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Judicial Watch • JW v DHS FY17 Q1 Declined Detainers 01008

JW v DHS FY17 Q1 Declined Detainers 01008

JW v DHS FY17 Q1 Declined Detainers 01008

Page 1: JW v DHS FY17 Q1 Declined Detainers 01008


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Date Created:October 4, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 12, 2017

Tags:aggravated, Strongarm, Liquor, Larceny, Influence, weapon, Declined, Detainers 01008, possession, offense, Fraud, assault, 01008, Detainers, vehicle, illegal, family, program, DHS, Property

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ERO-LESA Statistical Tracking Unit
For Official Use Only (FOUO)/Pre-decisional
FY17 Declined LEA Detainers with MSC Details
FY2017 ERO Detainer data are 02/11/2017 (IIDS v.1.22.1 run date 02/13/2017; EID 02/11/2017).
Starting FY2013, Detainers are captured filtering for the processing officer program the time the encounter and not necessarily
All stats are pulled based Current Program which attributes all cases back the Program the processing officer the event.
Most Serious Conviction
Aggravated Assault Family-Strongarm
Aggravated Assault Family-Weapon
Aggravated Assault Non-family-Strongarm
Aggravated Assault Weapon
Amphetamine Manufacturing
Amphetamine Possession
Carrying Concealed Weapon
Carrying Prohibited Weapon
Cocaine Sell
Contempt Court
Crimes Against Person
Damage Property
Dangerous Drugs
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence
Driving Under Influence Drugs
Driving Under Influence Liquor
Drug Possession
Drug Trafficking
Failure Register Sex Offender
False Imprisonment
Fraud False Statement
Fraud Illegal Use Credit Cards
Fraud Impersonating
Hallucinogen Sell
Heroin Possession
Heroin Sell
Hit and Run
Illegal Entry (INA SEC.101(a)(43)(O), 8USC1325 only)
Illegal Re-Entry (INA SEC.101(a)(43)(O), 8USC1326 only)
Number Detainers
Declined LEA
Indecent Exposure
Larceny Parts from Vehicle
Marijuana Possession
Possession Forged (identify comments)
Possession Weapon
Property Crimes
Sex Assault
Sex Offense
Stolen Vehicle
Traffic Offense
Vehicle Theft
Violation Court Order
Weapon Offense
Witness Dissuading conviction entered