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Judicial Watch • JW v State 5th production Huma emails 00684 pg 46-50

JW v State 5th production Huma emails 00684 pg 46-50

JW v State 5th production Huma emails 00684 pg 46-50

Page 1: JW v State 5th production Huma emails 00684 pg 46-50


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Date Created:May 3, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 03, 2016

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
Sunday, October 16, 2011 2:27
Huma Abedin
Re: TIME SENSITIVE AND CONFIDENTIAL Malta Trip Backgrounder for the Secretary -Confidential need enough time there meet. Hague there today and doing all the right meetings. So, copying Huma
reinforce desire squeeze more out too quick trip.
From Mills, Cheryl []
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 02:24
Subject: FW: TIME SENSIDVE AND CONFIDENTIAL Malta Trip Backgrounder for the Secretary Confidential
Fyi background
From: Kmiec, Douglas [mailtor
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 20tr5.U A~-------
To: Mills, Cheryl
Subject: TIME SENSffiVE AND CONFIDENTIAL Malta Trip Backgrounder for the Secretary Confidential
Importance: High
Cheryl know from current events that your life must whirlwind. know that there ever
was someone who could tame the whirlwind, would you.
Just read the news report the Secretarys stop Malta next week. Thank you for
arranging this. This letter and the accompanying clips believe will help make the
Secretarys visit highly successful and well received one.
The Maltese are wonderful people and our relations with both the sitting government and
the opposition could never better. Indeed, may important for Mrs. Clinton
include both the and opposition her stay. Lawrence Gonzi, the current PM,
excellent leader, but has only one vote margin the parliament. His top advisor fella
named, Eagar Curmi, and you might think include him many meetings
possible, since the relies upon him strongly.
Joseph Muscat, the opposition leader much younger, but bright and capable, and the
recent beneficiary trip arranged for him and Washington (spring 2011), where made uniformly excellent impression, especially the NSC folks, and that course, important given the sensitivities north Africa. Muscat Phd who sees himself the
mold ouf President, and does have many excellent progressive ideas. stable, and
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
highly participatory, democracy, but the parliamentary elections 2013 could either
way depending the surrounding conditions.
Neither party has brought women into the ranks office holders nearly much they
should. There are some very excellent womens organizations the country that made point encourage every turn, and they would thrilled with even few moments
the Secretarys time. Tracy Brown, the consular officer, the person who encouraged
take the lead with these groups, and she would readily help you arrange photo op/drop
by. There was recently very successful breast cancer walk, organized among others,
Betty Lee, nurse survivor, who leader assisted care the island she staff the Holy Family Home Naxxar. Grace Attard and Dolores Sammut are leaders the
National Association Maltese Women. The also has top notch thinker
commission designed evaluate the gender implications budgeting well certify
private businesses that innovative gender recruitment and promotion. Tracy can get
you the name the research commission you need it. genuine gem person the President (George Abela); former labor lawyer;
championed the cause the refugees while private practice and never hesitated
help help those seeking resettlement. very bravely co-authored essay with
speaking out against race discrimination, especially race discrimination that was sought excused the inexcusable comment oh, they are only refugees. This infuriated the
soft-spoken president much did me, and dont let the kindly demeanor fool you, both fighter, and much beloved. the Secretary wants break the ice with him,
she could compliment him his dedicated roll year after year the major fundraiser,
called listrina.
Malta making progress trafficking, but largely because convinced the police
chief (Rizzo) take personal interest. His subordinates uniformly could not see past the
streetwalker, not realizing there often conupt trafficker the shadow. The Chief has
now fully accepted the concern and with the help the Catholic organization, Caritas,
treating these women prima fade victims, that the best sociology being used
allow women speak without intimidation. There good long way go, but with the appointing Alan Caruana, high ranking utility player for the PM, chair the task
force the issue, there much progress. Tom Yeager who brought the embassy from
his naval career has this topic very well hand.
The one issue that was still fluid was SOFA. real bugaboo; part, because the Bush
people tried overreach. They frankly sent team thinking they could just push
small country around, and they created political firestorm. watch, did
number things: first, went public and asked what the neutrality provision their
constitution meant. did this since could never get straight answer, and could
make progress until got both sides (and this unfortunately political football
between the two major parties). While took little while get through all the smoke,
ultimately discovered there was reasonable agreement between the parties what
neutrality means (i.e., mutual defense alliance advance; wariness about military
engagement altogether remember this nations history being bombed 154 consecutive
days the Nazis and having resources only for small, but proud maritime force, the
AFM, under the leadership now Matthew Xuereb, but also under Brigadeer Vasallo, who just retired, but had been thought very highly Secretary Gates, who personally
signed his award the highest Pentagon honor given foreign national) but
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
willingness both supply humanitarian assistance (as they did generously our
evacuation the embassy Tripoli staff and the two hundred other foreign nationals helped get out. Edgar, the PMs assistant, wanted had start the ball rolling with the
hospital ship months ago, and assume finally got boost from McCain. Beyond that,
had pretty much secured Tonio Borg, the FMs concurrence, that soon the politics
were right, Malta would sign the NATO Pfp SOFA with such reservations might
needed respect Maltese neutrality. Muscat and the labor people, George Vella, dont
have much objection that, but they still carry old grudge against the and his party
for re-activating membership NATO Pfp without going back Parliament previous
majority having withdrawn Malta from NATO). Dr. Vella (he MD) probably has the
better the formalism this, but again, its old news, and the point needs made
clearly that Malta loses out year after year the small defense and state funds available
them for Maritime training and the like because they have dragged out this SOFA
discussion way out proportion. Muscat the leader brought into meetings,
needs hear this well.
That said, course are somewhat the source our own problem. The Navy Captains
would like SOFA, but with flexibility from their NATO commander, they will bring ships
into port waiver basis and allowed that happen, would everybodys best
interest, since would generate economic activity and demonstrate the good citizens our
service people generally are.
Economic activity from from port visits ship repair helpful conduit for
greater continued cooperation Iranian sanctions. You will remember that IRISL had
large presence f.1a1ta, and took some real hard negotiation with Tonio Borg, the foreign
minister get M!=l-ltas full cooperation. Understandable, given the significance the freen
port them, but nevertheless with the help friend and teacher, Ambassador Bill
Wood made real progress, and ultimately Malta was helpful bring Cyprus and
Greece more closely into the effort. Malta also negotiated ship boarding agreement which place; accepted training and equipment their customs port (it generous our
part, but also slows trade), and helped interdict shipment which became pivotal
part the last sanctions effort. Malta fan sanctions, and rightly, they are skeptical
and surmise all the wrong people escape their impact. Nevertheless, Malta respects our
judgment the risk, long level with them, and not overstate.
There probably more, and willing fill gaps can useful. The Maltese are
justifiably proud their ancient, Arabic-based language, the Secretary can would
great portion her remarks could given her Maltese. can help with that
you get paragraph, -alternatively, can put you touch with former Malta
Ambassador Egypt, George Doublesine, who would delighted translation for
her, and who also quite expert Egypt which could prove useful the months
ahead. Seeing the shortness time, have done short statement end this letter. suspect the full diplomatic corps will come out, they should. There are some very good
friends America the group: most notably, Tomaso Caputo, the archbishop and papal
nuncio; Anne Quinane, the high commissioner Australia; Jean-Francois Delahaut
Belgium;_Caroline Gudenhaus Austria. The Egyptian ambassador, Abdel Mawgoud
Elabashy, good friend, and Mrs. Clinton again could find his advice useful the
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
months ahead. has two very talented daughters, Hannah who did her undergrad
Harvard and Farrida who just started Grinnell. special note Gabriel Gabi Taweel the Palestinian Authority; sharp, witty, good friend the U.S., anxious get
genuine two state solution place, and also the brother Suha Arafat, the widow
Yasser, who residence Malta.
The new building: course magnificent, and the construction delays were all
origin; when got there, the project had slipped l?ecause the absence confirmed
ambassador, because there was nepotism problem with the project manager, who turn
had problems keeping engineers. quite frankly made nag myself OBO until they
helped put people place that could finish the project the quality and specification high standard both because conceive Malta important regional north-south
facilitator important security and trade information, and because Malta allowed
build acres less the heart their national park which very popular.
compensated part building well the quality the construction will obvious) and
several Maltese business men (Winston Zhara and James Satariano) helped solve the
so-called labor shortage (which really was just product the prior bad management).
there luncheon include pro-American business types, they should thought of. the embassy, Mrs. Clinton will remember that while the mechanicals won LEEDS
award designation for efficiency; had expected, and some degree, made known our
plan build sun shade over the parking lot which would serve platform for solar cell
technology which could pick much percent the power need. again nagged
poor Deputy Secretary Kennedy get the funding, which got for the cells, but not the
sun shade platform. hope Charge has kept the encouragement this funding,
since there place earth that should not dependent carbon fuel, since has
none, and dependent wind and solar since has this abundance1 .4(0), Malta. CIA PERS/ORG
The largest part our team the embassy the navy/coast guard/ ncis contingent
that has established Maritime trainin with the AFM ood success. The
defense attache there now new ~.,.--------,---------.,.::-:---..,------------,,--. CIA PERS/ORGoved .and hardworking- and good effect, patrolling the waters and the ports for
drugs, traffickers, and terror related figures.
Our biggest LES component the local guard. They take great pride working for the
embassy, and they des.e rve special praise; Joe Cordina and Ray (sorry forgot the last name)
are the chief and deputy. There are number women guards who hired again
matter gender outreach (Jo Micallef; Sandra; Evelyn; Dorianne; Mary Grace) there photo with personnel, they deserve notice.
Well, Cheryl, hope you find this helpful. you can see, took great pride work for
President Obama and the Secretary, and even greater pride how well our country had
come regarded under President Obamas leadership: never anticipated that would
not there the tarmac Luqua when the Secretary arrived, but happiness great
knowing that going happen. bit surprised, course, that the President
accepted offer resign when was simply carrying forward what josh Dubois the
White House called the special presidential logic assignment, but fear there was
just some very unfortunate miscommunication which gave the Secretary the sense that
were swimming direction that would have raised constitutional issues. know that
wasnt the case, and for the last weeks had anticipated returning duty when the
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016
President and/or the Secretary had time see that what were doing the intimate
knowledge this letter written memory think reveals was the full complement
work for Embassy Valletta, plus. The plus still well worth undertaking, since the ideas
that will need explored promote inter-religious harmony the Arab democracies
still need great attention. can rest assured that those who would provoke difficulty
fostering religious division will so.
Forgive for having Mr. Smith goes Valletta moment, but b~lieve deep down Mrs Clinton and myself having emerged from the same Edgewater beach cradle, walked the
same WPA sidewalks Park Ridge, and had similar parental perspectives though Dad
was Kennedy Democrat through and through, and got the sense that Mr. Rodham was different mind nevertheless with similar origin, and cultural formation, feel about
the same love country.
All this likely surplusage the fine advance work and briefing supplied the highly
capable Rick Mills and his excellent assistant, Rebecca. let know can help
r~turning post any other way.
Very respectfully,
Doug not knowing the Secretarys remarks, here short Maltese passage; wherever possible have chosen words that with little study can pronounced easily and look somewhat
like our own vocabulary:
The following which includes some endearing self-depracating humor may fill the bill nicely:
Malta good friend the United States because good friend peace. Malta
knows the price war and the price always too high. Maltas influence highly
stable democratic Republic, knowledgeable trading partner, and geographic link
better north-south and interfaith understanding did good friend Doug Kmiec help with
this translation?). very pleased see this excellently completed new embassy.
sign our confidence Malta and our gratitude for helping Ambassador Kmiec and
Charge Mills come the aid our Tripoli staff caught the crossfire Libya and the role has played giving humanitarian relief.
Malta huwa habib i-istati uni minhabba ilhuwa habib paci. Malta jaf il-prezz tal-gwerra ;-prezz huwa dejje, gholi wisq.Influwenza Malta bhala repubblika demokratika hafna
stabbli, bhala msiehba kummercjali infurmati bhala rabata geografika ghall-fehim
tramutan a-nofsinhar ur-religjonijie ahjar habib tieghi Doug Kmiec taghmel din ittraduzzjoni ?). am) kuntent hafna tara dan ambaxxata gdida eccellenti tlestew huja
sinjal fiducja taghna fMalta gratitudni taghna ghall-ghajnuna ambaxxat Kmiec
waslet ghall-ghajnuna tal-persunal Tripoli taghna maqbuda fil-crossfire fil-Libja ur-rwolo
kellha taghtighajnuna umanitarja.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2015-06322 Doc No. C05927844 Date: 03/01/2016