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Judicial Watch • Kenneth F. Ripple – 2003

Kenneth F. Ripple – 2003

Kenneth F. Ripple – 2003

Page 1: Kenneth F. Ripple – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 09, 2014

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R-0porl Required the Eihl.cs 
A0-10 Govenunent Aft ofl9i8 
Rev, 112604 
Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  101-111) Person Repor:.i..g(Lrut name, Fi;St, Middle initial) Ripple, Kenneth Court orOrgrwizmion Court Appeals -7th Circuit Report 511312004 Titiiliieagr,em1.ts.)- 
rn2 T!l 
.,, .c.. iT1 
FDIA:SCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT of:Person Reporting Dat Report 
Ripple, Kenneth 5/13/2004 
Ill NON-INVESTMENT INCOME.(Reporungmdividual ruidspmu;e; see pp. 17-24cffilinginsiruclions) Filers Nnn-lnvestment Incom 
NONE (No reportable n0ninves.trnent .Income.) 
(y.:ru;;s, n(X $pDtseii) 2003 19,436 
B.. Spouses Non-Investn1ent Jncomt!fyou weremarrie-d during any ;::i::.rtion the reporting year, pleaseoompletethis seotion. (dottar arnow1t not requi.ed eF..ept 
for honc:sia) NONE -(Ko rpc.Ti.,t-J1)1 .$:J;JG:: :--S$0,Um. 
ln=edkg C7!0 vi;lueu: !r;;...f..actio.1s: Curingrepr;rting period mfog pc...-ioC. cp0rtingp::oo 
TrMSllctiD:ns;; reJ:l,.t from difc.:S\f. 
Place (Xf after each e:K!lllfll 
V11lue Vnlllte: 
Ide.-.tityoffrctn prior diicl0$h.-e 
Type (-e.g 
Ripple, Kenneth 
PruiAime Professor ofLaw, Url-ersity ofNotre Darm (Joined faculty 1977; parttime since appoLtrte:;t Judiciary). faculty member, }udge Ripple entitled purchase tickets at.hletic even:;; dlsccJnt, tc-receive twen1:j1 percent dis..-V!mt the Lniveriiy bookstore some itenus and ten pe-:::Jentd!soou.nt others, and use otherl:.wersity facilities such the library and athleticfacilities also member 
oflhe University Club and pays the dues required ofanymember the faculty. The La> SchcoJ provides Judge Ripple with Westiav a:td Lexis services for his 
academicneeds. TIA.4./CREf PcnsiQil Fuad  Prior his appoinbent, Judge Rip pie va1.s fulltime employee the University Notte Dat::le. Both and ihe University contributed his hehalfto this natinnwideon :und for university teachers duringt.hose years (19771985), The administered board trustees. AJtlrough1udge Ripple nowteaches part-titne basis 1.hc tJniversity, neither nor the U1:iversi:y ontributes tho fund part of-this 
fuTZ.gement Pnrt.time professor, University ofNc1re Dame-Wi1lt 1he approval the ChiefJudge. JJdge :Ripple ta:ig:;t one course the Spring semester of2J03 a._;C one oourse the Falt semester. Details are set f-octh above Section VIII, OtherGifts 
Union League Club Chicago The Club has extended signing privileges which permit 1udge Ripple use the Club facilities the sarr.e cost charged membes. This privilege a-:;:corded Article federal judges who sit C:Ucago. The Union League Club charges fee .00 per month for use ofthese privileges.. Regular ncnresi:i...tC dues are $186.00 p:;r quarter. 
Va:1cus bar associatlorui and similar legal groups have er.enC:cd honora.ry memhmhips Judge Ripple. did not .lSe these me:mherships dn:ring the 
rep::iril.rig period. Details are therefore omitted acoordance with the i::i..Jctions. es: Pu.ilishing Company supplies Judge Ripple with Sa.npie sct ofthe Federal Reporter and miscelleous legal material for use ir. his ohrunhcrs. The company 1nakes these books available all feder.J judges, Tho estimate.1 value $2,382. These mate:ials ate used for !lm perfucmance official duties. 
Judge-R pple received sample ie;;::1. books from law school book pub.Jishers f-orihe courses tha:he teaches University ofNotre Dame. These books were received under established programs through whic.:. publishers send such books all professors and asks tho professors oow;ider ihe booksfor public3tiori. Jadgo Ripple reoo!vcdihese boo;,:s under the same oonditicns all othoc professors. Books were received.from the following publishers. (The value s..iov.n 
e!>timated from the published rot.ail price cfthe book) 
Aspen Publishen; S81.95 
Lexis Nexis fatthew Bend Publishers. S202.00 
Thoms,. West Publliilien;  $J22.5G 
II, Investments and Trusts 
Itiem };o. previous years, ilie yicld this retirement plan has been termed interest. appears1hat di,,idelld istech:-.ically more appropriate; 
acoordingly, thatnom....Jlclature has been used this year, There has been substantive change the nature the lnvestm.e!l1 its yield. 
Item No, 13.. (Reported Item #14 last year) As. l.l.Oted last vears report, these CDs were the property n0ndependent child. name appea.S the-certificates lnordertnpermi..hettotransact .msiness direWoa N-omon Judge 2003, .redemnodthese CDs, placed l>:ie funds lte.rlS 141 and 42. Values are estimated be.cau have only partial 
Item,No. 14. Item #16 lazt yen.r) This checking account the name and used e,:clm1vely tOrthe depm::it rents and the paym.6!11: bills fro..n rental property ownad 1hes.e individuals andreported (reported Item #1? last yea;), 
Item Nos. 18, 20. noted last year, although .is not entfrely clear, appear:>thro. i:he cutrent vernionoffhe ins1rncti:ms require the reporting ofihese 
policies. divi:lends interest are attributable any indffid:ia:i policy !:is ype. Ex;h policy does have cash valuci that value noteit 
Item No. 21. Judge Ripple received bequest upon tr,e dea:th The trJst referred Trust was crew.;ed held Judge Ripples portion Trust#-2 rr>ferencedinline itern 56. Trust#l 
Ite:nNc. 56. Judge Ripple received bequest i:pon the de.a.fl T.netrUstrcfer::-e.C. Trur.1 mduded funds shared withm:fof Jutlge ;::ik. Judge Ripple portion the trust W< t-a..,..,..sfen-ed vust r.epone.1 line h;;m referred Trust 
hem No. 89. Jdge Ripp1e rt?:eive