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Judicial Watch • JW v HHS 0430 Obamacare Security

JW v HHS 0430 Obamacare Security

JW v HHS 0430 Obamacare Security

Page 1: JW v HHS 0430 Obamacare Security


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Date Created:December 20, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 25, 2015

Tags:Security2, 0430, darrin, lyles, maximus, Basavaraju, Venkat, Ketan, schankweiler, obamacare, kevin, Friday, Wednesday, HHS, security, September, DHS, thomas, federal, david, ICE

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From: Schankweiler, Thomas (CMS/OIS)
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2013 04:31
To: Patel, Ketan (CMS/OC); Margush, Doug (CMS/O15); Oh, Mark (CMS/DIS); Basavaraju, Venkat (CMS/DIS)
Cc: Booth, Jon (CMS/OC); Carter, Danie (CMS/OC); Lindenstruth, Gregory (CNS/OC); Lyles, Darrin (CMS/OIS)
Subject: RE: Akamai security decision make.
cU.diiibd Jim :.i Wdit;ii iii /id FINA
From: Patel, Ketan (CMS/OC)
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 10:58
To: Margush, Doug (CMS/OIS); Schankweiler, Thomas (CMS/OIS); Oh, Mark (CMS/OIS); Basavaraju, Venkat
Cc: Booth, Jon (CMS/OC); Carter, Daniel (CMS/OC); Lindenstruth, Gregory (CMS/OC)
Subject: Akamai security decision make.
Importance: High
Doug /iom/Vlark/Venkat,
During ouiAkamei touch base call discussed about various security features enabled Akama
(7)[5l Daniel please chime
like get decision soori
guidance farm securit7 teem:
Akar~1aiSite Shield Summary hit www.ak:imai.c:rri brochures NolResp
NotResp anks,
L,. fficc >cxl aw: V/C lCCll lCCr
-----Original Appointment---n
From: William Floria/MAXIMUS []
Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 2:11
To: Jeffrey Benton/MAXIMUS; Burnett, Aaron (CMS/OHI); Fender, Rebecca (CMS/CCSQ); Sundar, Raj (CGI Federal)
(raj.sundar@c, Thangavelu, Raja (Non~Member) irtharigavgzbcgifederal.corr)
cthangavgicgn oderal.con*>, Barbara Eartell/MAXIMUS , Basavaraju, Venkat
Krishnamoorlhi Ganesan
Becky Fender PMP
Deputy Director Division Health Insurance Marketplace (DHIM)
Office 410-786-1006
From: HAITHAM ARAFAT [mai :timiara a4K,
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 2:33
Cbiuiiied LvyJu:i.:.l WalL;li /id roiA
To: Fender, Rebecca (CMS/CCSQ); Mansaray, Sharlewe (CMS/OIS)
Cc: Vllilliam Floria,/MAXIMUS; Jeffrey Benton/MAXIMUS; Burnett, Aaron (CMS/OHI); Sundar, Raj (CGI Federal)
Cc: William Floria/MAXllrlU swilliarrlzl~oria u7rraximus.r;orr>, Jeffrey Benton/ll/AXIMUS
, Burnett, Aaron (CNS/OHl) on. netL@cm hs.go_v>, Sundar, Raj (CGI
Federal) (raj.suncar@c0ifedera.corr) (rai,sur1dar@cgifederal.corn) , Lyles, Darrin
(CMS/OISJ Goodrich, Lynn (CGI Federal)>, Thangayelu, Raja (Non Member) (rthangav@cgi1edera.con)
,Basavaraju, Venkat
(CIVIS/OIS) , Rishi Srivastav (rsri@tav%ssiLCOrI1) ,
lvan Vinogradox/ (i_/incgLado@qssir7c.cor3),Girish Srietty (gsh ty@gs_sincQm)
, Nilin Malia 
Lc:l m, Thangavelu, Raja (N0n l/lember)
(rthangav cglfederal.coml , Barbara Bartell/MAXIMUS ,
Basavaraju, Venkat (Cl/lb/OIS) enkal asavara cmshhs. uv>, Roche, Jacqueline (CM5/CCIIO)
Vinogradov (Q/ing%1do @qs .com) ,Girisl1Shetty(gsh y@g incQm)
Cbimned Jug! au;h hr. /M FINA
Sent: Wednesday, Februaw O5, 2014 2:11
To: Jeffrey Ben:on,/MAXIMUS; Burnett, Aaron (CMS/CHI); Fender, Rebecca (CMS/CCSQ); Sundar, Raj (CGI Federal)
[raj.sundar (raj.sLndar cqifederalxom); Lyles, Darrin (CMS/OIS); mra afajigoracgcong;
Goodrich, Lynn (CGI Federal) (lynngoodrich bcgifederalxonw); Thangaveiu, Raja (hon-Member)
(rthangav cgifederalxom); Barbara Bartell/ MAXIMUS; Mansaray, Sharlene (CMS/OIS); Basavaraju, Venkat (CMS/DIS);
Roche, Jac ueline (CMS/CCIIO);W
When: TF{ursFday,
where: teweconferen
cluicllllbd tcli lii. yiti lOlA
Irthere anyone that may add value this conversation but not the distribution, please forward this them.
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail, including attachments, forthe sole use the intended recipient(s) and may
contain confidential and privileged information otherwise protected law. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure distribution prohibited. you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender, and destroy all copies and the
oigina message.
CONHDENTIALITY NOTICE: This mail, including attachments, for the sole use the intended recipient(s) and may contain
confidential and privileged information otherwise protected law. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure stribution prohibited. you are not the intended recipient, please Contact the sender, and destroy copies and the
original message.
This electronic mail {including any attachments) may contain information that privileged, confidential, and/oiotheiwise
protected from disclosure anyone otherthan its intended recipientlsl. Any dissemination use this electronic email
its contents (including any attachments) persons other than the intended recipientlsl strictly prohibited. lfyou have
received this message error, please notify the sender reply email and delete the original message (including any
attachments) its entirety.
CUNFIDLNTIALIW N01 ICE: this mail, including attachments, for the sole use the intended rec pient(s) and may
contain confidential and privileged information otherwise protected law. Any unauthorized review, use,
disclosure distribution prohibited. you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender, and destroy all
copies and the original message.
CMS00O435 ----emuma try-Jtv:-1. -:ti-t +c(vh rm--ma -i-E)i-A-
From: Schmidt, Donna (CMS/OIS)
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2014 10:13
To: Lyles, Darrin (CMS/OIS); Schankweiler, Thomas (CMS/OIS)
Subject: RE: CBS News: Security chief: HeathCare.g0v has passed security testing -ry good. very proud both you, goon world??? omm t:hmi.;JI 2,_/ice rg,1Igf )m1u:z.r)n %Irz(,e.x rm,w,/n7t /7?/rm27z:mr mid im1/r(u.wz {ts !urm frrmp
1,)iv,r,smn of, are /7/l f}7.iC emu Du/u .eri7zc t*.s
From: Lyles, Darrin (CMS/015)
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014 4:21
To: Schmidt, Donna (Ci/IS/OIS)
Subject: FW: CBS News: Security chief: has passed security testing
CBS News: Security chief: HeathCare.gnv has passed security testing >TEPH/NE CONDON
http: /www.cbsnews.t:on news securit chief heaIthcaregov has passed security tesHng/ top security off cer toid Congress Thursday that the Obamacare website passed security testing
December, and she would ecommend that its official Authority Operate (ATO) extended when the current ATO
expires March.
Teresa fryer, the chief information security officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), told
members the House Oversight Committee that before Healthcaregov launched, she wasnt confident about its
security. September, there was Ievei uncertainty the known risks Fryer said hearing before the committee,
reiterating the points she made during ciosed door meeting with the committee last month. Given those concerns, she
recommended Health and Human Services officials September that the ATO document required for the
Cbitiiiied lull lit roiA launch should not signed. HHS officials overruled her recommendation and issued temporary,
six month NO.
When launched Oct. its major technical problems were exposed, though Fryer and other
government officials noted Thursday that there havent been any successful attacks the site. nce the sites launch, security testing has continued and conducted regular basis.
Given the positive results the recent security control assessments... would recommend [] given
new authority operate when the current ATCI expires, Fryer told the committee. While noting that one can never
guarantee any system hack-proof, she noted that the protections have put place have successfully prevented
Committee Chairman Darrell lssa, .alif., his opening remarks was nevertheless skeptical. said given all the
problems with which serves the Obarracare portal for states the website still questionable its security.
The risk vulnerabilities the health care website very serious, the congressman said, given that has tentace5
some the most personal information databases belonging neultiple government agencies like the Social
Security Administration and the Departrrent Homeland Security. illustrate the enormity the lSk, lssa pointecl out the severity the security breach that hit the retail chain Target,
affecting tens millions people.
The difference between Target and other companies who dealt with hackers that dont have deliver that
information have the choice paying cash, have the choice not registering, said, contrasting that with
the mandate under the Affordable Care Act obtain insurance
Rep. Elijah Cummings, Md., the top Democrat the committee, countered that the committee ought holding
hearings into the Target breach rather than hearings about government website that never been successfully
attacked. pointed out that the Oversight Committee has held hearings this issue.
IPII aim :.imi.:i
Ky. other topic, II: sai .wi.i
thal the security irrportant, Curiiniings said the hearings continued because Republicans are still
obsessed with killing this law [and] scaring people away from
Cummings accused Republicans with cherry-picking partial information promote politicai narrative that
inaccurate. stressed that the site has now undergone full, end-to~end testing and that government officials have put strong
mitigation plan place respond attacks.
CMS00O437 cum Ju:.i.;:.L di1;ii,lu;. M4,]: DJA
From: Patel, Ketan (CMS/CC)
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2014 9:39
To: Schankweiler, Thomas (CMS,/OIS); Warren, Kevin (CMS/OIS); Lyles, Darrin (CMS/OIS)
Subject: FW: HHS security
Importance: High
[>0 am, you m.;mm~ Iemive om:rypl(=d umaibi
From: Roeder, John (OS/ASA/OCIO)
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2014 9:36
To: Hail, Sara (OS/ASA/OCIO); Patel, Ketan (CMS/OC)
Cc: Nelson, David (CMS/OIS); Ellison, Brad (OS/ASA/OCIO); Charest, Kevin (OS/ASA/OCIO) _---.. n.- ...m e:... m_.
Thank you
-Al Rnedm Roeder. CESSP fwpecsaiisi (lnfnsec) Dep;2r trm.ent Health Hurmn Services;
Cmngnuter 3