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Judicial Watch • JW v State 14-1511 pgs. 21-24

JW v State 14-1511 pgs. 21-24

JW v State 14-1511 pgs. 21-24

Page 1: JW v State 14-1511 pgs. 21-24

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Date Created:July 2, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 02, 2015

Tags:Obama administration, Benghazi, State Department

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OED Department State Case No. 2014~1 l262 Doc No. 005702070 Date 05/29/2015
RELEAEEIS PAEBE pa: {iTEvV EUTHORITY: Archie Bolster, Senior
Rev ewer
Meehan, Bernadette
Wednesday. September,12. 2012
Rhodes, Benjamin i__ NSC Deputy Press Secletary.
Sullivan, Jacob eir s._PhiIvppe asquez.
INTERNAL CONFERENCE CALL 9.15 discuss: USG PUDHC Response Events
Libya and Egypt
Both the President and Secretary Cllnton released statements this momlng. Both are pasted below. Please refer
those for any comments for the time being. ensure are all sync messaging to! the rest the day, Ben
Rhodes will host eonterence all tor USG communicators this cltaln 9:15AM today. call Information
below: WHITE HOUSE the Press Secretary
September 12, 2012
Statement lrythe President the _Attai:k Benghazi strongly condemn the ouu-ageous attack our diplomatic facility Benghazi, which took the lives four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Right now, the American people have the
families those lost our thoughts and prayers. They exemplified Americas commitment
freedom, justice, and partnership with nations and people around the globe, and stand stark
contrast those who callously took their live. have directed Administration provide all necessary resourca support the security our
personnel Libya, and increase-security our diplomatic posts around the globe. While the
United States efforts denigrate the religious beliefs others, must all unequivocally
oppose the kind senseless violence that took the lives thee public servants. personal note, Chris was courageous and exemplary representative the United States.
Throughout the Libyan revolution, sel essly served our country and the Libyan people our.
mission Benghazi. Ambassador Tripoli, has supported Libya transition democracy.
UNGI.-.f3 $FlED U.S. Depanm tolsiata Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05702t_J7D_ Date D5I29l2015
CIJEV J70=IED Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc co57o2o7o Date 05/29/2015
His legacy Wlll endure wherever human beings reach for liberty and justice. profoundly grateful
for his service Administration, and deeply saddened this loss.
The brave Americans lost represent the exuaordmary service and sacrifices that our civilians
make every day around the globe. stand united with their families, let now redouble our
own efforts carry their work forward.
Dftlce the Spokesperson
For Immedlate Release September 12, 2012
Statement the Death American Personnel Benghazl, Libya with profound sadness that share the news the death four American personnel Benghazi Libya
yesterday. Among them were United States Amhossador Libya Chris Stevens and Foreign Service
information Management ccr, Sean Smith. are still making next kin noti cations for the other two
individuals. Our hearts out all their families and colleagues. year veteran the Foreign Service, Ambassador Stevens died last night from injuries sustained the
attack our Benghazi. had the privilege ofswearing Chris for his post Libya only few months ago. spoke eloquently about his passion for service, for diplomacy and for the Libyan people. This assignment was _only_tl_i_e_ latest his
more than two docada dedication advancing closer ties with the people the Middle East and North
Africa which began aPeace Corps Volunteer Morocco. the conflict Libya unfolded, Chris was one the tint Americans the ground Benghazi. risked his own life lend the Libyan people helping
hand build the foundation for new, free nation. spent every day since helping nish the work that
started. Chris was committed advancing Amcrica valu and intnests, even when that meant putting
himself Hangar.
Sam Smith was husband and father two, whojoined the Department ten years ago. Like Chris, Sean was
one ofour beat Prior arriving Bmghazi. served Baghdad, Pretoria, Montreal, and most recently The zue.
All the Americans lost yestardayfs attacks made the ultimate sacri ce. condemn this vicious and
violent attack that took their lives. which they had committed helping the Libyan people reach for better
America diplomats and development expats stand the hunt lines every day for our country-. are
honored the serviceofcach and every one them.
UNCL FlED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11282 Doc No. 005702070 Date: 05/29/2015
C0570 070ED Depanmem State Case No. F-201441262 Doc co57o2o7o Date. 05/29/2015 nuwatesday.5eptenbu1_z,_2n;g :ssAM vie, Tommy Ianavjcsmegor; ventn!lph@state.9av
Subject: RE: USG
Suit: 2012 9:48
I%liIt should let State Department statement our comment for the night.
Lets oamplle for first thing the the stepsthat the USG taking WH, Stute, Don. etc that the mamlng
can use that for updltes end lnforrn press.
sent u?ay,septenn 11, 2T1: 9.4
:g M.ed1an, Bernadette; Rhnts, Benjamin 1.; Vlaor, Tumrrty; nulandw]O%.gaV; ventrelpho ate.guv;
aux: USGPubBcRupnlI:etoEventslnIJbyaardEgypt
Thanks Bernadette. OSD has received queries asking mllltary assets Ive being sent elther lontlon. Hive responded
not uur knowledge.
From Median, Bernedutn
Sun uesday, sapoenber 11, 2011 09:32
UNCL%IFED US. Department stats Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05702070 Data:D5I29/2015 IED Department State Case No. 2014-11262 Doc No. co57o2o7o Date: 05/29/2015
To: Rhodes, Benjamin ___ Vletur, Tommy
a?wEima@ ati.goV l ,___ rag;9@ga1g.aaoIsehoEvunsnLlbyaandEgypt
UNCL lFlED U.S. Departrnant-of Stats No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. 006702070 Date: 05/29/2015