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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ-Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 10-11

JW v DOJ-Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 10-11

JW v DOJ-Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 10-11

Page 1: JW v DOJ-Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 10-11


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:March 7, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 07, 2019

Tags:wfamalawx, tonwa, tlewau, steaks, snack, shame, wnuld, documen, GPS, Fusion, 00490, Ohr, Short, BRUCE, Steele, DOJ

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edva rjnb
GM! 52161.
Franc Chlis Steaks
3enf: 5:de liy 30, 2019 9:35
Tc: 0hr. Bruce (OWE)
WNW 99: C05
area: lee you and Ndiie 1h}: momma Brae: Lets Ewen mum sum rantm warm, (mm main 1:: 5mm:
you WWW min, Chri mama amanphm.
onemat M65339
rm. Ohn c(m}
Sm? Freday. ??me
we: cm: stem
swim at:
aim Semen 9:900
mm; :9, 21mm amm_ mi: my: domam any you the lobby Ehm
nmzmm mgr aiack eny nmrnpmmz
(mg Men
mum om. ruw cams! [mg 0616 Tu: Chris Shale:
mama; mum gm. halve won tlewau vev luv mam yam (wfamalawx the Lima
Im-ace 23, 3013/8! 473* mie
mum Bruce. May ower H5129. Com AM: 090%: shakid work con the Vim: for Mina: tonwa mwygym chm
>53 ftom ms: 5159mm; losmzmhone mm: 3mm tom; my: mzm Jam 2915
Hp; Ems 5325!: 5mm: RE: my, Deer arms heariwm yam New: and wnuld mama (an 1:0 mm, man:
snack time for you? arm
Documen} ii): ask
edva rjnb mm, aims same amt; 5y; July 29, 557 nu!
>sz cm, Bruce dome!
mubjec Qeaf EUR. mom 3mm short humus; from mummy shame MMW
notet are tom wow meet any. Wham For bmkfaszmanaw mom? 63mm 55: name too
she 40: it, Mme as: know cm; 6mm Etack env WWW
Documen} ii): ask