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Judicial Watch • JW v Kerry 00785 emails Kerry response

JW v Kerry 00785 emails Kerry response

JW v Kerry 00785 emails Kerry response

Page 1: JW v Kerry 00785 emails Kerry response

Category:FOIA Response

Number of Pages:5

Date Created:May 20, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 28, 2015

Tags:John Kerry, Hillary Clinton

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Dear Mr. Fitton,
The Secretary has asked respond your April letter raising
concerns regarding Federal e-mail records. assure you that the Deparunent
leadership committed preserving the documentation U.S. foreign policy and
Department operations through meeting the statutory requirements and presidential
initiatives regarding records, well ensuring that the Department maximizes
transparency embodied the Freedom Information Act. furtherance
this commitment,-the Department working closely with the National Archives
and Records Administration (NARA) regarding former Secretary Clintons
records, well pursue long-terrn solutions n-ther improve our
management electronic records covered our April response NARA
March correspondence, copies which are provided attachments for your
information. closing, appreciate your identifying the issues concern your
organization your April letter and assure you that are continually working improve our recordkeeping practices.
Sincerely, I14
Patrick Kennedy
Attachments: (2)
Mr. Thomas Fitton,
Judicial Watch,
425 Third St, SW, Suite 800,
Washington, 20024.
United States Department ofsime
il:uIuurgIurr. I).C. 20520
euui wemr,Jr.
chiefitenardaqllieerfnrtixe Gcvernrnent APR 2015
Natiohaitreiilvu and lie gnrds MIri!nlstratlan
asoaueiphi ilna_d
couue Park, 1074041101
This ietternunstltuteeour response regarding your March ietterln which you note recent NVlh-nae
article repyding the Federal Iililil records oiforrnarsectatary aisma i-iiiiery iintiham (Jinnah, wall uffarrnetseaetari lilu. Pqwell, and-Aibright. yburand have discussed, innit rvnrd
eentinuinuhe Depamnen lorutanding denwnstrated qunmumern managing our records and
leveraging ouronaoinz partnership with the National Archives and iiewrdshdminisu-anion (NAM)
addres the evolving complexities ofemaii vii-a-vi: girvernmentriiwnig iife cycle management. you are aware through our reporting overtlleyears, the Dapamnent and its leadership have the
past and mntinue taite very seriously uur rennrds menepmeni:>recponsibilities.particuiariy
embodied the President Managing eevemment ilewrds Directive and reeent amenrlnreme the
federal Iieuurde Act. understand the relationship ireiweena mind remr manuemerrt program.
the preservation anti Illa eycie rnanauernent oftha tuii dnwmentatwn the euentlai evidence our
mlnbn and operations, transparency, and Open Government. consistent with this commitment,
2013, the Under secretary ior Menawnent and our senieruenwntiidel int iieoonis. Patrick
Kennedy, neiued senior qltlr.-iais (s_eninrsponsun) torvliaw the Dapamtnfareentimullaymut.
sirheequantiy,.an EeclrI:nic Reeirriis warum Gmupvltit Sum Spartans wasfotmeil alinilauei
rnahe reenmrnendatlnns addresuiectmnie record: laqcla rnananmeut, indudin: Beiurtnieu
wide uompilannewlth the aforunernioned new mandates. Oneal that union: wusthe
premuintien iv] the senior uency idai for iiewrdi updated pulley rneseaae August 28,
2014. memorandum the Department ieedershimwhieiuuuseri proper record: manuement and
arivbaii senior ofiidais that they should not use their private email accounts ferofliciai inisines [see
atiadrment 1). October 1014. Department issued Department Nntice and cable lathe field for
all ernpiayees reminding them oftheir mpnrsihiiitiu_riH -vi: ramnis, emails, and personal auznunts
(see attachineilts 2%). Thlsls unplug eiiun designed rirelee mmpiex imqes surrounding
eie rouic,raeords manaxement issues with which you are deeply familiar the chief iieumis Dinner .fnrtheFederalGavernrnent. you itnvw, NAM has been updating its [alliance thamanasement emails furtheranneof
thatwldanee antm ensure the! our records are cumpieteesgassihia, October 18, 2014. umiar
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U5. Bcpunnontofsuw
MAR 032015
Margaret G-rafeld
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services
Bureau Administration
U.s. Department State
SA-2, Suite 8000
515 22nd Street,
Washington, 20522-0208
Dear Ms. Ginfeld:
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) concerned with the events
outlined the March 2015, article Michael Schmidt regarding the
potential alienation Federal email records created received former Secretary ofSIate
Hillary Rodham Clinton. The article also suggess potential issues with the Federal email records
created received former Secretaries State dating back Secretary Madeleine
Based this article and other news reports, NARA concerned that Federal records may have been alienated from the Department State cial recordkeeping systems.
Pursuant your Department responsibilities under U.S.C. Chapter and NARAs
authon U.S.C. Chapter 29, request that the Department State explore this matter
and provide NARA report ofhow these records were managed and the current status these
records. request that you provide with report required and described CFR 1230.14 within days the date this letter. Federal records have been alienated, please describe all measures the Department has taken,
expects take, retrieve the alienated records. Please also include description all
safeguards established prevent records alienation incidents happening the future.
Please also provide NARA all guidance and directives disseminated within the Department that
address the management email records, including those records created using personal email
.r lUV .v llClliS nlllri >rl Ivl*.Tl -.-KTIUN nurm RUAD you are unable provide report within days, please provide with interim report
indicating what actions you have taken and when you expect submit nal report
Thank you for your cooperation.
Chief Records cer
for the US. Government
cc: Ambassador Patrick Kennedy
Under Secretary for Management
Senior Agency ciul for Records Management
US. Department Stole
Washington, 20520