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Judicial Watch • JW v State Soros Albania 01012

JW v State Soros Albania 01012

JW v State Soros Albania 01012

Page 1: JW v State Soros Albania 01012


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Date Created:September 7, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 02, 2018

Tags:01012, Albania, Soros

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United States Department State
Washington, D.C 20520
September ZOI
Case No. 2017-09463
Segments: IFS-0001 Tirana-OOOI
Mr. William Marshall
425 Third St., SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Dear Mr, Marshall: response your request dated March 2017, under the Freedom Information Act
(the room, use 552
Review documents potentially responsive your request remains ongoing. have
located documents responsive your requests After reviewing these documents,
have determined that may released full and may released part enclosure explains the FOIA exemptions and other grounds for withholding material.
Where have made excisions, the applicable OlA exemptions are marked each
document. All released material enclosed. you have any questions, you may contact Assistant US. Attorney Daniel Schaefer,
(202) 25272531 Daniel.Schaefer@usdoj.govr Please sure refer the case
number, F72017-09463, and the civil action number, 17-cv-01012, all correspondence
about this case.
kiwi/KW Stein, Director Information Programs and Services
Enclosures: stated.
The Freedom Information Act USC 552)
FOIA Exemptions
(in) Information speci cally auutorized executive order kcpl secret the interest
national defense foreign policy. Executive Order 13526 includes the following
classification categories,
1.4(3) Military plans, systems, operations
1.4(b) Foreign government inronnation
1.4(c) Intelligence activities, sources methods, cryptology
1.4(d) Foreign relations foreign activities ofthe us, including confidential sources Ate) Scienti technological, economic matters relating national security,
including defense against transnational terrorism
174m Government programs for safeguarding nuclear materials facilities
l,4(g) Vulnerabilities capabilities ofsysterns,insta11ations, infrastrucoires, projects,
plans, protection services relating national security, including defensc
against transnational terrorism
1.4(h) Wcapons ofmass destruction
ma) Related solely the internal personnel rules and practices ofan agency
(h)(3) Speci cally exempted from disclosure statutetother than usc 551), for ermmple;
ARMSEXP Arms Export Control Act, soa ust: 24110:) PERSIORG Central intelligence Agency Act 1949, usc 403(g)
EXPORT CONTROL Export Administration Act 1979, use App. Sect 241 Re) ACT Foreign Service Act 1980, use 4004
INA immigration and Naxionality Act use 1202(0, Sec. 222(1)
IRAN Iran Claims Settlement Ad, Public Law 99-99, Sec. 505
(h)(4) Trude semis and dmlial commercial nancial information
(bXS) interagency intro-agency conunuoications forming part tho dclihetntive process,
ammeycliem privilege ottomey work product
(hxo) Personal privacy information
aim) Law enforcement information whose disclosure would:
(A) interfere with cnfommtent proceedings
(B) deprive person ofa fair trial
(C) constitute unwarranted invasion ofpersonal privacy
(D) disclose con dential sources
(E) disclose investigation techniques
(F) endanger life physical safety ofan individual
ants) Prepared lay for govcmrncnt agcncy regulating supervising nancial institutions
(b)(9) Gnological and geophysical information and data, including maps, concerning wells
0mm Grounds for Withholding Material not responsive FOIA request excised with the agreement 13me requester
UNCLASSIFIED Depa menlof Slae Case No. F-2017-09463 Dec No, (205353332 Date 09/07/2017
ansmm 59AM
5mm Com
smm- YImnn wghugnvs In! MaIrJI
ww- 1mm .m- zummmmn
AclIon mmmm qszs Few swam.
mum; sENsmvE
Sumeu: Wan: Hgmgms (wvlulc nvsmm uncm mummy. vesmvdiy: uummmsmwmuu mm. museums
5mm 5m. Kuxhl mun New, {Mum .qu Macrdonuznd Album and Dnen Suck
rmaaxaanqsmsAmman) mum,mm.mrmuamom so: -AIhanalFUSA)ana Maurinmlhiun inq
ham nsAIn have new: {onlmvrvsialsuuzn WWW Imam Mm, Sumeludm behrv:
xhuu 1.2mm av! ullvmalzlyzrmg 3w: Mmmtv an! Iek-or-cenler invammem Imam
pawn Mum..mmmmmmnm sum mmmum. mwummwmm hwlwardvenzmnywiuuyllale
murnnnnn xuppnn .va (column! can humnmlmuv inwrlvwnnunad warn
datum! mm. inul mumm Hum mnipu umg 1mm reimmmexenmnnulvvev mew miry.) mun thmugan: vaul m,- Memircpane mmmm gmmm dedxlon weunenanpliulmnnnd
MumwupumnlduwmzmsluvlhcveklngHodmilcn lysal lust-:2revmmhasbeendehve Mad-Irennnedmalm
mm. mum. wasnxpgck rcunzn Va: wpnunmgammm
mummmm mmmmmmn (Cnmmzm rheaarliammiimilonwrewmImumtusmmeamhudsman
mm.1mmmm[.mmmmmuwmmaym Iran arm atoms)
sau mmgmnlmmmznu nngmpd Intnlm unm- Mam wmely mama the Amhaxndwfs unmmmvm
Imam: sulcd mm: mm. mpmzn w... analllenlnmwu mm. mar: nun I...
newenuly mu,mmgmywmmmnmummy:u.aamm.m, w.u haveawlu xupnun. MMWM
may mm. new mac aan-amm Iqalwvnmmeeand him annu wmba!
chm: mam: man Imurllalmanneui Ihununvypveaaru antlenmm WWW, mm}: new-1n! iImzrlmm
mmmmmnymew mum Pres-Hem Bull! gm: decree INHInrMImnzr, (tummuu
some mean: .mbmamsmmm rvIlImm uHmmu Intenw Mvmnuwmlruhm. malz amnvllklxmdur
cum/MN pm. when .uamam
nnmunsy- nmkmwm mmm ,,_
mm... Am.
UNCLASSIFIED U.$ DepanmentofSIale Case F72017709453 Doc {308353332 Date 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED U.S Departmental Slate Case F-2017-09463 Doc (306353335 Dale 09/07/2017
Flam: SMARI Ardwu
sm. SIS/Ems SMART Colo
Suhecr Albania Hosls aalazns Reglmal Summn cve, May 154
nmlnro Jun us, 2olslo5wazlun
Acllnn wasnoc sEcsmE awn/ laszs PGOV, PREL. PYER. PHUM. SOCI, ms. Kw, sum. meu, Kvou, mac, AL. ZI.
suolool, Almmn Husls Balkarvs REgInnal Summll we, Miy IE-Ei, 21:15 (soul summon May lam, lne governmenl ololoanla hosled lilsl regional Counlanng
vlolem Exlrermsm (0le sunmuu buildlng Ine February whlle House cvz Summil Washlnglon, ac. was REGIDNAl (v: eonleyenee lne Balkans mil ylnmlnenlly leawred civil soclely speakers. the
:unlzmnze pllmary laws was {he wolenl unemlsm linked How 1mm Ivan and
even! Included some 130 panlcipanls Miniszers lnlerlor and thergavemmenI omuals, CIVKI any,
lgoyelnmenu. and the prime senor lrom [he Balkans region, well veoresensasiyes Ironl Ihe
Unwed sieves, Ausmi. Bulgana, uennmk, name, Gelmanv, lloly, The thwlands, mm, and (h: UK, well mulllaleri oodles, Includmg Eurapean union 1m}, rganizatinn In: secunly and Enupualion Europe
losczl, counell Europe (can, uniled Niunns (um, Reglnnal Cnupevalxcn Coun [REC], Hedayan, and Global
(nmmunily Engagemznt and Reslllenze rund (cam). May 19, Ihe (wn :ivll soclely-locused days,
paniclpanu explnled oolenlsal dliVeIS violent exlremlsm reg-on. dlseussed 1:19 EIVII satiely
irl Implemenllng :vz programs, and considered how local govemmenls_:an walk address ml; mmpllcilrd
issue. the May governmenf day locused lmponam developing ineluswo nallona! cvz
slralegies, svenglhenlng relauonship helween law enlommenl and communllles, and addressing social,
pollxlcal, and economle ones bulld summer eommumues the Ilnal day May zl, smallu sump
cominued Iethlmlnly wovkshop ma: examined role mol {Echnolngy can play promosing and
conllonunu Vlolent emem-sm, lollowod discussinn dzvzlnp proleu proposals lucusinx lnzeryemlon.
educauon, and mum, under Secvearv slale In: CNiIlan Securily. Germany, and Human moms
Salah Sewall led lnErragErlzy oelegallon add-non exlenslvo Embassy represenlallon even,
lnzludmg Ambassador Donald olllclals llorrl Deommenss sme. Iusllce, and Nomeland Secunry. and
usAlD alxo oar: oaled, conlorenoe men Med lick onrusl belween some [he munmes,
clear challenge desoevalely needed reg-anal coopemlon. also messed ma: sucrasslul cvz ons
reowe close coooemlon buwearl :enual (avemmem, local government oyll satiety, and rehglous
communilles The Ennlerenc: hlghlighled Ine growlng numbzralCVE amymmnd potentiallundirlglov
UNCLASSIFIED Departmemofstale Case F~ZD17~05463 Dal: {205353335 Dale 09/07/2017
UNCLASSlFiED U.S. panmenicf Slae Case No. F-2017-09453 Doc (305353335 Dale 09/07/2017
addillonal acuvi ll: 1mm lne rnsernalronal sommunlly rne balkans, eonlinue
lmplemenianon ine wnne Manse EVE Summrl iolloweon aerlon agenda, our [mhassles will need ensure
any new programs nor overlay wlh olner cvz proresls END SUMMARY.
Day One May )9: [u] Opening Ramavks: Summil opened wIlh remaiks ham Saimh ihlll, Albinll Minlsler
Interim, who acknowledged lh! {hallenge oVCVE and Snake same Dime moi causes alsn emphasized
rne rrnoorranee cooperziion and nanonal anion plans. under Seerelary (u/si for Civilian aerurrry,
Demosrasy. and Human nigms, saran sewall, urged allendees crease Westem Balkans naalealrranbn
Awareness Nerworl lnANl, drarr comprehensive nauonal slraloeles, and train lianlrlm: ials and sun
socielyon ideniriyrng possible vlolenl extremisls (slim Minlslers generally slressed rmporlance :ooberalion. our Munienegro and mono provided
panicularly lllusualive lnlewenllnns, Croalian Munster inlellul Rinkn Ostoilt lumwaged allendees
mall homework mar iney sari iullrl slandards, slnee rim hear inrngrbey can oreuenl radisalualron,~ Monrenegnn Deousy oilmenor lyan luanisevlsoresemed Monmnegru slouirpuinl
locus CVE shah :ombal letrorlsm, line wilh LIN SECUHIV Cnurml Rewlullcn 2118-,Ieuislauve
whims criminallle actions persons who lecmlt, nance, lead, nigarlize aimed swims, aperiliunil
movers Inn wllh INYERPOl and regional oiganilalluns; and reglnnil :uoperztiail Szrhlarl Mlnlsler [he
Interim Nehuisa Sllfznuvic discussed [he financing levmr Olynilallwn: and the [he Kuminova lncl enl, and IKE! Events Basins, examples Illa! (error male and male nirsem. (Note, April 17, [2(Elllv lcallzed gunman dunked police slalian lvumlk, Busnla and Herman killing on! palltz
oiiiser and wounding lwo more belore being sirol poise, May elasn oeeorred Kumnnovo,
Macedanla. belween like lain: 1nd armed glnup Annmans lde (hemmlvas the Mammal
iroeranon Army,~ resulnng casuallres hum srdes End More) added mar (annul allow
organrzanons cal rnernselues liberal-on mavemeni and Szrblas goal oroseeule rnose rnar orooanale
radical ldeul slelanoyrs Snake ahnul Serbias legislallnn and legal arllonsro oroseeure and llmil lno azliv EXUEmiSIS (sail) session incused loeal research, and speakers oresenlod rewiu eomplered and ongoing
researsn rnlo lne demographics and dlivers vielunt exuzmlsm. the locus snis session was elirnlc
Albanians [he aallrans researsners agreed llral rile radisallmion among Albanians slaned irom Masedonra,
men Kasai/a, reaching Albani: lno end. Giei Vurrna irom rne Alban lnsulule lor nomosrasyand
Med-anon lluM} presenled rniormalron Project Plevunhng nelrgrous Radlmllzallon which
analyzed oolenlral drwers ylolenl esrremrsrn nibanra 1nd Albanian perreolrons aboul lailh andradrralism inerr (ammunmas norlan denala, Head the xosoyn tenler sesurllr srudlcs (lrcssi, spoke soous his
cenrers reeenrly-Iaunshed oroiesl rmeryrowlng relurnees lrorn Syria and llleir iamilies aenala sonrrasled
uiolenr errremlsrn wim sonseryansrn, noring mar conseryarlves are nor necessarily ylolenl. when dISCUSSln
reasons ior the high radisalirallon xosovo. neilala oolned mar kosouo rnlernalronal isolaslon, rumpled
wrrlr poverty and lick governments sonlasr wlm endangered eomrnunrlies, mnlnbuied {his onenomenon.
lie also spoke polenlral benelns engaemg (enaln lelumees, many whom are regroriul, ior mumek
messaging eamoaigns. lndeoendem researsner Adrian smunl explored [he role soeral media, emanasrrrng
lnai rnurn weapon olllnad gun bomb, and many lamdlzs are Illrzqulpped iigm
.nlluenee, Shlum also oresenled researsn Ievzzllng roar lne average age fuielgn ngniers irom Albanla was
noarly decade older liran llral Kamila and Masedonra, ingnlrg gine lmpnnanw larloring social media samoargns lrgm susn inlolmahon addirron, researen inund inaz rne rnosl radicallzed communllies
xosoyo eornsided wllh rile loearron lorergn-iundod :haillies snar were shin down 2014 Kama pollse lor suspecled rerrorlsl iinannng acllvllles, cLAssIFchYIoN: UNCLASSIFIED classrrroauon UNCLASSlFlED lsENslllvE)
UNCLASSlFlED Depanmem Sale Case F-2017-09463 Doc C06353335 Dale 09/07/2017
UNCLASSlFIED DEpa menlolSlale Case No. F-2017-09453 DOC C05353335 Dale 09/07/2017
Classi callon: UNCLASSIFIED (SENSITIVE) (sun) Sui diseussed Innovative rrull seeiecy plugrams. lleisSuleirnan nexlieol, Head Matedoma
lslami: communiiy, eniiariasized rne lule olilie many assailalions within iiie Muslim somrnirnlry leaKhln
vulnerable yauiii Emir Knvazevk lrorn ine aosnia liner-religious Council oresenied lils anlxall ons
caovdirlalion ioini condemnaiions exrrernisni auaeks and engaging auialic lerunis exnlollng lairn and
laraiueness speakers mi; session addressed ilie mnmhmlng role reeenr zlkan oonllisis, adding mar
Securing iiisriee, linisliinn reeonciliarion, and orosecurlngwar mines derer uioleni earreniisni. end oline
session (unssnediiledi, Bulgarian Ambassador ll: Albanla delivered message lrani ine Depuiy
irie lnrerior lri wnicli lie noiea lire imoonanee oorder securiry and elneieni exchange inlormazion.
also nosed rise convelsmrls inio lslarn zmung nama rornniimiiy, (soul Sasslnn addressed lie role newand exisllrig null smmrv ini lives llial counier violenr
earremisni leaaela xlslr lrorn rrie Helsinki commiuee Ior Human kigllls Serbia snake abour rlie Helslnkl
commiiree oolreacn Sandzdk, wliere seas olrlie oopularion under age and sins are unemplavld. nie
oulreach ploiect connecled and yourli. Illibllllg born overcome ineir misconceplions and oreiiidiee areruli severalouireacn oar cloanls nave lorrned Macs, and yoxreporlihairheychangeoineiroamions
alrer dari ipaiing cornmlriee wolkshop. Ms. alsn called lor rosier cr/cvz expens made
available NGCs region, explaining mar isoiien dri euli lor Ncono seizure exnen speakels men even raoian znillo irorn Open Soriery roundarion lor Albania explored rne barween
yielenl Extremism and organized rrime, arguing inar organized crime type vlulelu Extremism. Glanlusa
noun. Regional nirerror lnrernarlonal olllce Migraiion (IOM), spoke aboui ouildirre women
assoeialions cornrnuniiies, noiing illai rredioiliry problem can only solved working closely and
iransoarenilv wish :ornniuriily. especlally wlili loeal and religious leaders. Kllsllnl Vuku, juurnallsl lroni
rlie Balkans lnvesllgahve Repomng Netwolk, noied llie role rho niedro, especially local media, driuer
uioienr exirernisrn, adding mar more niusi :arelul ahoui lidw irrey delwer srories url oleni exirernisrn
Mosi speakers agruad rirai the role isonseryaiiyei imams oreuenlina oreounierlne ladicalixallnn uiolenre was croeial, esoerially rural areas where loeal eoyemrnen barely aresenr {saw sess addressed ine role rnu oal gavelnmenu lii ionnierine uioieni exrrernirrn. (More: inis
was rhe rnosi dilliculr session orean ire because lew rnunieioaliiies ilie aalkans acknuwla role
responsioiniy lddressmwlulem exrremisni, End Nore) Moderaior llrnorliy [wry lrom rne u.s creoanrneni Homeland Sewllly discussed ihe neeo develop slraiegies lnal are iailored and adaoiaole, oilerinir
examples lrani rne ux, irie Neinerlands, and the Unired snares nveslgillnns umcer lauke Oslngn liom Publl: Prosemllon ollire Neinenands sunk! about iniiiaiiues Amhem, iierlierlands, using
susrornired approasn rearli each radlealired lAdlvldual and oblainlng uselul iniormaiion, eyen inai
inlorniarion nor inrended, used ler prosecurion The dilierence oeiween de-radinaliranon and
disennaazmeni was also discussed. since nor every person wirn radlcil views reoresenis seeurlw lhlea
should aiienroi nave rhern diseneaae lrorri iriolenr arrions. even nor sireseed de-ladlcallxlng mern
iaay all. [u] adenine Remarks. Albanian Prime Min-sier Edi Rama used opening remarks, wliizli were widely
covered press, oui lorili Albanios oorsoociiye key lSSvES wirli EU. Mm, and oliier aallran
eouniries, Rama lemalkzd mar lire rurrenl peaee oppnnunily for lire ealkans liberate ilxell lrum inn
diclalorshlo uni-e gnosu llie past, addmg iliar llrne iia slap looklng hack need look ahead. llama said mar Albania needs ine suppori ihe iis pallnev and Balkan countries are rloser (I!
ihanlnny or: each ollier. norm common plublem. Rama said lie liooed rliai ilie Summll will
con willingness parlirioariis lenr lerrorisin rioi iusi lane lane. lain wiih ideology, mechanisms,
and spirir.
UNCLASSIFIED Departmental Slate Case F-2017-09463 Doc C05353335 Date 09/07/2017
UNCLASSlFIED Depanmenlof Slate Cage F-2017-09463 Doc 006353335 Dale 09/07/2017
CLASSIFICAT ON: UNCLASS FIED classlnoalrdn: UNCLASSKFIED (SENSITIVE) 1U)Ramamen oliered careered chduehrs reginml issues Albania sirdnely supoons lhe need include
more all ebunrrres rne aalkans, and especlally Monceneero. Albanla suppons Kosovn bemmlng closer
NMO and annealed rhe lor uisa lioeraliralion lhac Kasai/o would nor reel lhey are loclred
absurdly Rama exhumed Macedonia vespL-zt bum rhe lener and she Spin! ollhe ohnd aavcemem,
adrnornshrne (hem lor usrng rhe wards Albanian and ~ierrorrsr~ regerher when she xonianoyb Incident was
aboul addressing issues eboul democracy. liarna encouraged Macedonia plavlde iresble and
sus lnahle Macedonia liar all, addlnl ihal hurnari lighls and iundainenral ireedarns rnusr coincide wnh
asprrarrons pan new Aduressmg Serbia, Rama said lhal Albanians and serbs should come roaocher loi rhe Balkans whar Flame and Germany dld idr rhe EU, and doing, wrll creale road rerurrr
Inward rho narna closed wirh reminder Dime legend ohhe consrrucrron noaaia caslle, uhrch rho
{ansuuulan done umlg rhe day was undone euery nlehr. and encouraged anendees no! undo lhe progress
lhal being made (sau) 5:: locused lire deuoloprnenl campiehenslvz narional cv: acrron plinsi Moderaror
mamas Wuchle. nead llie Anion againsl ierrorisrn Unil (OSCI), larleled alcendees 55:23 guldeback
eornrnunicy policing and :muhas lhe irnoarlance community policing or: Alllxuvl reiers lronr lhe
lnsciruce lor lnelusiye Suurlw ussed she inclusion wornen and womens issues llie droning olnalional
cvz acrion olans Pele!) messed lhai women play hey role oreyenlin. and moderailne vialznl earrenilsrn
and she lnnoualiue approaches wdrnuns noes brlnl lackllne ihese orohlems. men also emphasised lhe
irnponance ehsurlne rhal ISDclely underslands his roles oilhe olher aclors and has adequale iundlne,
slreani, and encouraged counlrles rhal drah narional :vz anion plans allocaie iunds onelallonalixe rheir
plansi Edun kail Advise! lhe Prime Minlsrer Kostwn, spake zbnul Kuswn new prbyrslons iorergn
llghiers and esrablishrnern worklna group devzlnp nalional lveVyEai sualegv Peler Glldllng,
head lhe Federal Agency idr srale proleccron and Comer Yerrcrism irl Ausiria, oilered broader yiew
ulolenr exsrernisni and narlohal slraleey, pioyidine examples Ausrrras response nalionalisl and anl67
yiolenr exlremisis well religious exirzmismi Ilng was one yery lew spexkus who discussed lho
rrnporranr role rhar leathers play sncKllng ihe llm slum radicalrsni and oriered aslendees Ausmz
Example placing rhelr lniornrarron cenrer Exlvemlsm Hue lry Family alls. ihus eru
accessibiiily and oulreach rallier lhan securiry locus Luv Slngh, oneelor Ihz Democracy oiirce {he Agency ior lnlnrnalional Developmem, oliered broaderyleur olurolenr eaireniisrri, rellrnaanendees
has aboui snvcman nol eouernrnenl, and increasing law enloreerirehr eorrupl syslern only
serues mueaxe lhe erclusrurly lire corruol eli which iurlher rnarynalizes enlzens leading eurernisin Slngh encoulaged anendees lunk oroadly oouernance (hat irnprdues inclusion, latch/ding lssues such
eouirahle access Jusllze and heallh are, lmprovlrli mdoilny, plomoilng lourrsnr. and Expanding social
serurces. session locused sirengrhenine conirnuniey law enlorcernerrl rolariohs counleryloienl
exrzmlsmi Anon Solali, Head ral che CounterrTermrlsm Unii line Slale Police ofdlbanla, lisled 12m
erranrples uioleni ulremlsm and arrcsls made Albania and discussed lnleruenlidns lhruuxh border police
and EURQPUL. Mamn Cunnlngl iam, dclrne head ihe Sliengmenlng DWISIOVI EulEX dirice Knmvu, spok:
broadly iboul lhe role communilybrrensed pullclnl llghung vlolenl enremlsm, ornphasre she
imponance oiesiahlrshlng sirona lles, ICEBSLlDlllIyi and us! communrlies. Amal Shakunr, Former chair and
Fuunder the Scorcisla police Muslim Assoclaxion lvaAl. prouided several re-crealaole examples for
allendees eilezuve communily engagemenr police among the Somali Mdslun populi
knlland DI. Necarl Anal, 5min! Rexealchel lhe Turkish lrnernaliorial cenrre luvTerrorlsm and
lransnalional Crinie (UTSAMI, oresenled his research rnlo yiolenl exrrernisrn Yurkev, which has more man
new suspecied ISIS symparhirers and more lhan 1,an iiehlers which haue lorned lSISl despile vellginus
Ireedom and pro-lslanrrc governmenl lie nosed lhal Turks leel tree praclice lheir mllglnn and
UNCLASSlFIED US. Depanmenlolslate Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc 036353335 Dale 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Department State Case Fe2017-09463 Doc 006353335 Date: 09/07/2017
Muslims are very inienraied, yen spacial-5i booksloies. lea houses, and lnduscrial zones ale honbeds
recruiimeni Mmivacions turkey lurwuleni may peIcElvld need I!) alone lor past slns,
search lur oerleu ales: and Islamic siaie, and lack comprehensive knowledge Islam and iIs Iradluons sessionvloeussdan bulldingsecure and resilienioornrnuniuesuyoddressingsoclal,o licil, and
econom: grievances. Iva Veenkzmp (mm Hedavah maderated the sasslnn and prmlded uric! nverview
sziyahs inree loci dlalague, lasearch and analysis, and nrxtllcal tralnlng cvc Iorgduernrnenis and Livll sozlelyi Eunr Lumo, nuecror ine NGO mix Macedonia, sooke :bnu! Ilslrlx and ineaier address
issues wnisn may lead eruernisrn Anan snkemhi, Iornier Maycl pagradec, Albania, used iiis iwelus years expariEnte asa mayul provide arrendseswun sharp vision uie role riiunlcioaliiy rescnrng Inose
vulnelahle escrernisrn and ensuing inai lhev nous ooen door Ior concerns and know moi someuna cares
aboul Ihemv
Concludinn Session
13. (Saul Ambissadol Albania Donald iold allznaees inzl wnen discuss causes oluiolenz
exue need luck lirsl wiihin ourselves and dur suci haw naue lalled oaoiure
imaglnauon youln, now have alldwed our prisons became Klilnlll! centers? Ambassador sald Inai
lie honed (his Summii would end talking and beginning accion, and ioward Inn end, orauided clre
lollowlng suggesilons lor concrzie lollow up:
Painls conIacI lor each counuu lhal cdunmes eon sonrinue the dialogue
sudden and encouiagemenn caunmes work sneir slralegies
Fundlng special proiecis lelated cvz
Suooon [he developmenl mglonal radicalizallun awareness neiwurk
Supuuri lne developmem ynuili neiwork
Suppan (ac ellons work prisons wdrk wnn ciuil soclely lnueas: ine tapahlliw use ieelinolugy
14V (seui Minlnerul lncerlorlaiilri iold nnendees mar niusr ~kill bureaucracy neidre can wln over
lerrorism. conrinued mac inis means desilngwuli {he iusiies syjlemr employmenl oolrcies, and glvlng
people chance haliev: good lhlnss lhal can logelhelr linked Unlmd Slams for Its
help wllh summll and latmg lhls issue HIE veginn, and added hnpzd that the [allow-up
anzndeex wauld cummnn 29; and still) Ulzns,
nth Worksnoo May 2s- Isuui Ins Earner lor Siraien Cdunrerienorisrn Communlcailuns (cscc) :nndu day-long hands-on highly nieraccive lecn Wolkshap Ioi cMI soc-aw and governmeni reoiecencouues. allowed pamtlpam: IdEnIW key challenges space cduld addressed Inw~zusl easylolmplzmcnl
lechnclaglnal idols/concepu The paniclpanls worked closely wiiii [ethnology enoens lupics lndudmx social
media, lne-nrnmllle engagemeni, rnouiles, crowdsuurcln; and an-mappmg, and (nilealed sualzgies lor
hlgh-impatl soluiions address some lne key cnailenges ideniilied dunng ine Iirsi iwo days
Surnrnii Adrian snluni oko rridro eslansiudlu aooui nie role sdcial media recruiirnens Vnrvlclenl
exlrernisrri. niere were presentations local social media and elsciionic :unlem exwtns, who provided
suns ahm cne ureadcn snslal media use, discussed In: possible us: mohlle apolimions, and
ernpnssired mai musi :nunlev enlrcrnisk sdcial rnu oenecraiion with anci~ekueniisc camem und posiuve
UNCLASSIFIED Depa memcf Stale Case F-2017-09453 DOC NOV C08353335 DEE. 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department State Case F72017709463 Doc 006353335 Dale 09/07/2017
)6, (sum workmg lunch, wnrkshup paninpants broke Inree small groups deem:
proper pvapnsils Iowyng inren renuon, educauon, and :dnrenr, Proizcls were nrcpnsed Include:
mum wnlth wauId pmvldz eIea ringhause lav educaliun plan Imam-In {rainlng person and anme
and wrist) :onIerencmg beIween iludcnls and edueardrs drovide needed skins :ounrer vIdIem ememism
amdn. grudenu, and cdmderixidn university srudenrs design venismg campmgn and band Ihal
wouId seNE umbreHa under wmch aMI-vInIEN emermsrn mm: :sedueanan and came-n muId
Enmmenl and Men sun In) The YIvana Sum/nil hIghlIghmd need Ior cudrdvnared IoIIuw :vz cllons Khe aaIkans region.
PanIpraMS renamed the semi-Ive Issue oIVIuIm cxvemism rne regIdn and agreed suppcn ons,
inquuinz muse Involving (NH scrim, address (he erdwing Irend going Iorward. ranIzIpanrs zIsa agreed
mean and encourage countries rneydevemp :omnrehanslve cv: mIan man: lead-up cve
leaders Inmmn manned Iar mallms rhe General Assembly Segremher.
marred TIMNAMakery, Emly
Cluaud Lynsgn Smphen Rusand Eric Razsm, Lunni (II
Eunrscs Lam Jamssnrl
Euwslzorsun, Man?
s-cL carnIe. Amy whens)
DRUIRF Padge Douglas
AmEmhassy Saranwzsmgm 1.3m
mans-Km. Dara IMErIs)
DIR nap. and
RIPPRNamIILan. sum
AmEmbassy Sarajcuovvanearm MichaeI Dapanmenl Nnmsland SacuIIB/Curry, Tlmnmy
Appmvcd Exec Lu, DnNaI ay. 1mm Lynaqh. Shaman
Dlssumlnallnn Ruhr. Alciwa Cow
UNCLASSIFIED US, Deparlmem Slate Case No. 92017-09463 Doc No. 016353335 Date 09/07/2017
UNCLASS FIED UIS Depanmenlof Slate Case N-a F-2017~C9463 Doc COSSSSGGE Dale 09/07/2017
5mm Amw-
5mm Cale
:rllans HIgIIllgIIIs I2. 2016
SBU MBA 5386
DalelDVGA 25,2msl 2315mm
7mm. mam; Allegra
Ache. Humanunz, Mama NmmNE Iaszs Psovl PEEL Al. xcoa
Subiecr 1m: HIgIIIIgIIu lnrApnl I2. zala
Yinna Highllghks
April 11,10
slu Rama II. local medla :qu closely Prlme Mlnluer :aI Ramal Emphasis In: meeling
whlle Hause all plan noted lhal Rama islxul mama pasmlss am: mulngx wIIII New Vnrk Clw
Mayor Blllde Blisloax well wlkh Albanlan vlaxpma III New} Vnrk medu llpo announclng
global Albanian Imam mIIlmm III Alhania Novembu
sau Imlonal Full Rdmm. Insumu Inr Devllupmznl and steuch Allemallvu llama! publism mu: survey :lllleni momma. suvpun,
and expazIaIIans Justice rL-larm Arcurdlng {he survey, Embassy spousal-d along wlm seam
Foundinan in: Albanla, vesnondznxs Elmer wwnn xnmzwhal ,upwn he need lol idzl mom.
ems lespnndenls balms and xh! lle 5qu [new lllllv swam {he Ielaml. (ollewad the wen-:2
:ummsmn mu). respnndlnu repunrd that iudges and plnszmmn lzu Imus Idem, ask Albanian
:IIix upI ImIm Ibul (he mum Iudlzlal relaml bun: auplwed pullamem WIIIIIII zals, HWL VEY, esas also
lhlnk hz WIll iwup5/0vglnlxztinnslindlvlduals who will Ily pvmnl leovil xhe Idem. (comm,
hump nllhz survpyuack wllmne disulavs clsuong mum .mnngm general guhlis lolvhe feDYm.)
s-II omnnlon, free Elullunxnlhanla xKannlly. cmacriht Pany (Pullman Lulxlm aam me: Anni wlIII
lead; ml: npnnsillul cualIIlun game: a-scuss ellclmal Islam. asth In: plzllnlm [he plannl genelzl
:Ilcllam, that Flt and lalI alsmonswere masl lmponanl ylur Albania sumac nloponls
Incluuea newbluhingex IoIIIa eledmal symm Includlng [he poulh yoklaalma blzimzral paIlIammamyllem.
Iht inlvndunlnn zlrumnit waking and wunllnx. llnIIIlIII pvlvam annalIaM pollllcal Darnell lmnlemenhnl Hue
deirlmlnilllallbn law and gualanlemg Mala Immm. lmllea Ausllu, lnlegrallan and Uniw Parly Mm:
clIam :ommunlw and the New oemwaucsla lolmel President 5am lopI lwIIIclI alhzred It! mung
maImIIy 20: ImII lhE apnasillnn [Cummgnl the ouvml plopnnl! brnauan In: scan: ellclmal
IllumI III gum: Blyund mzklns mm; mm: 0on rmmmenuallonsllum ml: am! 2015 ellulons same uhhe
changes III! elztlmal we. mun would lequlr! cnn lluuanal amend/mm: some ympouls such
alezllaulc mun] all: anvnl wally imhlklaus my: the male mmpllrallnn dawn (h: Hun, given-mil
previous similarlesl (us! la: sum sysllm Albanla no: musslul.)
UNCLASSlF Department Stale Case 2017 09463 Dan C06353336 Dale 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIF U.S Departmemolslake Case RICH-09453 Doc No. (306353336 Dale 09/07/2017
Drama TIRANA Humandex, Allegra
Ralzued rmmmmamn, Allegra
mum. mum
P89 massincaaom UNCLASSIFIED [sstmvzy
UNCLASSIFIED U,S. Depadmentof Stale Case No. F>ZD17-09453 Doc C06353335 Date: 09/07/2017
UNCLASSlFlED U.S. DepanmenlalSlate Case F-2017-09463 Doc COGBSSSBS Dale 09/07/2017
Flam: SMART Archlva alzslzals 35-5d SMARTCW RELEASE FULL
Suh Damnrdva Ranuesl Snuponirlg lhe Euronoan Ram: lnsumla
MRN- sun: 3254B
me: sscsrATE WASHDC
mums; srocxxow. AMEMBASSV mums; 505m AMEMBASSV Wurwz;
nos, wNqu FREL. cos,
mmm: slug wrg
thjacl nemamn Repuul Supnmwg Eumpean Rama lnslllule This uciun requesr, please see Background. The European Roma lnsnlure proposed lndependenl inslirulion use Open
Soclcly Foundsuens (05F) would like :smblish pamlcl shlp wlui rlie Council Bump:
(COB), lls gaals urd pmmole Romanl culture and educplion. fosler dialogue lseiween Roma
and nun-Rom: populailons, and provide Roma policy advic: European govemn-lenis (see
anached information siren) observer llie c012 and supponerofRoma inclusion
acmss llld :nnlln n. lire Unlled Slams suppuns the crealion ofllle lnsiiiule ll-nponanl
componenl ore ons combat ami-Roma drserlrnlnnrlon and pmmore posirive incluslon
policies. The goal ormis dcmarche bring awareness European capitals abnur rhd
lniliallv: and rhe process (:05, and encourpge Eumpean panners suppen for
InsllluIe upcoming dabatz the COE. March 3i. siresbourg, llle cos Comminee orMinisleis Rspponenrcmup Social
and Health Quesrions (on-$00 will discuss eslabllshmcnt European Roma [nslitule (Em).
GR-SOC memb=rs will hear from Zellrio Jovznovic, DirectorofOSFs Roma lniuolives cc,
and receive repon lrorn Urich Bunjes, the COE Svecial Represernurive Roma Issues GIL
soc will men thd debal: lhe cslablishmem orrlie die basis of: dra deeisien
(aluchcd). Following dchale, GR-SOC may droid: forward dra dcmslon the C05
cmssmcmouv UNCLASSIFIED Classl calian UNCLASSIFIED
UNCLASSlFlED U.S Depanmentaf Slate Case F-2017-09463 Doc 006353339 Dale 09/07/2017
UNCLASSkFIED Deparlmerllol Stale Case F-2017-09463 Doc 005353339 Dales 09/07/2017
Cornrnnree erMinrslers foradopllon wuhnul mher deuale April rrreenng Such mare
would conslimlc lsl Slap eslahlishmam aflhe ERl, after which lhl: COE Secrelzrial
would conduel prepsralury work for llre EPJ und foliew-up wurk would Ire assignEd GR-
soc Allemzlively, lire absence orconscnrus. GILSOC may schedule snarlrerdiseussion
eslablishmcm oflhc ER]. determine lude nllely shelve it. COE conlacls currently indlcmc
lhzl Ihc uucom= uflhe (ER-SOC debate unpredlclable. lhls slagc, pullllcal commilmcm
suppun Ilu: lnslimll: cnlails funding uhligaliuns member states. March ll, EUR DAS Hoyl Yee gave remarks DEF-sponsored dinner suppo
lire Elu. highlighled lire U.S. govemmenls ellorrs cornurn diserirrrinslren and rrnolerrnce
direoled againsl llre Romani minorilyl DAS Ye: called our European panners suppm lire
esmblrshmenl ofllle ERJI May 201m acung represcnulivc the Council Europe
Evan Reade made publlc slalcmenl COEs Comminze Mll lisllrs U.S suppnn lur
lire Insrnnre (RefA) For addiriunal lnlprrnsnon U.S, goyemmenls Roma policy, see Ref
Acliun Request Posls are requesled deliver lire below Islking poinrs Ihc approprrsle cdnucr responsible
fol Council ofEllmpc rssncs convey polixicel snppurr for die esrsblrslnnenl orllre
European Roma lnsnrure (ERI) snd requcsl llreir suppon llre Mmlr GR-SOC debrre. Posls
are rcqueslud rcpon substantive responses David Meyer, meyzrdk@slnle gov, and Michelle
Bloom, EUR-PGl-DzmacracynndHR-DL@Slale.gnv, close husiness erch 30. Posl
leave poinls and ailachcd background sneer nnnrpaper Bcgln Talklng Puinls. ohserverw Cbuncil ofEumpe, Ill: Umled Slules values the Councils role
defending human rights ncrpss Eumpe, Including lire r-iglrls orRomani individuals, which prinrlry for lire Unired Slams Europe. March :1, lie Council oiEuropes (cor-2) Connninee wainiswrs Rnppnneur Gmup Social and Ham Qussliuns (GR-SOC) wlll dehnle d=c15mna :smbllsh the
European Roma lnslilule and delermine whelher [he decisxon should lransmilwd lhc
COE Commillee ofMinislers for adnplinn without funllcrdebnle lls April meeung, encourage your gqvcmmenl strongly suppon esublishmenl ohhe inslimle when considered inillally llrc Mulch GR-SDC mecullg and possibly lateral llre April
Commlllz: Mlnislers nleeling. rhis suge. llrcre nancial obligmnn rlre pan nryaur governmenl. All Lhal
required yourpollllcal suppon [lrpresscd] Council ofEump: Secularlal cn- mdlng will necessary dunng [he Initial
phase proposed ezoox per year The open Sociely Faundalians and ER! fundraising
UNCLASSIFIED Depsnmenl Siale Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. (306353339 Dale: 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED U.SV Deparlmenl Slate Case No. 92017-09463 Doc NU. C06353339 Date: 09/07/2017
effons will provide rhe remaining funding necessary for operariuns, which cm:
Secrelarial eslimeucs 600K per year lolal Lasl year April [memallonal Rom! Duy Secrelary Kerry nsscnzd rhal Ihe Uniled
Sales commiued removing abslacles 1th keep millmns nfRoma 0:: mlrglns
orsccieiy and prcvcnl rhem from reaching Iheir full ieniial believe Hint securing equal peniciprlirm nfRoma pol eal. suclal. and
ccunomll: lifc will strengthen democracies, invlgomte econumics, and lead mhtr
slability across the cuminenl. This why rhe Unired Srales Suppons ihe creation oflh: European Roma luslitut: rhe
Council orEurope and believes mar will provid: much ncedcd focal palm ror Roma
imllalives across Ill: Councils membcr slams. The lnsmure Will help combat prejudice, promcle diversity, and cducalc Remeni
culmm and hlsmry prom0e lire inclusion Roma all walks mire, scrvmg rzsnurce ccnler for policy makers and gnvemmentof cials, (he Inslimle can provide forum for niueree parspcclivcs DfRumani leaders, activists, and citizens
[mm across lh: :onlinent. value our cooperalmn lhls cruical issue and thank you for your suppun.
Signalvu: Kary
Dmllna By: DRL_EUR:Meyer. navra
Claamd JMngle Hans-Joachim
sun V99. Hoyt
Svashnulg Wgsllmg. Amy
EURIFGl Elonnl. Michallu mlaummere, Jlloslaw
arm Dunnelly man Jan
SIP Bail LauIEn
ushelis Siobhan Ainlu vaunesl
Imam-a lay: DRUEU Kaplan philip Anlnw
Released By: ORL_EUR:M2y-l. Davi
Amcth-ms: ER! D1591 D-cillan lch-JI dun
Dlssumlnallon Rule: Aldilw Cow
cussmcnlou: UNCLASSIFIED classi calien UNCLASSlFIED
UNCLASS FIED Depa memofslale Case F-2017 05463 DOC (306353339 Date 09/07/2017
UNCLASS FIED U.S Depanmenl Slate Case No. F-ZU l7-09463 Doc No. (206353374 Dale,09/0712017
CLASSIFICATION: uNpLasleleu ass UNCLASSFED RELEASE FULL Minrslars nepurles Rapporteur Elm/pr R-SOC
Rapporteur Group saclal and xeamr Quesuans
sn-socuoxsnu Marsh 2015
Crea ion European Roma Ins tme
Informatlnn dun/mam prepared the secretarlat
Kor cpnsideranan the gluon meeting Maren 2015 :recuuve summary
The European Rama msmule (ERI) [womng mle} pmpasm lnpepenoem
organlsaclon mean lnzreasmg he Sal/isles! Roma1 and decreasing
neganve preludlce olmc marorny mwzms lne Roma means olans, culwre. hlslorv. and
men. ldca Mr: Eumpean Roma Institule nriglna from discusslons Romanl lnlellenunls
over past raur decades, Presllglous Romarli arcs and culrure organlsanons Europe,
[imminent anlsts, cullulal ucers Ind Imallu uals are convlnted [he value [Ills
lnmallve backed the span satiety Foundatluns wnlcn formally approacnea the counril
Europe wilh (he pruonsal Banners/up establlshlng ERL Drovosed lnsllmle llne lonaamemal values anoprlneples laid down
sxrasbourq Declarillon. alms Ikslrengmemng cne reeognician and respect lor namani
cullures overcoming discnminamry mums and promonng (manual/an oelween Rumanl
ano non- om-m :ummunllles thrauqhom Europe aullmng Councll Europes prevrous ellons nth: eld advanting knowledge anan wry ano culture. ER!
would suppm {he Roma-mlated pallsv agenda and aruvlrles olme Countll Eumuz and Its
memaer States
Tms paper elaaorales princlples underplnnlng enl project. {he lnsclrules goals,
luncllons, budgetand governance slvutlur: proposed that Councll Europe ca-
lunas projezt vervear slamup phase wim oonvlouuon orczuu Dun par wean
European eonuac.
Yhe espreao soaal, culrural and eeonpmlc marglnallsanon Romanl mmmun-cles
Europe parslszs, allhough some progress has been made recent years. Sectoral pallcy
acmevernenxs have however ocen Insu lclem praauee major ano deep mange, nut
leas: because mev oppress pnrnarlly sacro-ocanam-c challenges wlhuu latkllng coo raol
causes mar stand way mean grul progress rgnoranca, nalreo and mlslrusx sncla-
emnumlc shalegles wlll nave lumen rmpacc long wmzly nelo stereorypes abcul
Rdmam people are nar aanresseo mare assamvelv. narnan. people not possess
UNCLASS FIED Deparlmenlof Slae Case No. F-2017-09463 DOC NoC05353374 Dale 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Department Slate Case F-2CH7-09453 Doc 006353374 Date 09/07/2017
international .nstrtunonai tramewont ior preserving and devzloning pasiiwe sen-image
that can set against negalive stereotyping aria prejudlce. Dlawing the power
tuiture and rich nisrory Romani contriautions European cuiture, wouid rrii tnis
gap. ins Srrashnurq Dedaraliunexni iiiy states, eme human rights pralenlnn mnsl
emnraten and supponea society nnoie~, and genuine panitlvikmn Eumpeans
nomani orig pruandilinn for success The Committee Ministers, tne Parliamentary
Assembly, iiia Secrelaw Genetai and other names the Council Europe have repeatedly
cmphasisad this aspect: Many Ramani iosaors ana representatives have aiso iono
empnasisep [his earrsiatmn.
Principles underpinning the concept
Tne omnnsal and Vision establish ER! grounded six rounding principies, whlcn wiii
aenne {he insinuies esiobiisnment, cnre iunctions, governance. structure anti memnersmp: respect oitne dignity anam penpie ann Romani idenlily,
diversity and piuraiity anumani IdeMIliES and euitures;
Rumam ieaoersnip with suupo and (a-ouerallan non-Rania, key breaking the
stereotypes represeniinn tuient capaaii ty, eon aenee taking responsibllily cow
operation and intiusiveness. engagement and (ontrioutian Ramanl urganrsaiinns and inmuinuais the estaoiisnment
and nngaing acwities oftiie institute; poiitrtai autonomy and nan-panisansmpl openness For collahnratian witii puDIiL auinorities
and paiiticai institutions partners, nrgnest quoiity stanaarps tin: domains oians and tuiture, weH its own
operational periarrnanse
Yhn unlqun role 5R2
Many prawns tatkiing anti-Roma preju lce have been impiernented inroecades, However,
Romanl peopie iate enaiienges inai beyund [he iaeai staie snort-term armed;
Changing neoaiiue prejuaite take long lime, inereiore necessary estapiisn oie institution which eon aeniave :miza irnoaet, nuiiuing upon and scaling ino imtianves order aive tnem iong~tenn sustainainiity. iio omer internationai
institution has ever systemaiieaiiy duwmenled and pmmoteo anani ans, euiture, hismry,
taient and their :uiturai ana inteiieotuai canlribulibns saciew. otner organisation
European ieuei has eversuppnned tne eaiieetion, exchange and snowcasrno ortnz non
cuiturai ploduzlian prominent inawiauais and organisations Rumani natkornuno
aims work the root cau ses growing anti-lama sentiment majurlty pupulalluns,
and most tne sen-esteem Ramani people.
thee care Functions creature nun, ERI wrii supporttne exmange existing and treat new ideas and
materials across :ulhiral borders, tuiiurai domains ano Romani idenli es, menu
UNCLASSIFIED Department ofSlata Case 2017 09463 Doc [206353374 Date 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFiED Depanmemofslate CESE F-ZO17-09463 Doc C05353374 Daev 05/07/2017
ducumenr rnz nisiprieal experienee iii namenl people Eumpe. ERI will lie rne promutcr
Romam conlnbulians European eulrure and laleril, success and acnievenieni. epmmunicararand Dvbllt educator, ERI wiII disseminalp pusmve image and
knpmedgeenour Remeni people and will use pubilc spaces lrirdiaipgue, sun schools,
mainsrream Cultural insuruiiuns and media. policy adwsdr, Ell Mil pmuide expen advice- irs areas epniperence when required Council Eumpe, its memper sures and uzner Banners
min working loals
Enl expened xii use inrer alla Vi: iallowmg male, order achieve its irii
nanrl public evemsi exhibitluns and penarnianee iii-rs and inner culture prpduers, develap
ouDIl: niaiague and awareness ornamani culture: gniine lechnolngy [or die eelieeriun and diaserninaiian image and knewiedge, mik:
nomani nisiory. language .nd nlher nemani contrihuuans areesaipie; exrensive use iineiuding seaiai media, pnordgrapny and mm) engage
audiences and spread ppsiriue iniage. expen nerwming, exchange and co-prndlmian sin inlets, euliurai pnidueers,
drzhives, iingulsrs and nisiprlans. snare and develbp knwiedge end marenals, reiinwsnips iar eursiandingiy talented vpung Roma! people. altering nmfessmrial
piaremeni EXDEIIEME, under ene eapaeirles new generallon ruirural leadeisnip; wnnacllng wirri mainstleam ans and euirure nelwnlks esialaiisn vamlersnios and
neiwerxs suppdners, awards reeagnisirig exhanrdinary aenls and arnievenienrs, named aner impunani
Romain gures (5. ,Niedi-e sneargne, Fapusza, Django Rclnhan wavk innovall Eurppean iniiiarives Iik: rne Rouxe iii Roma ciiiiure and Hcmagz inreraeuon iin slakzhul irgni diner nollcy areas related name, and wirn pan
European atives addreseing rne siruaridn iii Ramanl Deeple: siudies and repens neid edrnperenze, Including exploration coneepruai,
mathadaiuglcal and Policy issues ipr rne couneil suede and irs nieiriper sraies.
ER! will eszuhiisned independent insrirurian (e. luundalinn) undernaxianai law.
The fuuriders enl will include Cpuneii Europe, Open Society Fnundalians and Alli-nee idr rne surppean Roma lnsugure- the Alllante ene dfrne founders. council dreurppe will linked 5R1 mainly four ways ine Council Eurepe (as well replesenlilivls afalhermmaers and passmly mam
runners) will represenred governance srmxure ER]? ine cuuneil surppe (cumminee Mlnlskels and/pr CAHROM, snsc var Roml issues)
will vezelve lnlnrmarlon lnsiliuies wnrk rnrpugn regular repomng and will
Beneh! irpiri polity admu pruvl all relevani aspeeis Roma inziueipn
-rne Council Europe will pmVid! least (IVE-Year stanrup pnase regular
nnaneiai epnmourion lowams ERIS egredpereiienal Dosls and will upon repuesi asslsl ER ils iundraising eifpris;
UNCLASSIFIED U5. Depanmenl Shale Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc C05353374 Dake 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED US, Department State Case 52017-09463 Doc C06353374 Date 09/07/2017
the Council Europe wIII provide ERI with Inlermation and expertise. and can use ERr
expertise the context own programme activities
the exaet modalItIes the oIIareral :osupzlallu will laid down Mzmnmndum
The Alliance. currently Its rorrnanon phase, made homanI organIsatlans and
Indlylduals who haye puplldy demonstrated theIr mmmltmam towards the Initiative
European stoma Institute. The AIHanLe engages wlth other organisation; lndlyIduals,
goyemments and other stakeholders actlyely supporting mismmallve Moreouen the
AIIranre ready tonrnhute nnendal, matenal. InteIIertuaI, creatrve and renulallnnal
assets eat. Three renowned organIsations are the core the Alliance Vie European rzorna Cultural roundatlon (Ehcn independent nrganlsallun that aims educate and Inlorrn the nnns nma populatlon atrout Aornanl arts and culture and help
ereattng understanding, roleranee and mutual respett oetween Aomanl ano non-Romanr
tomrnumtles, raISE awareness among Eumpean rnstltutluns. policy-makers and sakehnlders
about the rule non-ant ans and min and hulld proud pannershIp acmss Europe
(and beyond) Ior support nomanl arts and culture. ERCF opened prominent gallery
spare aueapest (Gallerrlil. which puIIt oomprehensiye collettion Europenri home
art and conducts extensive and Intercultural exhlbluon and education programme.
was recent international achievements Include the Areh/ve andAcadem/c Conferenee
Home rrIphop (Zulu), the estahlIshmenr the diplomatic body The Roman! Elders and
their Puolrc lnrervennnn tor the nished rrerrtorIaI the sum and Roma Murdered under
the National socraIrst Rey/me the Ireme the pertln plennale um), and the Inside
autsrders ngram senos eeoperation wIth Moderna Museet. MaImo (1014). ERCF
(unsulling partner ror several European siennalos. Art Museums and Cultural Insdtutlons,
Ineludlng the German Federal Cultural roundatlon dullding digital arthlve knowledge,
tulture and art and shout Aorna Eumpe sac: received the Igor Zauel Award lorArt
lelan and Art cism (serum place, m2), the Katallzalnr contemporary Art Awpm
(ma) and the atto Pankok Award (21nd) Encr has datasbasz more than EDD
prgamsatIpns and InItlstIyes morning the domslns eat, which slgnitltant resource
that can used Idr includIng many them ER! and relnlorring {helrwnrk date. The Romedli Foundirlon Iounded I992. whleh has since made use teIeVIsion
omedtestlng, puhllsnmg and opportunItIes altered muItImedIa dlpltal technology
would: Insiders viewpmm Itoma Issues. The ioundatlpn works towards tonmbtmny pos Demeanan Ramanl elhm: IdentIty. mmoatIng entt-Itoma preludIee, and
pmvldlng aIternanye Infurmatlan policy matters. Romedle partner (1wa teleytsIon
rhanneI. Its Mundl RomanI sedimentary series was broadcast hunganan nelwurk
Duna and zone the series recewe nomtn-tton ror pest News Documentary the
Monte Cam: Festival fur Trapped: the Forgn story the Mlmmca Home; year later
the same was shprnlsted ror FIPA nwlm tor east Repnnige and Current AlraIrs.
The {nllawlnq year, UNESCO rorrnaIIy honoured the series wrth Its Pnte lor the
happrorhement Cultures Murtdl ananl has aIso won two rlrst prlzes tha ntatIye
tand International reIeyIsIon Awam5 _(2008 and 2mm) ukralne, the anzdla
Fuundauons latest doeumtntary nlm, Untamed childrens Perspectives Eumpes
Repamn Polictes, entered the top three the and Famlly Awards category the
5th AI-Iaxeera International coeumcntary Film Feslwal (Doha. Qatar, zotzl. Aomsno sutlo. estaohshed AprII :Iou. the Ipunder the Museum Romanl culture
and Documentation centre Rama Bucharest. spares dedlcated the promotIon
the art and personaIItles and penerand dIrept knowledge abom Roma Ramanp ButIu
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmentc Slate Case Fs2017s09453 Doc No, CDEBSSZWR Dale. 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED US. Depanmenioi Stale Case F-2017-09463 Dov: No, (205353374 Dale 09/07/2017
P192 018
promotes non-discrimination tiirougli lne development cultural and educational actlvltles, marks present realistic views tne nomani community and treale spaces ror people discover and Expellence trie value mat memoers tnls community oring sadelv,
oeyond Ine paradigm negative stereotypes victims Rumana autiq promotes Inc study,
cultiuslion, development and promotion ttie cultural and artistic nentage multicultural
communities, especially Roman! communities, Home and railroad
Tile Alliance commenced tire consultation rot ER! octooer and currently under
legal Iormatiori order worit Wlm ttie open Society Foundations and tile Council
Europe the ioun ER); once ER) established. ttie Alliance act iaciiitator support openness and inclusion oiotner organisations and individuals ER],
collaborators members.
Memoersliip, governance and management
ER] will open all romiai inlontial groups, organisations and individuals wrto support
ERI mission and iounding principles and are ready contribute change. Interaction
with all regulated tnrougli membersnip; mempers will nave key roles puiiding the
resources ski. enoaoing creative excnange and wpm ucnan, taking ownersnip
cars Initiatives and engaging its decisionmaicing Members will have access ERl
inlormation and itnowiedge resources. collecllons, artniues and datauase,
ERI memtiersnip will oasod contrioution terms rinanciai, intellectual. material and
(reauve resources, order strengtnen ERIslmpad will organise Its memoersnlp
tinrougn particular inematic sections (arts, culture, and knowledge). whlch
members snouid commit Memoeisnlp wIII open lnvorganisanons and div/[duals precise
standards ior memuersnip will developed rounders once ER! established
Yne goyemante structure vie eitl viiii composed two layers, tne naryaiipe
Academy and tile Board Pallivl: tne Birvallpe Academy tne agenda-setting and strategic oody tile institute.
composed nignly regarded, puolicly acunowiedged people tile areas covered ERI oclwities. racy are modeled ior maxrmum period more years serving oila
voluntary oasis. Atttie start orerti, trie ooardr Paklv) will nommale tne initial ten
members the aaruaiipe Academy wno, turn. wiii invite enotner ten prominent
personal irom :ill new competence. Teri delegates representing tne sill memoers
will complete Irie composition the Academy once ltie sections are set and election
policy place, tiiirds tne Academy memoers will nave openly declare tneir
ananl etrinicity, respecting Ine diversity among the Ramanl communities, Gender balance
must ensured;
rm: Board Palm/W ERI statutory and rounding oody, will sirperyisetne adtierence operational work [he statutory Ilomls Isoard klv wlll tie made
memoers and include representatives nominated the founders, wlio will too loineo
aaryalioe Academy delegates once Iris estaolisnco The niai tne aoard Pakiv
will nave lie made memocrs wno openly declare belonging Romani origin.
eiu will managed Secrebanali nle administrative ornce will implement projects
and organise communication among ER! memoers, According tile programmatic needs and tire iinanciai capacity Institute, permanent and temporary stair memoers will
recruited tnrougti open competitions Sta/r shall recruited irom diverse cultural
oacitgrpunds line with ER! principles.
cLASSlFICAYlON: UNCLASSIFIED classinpalion uncmsswisu
UNCLASSIFIED Deparimeniolstaie Case 2017-09463 DD: (206353374 Date 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED U5. DepanmenlofSIale Case F-2017~09463 Doc No. C06353374 Dale 09/07/2017
The aesreranal olme lnsrllule shall headed Exeruliue D/recmr appdlnred lay the
hard (ollowlng open :ampeilndn lo: dezermmed period faur yearsd
Key mlynles aRer esnollsnrnenr
Ine pmgrammallc scope wlll have developed derail Izy all governance
srruerures arrdrding ayailaole nudgers. Nuwever, lnree Inlllal sleds seern lrnponanl,
lne nrsl slep will hulldlng rnernpersnlp uased exlsl/ng Inmallyes and organlsallnns
working damalns ERI mission. Tnar way slu will nun lar connzcllng,
exmanglngand developing knowledge and more nloulswndlng Fomanl and nunskuma
rninkers, zrcamts and acnyisls, lne key llsk lor Inis slep will map was and r-nnrerinls ualuaole ex. small-scale and lsoloreo lnir lleves. manlsulions and mammals
warklnu lnIeresl eInnnarldn aornanl eulIures and mum, Organlslng rnenl fnur main secrlons (ans. culrure. nledla and knawledae) will Increase rile clencv and
Impau [llstlwm work.
Ine nexr srep wlll pulldlng pennersnigs wnn memslreern ens and euliure organisanone,
netwarks and Inslllurlons (museums, llnrerles, Inealres. unlyerslnes, iesrryals) and unllne
social media, Open soelely roundallons will nelp ER] oulld pannerslnps
organisarrpns such asxne Sundance InsKiKut The Allnnee and Individuals and
organlssllpns members will praulde eonnealons niln prolesslonal comm. Dom
rnemallrally and narlnnal level, ERl Inrellanuel and erealwe pdlenual will lie
Innovative eonnnunieallon rneznods, zargeung exlsrlng (ulmra! plarlarnis rnal Rumislll
presence and cnnlribulinn npprecleled the general pupil: and used lor sdslezal change mud srep, wlll develop new narrsnyes and encourage medla producers, ruralors,
and pralessldnals. rne same time supponing and pmuidlng insriru onal backing ler
already existlng remarkable Inlllallves, Inls Includes lordlng and suppdning sgreemenls WI! rnalnslreenl and Romanl media. Uslng rne polenrial and prpiessional knowledge
:hang: already exlsln9 pomauals Rama rnedla rnrduon dIrecx sell-represenlenon nlrn, Iournallsm and kradmnnal and new medlll snl wlll challenge rne srerus one rnmugn
nannnyes mine lrom Rnrllilll hlslnry, cuIIure and experience.
Ine nuesrlon allne sear rernalns open larcne (ml: being, Semnn WIll nreinly husk adrninlslranue lunellons, wnlle ERI acllv are organised rnrduglidur Europe, ER! will lunellpn srearwe hub, Irs aslluiry muss rnerelore present many munrnes and
Ioralidns passlnle. rne Serrerarlal Incas-on rnereldre rm! pnonry Issue.
The seerersrisr (meld laealed arussels lor srrareglc purposes irs Eumpean pronle.
Equally vall ellernallues could premises pliered lree cnarge council Europe mernner sIaIe (In European and
eulrural cenrres, sum Vienna. aernn. Pans. Milan Madrid, Inose signlneanr
anam peoularlon sun ausnaresr, Budapesr, supple, VemCL smile
Isrenpull, Dmmlses uslng rnlrnsrroelure olrne AIIIsnee ororner members ,dlnlng ER] any
oslapllsnmenr. gzt
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmenlo! Slam Case No, F-2017-DB463 Doc 005353374 Date: 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED UVS. Depa menlolstale Case 92017-09463 Doc No.C06353374 Dale 09/07/2017
rnc lulupl bvdgel dunng ve-year slam-up pnpss prulscxsa around sou per
year, covenngvoperallonal and ska arms well mlmmum lgvel emu-nus wlll necessary nrlng :pgemer several [undmg sources mauplng Cpunsll Europe and
[he open saslew rounaauons. The alliance ER] suppmsrs WIII conrrlnute nanKlaIly snu
m-kmds nker bemg eslanllsned, ER! will Immedlalely engage mna-ralslug mlwnss. lne
founders WIH spmrrul lnIKlaI ve-year perlna, subleu sanslamry pemrmance
revlew after twn years.
lnrprrnsl consu akiuns durlng have snuwn mar mulllvstakzhalders Inndlng
smnarlu muld athlevablE, lnvolvlng :uunell Europe, Lme several rneumer
States, Open sasiery Founda ons and runners snnmpunng luwsras rne
puagsl reallslic conlrluuunn 01th: Counul Eurape would amounl pne thlrd the
Budgzz .000 000 Deryaarln zon, wlm ppm rsrp ponrrlpuulnn ms), lis apcumsn: nas been dassme resmasa unul sxamlnallan the commlnee
Tn: :ernl Rama used suns Cnunzll Europe rslers mama, slnll, xsle and mated
groups Europe, .nsluglug Travellers sun the Esslern grgups (Dom sna Lprn), and sums wlae alvsrslly the gmuus sunsemed, lnslualng persons wm: idamliy mernselues Gypsrss.
szulmmnnsl. oeaaranun ruse Antl-Gypswsm and Raclsk lelenzs agalnsl non-a Eumpe
(Fehmarv 20m. Effectiveness ursrraregres, programmes man plans (an
sIgnI LalINy zrrz resulule serum (amber anD-Gypsylsm and ssrlpn Imumv?
rne rmyrhelween Rama and :ns wluerepmmurllzy Also CM/Rec(2lJns)5 cles rpr
Roma and/neraveIIcrs Ir- Eurspe; chnmmendatiun neclznnlln improving [he
ewnomIc arm employmsnl slzupuan Roma/Gypsies and TIaveHeIs Eurpps 5r: Repon 5m: Democracy, Human mum and the am: Eumpe 994647
pncs nesplunon lsz7 (2m) Enulng ulscrllnlnaxlqn auaInst Roma :nIIaren, Congress
Resahmcn :55 mm) Empawznnq Rama vpum mmugh enesnve Dnlicy
aesrgn rural ana reglonul levels. 5ch General Policy necemmennallon
Cunently rsglszrpuon process The prpppssl [ollnws loglc enossn case lne Eumpean wergelsna terms
which anadled cum-ell Europe through declslan Cummlnee wnmslsrs, meopzvallnn sgrsemenl and men-persmp ulceuncll Europe renresentahves
Ewc spam. See durumenls cmzomma rev{canceptnole},CM(2008)104
and {SIalules},CM(2nDl)m-1 {Caenparalinn Agreemenr Between Norway and Cams?!
Ewape) cM/oel/oerrznna)lu32/7 derrsmrl), nmznlllae (CM axmallgz mews
with EWC Emmlvs Directly), www lneewe
WWW mmangbu qru/
PrldE richness groamcss Rprnanl language
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmem Slate Case No, F-2017-09453 Doc 005353374 Dale: 09/0772017
UNCLASSIFIED Department Stale Case 52017-09463 Doc C06353374 Dale OB/O712017
Tmst, mspen lumen? anguuge
Na! mnmundgd Pam Euvapcun Rama Fund (Budapasl) 112 the Emma! arsumpc and Open 5mm Foundenuns neude they have represenlanve anm Paklv and the period malr Enqagemlnl
Apan 1mm acuww msxs, annual Stan-up budget 500K expccted :avzr
apuauunal arm span costs, based (altulatian fur six persons qepenamg quannmmn smmure and luzal savary Sta z(suh12(tm rewsion) Lam mama
Based the budget esnmate pmvmza May zma (Euhjzn revls an).
UNCLASSV FIED U.S Depa menl Slate Case F72017~09463 Dan (206353374 Dale 09/07/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Department Slate Case No. Flow-09463 Doc No. C0635337S Dale. 09/07/2017
CLASSIFICATIONUNCLASSIHED Ciassmc ion uncusswienisensmvsi
Flam. SMART nicnwa
s-ni ziimair 707 SMART Cm:
SubJecll maria Highligms Fabmaly V1.20 iii mm: sea Fm-
nos. PGOV, soci. mum
Cnplluna: sENsmvE
Sublacl rum Highligms lor February 2017
ssu Oggnsl Vial!!! The maximum namu Pzrw meuEd prepililiuns fut IKS Fehmaw mini.
Ulllm 5am. who Yeclnlly vimcd seveiai cluzx caning loi broad pammpallnll. new imam; yummy supnmtu: Kawaia. aisnauemnzmxavaia Mamimisms sheni vime Miniuuza- ama. said xhlupmmlngpmle
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snu [unite Minlsluvzslll gumim IMO Management Mlm Pevl iisn ii. inimiew
veslemay that Miemahnna Muni mmgonevalion (may Manilemlnl imam was Enra>cnn likulon hudv
wimm (In! wmp enciei dimes. Vziiii alsnxaid lh2 ii: had leimzd about [he now imam ratenllvletked
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had veiigned balm belni mun. (Cummlr {ensmn main my. impiimamim inning mien movu
meam ainposai szludc unvmled judges and Dioxewmu Vvumlhl elemn nul no! aScE/DDIHR
mama By: RANAKmi Pauli
R-iaaseu 3y: Iimxusu. Paula
Archiw Copy
939 Classi cation: UNCLASSIFIED (sawsmva
UNCLASSIF Depanment Siae Case F-2017-09463 Doc No, C06353375 Dale, 09/67I2017
UNCLASSIFIED Depar memoislate CasENo.F 2017-09453 Doc 006353379 DaIeUQID7/ZD17 CLASSIFICATION: UNCLASSIFIED ass ncalm UNCLASSIFIED sMARI
snnI 3430mm 05:54
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sIInIm IuI TIIzna HIgNIgh lnrMnndny, :0.
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DalleYG: 30. 2mm mum MAR
From: unan. PamcIi Inn, Pmmsn, Pauima mm:
Pew PREL, KCORI scam as. EUN,
5mm (U) YIrzna NIghlIgNs forMWIoay, Mam zuIs
lam Mighllghls
March an. 2025 IInII III and maI MP5 nnshi ans Frmku rnnIIn emu In: Muvdlr MIN 23, III:
HIIII (mm Issued the measure new: ink In: my. makivily MP5 rum Milk mom. Prosewmvs now have mmlge mamhs inVeSlIsiIe lunhrr, and III: MP: Avenlquy wlll IamnaI helm: man cInm InI gMng Ink:
lexlImany III? lahriciIIng manna [th InIIn IeIIImw have Knurlt dunnx
ImIIIIIIInn nIaIImIIons new early March that Pavllimznl snmm- Mun mam klll IIInI IInnI nnwsIIInn lound [ll lh: [We nnvs fate umu nes years Mzanwhile, Mann askm Pullamenl lnr iuma zaunn sum Mark rnnIIIIaIInInI newdvlrgufnllwmg nxcnangnsw-
InInnInI YIrana Marzh and In! IusIIce Acmvdmx rnnInu [alias nesnIII Mum.)
mm: by: anIgIan anneum (mm pmmcdiuled mIIIueI