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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ FBI Weiner production 02105 pg 16

JW v DOJ FBI Weiner production 02105 pg 16

JW v DOJ FBI Weiner production 02105 pg 16

Page 1: JW v DOJ FBI Weiner production 02105 pg 16


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Date Created:October 17, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 17, 2018

Tags:AFFIDAVIT, RIDER, Printed, identify, 02105, warrant, Crime, attached, WEINER, search, Property, production, FBI, DOJ, district

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106 (Rev. 06/09) Application for Search Warrant
for the
Southern District New York the Matter the Search
(Briefly describe the property searched identify the person name and address)
See Attachment
J6MAG 6123
Case No. Mag.
APPLICATION FOR SEARCH WARRANT federal law enforcement officer attorney for the government, request search warrant and state under
penalty perjury that have reason believe that the following person property {identify the person describe the
prJU)erty,. be, searched and give its location):
::,ee /ttacnment
located the ___S_o_u_t_h_e_rn___ District _____N_e_w_Y_o_rk_ there now concealed (identify the
person describe the property seized):
The basis for the search under Fed. Crim. 41(c) (check one more): evidence crime; contraband, fruits crime, other items illegally possessed; property designed for use, intended for use, used committing crime; person arrested person who unlawfully restrained.
The search related violation of:
Code Section U.S.C. 1470 U.S.C. 2251 U.S.C. 2252
Offense Description
Transmitting obscene material minor
Sexual exploitation children
Activities related child pornography
The application based these facts:
PLEASE SEE ATTACHED AFFIDAVIT AND RIDER. Continued the attached sheet. Delayed notice days (give exact ending date more than days: requested
under U.S.C. 3103a, the basis which set forth the attached sheet.
..._ -.s-ig_n_a-tu-re_ _b_6_
Printed name and titlc
Sworn before and signed presence.
City and state: New York, Ellis -The Honorable Ronaid -Printed namP. ar,d title