watch files FOIA requests seeking records pertaining FBI Director Mueller secret meetings with Islamists and
the curricula purges.
July 2012:
Judicial Watch files FOIA lawsuit against the Department
Justice and the FBI the U.S. District Court for the District
Columbia for records Director Mueller secret meetings.
July 2012:
Top DOJ Civil Rights official refuses vow Congress not
push Saudi-style blasphemy laws.89
September 2012:
Obama administration blames attacks U.S. Embassy Cairo
and the Special Mission Compound Benghazi YouTube
movie trailer.90
September 2012:
Encouraged the Obama administration denunciation
YouTube movie trailer, the OIC vows push through
blasphemy resolution UN, claiming that the film part
larger anti-Muslim conspiracy.91
September 2012: U.N. General Assembly speech, Obama repeats the YouTube
movie trailer lie and goes say, The future does not
belong those who slander the prophet Islam.
Islamists and the Obama Administration Wednesday, October 19, 2011, activists and advocates from Islamist pressure
groups met with officials from the Obama Justice Department, including the thenchief the Civil Rights Division the Justice Department, Thomas Perez, George
Washington University Washington, DC. Islamist advocates demanded that the
Justice Department reduce anti-terror priorities and funding; change agents 
training materials; restrict investigators from looking into certain Muslim-related
subjects; and create new legal declaration that any U.S. citizens criticism Islam
constitutes the crime racial discrimination.93 Mr. Perez warmly received the
Islamists demands and promised action.94
Where the FDR administration had Harry Hopkins, Lauchlin Currie, Harry Dexter
White and Alger Hiss among others engage espionage, subversion and
influence operations agents, fellow travelers, dupes and useful idiots for the
Soviet Union, too, does the Obama administration have this generation agents
influence who would advance the interests the Islamists.
The Obama administration has been penetrated Islamist influence operators,
seeking advance ideological agenda completely odds with our constitutional
system. The penetration is, many cases, the Obama administration invitation.
Some the more public and controversial figures associated with the Obama
administration have included:
Rashad Hussain Hafiz (literally meaning guardian, person who
has memorized the entire Koran), and U.S. Special Envoy the OIC.
has history participating events connected with the MB.
Huma Abedin Long-time personal aide former Secretary State
Hillary Rodham Clinton. She worked assistant editor for the Journal
Muslim Minority Affairs, the publication her parents Institute
Muslim Minority Affairs, purportedly studying Muslims non-Muslim
nations. Her late-father, mother and brother are all connected
organizations operatives.95 She obtained special government
employee status consult with private firms such Teneo Holdings
and the Clinton Foundation while serving the State Department.
Judicial Watch has filed lawsuit obtain records concerning her
special employment waiver status.
Daliah Mogahed advisor the White House Office Faith-Based
and Neighborhood Partnerships. Mogahed founder and executive
director Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. Described as: The most
important person shaping the Obama Administration Middle East
message. Her 2009 book Who Speaks for Islam? viewed many apologia for the growing power and influence radical Islamists.
Mogahed unapologetic defender unindicted terrorist conspirator
organizations such CAIR and ISNA.
Momamed Elibiary Texas-based security consultant and Islamic cleric
who was named President Obamas Homeland Security Advisory
Council 2010. has close ties convicted Hamas fundraiser and
other radical Islamist causes, including nonprofit that proclaims sharia the only legitimate law according Islam (Assembly Muslim Jurists America). Elibiary has regular access classified information and
prime mover behind two the Obama administration most dangerous
policies: normalizing relations with domestic and foreign Islamist groups
(including the MB) and arduous enforcement restrictions laws related material support for terrorism. Elibiary reportedly leaked highly
sensitive intelligence documents media outlet part the
 Islamophobia influence campaign. Judicial Watch obtained records
from the Texas Department Public Safety documenting Elibiary
efforts access classified information.
Mohamed Magid Executive Director the All Dulles Area Muslim
Society (ADAMS), outside Washington, and President the ISNA,
unindicted terrorist conspirator organization. Magid was appointed
President Obama the Department Homeland Security Countering
Violent Extremism Working Group. From that position, Magid was key
influencing and directing the purge training materials and policies
the FBI and other federal agencies. Magid regular visitor the White
House, and extremely influential Islamic issues the Obama
The country less safe when allow Islamists tell the FBI how train
its agents and its job. The Obama administration needs stop putting the
tender sensibilities radical Islamists above the safety the American
The FBI purge called offensive material political correctness run
amok and puts the nation risk.
The FBI rewriting history order help AQ, the and their affiliates.
This shows that the law enforcement agency need serious top-tobottom reform. fair say that not single U.S. government employee goes work each
morning with the mission identifying and defeating the Islamists active
measures campaigns. The United States does not have security service
focused, Britain MI-5, defending the realm. The CIA organized
primarily for foreign intelligence collection, and the FBI remains chiefly
organization dedicated criminal investigations (even treating terrorism crime instead form combat). federal agency spends much
time, any, countering deception campaigns. The agencies are reticent
vigorously pursue internal security reviews and routine counterintelligence
programs. Large bureaucratic institutions are reluctant disturb 
operations with examinations for deception and manipulation. Those same
organizations are loathe raise those subjects congressional
appropriations requests and hearings fearing any political criticism. Until
there someone with the job defeating the Islamist active measures
campaign targeting our nation and resourced roll back the Islamists and
win the United States and her citizens are grave peril.
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