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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 379-380

JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 379-380

JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 379-380

Page 1: JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 379-380


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Date Created:April 8, 2019

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JUl 2015
Margaret Grafeld
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services
,Bureau Administration
U.S. Department State
SA-2, Suite 8000
515 22nd Street,
Washington, 20522-0208
Dear Ms. Grafeld: receipt your letter April 2015, responding the National Archives and Records
Administrations (NARA) formal request March 2015, that you provide with the report
required CFR 1230.14 concerning the potential alienation Federal email records created
and received former Secretary State Hillary Clinton.
,~I ..,.
,... appreciate-the details Jou have provided lli1date; however, recognizing tliat the sitwition;
continties -to fluid; there are currently. fwo major questions coricenisrtfuit die Department
needs address.
First, your response you described and forwarded key policy directives issued the
Department 2014, records management general, including specific giudance related
the management email and other electronic records senior agency officials. Related these -..policies, requesting additional information how the Department implemented these
directives with senior officials. More specifically, would like understand the specific
training, procedures, and other controls the Department employed ensure the key directives
were implemented. This will allow NARA evaluate whether there are appropriate safeguards place prevent the alienation records from occurring the future.
Second; have discussed; would like rc:!iterate our requestihat the De~ent contact
the representativesiofformer Secretary:Clintdifto secure the native electrofficveisfofrs with
associated metadata the approximately ss,o_oo hard copy pages emails provided the ,:.
ARC iVEs ;,i
COLLEGE PARK. 20740-6001
Department the Department unable obtain the electronic versions these messages from
Secretary Clinton, requesting that the Department inquire with the internet service email
provider former Secretary Clinton, and also fonner Secretary Powell, wi_th regard
whether still possible retrieve records that may still present their servers. stated the OMB/NARA M-12-18 Managing Government Records Directive, Federal
agencies are required the end of2016 maintain all electronic records, including email,
their native electronic fonnat facilitate active use and future access. aware tluit there are multiple ongoing inquiries into the details this case, including
Congressional oversight committees and the Departments Inspector General, which may already addressing the requests that have made. would therefore appreciate continuing updates
the cWTent status these activities the extent possible, particularly where the investigations
may reveal that the collection Secretary Clinton provided the Department incomplete. also
look forward receiving copies the final reports all such investigations, well the
Departments plans for corrective action. This documentation will assist understanding this
situation and the Department plans ensure comparable situation will not happen the future. closing, would like convey appreciation for the Departments efforts following
with the representatives.of the former Secretary the many concerns that have surfaced the
past several months. share many the Departments concerns and stand ready provide
advice when needed the records management issues that arise. look forward rece.iving your response and appreciate your continued attention this matter.
Chief Records Officer
for the U.S. Government
Ambassador Patrick KeMedy
Under Secretary for Management
Senior Agency Official for Records Management
U.S. Department State
Washington, 20S20