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Judicial Watch • JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 38-43

JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 38-43

JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 38-43

Page 1: JW v State Soros Romania documents 00667 pg 38-43


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Date Created:October 29, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 29, 2018

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018 DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
Silver, Richard 
Thursday, October 13, 2016 1:44
Klemm, Hans G;Thompson, Dean R;Schlaefer, David A;Stewart, Michael P;Miles, Bryce
A;Matier, Paul T;Hawkins, Ronald E;Dayringer, James R;OConnor, Gregory Bucharest SBU;Perrone, Daniel M;Traven, Peter E;McKeon, Stephen P;Ashenden, Russe_ll
Fitzgerald, Joseph J;Bradley, Lauren M;Hegendorfer, Daryl R;Estes, Katherine
Draft morning news summary- October
Good morning!
Please send your comments NLT 10am for inclusion. THANK YOU!
Bttrotf Ath:.S 1.(~ll, .Ni.A
October 13, 2016
The Morning News Summary compiles Romanian language press stories relevant Embassy Bucharest,
and other USG officials. The information not independently verified.
Bilateral- Regional/NATO
Plagiarism: the European Commission and React
While Bucharest, Science, Research and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas issued press statement
saying that priority the European Union stricter and tougher plagiarism. warned that the
rules are not respected, Romania will pay very expensive price. Separately, Ciolos said the
Government meeting that regrets the decision made Parliament cut the National Council for
Certification Titles, Diplomas and University Certificates (CNATDCU) powers, and the way that plagiarism being dealt with. regretted the resignation CNATDCU president, Viorel Barbu, calling him neutral
professional. Ciolos warned that there are too many doctoral schools Romania, adding that law can decide
whether paper has been plagiarized, but only honest and objective researchers and professionals. Yesterday,
CNATDCU issued final verdict concerning plagiarism charges against former Interior Minister Petre Toba and Voluntari Mayor Florin Pandele. Separately, the Prosecutor General started the criminal investigation
against the Bucharest Sector Mayor Robert Negoita for instigation falsify documents, abuse office, and
use false documents connection with his PhD paper. Police Academy asked the withdrawal ofNegoitas
PhD title claiming his paper was plagiarized. (Mediafax, Digi24, mainstream media) DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018 DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
*Comment: After extensive technical researche into the PhD theses for Petre Toba and Florin Pandele, the
General Council CNATDCUconcluded that their papers were plagiarized The vote was favor and one
against. important note that this not final conclusion. CNATDCU only one body the circuit
institutions analyzing PhD papers. The final decision regarding the withdrawal ofthe PhD title stands with the
Education Minister.
Press One: Laura Codruta Kovesis PhD papers included series suspicious paragraphs
Press One analyzed the DNA Chief Prosecutors paper and said that several paragraphs over three pages are
copied without quotations from book organized crime Damian Miclea. Three other paragraphs are
copied from paper fighting trans-border crime SRI officer. Kovesi has also mistakenly written the
name Scottish author, and used quotations which similarly appeared the work another author. She
also used quotations from her previous published articles without quoting them. Press One comments that
Kovesis case not similar with those Victor Ponta, Gabriel Oprea Petre Toba who have massively
plagiarized their papers but raises suspicions due the numbers omissions and mistakes. (Press One)
Comment: Press One journalist and university teacher Emilia Sercan has analyzed most PhD papers top
Romanian politicians su~pected ofplagiarism.
Romania refuses Canadas offer visas Unlike Bulgaria, the Romanian Government refused Canadas first offer gradually lift visas for Romanians
until May 2018. Romanian officials were not satisfied with the offer and asked for firmer deadline
2017. (Digi24)
PSD lawmakers calls for action against Soros people
Over the past days, the PSD Deputy Ninel Peia (ofllfov) launched several public messages urging Romanians take action against the 22,000 Soros people who are national traitors, attack Romanias religion, have key
positions, and work with all their powers against Romania. The list traitors includes politicians,
magistrates, NGO members, intellectuals, artists, students, etc. posted several photos with personalities
including members the Ciolos government. These include: USR leaders Clotilde Armand and Nicusor Dan,
MEP Monica Macovei, Former Foreign Affairs Minister Andrei Plesu, philosopher Horia Roman Patapievici,
singer and artist Tudor Chirila, NGOs representatives Alina Mungiu Pippidi and Cristina Guseth, etc. additional Soros news, Revista reports that two weeks ago, PUR politicians Sebastian Ghita and Bogdan
Diaconu announced the introduction draft law ban NGOs members which received funding from George
Soros occupy any public position Romania. Analyst Cristian Campeanu compared these stances with
those Erdogan Turkey. Campeanu warned that the nationalists intend separate Romania from the West,
and re-orient towards the Orthodox Russia which they say closer space and spirit than the American,
capitalist even Jewish foreigners embodied Soros. Campeanu warned that the new nationalist parties PRU,
ANR, were set electorally help alliance between Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu who
pose the saviors Romanian farmers, capital, ancient Orthodoxy protecting from the assault the
western neo-colonialists. Separately, analyst loan Bujor explained Vice Romania that the nationalist
message promoted Marian Munteanu and his ANR very appealing and skillfully constructed, considering
that Munteanu trained anthropology and political sciences. ANR targets foreigners, banks, foreign
investments claiming that they support national values and family. (Romania Curata, Revista 22, Vice
Romania, others)
Comment: Since 1990, the Soros Foundation for Open Society was one the main donors Romania and
other former communist countries, financing sociological research, education, social inclusion, good
governance, civic culture and integrated community intervention. The most influential Romanian NGOs well politicians, researchers and other players who had scholarships abroad benefitted its financing. Over the DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State
Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018 DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
past years, series ofpolitical parties, mainly PSD and its political allies, have blamed NGOs, intellectuals,
cultural personalities eroding Romanias economy, territorial autonomy, public order the health the
population. Independent analysts warned about the danger ofsuch messaging which creates social shifts and
turns Romania back communist practices.
Media NGOs warn that the annulment the and radio tax will turn public media services political
Three media organizations warned that Liviu Dragneas draft law aimed annul 102 taxes, including those for
public radio and TV, profoundly altering the public mission these media outlets and that will subordinate
them politics. The proposal was made without any impact study the budget public debate nontransparent manner, aimed trivialize the subject. The NGOs recalled that the laws governing public media
are organic and any changes need answer the Constitutional requirements and the Parliaments
regulations. Active Watch, Center for Independent Journalism and the Convention Media Organizations urged
politicians act responsible, transparent and organize public debates the issue. (FreeEx, Pagina Media,
Economic News
Official: Catastrophe risk coefficients Romania are among the highest the region
Misu Negritoiu, President the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) Romania, pointed out that the
catastrophe risks (floods and earthquake) Romania are among the highest the region. the first half
2016, the household insurance policies penetration degree had reached 19.4% Romania, compared with
17.7% 2015. The activity (on the household insurance segment) increasing, but the number contracts
still small, Negritoiu added. Overall, the first semester 2016, the household insurance segment (both
mandatory and voluntary policies) reported 10% increase gross written premiums compared with the same
period last year, reaching RON 249.4 (approximately USD million). June 30, the number active
household insurance contracts had reached 3.3 million. Romania has 8.9 million households. Negritoiu made
the statement the International Catastrophic Risks Forum Bucharest. Floods which hit Romania over
the past days affected counties, mostly eastern counties Galati, Bacau and Buzau. Interior Ministry
announced the evacuation 530 people. The Government allotted RON million (USD mn) local
authorities repair damaged infr~structure. (; most media)
Cernavodas nuclear units included Romanias future energy strategy almost all scenarios, there room for the reactors and the nuclear industry, said Minister Energy,
Victor Grigorescu. added that Cernavoda reactors and will included Romanias energy strategy,
and the Government has already invested EUR billion this project and has the necessary experience for
developing it. However, the coal will remain important resource Romanian energy mix. Currently, the
coal provides about percent the national electricity production Romania through Oltenia and Hunedoara
energy plants. Nuclear energy provides about percent the electric power generated nationally through
reactors Cernavodas and reactors. Romania currently negotiating with the Chinese company CON the
construction and Cernavoda units. The project reactors and will create 16,000 new jobs the
domestic industry, according specialists (Romania Journal, Agerpres, etc.)
Bilateral/Regional NATO
U.S. DOS official: Without sanctions against Russia the situation would worse DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State
Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018 DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
Daniel Fried the State Departments Coordinator for Sanctions Policy said that ... without the sanctions the
situation might well much worse. interview Bucharest the middle September, Fried outlined
that important every generation remind why Western solidarity critical. said that sanctions
work two ways. One way that without the sanctions the situation might well much worse. The
Russians could have driven deeper into Ukraine and they could have tried seize Mariupol driven land
all the way Crimea attack.Harkhiv. The sanctions may have stopped the Russians from going further.
Second, and related, the sanctions may have provided greater opening for diplomacy than would have been
otherwise the case. Without sanctions there might not have even been the Minsk framework. theyve worked these two ways but theyve not yet worked third way because there still Russian support for separatists
and indeed Russians all over the Donbas. But with sanctions patience important. Fried said Romania has congratulated for its role NATO and its wish spend more defense matters. The U.S. likely enter this kind burden-sharing discussion. The argument for NATO being valuable investment strong,
even stronger now than when Secretary Gates spoke because what happened Ukraine, because the Russian
aggression. But his point still good one: must recall what set out achieve, said
Fried. (Adevarul, Defence Matters)
Republic Moldova poll: increased support for union with Romania
Some 34% Moldovans will vote for union between Republic Moldova and Romania, said poll the
Center Sociological Research (CSR) quoted Radio Chisinau. May 2016 poll said that 17% are favor the union. However, this month poll says only ofMoldovans will vote for unionists the elections that
will take place October 30. CSR official said that those polled October are totally against
union. Some want Moldova join the EU, and 43% want join the Customs Union. Some 42% are
favor joining NATO, while 35% could not give answer. (Hotnews)
Romania, France conducted Black Sea military exercise air and navy live fire exercise occurred this week the Black Sea, staged five Romanian military ships the Fleet Command and Frances Premier-Maitre LHer 792) frigate. Premier-Maitre LHer joined
Romanias King Ferdinand frigate (which had helicopter aboard), two corvettes, two missile-bearing ships and
three MIG Lancer aircraft the Romanian Air Force, what was said very complex exercise that
allowed the crews train air, surface and submarine combat. (Digi24, Agerpres, Hotnews, etc.)
Guccifer returns Romania after U.S. conviction
Marcel Lehel Lazar, the 44-year-old Romanian national known online Guccifer, has returned Romania Tuesday after being convicted the hacking and identity theft charges. Guccifer has been
incarcerated the Rahova Penitentiary, where will spend days before authorities decide-where will
serve his time. Lazar was sentenced early September court the Eastern District Virginia
months prison. Lazar was initially charged with wire fraud, unau~horized access protected computer,
cyber stalking, aggravated identity theft and obstruction justice. After being extradited from Romania the
U.S., pleaded guilty unauthorized access protected computer and aggravated identity theft. Guccifer
became famous after hacking the online accounts members the Bush family. later targeted the accounts former Secretary State Colin Powell,joumalists, actors, former members the U.S. Cabinet and the U.S.
Joint Chiefs Staff, and former presidential advisor. also claimed have hacked Hillary Clintons
private email server, but failed prove it. Lazar was arrested Romania 2014 and sentenced years
prison for accessing the email accounts politician Corina Cretu and George Maior, who the time was the
head the countrys intelligence service. Lazar had previously received three-year suspended sentence for
breaking into the online accounts numerous local celebrities. (Mediafax, Pro TV, etc.) DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State
Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018 DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
Key media:
Agerpres Romanian government-owned national wire service.
Adevarul riational, generally-independent daily owned businessman Cristian Burci.
Aktual24 news and analyses website run journalist Andrei Badin
Antena ratings-leading channels owned mogul Dan Voiculescus (PC party, PSD) Intact Media. Often stridently critical rule
law institutions, prosecutors, the U.S. and EU. Voiculescu prison for corruption and Intact Media has been charged with blackmailing cable
provider RCSRDS.
Azi PSDs newspaper, with small circulation. run the PSDs former secretary general Octavian Stireanu. -all-news television owned businessmen Sorin Oancea (50%) and George Constantin Paunescu (50%). -news website, close PSD, Antena
Bursa private business daily published Meta Ring SRL (coordinated by. senior journalist Florian Goldstein).
Click- Tabloid controlled Adevarul Holding. political stance. Independent platform analyses and commentaries
Cotidianul online newspaper, owned controversial senior journalist Come) Nistorescu.
Curentul national online daily owned businessman Mihai Iacob.
Curierul National private business daily coordinated Adrian Voinea. Independent.
DCNews online outlet, serving 01).11 Voiculescus interests, controlled Antena employee~ and commentators.
Digi24 professional news channel owned cable provider RCSRDS Independent, private, online business website.
Europa private radio owned French company Lagardere. News oriented.
Evenimentul Zilei national daily controlled political consultant Dan Andronic. Two the newspapers alleged shareholders are Elena Udrea
and Sebastian Ghita. Changing political agenda, supportive ofTraian Basescu, Victor Ponta.
Formula independent weekly founded 1990 journalist Sanziana Pop. Christian, pro-nature and healthy living orientation.
Flux24 independent online outlet which sometimes posts sensationalist news, without any source. Unknown ownership.
Gandul --online news and feature portal owned Mediafax Group (controlled Adrian Sarbu).
Hotnews independent online news publication supportive rule oflaw institutions, small and medium entrepreneurs. Linie Dreapta anti-communist, conservative news and analyses platform. Politics news, analyses platform close the PNL. Editor-in-Chief Bogdan Tiberiu Iacob.
Jurnalul National- national daily owned mogul Dan Voiculescus Intact Media. Often critical rule oflaw, the U.S. and EU. Voiculescu
prison for corruption and Intact Media has been charged with blackmailing cable provider RCSRDS.
Kamikaze independent investigative and satirical weekly Punkt- Independent platform analyses and commentaries
Libertatea Tabloid, owned Swiss trust Ringier. Pro-PSD stances.
Mediafax nationwide wire service part ofMediafax Group (controlled Adrian Sarbu).
National tabloid controlled controversial businessman Iliuta Naghi. Changing political agenda.
News.Ro Independent, private online news agency.
Politic Scan portal political analyses, news and interviews, connected with sociologist Sebastian Lazaroiu.
Press One independent online media outlet, owned American businessman and philanthropist Don Lothrop
Pro ratings-leading general television owned Media Pro (owned Central Media Enterprises. Time Warner has 39.10% CME). News online news site operated supporters mogul Dan Voiculescu (PC party, PSD) and Sebastian Ghita Independent, private, online business website.
Puterea according media reports, the owners are unknown Russian investors, represented Romanian businessman Adrian Thiess. Controlled Georgian Puiu. Changing political agenda.
Radio Romania Romanian public radio service with several channels. Includes Rador, wire service offering radio and transcripts.
Realitatea all-news channel owned political consultant and businessman Cozmin Gusa, supportive PNL.
Republica bnline independent outlet controlled three reporters. Focused features, interviews, young entrepreneurs Revista academic, intellectual, independent magazine
Ring- free newspaper distributed Bucharest subway. the property the PSD mayor sector Robert Negoita.
Romania Libera independent national broadsheet daily owned controversial businessman Dan Adamescu, often critical PSD and outspoken favor rule law institutions.
Romania Mare extremist weekly founded communist writers Corneliu Vadim Tudor and Eugen Barbu. Unknown ownership.
Romania (RTV) all-news television owned mogul and PSD deputy Sebastian Ghita, supportive PSD.
Reporter Virtual independent online platform for news and analyses
Stiri Surse onliQe news platform close Dan Voiculescu and PNL. features the controversial commentator Sorin Rosca Stanescu.
TVR Romanian public national television network with several channels.
Voice Russia (VOR), Russia Today, --online websites Romanian language; owned the Government Russia (virulently antiWest). Independent, private, online business website. independent online news and editorial platform owned U.S. investment fund Broadhtirst, often serving aggregator.
Ziarul Financiar private business daily published Mediafax Group. UNCLASSIFIED. DISCERNIBLE CLASSIFICATION
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2017-16510 Doc No. C06601138 Date: 08/14/2018