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Judicial Watch • JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 26-28

JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 26-28

JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 26-28

Page 1: JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012 pg 26-28


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Date Created:September 24, 2018

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UNCLASSiFIED Department State Case No; F-2017-09463 Doc 006350441 Dale11/05I2017
Denoclucv :nmussmu smu alums RELE BEN FULL
Democracy Commission Small Grants Program
The United States Embassy Tirana, acting through the Publlc Alfairs ce, pleased announce open mmpztitian for assstance awards through this NOTICE FUNDING OPPORTUNITY
Purpose onhe Program
The Democracy commission Small Grants Program supports initiatives orlocal nongovernmental
organizations (N605) engaged In, building the social and intellectual foundations democracy, the
democratic resolution problems, strengthening clvll society watchdog activities. and the
institutionalization open, pluralistlc political processes. The Democracy Cnmmlssion program seeks support initiatiyes throughout Albania variety ptnelds, including those related anti-
corruptloh, participatory and good governance, invesligatlve journalism, respect for human
rights/minority rights, womens empowerment, dispute reconciliation, environmental awareness, and
combining human tramckihg
Ylle call for proposal: has ciose The next call will announced Spring, zine.
The pemoeraey Commission does not iond projects such the following Fund-raising campaigns Humanitarian assistance projects Scienti research projects Projects with budgets that exceed $24,000 and lake more than year implement ijecrs that duplicate Existing proyects being implemented organization Projects suarnitted (or-pro commercial organlzalions Pmyects tnat alm support partisan political and/ religious activity Conferences and ihowldual aoroad Trade activities
Evaluation Process:
The Embassy has established the Democracy commission, which reviews and evaluates proposals
tar this program. ltwlli take the Commission two months aiter the application deadlihe
complete its renew process. Applicants may contacted with questions during this review process,
and will also informed whether not thelromposal was selected via e-rnall
Evaluation Criteria:
The Democracy commission will assess the lollawlngymen evaluating grant pmposnls
UNCLASSiFIED US. Department Stale Case F-2017-09463 Doc C06380441 Dale11/05IZD17
ooiained byuudiciai Watch
UNCLASSIFIED U.S DepanmeniofSlaie Case NotF-2017-09463 Doc No. (205380441 Date 11/06/2017 The project proposal demonstrates that the oioanizationmas suf cient expertise, sinus and
human resources implement the project The organization demonstrates that has (IPGF understanding the underiylng ISSUE that
the project aiming address and atile articulate with speci city and clarity. The organization has consulted reteuant resources, experts and potential partner organizations
during the project design phase. The organization has identi appropriate bene ciaries target grows way that
maximizes project outputs and outcomes and the project hasa tiearrocusend manageable
scape, The projects idea and approach are innovative, vet capaole oeing completed with the
program period. Proposed project activities must concrete, detailed, and supported try
reasonaole work plan. The project budget well-organized, detailed and reasonable. There are budget lines
labeled miscellaneous expenses Entertainment and alcoholic beverage expenses are not
included the oudget. The budget demonstrates that the organization has devoted time
plan for and assess actual expenses associated with the project instead providing rough
estimates, The organization has clearly articulated how will assess and measure its own perlormance
throughout the project implementation phase using concrete quantitative and qualitative
assessment tools. the project proposal descrioes clearly the approach that used ensure maximum
sustainability, the projects results arter its completion, Past performance, including US. government funded grants, indicates reliability, responsible
use resources, and ability follow through With project aims.
Speci Guidelines:
IMPORYANT! Organizations may only submit one proposal per program The maximum grant amount USD 24,0uo. Grants are made one-time basis. successtui applicant may reapply ior second grant.
out the second pmpasai must ior distinctly dilterent project then the rst project
lunded try the Democracy Commission organizations are eligioie receiuing tunding irorri this program not more oitcn than once
two years. u.s organizations and individuals are not eligiole ror grants under the program.
The application requires detailed description the activity tor which grant Funds are being
reouested and oudget proposal oroken dawn expenditure category; otherwise will not
UNCLASSiFIED U.S. Depanmenlol Slate Case No. [12017-09453 Doc C06380441 Dale 11/06/2017
Oblalned yJudlclalWa1ch
UNCLASSIFIED US, DepanmentofSlale Case N0,F-2017-09463 Doc (306380441 Date 11/05/2017 Apply?
All anal-callnns are redulred English. You musr use arnclal ipplicariun lorm, wnlcn ragerner
with apullcnlidn guldellne package can obtalned e-me lillng PDgrantstlale.gav
Your analldation should Include: Name, address, lelephone/fax number, e-mall address [he ganizaxldn and name ennracr
persarl The mum declsmn registration numoerorme organlzallon The bank aredunz number-OHM urgenllatlurl orleldesenptlon ufwnat ardanrzallon dae desennrlon ollne project: now the grant wlll used and wno the largel audlenee deralled descriptlon ofwhy pmject necessary The apuroxmate {lme from [he nedinmng the completlon dnne omen Descriptlun ofthe pmj quals, and now thls can measured conelusron nrzne project Previulls grams vanous donors (name oldo ndr, goal prujlct, and amount) deralled budget, sting all cumnonent lrems The amount msl-sharlnd the grantee
Coples the adult dezlsldn reglslratlon, Statute argnnlzatinn, and CV5 the maln staff the
project must lncluded apphcation package. Any appllcauon that dues cover all ahave pomzs Wlll not cansmered.
Please send vaur appllcalion package the Idlldwlng address:
Democracy commlsslon small Grams mgram
Embassy the unlted Stats: America Eloasanlz, NI.
Tlrarla, Albania
suhmls the electronic version (Ward and Excel var-nan III the applrealian harm
PD]rants@state.gav also mandarory. sne managz Depanmenr Slat: External llnlr; her lnllmnk slles should nor wnslme
:Mnrstmznl unwary oolmes dammed mereln
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmenlnf Stale Case 2017-09463 Dot; (306350441 0319 11/06/2017