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Judicial Watch • JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 20-21

JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 20-21

JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 20-21

Page 1: JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 20-21


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Date Created:September 24, 2018

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UNCLASSIFIED Departmenlolslale Case No. F2017- 09463 Doc (306360437 Dale11/06/2017
Guidelines for the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program
The Democracy Commission Small gnsms program was initiated 1994 exible
mech ism which American Embassies are able award small sums money for projects
and Itivcs that support the development democracy the countries ofCentral Europe and
the Baltic States The small grants program for non governmental activnies that promote grassroots
democracy. Thus. very important explain how the project promotes democracy.
Projects, which provide direct social service, such serviccs individuals with disability, nol meet strict D.C. guidciines Rather. projects should include democracy building
aspects such as: public awareness, respect for human tigtts and advocacy for Ihe targeted
groups establishment and prescrvollnn the rule low and democracy, economic reform,
enVironmentaJ clean up, the strengthening the NGO sector. thc reconciliation disputes,
and better Joumalism etc. Tire maximumamount pergpmt issmilin However, mostgrantswillbelorsmaller
llllOlllIlSi The Public Affairs section the embassy each country responsible for submitting ALL
proposals Washington for technical review the proposaKs) have been.approved
the commission. Upon approval, Washington sends authorization the embassy write the
grant locally. the technical review Washington will look sec how the project promotes
democracy. Grunts should seek laollltate long-term sustainability and democratic institution-building for local organizations and support efforts promote reform. Grants for publication materials should describe the intended audience, provide clear
understanding the materials content, and specify who responsible for the distribution
the materials. clear time frame, especially adate which the grant funded activity expected end,
recommended. Budgets should submitted dollars. These grants may NOT used to: hind American organizations and individuals fund activnics for which there are existing programs. provide for long-term infrastructural needs.
UNCLASSiFIED Department olSlata Case FEW-09453 Doc No. {205330437 Date:11/06I2017
UNCLASSIFIED DepartmenloISIale Case F72017v09463 Doc Nu, 006380437 Date: 11/06/2017 Provide direcl social services populations Grants are normally made one- -time basis. But repeal grants the same organizalion are
okay with clear justi cation and {or different projects. Grants generally avoid paying salaries professional fees with grams, salarics appear
necessary and appmpriule, the following guidelines apply Salary levels should reasonable and higher man olher local salaries for similar work. Salary should calculated lump-sum, based the total number hours worked for Ihe
duration the project. Grams may not pay for food_ refreshments, Bul nebessary workshop
conference other event, are grantee another donor organizalio must pay for ii. repnn every grant mnsl submitted the Public Affairs secion aflhe embassy
Washington upon complelion oflhe at:liviry(s]. The report will used evaluate whelher
rhe program has accomplished goals Evaluation essential tothe inwgrity ofihe
program and also required account for the dispersal ofUSG funds. Future funding
rho program will conlingent careful revrcw its accomplishments, suggested formal for writing grams and evaluation provided with these guidelines.
UNCLASSIFIED Departmenloiscale Case No. F-2017 09463 Doc Na.CUBBBD437 Dale 11/06/2017