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Judicial Watch • JW v State Clinton Petraeus emails 00689

JW v State Clinton Petraeus emails 00689

JW v State Clinton Petraeus emails 00689

Page 1: JW v State Clinton Petraeus emails 00689


Number of Pages:6

Date Created:October 14, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 20, 2016

Tags:unwarranted, Madame, semen, 00689, Petraeus, bailey, Material, unclass, privacy, release, message, Emails, clinton, FBI, FOIA, CIA

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iluiierl smcs nepmmcm nrsmc
Wmhinglnn, or. 2052
October 14. 2016
Segmenr: 117870001
Ms. Kale Bailey cial Walclr
425 Third 5:. SW. Suite 800
Vnsliingion, 20024
Deer Msr Bailey: refer our letter dated March 2016 regarding die release ofccmin
Department ofSlale records under the Fleedom Information Act (the POI/V), USC, 552. The search cfthe materials provided the Deparlrnenl rhe FBI
resulte the retrieval oftwo documents responsive your r=qucsL Aner
reviewing Lhese ducumems, have determined that the iwcl documents may
released pan.
All rclcascd material mcloscd enclosure explains the FOIA enempudns and
other grounds for wiihholding material, Where haw: msde excisions, rlie
applicahlc FOIA exemptions are marked each ducumeni A11 min exempr
lnfeunerlen that reasonably segreguble Lmm ure erempi marerinl has been
mieased you have any questions, your umcy may mnlact Trial Attorney Andrew
Carmichael (202) 514-3345 AlldreW.:.Carrnichdel@ usdu .gov. Please refer the case number shown above and the civil mien number, lsecveooasa, all
communication regarding uris case.
Quad? (UM
Eric Stein, Acting CarDlrector Information Programs and Services
Enclosurts stated
Freedam ounrar inn man usc 552)
mu) wmmrdrng spaancany aumonaed under Exeowve Order rna rnrensr narianal defense
lomign pollcy, and pmpany dassl cd.
Expnnive order gzgsa amndg gss caglun caregpnea:
mra) nrlrrary plans, systems aperarions
1.40:) ruergn governmnm rnionnanan
1.4m lnelligence amines, scum rnernods, raypmlpgy
um) Foreign ralanans lareign adivmes rlre nding aanrldemral scams
ure) sdenurrc, raannplagrarl emnenue matters ralarlng naLmal Sammy,
lndudrng derense agarnsrrransnaadnal rarmnsnr usc pmgranns ldr saftguavdlng nudear rnabarlals radlilier
1.4m) Vulnc ahilitksor rapapllnns syslans, msrallauans lnrrasuunuras, rare ed; plans pnateeuon mitts mlanng nabanal sacumyr Including
aeransa againsl bansnarlonal rarransnr
(in inrdrmardan weapans mass nnlnn
(h)(1) aalarad salary die lntzmal parsbnnal rules and Danica agency.
(m3) Speci cally exempted horn dlsdosule slarube (amar man semen sszb cHme 5), ed;
xml lrnnugramn and Nabanalny usc Saaapn lzuzm Carnal Inw igencz Agznq 49,11 us: Section 13(9)
ARMEX Anna Ewan cowal Au. usc 2773(e)
mam- Expert Adrnrnrsuanan 1979, App. use 211mm)
(bra) Pmrlagad/mnndenual bade seams, mmmerual nanda lnfnrmalion rrom person
(bxsr Imelagemy Intriragency mmunka cns (armlng pan owe dalrberarwe aromas,
attmbey drunr prmlage. amarnzy work pmdun.
(bxs) Release wadd mnsLiluu clearly unwarranted rnyasnrn persunal privacy.
(bm) xnlarrnauan aprrrprled for law anrcmanenr purposes dial would:
(A) lnneriere widr enrdrsenrenr proceedings (a) nepnve person oia lab trial.
(c) Cunsmute unwarranted invasion personal privacy.
(n) Dlsdose mnnaenualspurses.
(E) inuesrigaupn mama.
(r) Endangel lne primal safety any rndnndual. Marenal not mponsrye yaur FDIA mum exam aurardarrse with our agraernenr
WWII]. 552
(dxs) Iniannauan mmpiled reasonable anriarpanon amn pmceedlng.
(nu) CIA records.
(m2) Enroraamenr aiairnlnal raw, lndudng errans prevent. normal, reduce crime apprehend
cnmlnals, exaem recnn avreslr
(xxx) oasslnad pursuant mass are mares! nabanal defame iaretgn Ddltv such
rnrallrgenae souraes and mermds.
(30(2) lmstrgarury matedal compiled law enraroemenr purpusa.
may Regarding bmrzm servrees Preside! in: rndivldual Dursunnk ls, usc,
Secuun 3556.
00(4) Required suture maintained used solely manual regards.
0(5) Invaugawry medal non-lulled salary lor pal-vase determimng sullablllly Illy
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wnldr would reveal ldenmy are persun wha rurnrsnnd lnrannanon pursuanr prdrnrs. may ldenmv would neld dewe.
(Idle) material used mderennrnd Individual dualmeanuns (or appalnrrnanr womauan
Federal service. Ideise wmrld cumpmmlseme using win plums.
(k)(7) Materlal used aerennlrre perennial var pmmaaun are armed servings. xnrornrandn amnt anomr gem persons mum Goa cansmul: record abaur requgsler ned ure mess pmvision prune Privacy (semen (a) (1)) and wnrdr may nor released
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mnaerned (mun (rm. Mamnal not punsive ypur pnuaey reaum.
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmenlmsme Case mum 05052 Doc 005146950 Dse.1D/14/2015
Dawn Pawns
nnamcmmneman cam
SIM WWW RELEASE ANY Madame Secrelery phone can
rcngma Messager
From. [ma hnrzz ldmtanemaw cam)
Scnt Wednesdav. 13mm 23, zone 9-33
To; Fetraeus, Dawa GEN USA
5mm: renew
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mm: the best
Orig-rm Mgssage-
Flam Puraeus, Dawn GEN usA
Data: Jan 2on9 07:55
Subject RE: mow
Madame sec: again var kalmnv
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UNCLASSIF Departmemolsale Case F~2o1w5052 Doc cuaiaasen Dme u/wzms
UNCLASS FIED Depanmentofsme Case mum-05052 [205146990 Dale mu/2015 Dave
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rmm, Dawn weuaeus
Yo, Mary nmn
52m Jan 13, 2009 5-24
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