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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 59-60

JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 59-60

JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 59-60

Page 1: JW v DOJ HRC emails 02046 pg 59-60


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Date Created:April 8, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 08, 2019

Tags:Kahle, HRC emails 02046, 02046, HRC, Hillary Clinton, clinton, DOJ, FOIA, district

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U.S. Department Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20223
August 2015
Charles Kahle
Section Chief
Counterintelligence Division
Federal Bureau oflnvestigation
Washington, 20535-0001
Request for Preservation Records dated July 31,
Dear Mr. Kahle:
Reference made your formal request for the preservation all records and other
evidence the possession the United States Secret Service (Secret Service), the
possession Hillary Clinton, former Secretary State, regarding the domain account
Your record preservation request seeks, items from individual referred your
client. the extent the word client refers the Secret Services protectee, Hillary Clinton,
the Secret Service could not lawfully take any item the possession protectee absent
warrant for that item. Additionally, are not aware that are otherwise possession any
such items.
With respect items records the possession the Secret Service, have
previously searched and are the process conducting additional search for Agency records
responsive Freedom oflnfonnation Act (FOIA) request that similar nature your
request for records preservation. That FOIA request now the subject oflitigation the United
States District Court for the District Columbia, Judicial Watch United States Secret Service,
Civil Action No. 5-cv-00673-JDB. that case, Plaintiff Judicial Watch filed FOIA request
for [a]ny and all records communication between the United States Secret Service and
Hillary Rodham Clinton concerning, regarding, relating creation, setup, security, and
maintenance the email server.
The Secret Service performed the following search for responsive documents the
relevant directorates. The Office Technical Development and Mission Support, Information
Resources Management Division (IRMD) responded follows: IRMD does not create, setup,
monitor, maintain non-government email servers. Accordingly, there was search that
would reasonably calculated locate responsive records.
The Office Protective Operations conducted search where the Assistant Director, the
Deputy Assistant Director, and the Supervisory Staff Specialist searched desktop files and the
office shared drive for any responsive documents. This search included official e-mail well
their individual e-mail. Further, the Deputy Special Agent Charge (DSAIC) the Clinton
Division searched his desktop and the office shared drive with the search tenns email server
and Clinton server. This search included otlicial e-mail well his individual e-mail using
the search terms email server and Clinton server. The DSAIC also searched the file cabinets
and drawers the Clinton Division (the paper files) for any responsive documents.
These searches did not reveal any responsive documents. The Department Justice
attorney handling the litigation, Andrew Carmichael, then spoke Plaintiffs representative
regarding what other searches Plaintiff would like the Secret Service perform effort
resolve the litigation. Afte_r discussion, was agreed that the Secret Service would perform
additional search. This search for e-mails from anyone assigned the Clinton detail from
January 2009, through and including January 31, 2009 that contain any the following terms:
email server, clinton server, and/or This search being conducted and
expected completed approximately two weeks.
The Secret Service not authorized, nor does receive appropriations, establish
personal e-mail servers for anyone, including protectees. Notwithstanding, the Secret Service
will send out preservation request for the Agency records listed your correspondence
July 31, 2015 which are the possession the Secret Service. your request does not
include time frame, have adopted January 2009 timeframe the present the relevant
timeframe for preservation.
Sincerely, 2vv/OJ
Donna Cahill
Chief Counsel