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Judicial Watch • JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418 6

JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418 6

JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418 6

Page 1: JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418 6


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Date Created:March 15, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 15, 2018

Tags:zones, Locate, Consists, structure, Extraction, responsibilities, REMOVE, situation, victims, supervisor, 031418, Broward, provide, shooting, deputy, FOIA

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STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES real time intelligence exists the sole deputy team deputies may enter the area
and/or structure preserve life. supervisor approval on-site observation not
required for this decision.
The Deputy Contact Team will continue until one these objectives has been met:
The subject/s has been forced into barricade.
The subject/s hostilities have been stopped.
The subject/s has been forced into surrender.
The Deputy Contact Team relieved SWAT personnel.
Extraction Team Responsibilities: (Consists members only)
Provide appropriate first aid
Remove victims the casualty collection point (CCP)
Locate victims
Area operations for the Extraction Team may include warm and cold zones.
Rescue Task Force Responsibilities: (Consists and members)
Locate victims
Provide advanced emergency first aid and triage
The RTF may remove victim from the area/structure request extraction
Area operations for the RTF may include the warm zone and cold zones. the situation turns barricade hostage situation the response team will contain,
isolate, communicate and wait for SWAT.
Patrol Sergeant/Supervisor Responsibilities:
Respond the scene
Reviewed: 02/24/2016
Revised: 03/14/2016
Rescinds: 11/01/2013
Effective: 03/28/2016