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Judicial Watch • JW Pearce v Brnovich 016945

JW Pearce v Brnovich 016945

JW Pearce v Brnovich 016945

Page 1: JW Pearce v Brnovich 016945


Number of Pages:5

Date Created:November 14, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 14, 2016

Tags:016945, ofthc, Brnovich, Whiting, pearce, rules, Joint, Phoenix, Special, Russell, arizona, Plaintiffs, defendant, records

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ICHaEi mien ll/Wi Vim:
William Luzadel (No. 0256137)
Luzader PLLC
1430 Missoun Ave., Suite E7275 TWL WIN]
Phoenix, 15014
(602) 714-3050
(602) 714 3051 fax
Amn-ney rni Plnimi
judicial Watnh, Inn; and Russell Case No.
Pearce, CV2016-016945 Complaint
Plainiilrs, (Statutory Special Action) ioe ofthe Arizmm Anurncy
Genenil Mal-k Brnnvich,
Furthcir complaint [his special acrjon agninsc dcfendnnt omce
Aiimnn Anal-My General Mark Bmovlch ccmpcl compliance wicli (he
Anmm Public Record: Law, A.R.S. 121 than}, plainiilfs Judiclal Waccli,
Inc and Russell Pearce allcge fullurws:
mun-11:5, JURISDICTION, AND VENUE Plaintiffjudicial Watch, lnc, Judicial wm) nncrcepm
educaucml {onndniicn ilin seeks pmmme integrity, transparency. and
ucnnmnhilily governmenr. nirrirer-anoe oriis public inieresr mission,
Judicial Watch regularly requesrs access public records orrederal, sure, and
local guvemmcrit agencies and oriicials and disseminaies its ndings [he
publie plainonusseii Pearce euizen Arizona, former Presidcm ofthc
Anzona Senoie, and tilt chlcflcgislaliv: sponsor ofthc Arizona law known
3.3. 1070. Dcfcndant aim Arizona Armrney General Defendant rise
nmce [11: Attorney General Mark Bnluvich, use chieflegul omeer omie Stale
afArizuna. Tire Cnun nss
eriou orer ilais acrinu under use HZLUZ
and Rule 4(a), Arizona Rules oiProeedure for Special Aclimis. Venue proper under A.R 512401 and Rule 4(1)), Armin: Rules
orProeerlure for Special Acrions.
GENERAL ALLEGATIONS before Septunbcr 15,2016, Dcfcndam ensered inro Joint
Case Disposition nenaiiorriie State Arizona VallcchSnlp. Mining,
Case No, cvslnsnlnol aPHXaSRR Ads) The pininiiirs Valle del Sol
Whiting were challenging vanmls pmisiuns 5.3 1070 The joun Cnse Disposinion was submitted rise court ValledeISvI Whiting purporrediy for the purpose ofresulving the remaining issues thal
liripniion. Among rile unusual provisions ofthc Joint Case Disposition was
provision which Deiendom agreed issue Informal Airorney General
Opinion. Tlris infurmal opinion osoensibly sers ionii rile Airorney Generall
inrerpremion onlre meaning nfcenain scc rim;
_1_ lerler dated September 20,2015, Plainrirrs requesred llrnr
Delendam provide scccss ccrrnin records concerning [clutlng the Joint
Case Dlsposition. Plalmj public-records requesr sptcl wlly Suughl copies orrne
following publlc records:
Communicatimls, correspondence, oonlucls between the
Arizonl Attorney Genud and counsel for plainli ill
VII! 50!, al. Whiting, 111, Case Noe CV-l IIX-
SRB (D. Adz.) concerning relning thejnillt Case
Disynsitinn submirred are Seprernber 15, 2016, Such
records include, bur are nol limiled 10, records discussions
resulting the agreement snlnnil the cnllrl dleJoint Cnse
Dispusi nn.
10. email message rirsr same day, Defendant acknowledged
receipt ofPluinliffs rtqueslv
11, Under A,R.S. 3m121.01(D)(1), Defendanr was requlred promptly
lmish copies orresponsive recmdss
12. ofthc date rhis Spams] Acrion, Delendnnr Inns nor responded
Plaimiffs Icquesl, Defendanl has failed ll) furnish records responslvc
Plninlilrs requcsr dclncnsuale responsive records are exempr from
producrioo, Nor has Defendanl indicaned whether when in, responsive
records will furnished. sum, Defendcnr conrinues deny Pluinril access are requested records. Ste Alas. 3971213107,)
(Viulutiun ofArizon: Public Records Law
Failure Produce Provide Almost)
1:. Plainulrs lllcorpumle nll raregeing allegauuns this paragraph.
14. Deiendant has violated the Arirunn Public Records Law ruling
pmvide eeeess the requested records.
is. Plaintiffs are being irrepstnhly hsrmed mason ochfcndmls
Vlolalloll otthe Axiwnx Public chmds Law, and Plaintiffs will continue
irrcpumbly harmed unless Defendant meellcd comply with (h:
requirements oftll: Arizona Public Records law.
WHER EFORE, pleintiirsjudieul Watch and Russell Pentee pray for
xelicfand indgmml agalnsl defendant OPEC: ofAnmna Attomny Ganenal Mnrlt
Bmavicll follows: For order eumpelling Defendant immedistely fumish copies
the requested public records;
1;. Fur award dsmeges, nests, and Illnmey fees nllowed A.R.S.
39.121111 .md Rule 4(g), Arizum Rules omeccdurc int Special Actions; and Fox any ether reliefehe Cuull deems neoesssry, .ust, and proper
under these circumsmnns,
mud: November 2013
Respectfully snbmiltud, under
Lumder Law LIIC
1430 Missauri Ave., Suite 37275
Phoenix, 85014
Atmmcy fur Plaintilfs