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Judicial Watch • JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012

JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012

JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012

Page 1: JW v State Soros Albania docs 01012


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Date Created:November 7, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 24, 2018

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United States Department State
Washington, DC, 20520
November 2017
Case No. 09463
Segments: Tlrana-OOZ
Mr. William Marshall
425 Third SL, SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Dear Mr. Marshall: refer our letter dated October 10, 2017, under the Freedom Information Act (the
FOIA), U.SiC. 552. The processing ofdocuments potentially responsive-to your
request remains ongoing and has located ten additional documents reviewing these
documents, have determined that six may released full and four may released part. enclosure explains the FOIA exemptions. and other grounds for withholding material.
Where have made excisions, the applicable FOLA exemptions are marked each
documents All released material enclosed, you have any questions, you may contact Assistant Attorney Daniel Schaefer,
(202) 252-2531, Please sure refer the case
number, F-2017-09463, and the civil action number, l7-cv-01012, all correspondence
about this case.
Eric Stein, Director Information Programs and Services
Enclosures: stated,
Untamed byJumma Watch
UNCLASSIFIED Department Stale Case F-2017-09463 DOCN (306380428 Dale, 11/051201?
RELEASE PART ulscERNIBlE cwsmwmu Cuka llva
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2015
Yo: Milre, Elga Ana Gldkulal Cullu Suzana [us/um; Andl
Dubmsh Mihallaq Pislcll Angelina
Subjem Invitation the Grant Proposal Technical Revlew Meeting In! Danors Friday,
February 251 1016 1400
Hello Everyane, would like convene the Donors Grant Review/mg meeting the Democracy Commission
Small GrantsPragmm. have received applications from many NGOs during the rst round this program, and would like invite you discussron these proposals. Your valuable
input and comments will used the Embassy Democracy Cmnmissinn, which has the
ultimate authnrity awarding the grants hnpe yau will able participate this meeting, which will take place the
Embassy Friday. February 2016 00. Please attached list the grant proposals
with summarized descriptions, grant program requirements and guidelines and the cell for
proposals. look fnrward hearing from you
Thanks and regards
pvojm pmpMIIr DszomG d-x dmzwgamx Dominant} nut
Pragmn Assislnnl
Public AITalis 0mg:
Emblssy ante Unlicd sum arAmenae
Tia Ami
Tel; 353 02247255 exl.
Ermuil cukul@sialr. gov
UNCLASSIFIED DEDanmenl Stale Case No. F-2017-09463 Do: No. (206350426 Date 11/06/2017 nistgnulatr cussirlcmou
UNCLASSIFIED U.5 Departmental Stale Case No, F-2017-09453 Doc No. 605380432 Daie. 11/06/2017 Winn... cussmumm 339* PART
From: cuko,
Sent: Frida ,Augusl 25, 2015421
To: Mllre, Elga. Ana Glckulaj; Cullu Suma (usual; Andl rushl hallaq Qluu
Cc: PlilolltlAngie
swim: lnvilallon the Grant pmposal Technical Review Meeting far Donor: Thursday,
September 03, 2015 15m
Hello Everyone, would like convene the Donoxs Grunt Reviewing meeting the Democracy Commissinn
Small Grunts Program. have recewed applications from many NGOs during the third round this program, focusing anticolruption, and would like invite you discussion these
proposals, Your valuable input arid comments willbe used the US, Embassys Democracy
Commission, which has the ultimate authority awarding the grants harm you will able participate this meeting, which will take place the us.
Embassy Thursday, September 03. 2015 1500 Please attached listgi the grant
pmpissals Witli summarized descriptions look forward hearing from you
Thanks and regards
mica piupuuls sun. DISCEINKBLE cussmurlou
UNCLASSIFIED Deparlmenlol Shale Case F-2017-094E Doc Q06380432 Dale 11/06/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED U.S.Depanmenlals1ale Case Nu. FEW-99483 DncNo.C06380435 0319 11106)2017
RELEASE mmlmmmmmn-l-Hm hummxmnmrm
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UNCLASSIF U.S DepanmemofSla1e Case F72017709463 Doc NaCUBJEMSS Date:11/UB/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department Slate Case N0,F 2017-09463 Doc Nuc Dalaz11/U6/2017
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_._.._.- u...m... _.__,, UNCLASSIFIED DepanmenlofSIale Case No. F-2017 09463 Doc 006330435 Dale WOMW
UNCLASS FIED U15. Departmenlofstale CaseNo.F-2017-00463 Doc (205300435 Date 11/061 2017 -.u......... ...........y..
........._. Duozrl
m-lu-ulnll .=1.:.. =._ arm.
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y... tutu-52
UNCLASS1F1ED US. Department State CaseNo.F-201709463 DocNu.006560435 Dale: 11/06/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED US. Department State Case N0.FA201705463 Doc 606380435 Dab? 11IU I2017
0...... yum a...
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Eugen. .._._..
mam Egg-:2 .u.- .__..n_.y.-.
me... ...-. .--.,. .y.
UNCLASSIFIED DepamnemofSlate Case F-2017-09463 Doc NOVCDBBBWS Dale 11/06I2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS U.S. DepanmenmSlale CaseNo.F-2017-09463 DocNoVCUG380435 Datez11I06/2017
m-mmn ag-v-
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:~. :::1~r~:::::. ...
UNCLASSIHED Depanmenlalstale Case MOI-2017419463 Dan No. 016380435 Date 11/06/2017
UNCLASS FIED U.S,Depanmentof$late CaseNo.F 2017 09463 DucNo C06380435 Datez1110612017
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m... .._ UNCLASSIFIED DsparlmentorSIale Case No.F 2017-09463 DucNu 006380435 Data 111%(2017
Omamed byJumma1Wa1ch
UNCLASSIHED US.Depal1men101$lale Case 01700453 000110 (306380435 Dale:11/0612017
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____ _,___,______
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august 2353mm UNCLASSIHED Depanmen1o1s1ale Case F-Z -UMG} DocNo (206380435 Dale HIDE/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED US. Department Stale Case NIL HOW-09463 Doc N0.C05380435 Date. 11/06/2017
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.._...._ ._._n.._...g.
ummm lam-1:.
LEW .... UNCLASSIHED US. Depanment Slate Case HOW-09463 Doc [306380435 Date: 11/06/2017
Omamed byJumma1Wa1ch
UNCLASSIFIED US.DepanmenIDfSlate Case Moi-201709483 DocNo.006380435 Date: 11106121117
.h- .35 ... ..-.
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mumm- UNCLASSIHED U.S Department Slam Case No. FA201709463 DucNo.006380435 0312111/06/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED Department Sla1e CaseNo.F-2017-05463 DocNu {306380435 Date:11l06/2017
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..... Mum-14-
UNCLASSIF US. Departmental State CaseNn -OSABS Dan No, (105380435 Date 11/06/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED us, DepanmenIOISlaIe Case No. HOW-09463 DocNo UESWSS Dale: 11/06I2017
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.n-n ... mm... w..._... fawn. =............._- .._...._....4..........m..w
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............_........-.._. .................._..... n....._.....-_.._......_._
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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Depanrhenlorstate Case No. F72017709463 Doc No. (105380435 Dale 11/U i2017
UNCLASSIFIED US.Depanmem-otSIa1e Case No. F-2017 09463 Doc 006380435 Dale 11/05/2017
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mm. mm. UNCLASSIFIED U.S,DemMEnIOISlaIE Case Moi-201109463 Doc N0.C06380435 DaIe: 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIHED Department State Case No. F-ZO17 09453 Doc Nov 006330435 Datez11/06l2017
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-3-. .4- ......_._-. an... .___.. _.__.....__........ UNCLASS HED DepanmEnl State CasENo F-2017 O9463 Doc 036330435 Dale 11/06/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED U.S DepanmenMSlaI/e Case No, MOW-09463 00an 0063811435 Dam 11/06/2017
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UNCLASSIHED U.S DEpa enlaIStale Case No. FVZUWHMES Doc N0.C063W35 Date: HIM/2017
UNCMsS FIEU USDepaltmenlufSute Case F-201709463 Doc [306350435 Dale: 11/W2D17 w-nzmz-rzx rst
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amu-m... yr, UNCLASS FIED U.S,Depanmenloisme Case No. F-2017-09463 DocNo SEMSS Date 11l06)2017
Oblalne bydudlclaiwalch
UNCLASSIFIED Departmenlolslale Case No. F2017- 09463 Doc (306360437 Dale11/06/2017
Guidelines for the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program
The Democracy Commission Small gnsms program was initiated 1994 exible
mech ism which American Embassies are able award small sums money for projects
and Itivcs that support the development democracy the countries ofCentral Europe and
the Baltic States The small grants program for non governmental activnies that promote grassroots
democracy. Thus. very important explain how the project promotes democracy.
Projects, which provide direct social service, such serviccs individuals with disability, nol meet strict D.C. guidciines Rather. projects should include democracy building
aspects such as: public awareness, respect for human tigtts and advocacy for Ihe targeted
groups establishment and prescrvollnn the rule low and democracy, economic reform,
enVironmentaJ clean up, the strengthening the NGO sector. thc reconciliation disputes,
and better Joumalism etc. Tire maximumamount pergpmt issmilin However, mostgrantswillbelorsmaller
llllOlllIlSi The Public Affairs section the embassy each country responsible for submitting ALL
proposals Washington for technical review the proposaKs) have been.approved
the commission. Upon approval, Washington sends authorization the embassy write the
grant locally. the technical review Washington will look sec how the project promotes
democracy. Grunts should seek laollltate long-term sustainability and democratic institution-building for local organizations and support efforts promote reform. Grants for publication materials should describe the intended audience, provide clear
understanding the materials content, and specify who responsible for the distribution
the materials. clear time frame, especially adate which the grant funded activity expected end,
recommended. Budgets should submitted dollars. These grants may NOT used to: hind American organizations and individuals fund activnics for which there are existing programs. provide for long-term infrastructural needs.
UNCLASSiFIED Department olSlata Case FEW-09453 Doc No. {205330437 Date:11/06I2017
UNCLASSIFIED DepartmenloISIale Case F72017v09463 Doc Nu, 006380437 Date: 11/06/2017 Provide direcl social services populations Grants are normally made one- -time basis. But repeal grants the same organizalion are
okay with clear justi cation and {or different projects. Grants generally avoid paying salaries professional fees with grams, salarics appear
necessary and appmpriule, the following guidelines apply Salary levels should reasonable and higher man olher local salaries for similar work. Salary should calculated lump-sum, based the total number hours worked for Ihe
duration the project. Grams may not pay for food_ refreshments, Bul nebessary workshop
conference other event, are grantee another donor organizalio must pay for ii. repnn every grant mnsl submitted the Public Affairs secion aflhe embassy
Washington upon complelion oflhe at:liviry(s]. The report will used evaluate whelher
rhe program has accomplished goals Evaluation essential tothe inwgrity ofihe
program and also required account for the dispersal ofUSG funds. Future funding
rho program will conlingent careful revrcw its accomplishments, suggested formal for writing grams and evaluation provided with these guidelines.
UNCLASSIFIED Departmenloiscale Case No. F-2017 09463 Doc Na.CUBBBD437 Dale 11/06/2017
ObtalnedbyJudlclalW tch rte
UNCLASSIFlED Department uIState Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. COSBBDMO Date 11/05/2017
Public Affairs Section
U.s. EmbassyTimna, Alhonio
Nome otute orglnlzalinn, Address, phonrlt number/email address, name and title orotreotor
and other Slgni cant stslrmemtters, panicululythose who will Involved the project.
Applicants should also attach cv, resume personal history the people who wlll
engaged theprojeot one should exceed one page. linekground Applicant
When was the organization lomtdlxi, what are IIS pvinciple aettutttes, Slgm lllnl achievements,
etc copy oItlte registration papers ofthe organization tssuod host country authorities
should attached
III. Program Description/Purpose
What does thl: applicant propose do? The preposnl should contain sumoient inrorrnation that
anyone not familiar with would understand exactly what the applicant wants and why
The more spoeilio, oetailerl, and elenr the program description, the hotter Remember lhal the
DcmacrtaCy Commlsslon will only nwnro mud: the bESI proposals, those thntcan etearlyshow the proposed project wul help theoevelopntent ofdemnbmic, treenierlret society tho host
lv. Proyeetrustirteotion
This very important ospeotoithe proposal and applieonts should pay particular attention
Whit the Importance oflhe ploymt Why should funded? Who will oated this
proieet? WIllt oilrerenoe does make (or your counlry Remember Ihat the Democracy
Commission will only suppnn those projects that will make important contribution
Appliclnts m-y also attach Imzrs olendarsement attusting the sertousnes: afth: proposal.
UNCLASSIFIED Department Slate Case Plow-09463 Doc (306350440 Dale11/05/2017
oblalned Judicial Walen UNCLASSIFIED U.S DepanmenloiSlate Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No.C06380440 Dale 11/06/2017 ijeclSusuinabilily
Describe expeciod long-lerm ecls orthe pro lflhe projeel intended coniinue
ill: funding from lhe Democracy Commission ends, ihe proposal musl also oonlain very
rliorougn explanatlcn how mganluliun will fund die activily lire iulure. lra convincmg
expinnslion nol included, line will disqunlify the project from opnsiderelion for Democracy
Commission suppon.
Vl. Proposed ngrlm dares
When will lire projeer carried aul, irir funded? realistic abnul dares. Remember that,
even irapproved, funds from (he Democracy Commission may nor available roras long rwo rhree monlhs from lhe lime the applicallon submitted (For example. illhe applicaul submiu
rlie proposal Seplember, but states llisl rile projeci us! begin Scplember, rile Cnmm ission
may reJecl lhe proposal unrealisric iliis basis alone.)
v11. Derailed Budg including snpponing narrative order sure lhm lhe Commission understands why rhere need (or money, the. applimnr
should prepare linebyline list olexpenseg lhal will generaied (his projeci, Tlie budgzl
should pyepawd logical manner and offer enough dcmil lhai rsvlcwel will able
undersland exactly whal lhe gures mean and how mar figure was determined
The budget narrative should follow lhc acIlwI budge! plescnlation ilself and describe some
delarl rile cosls prEsenied die budgel. oilier words, inc narruiive explains, line line, wnsl
rlie numbers mean and how Ihey were determined (Forexample, ATravel: 5mm. Explmalion:
Twodayoonieienw (Iocallon) for 30p3l 1lclp nl5 Wllliazxsso Havel gram each panicipani
for room, board and Imnspumllun costs)
lnlie proposnl seeks funding purchase service arequipmenl, lire applicalion must include
ilrree pm-fomla eslimalcs from lire serviee equipment vendor. Simply lisring Aeompuier and
prim 4,000 n01 sumcieni. The Commission will wanl know What kind oleornpnier,
wnai kind ofprinlcr and how much ihree differeni vendors will charge for iliis equipment.
Program expenses should cover all cosrs for projeer aciivirieszliey may include all
honoraria specialisis ssspciales; navel/per diem/Iadging expenses for lrips; and all
expenses ror seminars conferences (speakers: fee, prepnrslion uFmalerials and room
Salaries could paid onlyro lire people who will spend majoliryoflhoir rinre the
projbct and have signed conrrnczs The salnry should calodlared rlie total number
UNCLASSIFIED U.S,DEpanmenIoIStale CaseNo.F 2017-09463 Doc NO.C06380440 Dale 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIFlED Depa mani Siam Case F-2017-09463 Dal: 605380440 Date11l06/2017
hours worked (or the duration otthe project Salary levels should reasonable and higher
than ether lucal salaries. and should include all local taxes
equipment means wmpulcr, copying machine, printer other technical devices necessary
for the ful llment-citric project (for example, the purchase computer for arganlzlng
eonierence not ajusti expense)
Administralive expenses include communication expenses (phone, fax, email, postage), hank
taxes; copying and print services; materiais(paper, loner, envelopes, etc
Blank charge; should prercaloulplud and included the budget. Please note that any
interest earned the grant sum must relumed the Us. Govemment.
The use miscellaneous expense budget item unacceptable.
Cocktail parties and meals not integtul program event are not acceptable grain expenses. effort should made socurc funding 00m sonrms {or {and Costs
Entertainment cDSlS (amusement, diversion. social aclivitics, ceremontais, alcoholic
beverages, cocktail parties) are not allowable expenses.
vm. ReportingRequlremeuls
ltyou receive funding from rhe Democracy Commission. you will required submit
detailed pregram and nancial report the outcomes the pmjch Please describe when
you will submit the report the outcomes and who will prepare the nancial report (ego
kind contribution
ix, Other sources suppnrl tor this project, including the
theapplying organiznlion
Please deserilae the possibilities for lndmg orthe project other organization.
Please describe the inaktnd contribution ofyour organization can voluntary work, use premises, vehicles, classroom supplies, equipment payment ofa program event from
will own tundste rental era halt, printing oranncuneenients, meals, travel,
Please state which other organizations you have applied for funding wtth the same project
and the status those applications
Read once again the Democracy Commission Guidelines that describe the Small
Grant Program. Make sure you understand these guidelines and that your proposal fits
UNCLASSIFlED Department State Case No, F72017709463 DD: C06350440 Date 11/06/2017
obiainsdbvdudieialWaieii l1:
UNCLASSIFlED Department Slam Case FEW-09463 Doc ND.C06380440 Dale 11/06/2017
die purpasas discusses
Carefully review the applieslion rnalre sure complete and free armors
Ask snmcune who does nol know anylillng aboul your project read your proposal
delermin: in: undersmndabln. Remember lhn ill: memhcrs oflhe Democracy
Commission will no: know anyllring nboul your proposel unlil rhey read ii, lfiliey
eennor undersrand simply reading whar you nave wrinen, will nor epproved.
Ask someone wirli experience applying for grams look nppllulion and
provide advice improving ii.
Make sure ills application nuily Iypzd and mad English. Pcrfccl English nul rcqulwd bill the proposal musi undersiandsble English spcakcr.
Appliculions which not insiudc ills lcquiwd information npl zumply wih1hc
requiremwts cflhz Program guidelines. will run reviewed.
Democracy Commission Small Grams Program (Public Arrairs otlrce)
Unlled Stale: Embassy Tiram. Albania
Address Rr. Elbassnii, )0], Tiran:
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Depanmenloisoale Case No. F-2017-09453 Doc No, (206380440 Dale 11/06/2017
UNCLASSiFIED Department State Case No; F-2017-09463 Doc 006350441 Dale11/05I2017
Denoclucv :nmussmu smu alums RELE BEN FULL
Democracy Commission Small Grants Program
The United States Embassy Tirana, acting through the Publlc Alfairs ce, pleased announce open mmpztitian for assstance awards through this NOTICE FUNDING OPPORTUNITY
Purpose onhe Program
The Democracy commission Small Grants Program supports initiatives orlocal nongovernmental
organizations (N605) engaged In, building the social and intellectual foundations democracy, the
democratic resolution problems, strengthening clvll society watchdog activities. and the
institutionalization open, pluralistlc political processes. The Democracy Cnmmlssion program seeks support initiatiyes throughout Albania variety ptnelds, including those related anti-
corruptloh, participatory and good governance, invesligatlve journalism, respect for human
rights/minority rights, womens empowerment, dispute reconciliation, environmental awareness, and
combining human tramckihg
Ylle call for proposal: has ciose The next call will announced Spring, zine.
The pemoeraey Commission does not iond projects such the following Fund-raising campaigns Humanitarian assistance projects Scienti research projects Projects with budgets that exceed $24,000 and lake more than year implement ijecrs that duplicate Existing proyects being implemented organization Projects suarnitted (or-pro commercial organlzalions Pmyects tnat alm support partisan political and/ religious activity Conferences and ihowldual aoroad Trade activities
Evaluation Process:
The Embassy has established the Democracy commission, which reviews and evaluates proposals
tar this program. ltwlli take the Commission two months aiter the application deadlihe
complete its renew process. Applicants may contacted with questions during this review process,
and will also informed whether not thelromposal was selected via e-rnall
Evaluation Criteria:
The Democracy commission will assess the lollawlngymen evaluating grant pmposnls
UNCLASSiFIED US. Department Stale Case F-2017-09463 Doc C06380441 Dale11/05IZD17
ooiained byuudiciai Watch
UNCLASSIFIED U.S DepanmeniofSlaie Case NotF-2017-09463 Doc No. (205380441 Date 11/06/2017 The project proposal demonstrates that the oioanizationmas suf cient expertise, sinus and
human resources implement the project The organization demonstrates that has (IPGF understanding the underiylng ISSUE that
the project aiming address and atile articulate with speci city and clarity. The organization has consulted reteuant resources, experts and potential partner organizations
during the project design phase. The organization has identi appropriate bene ciaries target grows way that
maximizes project outputs and outcomes and the project hasa tiearrocusend manageable
scape, The projects idea and approach are innovative, vet capaole oeing completed with the
program period. Proposed project activities must concrete, detailed, and supported try
reasonaole work plan. The project budget well-organized, detailed and reasonable. There are budget lines
labeled miscellaneous expenses Entertainment and alcoholic beverage expenses are not
included the oudget. The budget demonstrates that the organization has devoted time
plan for and assess actual expenses associated with the project instead providing rough
estimates, The organization has clearly articulated how will assess and measure its own perlormance
throughout the project implementation phase using concrete quantitative and qualitative
assessment tools. the project proposal descrioes clearly the approach that used ensure maximum
sustainability, the projects results arter its completion, Past performance, including US. government funded grants, indicates reliability, responsible
use resources, and ability follow through With project aims.
Speci Guidelines:
IMPORYANT! Organizations may only submit one proposal per program The maximum grant amount USD 24,0uo. Grants are made one-time basis. successtui applicant may reapply ior second grant.
out the second pmpasai must ior distinctly dilterent project then the rst project
lunded try the Democracy Commission organizations are eligioie receiuing tunding irorri this program not more oitcn than once
two years. u.s organizations and individuals are not eligiole ror grants under the program.
The application requires detailed description the activity tor which grant Funds are being
reouested and oudget proposal oroken dawn expenditure category; otherwise will not
UNCLASSiFIED U.S. Depanmenlol Slate Case No. [12017-09453 Doc C06380441 Dale 11/06/2017
Oblalned yJudlclalWa1ch
UNCLASSIFIED US, DepanmentofSlale Case N0,F-2017-09463 Doc (306380441 Date 11/05/2017 Apply?
All anal-callnns are redulred English. You musr use arnclal ipplicariun lorm, wnlcn ragerner
with apullcnlidn guldellne package can obtalned e-me lillng PDgrantstlale.gav
Your analldation should Include: Name, address, lelephone/fax number, e-mall address [he ganizaxldn and name ennracr
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Please send vaur appllcalion package the Idlldwlng address:
Democracy commlsslon small Grams mgram
Embassy the unlted Stats: America Eloasanlz, NI.
Tlrarla, Albania
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UNCLASSIFIED Depanmenlnf Stale Case 2017-09463 Dot; (306350441 0319 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIFiEE? Depinmeni Stale Case Nu. F-2017-09463 Doc No. (206380442 Date: 11/06/2017
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me: Cuko. nva
5m: Thursdiy June 1a, 2015 4:45
yo: Andi Doblushl Mlhaiiag Qino Mme,
Ega Ana GJakulaj, :eiiuii. Suzana
(USAID) Fistol Angjelina
Subjeu: invimien Grant Proposal Technical Review Meeting far Danas Thursday iune
Heiie Everyone, would like mnvene lheDannrs Grant Reviewing meeting the uevnutratycummissian Smaii Grams Progvam have received applicaxions irom many N605 dining live: mund mis pmgram, Musing mainly good
gnvernance, domestic violence, anti-trafficking, and womens empawevment, nnt unly, and weuia like invite vau distussiun inese proposalsvaurvaluabie input and (ommemswlll used u.s. Embassy oemecrany
Commission, which has the ulllmale authonly awarding granls. hope you will able participate meeting. which will take place us. Embassy Thursday, June 25,
1015 200. Please find attached list A)! the glint prppusals with summarixed descriptions.
Lin project
prupnulsms look lnrwam neanng fmm van
Thanksand vegavds
ngram Assistant
Pimiic Affairs
Embassy the United States uAmEnca
1irana, Albania
Tei: ass 2247255 ext
E-maii: :ukoiQstags ggv mscmmalscussmunou
UNCLASSiFIED U,S Depar mentuf Stale Case F-2017109453 Du: CDBBEOMZ Date11l06/2017
UNCLASS FIED US. DepanmenlofSlate CasaNo F-zmmma Use (1063130444 Date 11/06I2017 mundmmnemmcumissian mgmnhmms
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1mmm mm- UNCLASSWIED Depamnenm S1ate Case MOW-09463 Duc Nn,C06380444 Data 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmem State Case F-2017-OB463 Doc (206380444 Dale: 11/06/2017 EEE SE; EEEEE
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department Stale Case F-2017-DS463 Doc C05380444 Dale 11/05/2-017
ObtamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASSIFIED Departmental Slam Case No. F-ZD17-09463 Doc No. 006380444 Date: 11/06/2017
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UNCLASSIF Depanmenl ufstale Case F-2017-09463 Doc 006360444 Date: 11/06/2017
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UNCLASSIF Department State Case ND. F72017709463 Doc No. (106380444 Date: 11/06/2017 :2g 22:22:: 2:22:22
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UNCUXSS2FIED U.S. DepanmenlcfSlale Case F-ZO17 09463 Do: Nu. (306380444 bale. 11/06/2017
dbmmedbyJumma Walch
UNCIJKSSIF Depanmem State Case NO, F72017709453 DUE NOV 006380444 HIDE/2017
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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department Stale Case No. 32017419463 Doc No. [306380444 Date. 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIF Department Stale Case F-2017-09463 Doc (206380444 Date 11/05/2017
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UNCLASS FIED Depanmenloi Stale Case F72017709463 Doc Na. 006350444 Dale: 11/05/2017
UNCLASSIFLED Department Stale Case F-2017-09463 Doc No. 006380444 Date: 11/06/2017 2222 222
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UNCLASSIFIED U.S Department oSlale Case No, F~2017~09463 Doc NOVCDSBEUMA Dalev11/06/ZD17
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED Department Shale Case F-2017-09463 Doc (206380444 0352 11/06/2017
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UNCLASS FIED US. Department Stale Case F-2017 09463 Dal: 606380444 Date11lDS/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASS FIED U5. Depanmenlcf Slate Case NO. F72017VUS453 Doc No. 606380444 Date. 11/06/2017
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UNCLASS FIED U.S. Depanmenl Stale Case No. F-2017-094_53 Doc C06380444 Date: 11/05/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASSIFIED U.S.Depa memol3lale Case HOW-09453 Doc (3116380445 Date, 11/060017
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UNCLASSIFIED Depa mentofslate Case F72017709463 Doc No.006380145 Date:11 ]6f2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASSIF Department Skate Case No. F-2017~09453 D0: ND. (206380445 Date: 11/05/2017
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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Depanmenl Slate Case NCL F-2017-09463 Doc C063E04A5 Date. 11/05/2017
Omamed bwumma1 Watch 11:
UNCLASS FIED US. Department Slate Case No, 177201709463 Doc No. (206380445 Dale 11/06/2017 5;. Egg 1:; WEE 19%
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UNCLASSIFIED USV Dspanmenl uiSlaIe Case NO. F-ZD17-09463 Do: C06380445 0316 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Departmental Slate Case No. F-ZD17-OB463 Doc (306380445 Date: 11/06/2017 gig algiig Igisiiggi 35:: gas 25:
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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Deparlmenlol Smle Case No. 2017 09463 Dnc 005380445 0319 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIF Depa menlofstale Case No. F-2017309463 Doc (206380445 Dale: 11/06/2017 5%: 35;;
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UNICLASSIFIED UVS. Depanmenl Sale Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. 006380445 Date 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIF Department State Case Moi-2017419463 DocNo 056380445 Data:11los/2o17
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UNCLASSIFIED U.SV Depanmenk State Case No. F72017709463 Doc No, 006380445 Date,11/06IZD17
Untamed bwumma1 Watch 11:
UNCLASSIFIED UVS Depanmanlo351ale Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. (206380445 Dale 11/06/2017
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UNCLASS FIED US, Depamnenlofswle Case No. F-2017~09463 Doc No.005380445 Dale: 11/06/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASSIFIED US. Dapa menl Slam Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No. (205380445 Dae. 11/05/2017 Is_ 555 555 EE:
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UNCLASSIF Departmental Stale Case No. F-2017-09463 Doc No, (106380445 Date: 11/06/2017
OmamedbyJumma Watch
UNCLASSiFIED U.S. DepanmenlolSlale Case No. F-Zu17-09463 Doc C06380445 Date: 11/06/2017
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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Depanmem Slate Case No, F-2017-09453 Doc 006380445 Dale. 11/06/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Depam enl Slate Case F-2017-09463 Doc No. C06380445 Dale. 11/06/2017 rig:
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UNCLASSIFIED Depa menlolstale Case F-2017-09453 Duc NO,CDBSBO445 Da1e11l06/2017
UNCLASS FIED U,S. Dapanmamts slam Case 2017-094 Dec No. 005350447 Date 11}06/2017 mscznmmcusmcmou RELEASE PART
From: Cake, llva
Sent: Friday, Apn 24. 2015 4:00
To: And: Dobtushi liorela shals[:l
:ezannama Mmallaq qsrjo
Plemw Gugo genamex4::[ Fe! Femilel qendra Kcmbmat Fuka, [Cukoms alagw]
cc: P>slu Anmehna
5mm: Invitation the demon mum 4/27 asmlorqft Unizznsmm mzn
requm pkasure cfyaur company event hunc US. assistance
for :52 jun: LocaleIectium Monthy,/ Ipn[27, 2015
from 10:00 untilll:00 cfoc Rum: any gmkamugw Erma
gum 6mm: 11:):an mscmana cussmcmou
UNCLASSIFIEE} Departmental Stale Case 9201109463 DOC (306330447 Dale: 11/06/2017