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Judicial Watch • JW v. State Mills Response to Interrogatories 01363 pg 3

JW v. State Mills Response to Interrogatories 01363 pg 3

JW v. State Mills Response to Interrogatories 01363 pg 3

Page 1: JW v. State Mills Response to Interrogatories 01363 pg 3


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Date Created:August 9, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 09, 2016

Tags:Platte, conversation, Networks, River, interrogatories, Pagliano, recall, bryan, clintonemail, Clintons, 01363, response, Mills, email, Secretary, State Department, department

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apply and identify all information sufficient permit Plaintiff contest the claim privilege
and permit the Court reach determination concerning the validity the claim privilege,
together with the factual and legal basis for the claim privilege.
Describe with specificity each conversation you had with Bryan Pagliano
concerning the setup the system that hosted Secretary Clintons and Ms.
Abedins email accounts, including, the extent such issues were discussed,
any and all server( used for the system and accounts, when the servers and accounts were set up,
who set them up, where they were set up, how they were set up, and why they were set up. Also
include your answer, when each conversation took place, names all persons present during
each conversation, method communication (whether person otherwise) and the
approximate duration each conversation. You may limit your answer the time period after
you left the State Department around February 2013.
Response: recall having conversations with Bryan Pagliano, which believe were telephone,
three time periods following February 2013: around March 2013, when the email account Sidney Blumenthal was
compromised hacker known Guccifer. recall, these discussions
involved whether this event might affect Secretary Clintons email; around Spring 2013, during the transition Platte River Networks.
recall, these discussions were the context contract negotiations with Platte
River Networks and involved how the needs the system would met the services proposed Platte River Networks; and and around Summer Fall 2014, when were seeking gather Secretary
Clintons emails provide those that were work-related the Department State. recall, these discussions involved whether Platte River Networks would have
the technical capacity and the appropriate source from which gather Secretary
Clintons email from the system.