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Judicial Watch • JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 17-19

JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 17-19

JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 17-19

Page 1: JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 17-19


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Date Created:October 29, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 29, 2018

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UNCLASSlFIED Department QDC (306601091 Date 07/12/2018 mscekmau cussiriclmou ksan. menace
From: Wetzlev, Jenmyn RELEASE PART 32. Hal
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2015 912
To: Wetzlen Jennryn
Subject: UPDATE. invitation the monthly cap and open education network call: 9/23 woo
Uni/10:00 EDT
Dear colleagues, delighted update the limitation tomorrow open education and 001 call with die following news: Mr.
Radu Fuchiu, Romanian 0GP lead and State Secretary the Prime Ministers Chancellery will also present
Please join for the conversation with Ovidiu Voicu and Rattu Puchiu UTC tomorrow, the
following conference line: htth/twvw.ubetconferencecom/SPARCconference dial +1l (no needed)
Access the recent Romanian National Action Plan with commitments OER and open data transparency
education here: ling://www.ogengovgannershigotgeountry/roinania/aeticn-plan look forward your
country updates and questions for our speakers. Feel free share this invite with interested colleagues.
Best regards,
Jennryn Wetzler
Senior Program Designer. The Collaboratory
Bureau Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Department Slate Kenjya-Trusant Contractor
Desk (202) 632 9358, BlackBerry
From: Welder, enmyn
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 2:36 Wetzler, Jennryn Gondol Nicole Allen; Ovidiu Voicu ECACollaboratory
Subject: Invitation the monthly GOP and open education network call: 9/28 14:00 UTC/ 10:00 EDT
Nicksnn,ulamoneee nonisczmatzcussmumm
UNCLASSlFIED us. Department State Case No. F72017r16510 Doc (206601091 Date. 07/12/2018
UNCLASSlFlED Department otstgtearg No, goggle/53,159 Q05 C06601091 Date 07/12/2018 DISC ERNIDLE ClASSIFICAIION
Dear colleagues, hope this email finds you well. This remind you our monthly open education and Open Government
Partnership call 9/28 14:00 UTC/ 1000 EDT the following conference line:
httEs:l/Www.tlhereonference.eom/SPARCconference dial (no pin needed),
Please Join for conversation with Ovidiu Voicu, Executive Director Romani Center for Public
Innovation. Ovidiu will share updates from Romania, including recent OGP commitments OER and Open
data transparency education! encourage everyone share thoughts and questions, well their
ovm country updates.
Speaker Bio: Ovidiu Voicu leads the Center Public Innovation, spin-off lhe Open Society Foundation
Romania, joined Foundation 2000 coordinate its social research programs, and April 2012,
took the leadership ofthe newly created public policy unit. 2015, with the Foundation phasing-out its
activities Romania, Ovidiu and his team created the Center for Public Innovation, continue the open
society legacy and work the ground. Ovidiu has academic background Computer Sciences and Political
Sciences, and specialized social statistics. The Foundation, and now the Center, are the leading Romanian
NGOs working the eld open government, monitoring the implementation the 00? Action Plan and
actively supporting the public institutions responsible with it.
For background and notes from our last call, featuring SPARCs Director Open Education, Nicole Allen.
please see the bottom this email.
Feel free forward this invitation interested colleagues.
Jennryn Wetzler
Senior Program Designer, Collaboratory
Bureau Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)
U.s. Department ofState Kenjya-Trusant Contractor
Desk- (202) 632 9358, BlackBerry:
wetzler @smte gov
Background: Last fall, hosted open education workshop the Open Goverru-nent Partnership Summit
Mexico City. From the conversations started, realized there was growing international interest open
educational resources (DER), and their overlap with 06? goals, including: government transparency, civil
society and government collaboration, effective use federal funds, and increased access education.
wanted create opportunities continue momentum from the person discussions, provide additional
support. co-host these global calls for civil society and government colleagues with the Scholarly Publishing and
Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) monthly bases, Our last call featured SPARC Director Open
Education, Nicole Allen. Nicole leads SPARC work Education, with dual focus public policy
and engaging the library community advance this issue college campuses. internationally
recognized expert and lending voice the movement for open education, Nicole shared the following tips:
Hicksurt, Diamonem DISCERNIBLE cussrrrcanou
UNCLASSlFlED U.S Depanmentofstaie Case F72017rl6510 Doc 006601091 Dale 07/l2/201B
UNCLASSIFIED Department ofS 1:9 QUE C06601091 Date 07/12/2018 Drscmmue cusrnunou
How effective advocate and work with the policy process: When you have identi policy goal, understand the process which the policy decision will
made (Wtile out steps see where you advocate can uence.) Understanding where key decision makers are and what uences them. Always think about the audience whom you are advocating, and speak their language; other words,
don talk about why you care about the issue--lalk about why they care about it. Worked with champions inside the goveznrncnt. Ideally civil society and government woik
partnership. Consult the people who will affected the policies. Understand those stakeholder concerns,
(Applied example: Encourage faculty publish open resources you require it, there may
pushback.) Start asking for more than you expect get. You can scale down later the same time, understand that smaller commitments are better than commitments. other words:
sometimes necessary just get foot the door. Look for easy wins. Advocacy process. Recognize will hard and you will sometimes lose. Thats ok-dont give up,
(Note Gandhi quote: tst they ignore you, then they laugi you, then they ght you. than you win).
Hickmn, Diamoneoe nrsczkmulz CLASSIFICATION
UNCLASSIFIED U.S Depanmentofstate Case F72017r16510 Doc (306601091 Date. 07/12/2018