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Judicial Watch • JW v State Mills logo email 01511 pg 11

JW v State Mills logo email 01511 pg 11

JW v State Mills logo email 01511 pg 11

Page 1: JW v State Mills logo email 01511 pg 11


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Date Created:January 4, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 04, 2016

Tags:warnhol, ttfought, touts, tomam, tiaror, thene, logo, 01511, cheryl, Wednesday, Mills, email, unclassified, department

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department Statet .Case .F-?014-1126? noc No. C05895603 Date: 11/12/2015 a1ned Judicial 71/atch, Inc. via FO!A
Su,bj~c-t: .R,~: Fwd: New l,ogps
From:: :Jean-Lou1s war:nhoIZ
Date: 9-/ 14/12., ..= 6_,_-1~ p:M.:___-_
Tp: Cheryl Mill~ r~~lly the ~~r:nill,56.rp.up ifi.~~ris :~e r.iffo~t (first .~ttat~~V1eh0, ~Ith ti!~ ~1.egar;l: l~s ci.~a.~ an~ com p~lllng. still-have res ervatiCms abo u.t the two g.,ob_t?$. It.Just feels bit .~enerk.-to. me.
..,. ..,~---- Or-iginal-Na-ittiri~nt ......
...._ tiaror.n; Tf1u.t3 Sep :io.i~~ 2.3li7:24-...;04:00 >...VQn: Cheryl Mll!~
=:=~ ~=====--->.> An-: Jean.L.ouis Warnhol~I~_:_~_ __,
-=-- -....,.. > Fw.a:
T---:- --:-- Fe~~ 11aed)jl~sa9e ...,----=-.., Fr,.om:,J dyTrat;; s1._~----~~---- .>. Q~~.e~ THY.~ ~~- i.Gi12.:~t ~~311?.fi!f ~-S~~ie.ct.:_filew L:oQas :r:o:I
:>. >:the best Ambassador the Foreign.Se-rvit::e. >.. give :y,o Al1.~ g.rin:touts of-thene~ lqgtj,s:o.rr.iofrow thin:!< they are greatt:thit ttfought.~~u like loo~:at the.m ~v.~nhe we~~~nd.
Sending heart hug y~u Much love--Judy F.rom: Marty Erhar.t Sent: Wednesday, pter(iber l?, 2012 8:55 >:To:J1,1dyTrabuJsl
>>Subject: R-e: L~aving for :l.1 tomam:>w momin HIJudy,
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05895603 Date: 11/12/2015