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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ McCabe ethics 01494 pg 10-11

JW v DOJ McCabe ethics 01494 pg 10-11

JW v DOJ McCabe ethics 01494 pg 10-11

Page 1: JW v DOJ McCabe ethics 01494 pg 10-11


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Date Created:October 31, 2017

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UNC LASS Judicial
October 24, 2016
Overview Deputy Director McCabes Recusal Related Dr, McCabes Campaign for Political Office
NOTlE !Fm EXECUTIVES: The purpose this document provide FBI executive management with factual basis which inform discussions with employees interested parties the community.
This document not for distribution, either internally externally.
Executive Summary Monday, October 24, 2016, the Wall Street Journal published front page story that detailed Deputy
Director Andrew McCabes recusal from matters that may have presented actual potential conflictof-interest while his wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, ran for political office Virginia. the story, timeline events draws comparison between positions held Andrew McCabe and the
FBIs investigation into Secretary Clintons email server. The timeline misstates when McCabe was
promoted Associate Deputy Director and makes invalid associations between the events.
The story can found here.
Talking Points
Below the full statement provided The Wall Street Journal:
When Jill McCabe first considered running for the state Senate seat, ADIC McCabe consulted with
top FBI headquarters and field office ethics officers for guidance, including briefings the Hatch Act,
prevent against any actual potential conflict-of-interest, the event she decided forward. When
she chose run, ADIC McCabe and FBI lawyers implemented system recusal from all FBI
investigative matters involving Virginia politics, process followed for the remainder her campaign.
During the campaign, played role, attended events, and did not participate fundraising
support any kind. Months after the completion her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director
McCabe was promoted Deputy, where, that position, assumed for the first time, oversight role the investigation into Secretary Clintons emails.
Frequently Asked Questions
Didi Ancllrew McCabe have any oversight the investigation into Secretary Clintons email server
whHe his wife was running for political office?
No. The FBI investigation into Secretary Clintons email server began July 2015 after referral was
received the Intelligence Community Inspector General. that time, Andrew McCabe served the
Assistant Director Charge the Washington Field Office and had oversight the investigation. Jill
McCabe lost the election Nov. 2015. was not until assumed the position Deputy Director
February 2016 that had oversight the investigation, well after her political campaign had concluded.
Dftdl Ihle Ilemse himself from any matters involving politics Virginia?
Yes. From the first contemplation that his wife would run for office Virginia, then-ADIC McCabe sought
out and consulted with ethics officers, which included briefings the Hatch Act. Once Jill McCabe
decided seek office, there was system recusal put place prevent any real potential conflicts interest. This system was adhered throughout Jill McCabes campaign for office. was not until months after Jill McCabes campaign had ended that Andrew McCabe first entered role
which assumed oversight role the investigation into Secretary Clintons email server. Prior
that point February 2016, McCabe was not position that required recusal that investigation had oversight it.
midi JPrnvide any support his wifes campaign?
No. Then-ADIC McCabe played role, attended events and did not participate fundraising
support any kind.
]l})ir. McCabe announced she planned run for Virginia state senate mid March 2015. Earlier that
mol!ll1th the New York Times reported Hillary Clinton used private e-mail server while serving
Secire1tairy State. March Clinton also acknowledged using private e-mail. relevant that the
e:xiiste][]lce Secretary
Clintons email server was reported the same month that Dr. McCabe
ammn1mced. her candidacy for state senate?
No. The FBI was not conducting investigation regarding Secretary Clinton March 2015. Four
months later July 2015 the State Department Inspector General made referral the FBI for
investigation. The allegation centered the possibility Clinton had classified e-mail her personal
system. the time the referral Mr. McCabe was serving ADIC WFO and was not supervising the
Clinton investigation.
Wlnn]e WFO dlid Mr. McCabe provide assistance the Clinton investigation?
After the referral was made, FBI Headquarters asked the Washington Field Office for personnel
conduct special investigation. McCabe was serving ADJC and provided personnel resources. However, was not told what the investigation was about. February 2016 McCabe became Deputy Director and
began overseeing the Clinton investigation.