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Judicial Watch • JW v EPA Clean Power win 01217

JW v EPA Clean Power win 01217

JW v EPA Clean Power win 01217

Page 1: JW v EPA Clean Power win 01217


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Date Created:July 31, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 01, 2017

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Chris Fedeli
Lubetsky, Jonathan 
Monday, July 24, 2017 1:27
Chris Fedeli; Hammitt, Jennifer; Li, Ryland (Shengzhi)
RE: FOIA Request EPA-HQ-2017-006835
FOIA 6835 Production Set 072417.pdf
Chris, response your Freedom Information Act request dated May 2017 (Request Number EPA-HQ-2017006835), EPA making the final production documents for the agreed upon narrowed date range June
2014 August 2015. Portions responsive documents have been redacted and withheld the basis
FOIA exemptions and noted the face the records. addition, attachments the records unique
documents total, equaling pages) have been withheld their entirety under FOIA exemption and the
deliberative process privilege. You will receive similar message through FOIAonline where you can also
access the documents. discussed May 2017, EPA was produce documents for the narrowed date range, and once released,
you would advise you wish pursue your request further. discussed May your request for All
internal emails other records explaining, requesting explanation of, the EPA decision claim that the
Clean Power Plan would prevent between 2,700 6,600 premature deaths 2030 unlikely have
responsive records during the timeframe after August 2015. This because the Clean Power Plan was
finalized that date, and the final rule contains different values the number premature deaths prevented 2030. Therefore, the narrowed date range the range reasonably likely contain responsive records.
Please contact Marina Braswell, Assistant United States Attorney, phone ((202) 252-2561), email
( with any questions concerns.
Thank you,
Jonathan Lubetsky
From: Lubetsky, Jonathan
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 7:55
To: Chris Fedeli 
Subject: RE: FOIA Request EPA-HQ-2017-006835 Submitted
Thank you for recapping our discussion. will conduct initial search for documents responsive your request
between June 2014 and August 2015 (date the final rule was signed and associated revised stats you are interested revisions released).Once release documents that time frame you will advise you wish have search the
additional dates. will keep you informed our progress the search and review the documents collect.
Thank you,
From: Chris Fedeli [mailto:CFedeli@JUDICIALWATCH.ORG]
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2017 5:37
Produced Judicial Watch, Inc. Case No. 17-1217
Mike Dor~_i,~g_[!:!:l9-?Lf!i!l_9@PJ.~9_!.l_~~E9:1]_~!_l;__ _________ ____
_______ _______ ____
Matthew Lehrich
EOP Email Reynolds,
Thomas [Reynolds .Tho-mas@e-pa~govf ---- ----------- --- ----- -------- ------ ----------
Purchia, Liz
Mon 6/2/2014 8:34:40 Backing for claim asthma attacks premature deaths?
That should accurate.
Liz Purch
Press Secretary
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Direct: 202-564-6691
Cell: 202-841-2230
From: Mike Doming (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM [mailto]
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 3:56PM
To: Matthew_A._Lehricrl::=:~ !-:J~iji~~iC]; Purchia, Liz; Reynolds Thomas
Subject: RE: Backing for claim asthma attacks, premature deaths? correct reading Table ES-10 page ES-23 Regulatory Impact analysis that much 2/3 benefits 2030 are co-benefits from anticipate soot and smog
---- Original Message ----From ima- -ii
To: Mike Darning (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:), Matthew Leh rich!--
At: Jun 2014 15:49:17
Climate and health benefits far outweigh the estimated annual costs the plan, which are
$7.3 billion $8.8 billion 2030. From the soot and smog reductions alone, for every
dollar invested through the Clean Power Plan, American families will see health
Produced Judicial Watch, Inc. Case No. 17-1217
Liz Purchia
Press Secretary
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Direct: 202-564-6691
Cell: 202-841-2230
From: Mike Darning (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:) [!m~~;l_Q[JolnJI@QlQQ.!Jl~QJl~]
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 3:44
To: Matthew Lehrict P...Emaw Purchia Liz; Reynolds, Thomas
Subject: RE: Backing for.Cialm... attacks, premature deaths?
on.. the forecast $55 billion $93 billion climate and health benefits 2030,
how much that from co-benefits from soot and smog pollution reductions?
-----Original Message -From Purchia
To: Mike Dorning (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:),
Matthew Lehrich[~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~-~C] Reynolds.Thomas@epa .gov Jun 2014 15:26:51
This calculation based the NOX, S02 and co-benefits. really dig in, the co-benefits discussion the regulatory impacts analysis would
explain this much further
Liz Purchia
Press Secretary
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Direct: 202-564-6691
Produced Judicial Watch, Inc. Case No. 17-1217
Cell: 202-84 1-2230
From: Mike Darning (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:)
[mail to: mdorning@bloomberg .net]
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 3:23 P~)LL
To: Purchia, Liz; Matthew LehricH_._ _9_~_. .~-~.~~_j Reynolds Thomas
Subject: RE: Backing for claim asthma attacks, premature deaths?
Got it. Also saw that section the national climate assessment. Still
appreciate anyone who may able walk rough evidence that shows
magnitude imate change impact asthma, premature deaths 2030,
At: Jun 2014 15:10:10
Adding Liz EPA well because know Tom running around. She
can probably add more.
Just for background, note that youre right that those are co-benefits
but that doesnt make them any less real. addition, Heres what the
national climate assessment says about asthma and climate change:
Air Quality
Climate change projected harm human health increasing ground-level
ozone and/or particulate matter some locations. Ground-level ozone key
component smog) associated with many health problems, such diminished
lung function, increased hospital admissions and emergency room visits for
asthma, and increases premature deaths.1 Factors that affect ozone formation
include heat, concentrations precursor chemicals, and methane emissions,
while particulate matter concentrations are affected wildfire emissions and air
stagnation episodes, among other factors.2
Produced Judicial Watch, Inc. Case No. 17-1217
Wanner and drier conditions have already contributed increasing wildfire
extent across the western United States, and future increases are projected some
regions. Long periods record high temperatures are associated with droughts
that contribute dry conditions and drive wildfires some areas.7 Wildfire
smoke contains particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and other compounds, which
can significantly reduce air quality, both locally and areas downwind fires.s9
Smoke exposure increases respiratory and cardiovascular hospitalizations,
emergency roorn visits and medication for asthma, bronchitis, chest pain, and
other ailments.sw has been associated with hundreds thousands deaths
globally each year.
Future climate change projected increase wildfire
risks and associated emissions, with harmful impacts health.6~
Climate change, well increased CO. itself, can contribute increased
production plant-based allergenS.6,14,Is Higher pollen concentrations and longer
pollen seasons can increase allergic sensitizations and asthma episodeS,I6,17 and
diminish productive work and school dayS.I4,17,Is Simultaneous exposure toxic air
pollutants can worsen allergic responses.19Extreme rainfall and rising
temperatures can also foster indoor air quality problems, including the growth
indoor fungi and molds, with increases respiratory and asthma-related
-----Original Message----From: Mike Darning (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:)
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 3:01
To: Lehrich, Matt; .!j~Y.O!r2!QU!lQ!!l ~~2E!.JlQY
Subject: Backing for claim asthma attacks, premature deaths?
Matt, Tom, tasked with writing today story examining the claim that the climate
change regs will 2030 precent 2,700 6,600 premature deaths and
140,000 150,000 asthma attacks children.
Produced Judicial Watch, Inc. Case No. 17-1217
Can one you someone else tell send something that lays
out the evidence and reasoning? ofc 202-624-1971. far, what have found own Table 4-18 page 4-36 the
Regulatory Impact Analysis report. And, reading the table correctly
concluding that all those reductions come not from the impact global
warming carbon emissions but entirely from anticipated reductions
emissions fine particulate matter and ozone that you forecast will come
from changes made reach the carbon reduction goals?
Thanks advance for prompt response.
Mike Darning
White House Correspondent
Bloomberg News
Ofc. 202-624-1971
Twitter: @mikedorning