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APO 09360 

JTF-GTMO-CDR December 2006 
MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, United States Southern Command, 3511 9lst Avenue, Miami, 33172 
SUBJECT: Combatant Status Review Tribunal Input and Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9KU-010024DP (S) 
JTF-GTMO Detainee Assessment (SI/NF) Personal Information: 
JDIMS/NDRC Reference Name: Khalid Muhammad 
Aliases and Current/True Name: Mukhtar The 

AshrafRefaat Nabith Khalid Abdul 
Salim Fahd Bin Abdallah Bin Abdul Rahman 
Abdullah al-Ghamdi 

Place Birth: Pakistan 

Date Birth: 1965 

Citizenship: Pakistan 

Internment Serial Number (ISN): US9KU-010024DP 
(U//FOUO) Health: Detainee good health. 
(SI/NF) JTF-GTMO Assessment: Rec ommendation: JTF-GTMO recommends this detainee for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD). 
(SI/NF) Executive Summary: Detainee assessed senior al-Qaida recruiter, financier, and operational planner for a_l-Qaida's global terrorist network. Detainee was the mastermind the September 2001 terrorist attacks the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the hijacking United Airlines flight that crashed Pennsylvania. 

Detainee described himself the head al-Qaida's military committee.1 JTF-GTMO has 
determined this detainee be: 
 HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests and allies. 

 MEDIUM threat from detention perspective. 

 HIGH intelligence value. (S//NF) Account Detainee's Timeline: 
The following section based consolidation several accounts from various significant individuals order assemble feasible timeline. 	(S//NF) Prior History: Detainee Pakistani who was raised Kuwait (KU) during
his formative years.Detainee attended unidentified high school operated the Kuwaiti
government.Detainee wanted involved injihad since the age 11or 12.News from local Kuwaiti television channels, local newspapers and magazines distributed the Muslim Brotherhood Kuwait influenced detainee join jihad. 1982, detainee heard speech from Abdul Rasool Sayyaf,5 the leader the mujahideen Afghanistan (AF), who preached 
jihad religious war between Muslims and non-Muslims. Shortly thereafter, the age 
16, detainee joined the Muslim Brotherhood. After joining the Muslim Brotherhood, detainee became more dedicated, read more about religion and taught others about Islam order recruit them into the Muslim Brotherhood. After graduation from high school 
1983 and upon the suggestion his brother Zahid, detainee attended college the
Chowan College Murfreesboro, North Carolina (NC).Detainee would later transfer North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University Greensboro, NC, and received his Bachelor Science (BS) degree Mechanical Engineering 1986.7 After graduating 1986, detainee traveled Peshawar, PK, due the expiration detainee's visa. (S//NF) Recruitment and Travel: Detainee subsequently quit his membership the 
Muslim Brotherhood because they did not support violent jihad. 	Detainee traveled

Afghanistan join the Sovietjihadlike his brothers Zahid and Abid. TD-314/65485-06 TD-314/68635-06 TD-314/65485-06 TD-314/68635-06 TD-314/68635-06 TD-314/68635-06 	(S//NF) Training and Activities: Detainee attended the Sada training camprun
Shaykh Abdallah Azzam.At the conclusion his training 1987, detainee worked for
the magazine "al-Bunyan al-Marsous," produced Sayyaf's group.In following years,
while fighting the front lines, detainee worked for al-Bunyan time permitted.In late 1987 through 1988, detainee worked hydraulic engineer for Japanese company named Maruzen, which sent him Japan learn company management. month later, detainee
returned the mountains Afghanistan where dug caves and trenches.Detainee also 
repaired broken hydraulic drills the front lines Afghanistan. 	Four months later,
detainee traveled Pakistan with his brother Abid teach school.After Abid's death, 
detainee took over Abid's work the Peshawar school. solicit support for the school, 199 detainee and his brother-in-law, Abd al-Samad Din Muhammad, visited Sayyaf 
16Afghanistan. Sayyaf agreed pledge money, support, and land support the school. 1992, detainee received Masters degree Islamic Culture and History through

correspondence classes from Punjab University Pakistan.In 1993, detainee moved his family Qatar the suggestion the former minister Islamic affairs Qatar, Shaykh Abdallah Bin Khalid Bin Hamad al-Thani, where took position project engineer with the Qatari Ministry Electricity and Water. Detainee engaged extensive international travel during his tenure the Qatari ministry until early 1996. 	(S//NF) early 1996, detainee fled Pakistan avoid capture authorities for his
part the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, for which has been indicted. TD-314/65485-06 
Analyst Note: The Sada training camp was identified the founding minutes al-Qaida open camp from 
which the best would selected join al-Qaida. Analyst Note: Deceased Shaykh Abdallah Azzam was Usama Bin Laden's spiritual mentor. TD-314/68635-06, Analyst Note: Fethi Boucetta, ISN US9AG-000718DP (AG-718) remarked that "al-Bunyan al-Marsous" means "firm structure," and anti-US and anti-Western; was also one the magazines that motivated Algerian medical students jihad. This magazine concentrated its effort showing graphic pictures Muslims being oppressed and massacred Afghanistan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Republic Chechnya, and Kashmir. The magazine listed addresses and points contacts non-governmental organizations servicing Afghanistan and Pakistan areas. For further information see IIR 034 1182 03. 
.13 TD-314/69710-06 TD-314/69710-06, Analyst Note: likely these caves and trenches were military preparations support the mujahideen. TD-314/69710-06, TD-314/53936-06 TD-314/69710-06, Analyst Note: Abd al-Samad Din Muhammad detainee's cousin and brother-in-law and 
detained Pakistan for his jihadist activities. TD-314/70058-06, TD-314/65485-06 
The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 147; TD-314/69710-06; TD-314/30259-02,
Detainee attempted travel Chechnya join the mujahideen leader Ibn al-Khattabbut 
was unsuccessful. Detainee returned Karachi, PK, and then Afghanistan where
formed working relationship with Usama Bin Laden (UBL)and actively joined the jihad
against the United States.It was during this time that detainee presented his idea UBL
for what became the September 2001 attacks.In 1999, detainee moved Kandahar,
AF,and provided media facilitation and technical assistance al-Qaida. late 2000,
detainee became head the al-Qaida Media Committee Kandahar.On the morning 
the September 2001 attacks, detainee escorted Ramzi Bin al-Shibh, ISN US9YM
010013DP (YM-10013), home Karachi, where they were informed that the attacks
were television. With this news they celebrated the success the mission.From that 
moment forward, detainee was attempting evaded capture. met again with UBL 
brace for anticipated counterattack, and soon began conceive plot for attack against 
the Heathrow Airport London, United Kingdom (UK).26 December 2001 detainee left 
Afghanistan, and arranged safe exit from the battlefield for al-Qaida operatives with
potential.In December 2002, detainee stated that UBL made written decree declaring
detainee the al-Qaida Chief External Operations. (S//NF) Capture Information: 
Analyst Note: Detainee commented that his position allowed him gain managerial and organizational 
experience which later facilitated his success planning the 9111 attacks. 
Analyst Note: Ibn Khattab, born 1970, was seasoned commander and experienced tactician bomb making and rough terrain combat who believed that the Russian states Dagestan and Chechnya should united one nation. was reportedly aligned with Usama Bin Laden, Chechen Hamil Basayev, and several militant organizations. Press reporting indicated that was killed poison April 2002. For further information see ace/ .html 
The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 149, Analyst Note: Detainee says met UBL for the first time 
when the Sayyaf group and UBL's Arab mujahideen group were next each other along the front line. 
TD-314/30259-02, TD-314/25433-02, TD-314/69710-06, Analyst Note: From 1996 2003, detainee's older brother Zahid supported him. also received support from "personal" donations from friendly mujahideen who would provide him money. Reporting the locations where KU-10024 and his family lived has conflicting timelines. Detainee moved around from location location quite frequently, both with and without his family. TD-314/ 69710-06 
TD-314/38366-02, Analyst Note: Ramzi Bin al-Shibh al-Qaida operative who was originally destined for the 9/11 mission, but because could not obtain visa, became planner for the operation instead. 
010024 Moussaoui Testimony, para. NOFORN 20311208 (S//NF) Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISID) captured detainee; 
Pakistani fundamentalist, Ahmed Abdul Qadoos; al-Qaida's financial manager Mustafa al29
Hawsawi;and unidentified Saudi March 2003. Detainee was immediately turned
over custody. (S) Property Held: The following items are not held JTF-GTMO but were reported pocket litter belonging detainee:
Casio wrist watch, Model F-91

 (S) Transferred JTF-GTMO: September 2006 (S//NF) Reasons for Transfer JTF-GTMO: Detainee was transferred JTFGTMO face prosecution for terrorist activities against the United States. (S//NF) Detainee Threat: 
(S) Assessment: Detainee assessed HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests and allies. 
(S//NF) Reasons for Continued Detention: Detainee senior operational planner, recruiter and financier for al-Qaida's global terrorist network. Detainee was the mastermind the September 2001 terrorist attacks the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Detainee described himself the head al-Qaida' military committee. Detainee has specifically stated the enemy the United States. 

 (S//NF) Al-Qaida operations and plans: Detainee one al-Qaida's key operational planners linked majority al-Qaida' major international operations. (U) September 2001 hijackings: 2,973 killed, missing and presumed dead. 
(U) meeting Tora Bora, arranged deceased al-Qaida military commander Mohammed Atef aka (Abu Hafs al-Masri), detainee presented UBL 010016 Working Group Arbitrary Detention Request for Response #41 IIR 227 0286 	PAK7-2003-900193.pdf, Analyst Note: The Casio model F-91W watch linked al-Qaida and radical Islamic terrorist improvised explosive devices. For further information refer 000002 MFR 24-APR-2002, Casio Watch Electronic Analysis Report 19-Aug-2004, Casio Watches and Relationship Detainees 20-Apr-2006. PAK7-2003-900191.pdf NOFORN 20311208 
SUBJECT: Combatant Status Review Tribunal Input and Recommendation for Continued 
Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9KU-010024DP (S) 
with his ideas for various terrorist operations, including his rendition what became the September 2001 hijacker plot. UBL requested detainee formally join al-Qaida, which detainee stated declined.33 late 1998 early 1999, UBL gave permission for detainee proceed with the September 2001 operation. that time detainee accepted UBL' standing invitation work directly with al-Qaida.35 
 (S//NF) Sayf al-Adl remarked that Muhammad Atef arranged four cells transfer and exchange communication between the leader (Muhammad Atta) the hijackers and the base command. Detainee was charge the second cell Pakistan. (S//NF) 1993 World Trade Center bombing: killed, 1,042 injured. 1991 1992, detainee assisted his nephew Ramzi Yousef with planning attack the the World Trade Center. the fall 1992, detainee and Yousef had numerous telephone conversations discussing the progress the operation, and for which 
Yousef sought additional funding. November 1992, detainee wired $660 USD from Qatar the bank ofYousefs co-conspirator, Mohammed Salameh.37 Detainee was indicted for his role the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing January 1996. (U) 1998 East Africa bombings: 257 killed, 4,085 injured. late August 1998, foreign government sent list names individuals who flew into Nairobi before the al-Qaida attack the embassy Nairobi. The CIA reportedly recognized one the passenger's names alias for detainee.39 (S//NF) Detainee's involvement al-Qaida's chemical and biological development: 

 (SIINF) August 2001, detainee had conversations with Muhammad Atef, and learned that al-Qaida was pursuing the development anthrax related technologies use operations. Abu Harith al-Malaysi aka (Abu Haris) asked detainee the summer 2001 move crates containing biological laboratory equipment from Karachi Kandahar. This further convinced detainee The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 149 The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 149 The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 150, 154. 	SA-RIY-040721-90007-61707, Analyst Note: This reference communication nodes set place relay messages between al-Qaida headquarters and the 9/11 cell members; one Afghanistan: one Pakistan, one Europe and one the US. The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, and 147; Analyst Note: There further information Mohammed Salameh. The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003 
Qaida effort produce anthrax.40 After his discussions with Muhammad Atef, 
detainee said assumed the special laboratory near Tamak Farm was related 
anthrax development efforts and the equipment was asked transfer from 
41Karachi Kandahar, circa May 2001, was for that laboratory.
(S//NF) Detainee was present CNN videotapes showing al-Qaida's 
chemical testing dogs and was reportedly regular consultations with noted
poison and explosives expert Abu Khabab al-Masri.
(S//NF) Immediately prior the fall Kandahar late 2001, member 
Yazid Sufaat stayed detainee's home for six days. azid told detainee was 
developing anthrax for al-Qaida, and was happy his work. Yazid was giving 
biology lessons two al-Qaida operatives, detained Abu Bakr al-Filistini aka
(Samir Hilmi al-Barq) and al-Hud al-Sudani.When detainee queried Yazid 
about the danger his research, Yazid indicated there was little worry about 
since (Yazid), Bakr, and al-Hud all had anthrax vaccines. al-Qaida was 
leaving Afghanistan, azid planned reinstitute the anthrax program 
44Pakistan. (S//NF) Djerba Synagogue bombing Tunisia: killed, injured. assessed that detainee contributed the April 2002 attack the Djerba Synagogue Tunisia. Investigators examining the perpetrator's (Nizar Nawar) cell phone found that Nizar had called number Pakistan assigned detainee just three hours before the attack. (S/INF) early September 2002, undated letter was recovered result raid Karachi. Abd al-Rahim Ghulam Rabbani, ISN US9PK-001460DP (PK-1460), al-Qaida facilitator with close ties detainee, provided assessment the meaning the letter written detainee Hamza al-Zubair (NFI); the letter TD-314/60789-04, TD-314/19304-03, Analyst Note: Abu Hafs al-Masri aka (Muhammad Atef) was killed coalition air strikes Afghanistan November 2001. Abu Harith al-Qaida and Jernaah Islarniya facilitator. the son religious emir Abu Bakir Bashir. For further information Abu Harith please refer -DPM report dated 051923Z DEC 05. Detainee assigned both PK-1460 and PK-1461 move the crates. TD-314/60789-04 O10024 Arrested Pakistan Analyst Note: Detainee's nephew, Ammar al-Ba1uchi stated that Abu Bakr was working anthrax project with detainee. Before his work with detainee, Abu Bakr worked medic for the mujahideen brothers Karachi and added that Abu Bakr knew several al-Qaida members because the nature his work. Ammar noted that Abu Bakr was well connected Karachi and, although this was not his primary role, could called upon brother needed housing assistance. For further information Abu Bakr al-Filistini please refer TD314/43889-05 and TD-314/24678-04. There further information al-Hud al-Sudani. TD-314/19304-03 TD-314/13122-03 
SUBJECT: Combatant Status Review Tribunal Input and Recommendation for Continued 
Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9KU-010024DP (S) 
appeared use code words for possible poison attack. PK-1460 said detainee spoke often trying acquire make poisons and use them attacks.46 (S//NF) Daniel Pearl murder: early 2002, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted and murdered. Interviews with al-Qaida operative Sharif al-Masri declared that Sayf al-Adl, former al-Qaida military commander, said that Pearl was transferred detainee's custody; detainee was charge all al-Qaida activities Karachi this time. Al-Adl counseled detainee, stating that would not wise murder Pearl. Al-Adl recommended that Pearl returned back one the previous groups who held him, freed. Al-Adl indicated Sharif al-Masri that both detainee and al-Qaida chief financial officer, Shaykh Said al-Masri, disagreed with alAdl this point. Pearl was then taken the house al-Qaida' finance chief Pakistan, Saud Memon, and murdered.47 (S/INF) Richard Reid's failed shoe bomb plot December 2001: Detainee' nephew and fellow al-Qaida facilitator Ali Abd al-Aziz aka (Ammar al-Baluchi), ISN US9PK-010018DP (PK-10018), stated that the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, was offered detainee operative who was already prepared with the proper travel documents.48 Detainee stated that had instructed Reid shave his beard prior boarding the airplane and detonate the bomb inside the airplane bathroom. Detainee added that Reid did not this because was irresponsible. 

 (S//NF) Detainee had numerous plots and plans for operations targeting the US, its allies, and its interests world-wide. (S//NF) The Bojinka plot: Bojinka called for the simultaneous downing American airliners over the Pacific Ocean. Ramzi Yousef enlisted several coconspirators from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing help with this plot. The plot was funded Abdullah Azzam and UBL's Afghan jihad services directorate Pakistan.50 (U) Detainee planned three other plots 1994, along with Ramzi Yousef. Detainee planned two separate assassination plots, one against Pope John Paul and the other against President Clinton, during their respective trips the Philippines and bombings US-bound cargo carriers.51 TD-314/39649-02 TD-314/53636-04, Analyst Note: British national Omar Sheikh death row for the kidnapping and killing American journalist Daniel Pearl 2001. TD-314/10891-06 TD-314/63211-04 TD-314/62928-03, The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 73, DIA Special Analysis Evolution the Transnational Terrorist Threat Nov 2004 DIA Special Analysis Evolution the Transnational Terrorist Threat Nov 2004 (U) During the summer 2001, detainee approached UBL with proposals for other attacks targets Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Maldives.52 (S//NF) Panama Canal: Detainee claimed tasked citizen and al-Qaida operative Jafar al-Tayar aka (Adnan Shukrijumah) conduct surveillance the Panama Canal part eventual plan detonate one two explosive-laden ships transiting the waterway. Detainee said Jafar al-Tayar was given more general tasking 2001 spotting and conducting surveillance potential targets across the US. (S) Remote-controlled firing devices disguised Sega game cartridges: Detainee discussed remote-controlled firing devices (RCFDS) which were found during raids Karachi September 2002. These RCFDS were built inside black Sega videogame cassette cartridges protect the RCFDS and make them appear innocuous. (S//NF) Heathrow Airport, London: Detainee provided information the operatives chose participate the attack Heathrow Airport London. There were two primary cells for the attack: the United Kingdom based cell, tasked obtain pilot training from commercial flight school Kenya; and Saudi Arabiabased cell, tasked identify martyr candidates assist the aviation attack. 

 (S//NF) Detainee was key constituent the joining al-Qaida and through leader, Riduan Bin Isomuddin aka (Harnbali), ISN US9ID-010019 (ID-10019), which contributed the facilitation planning al-Qaida operations Southeast Asia: (S//NF) 1996, detainee invited Hambali Afghanistan meet with UBL. Hambali spent three four days with UBL and, the conclusion their meetings, UBL indicated that al-Qaida and Harnbali's organization, JI, unofficially agreed work together targets mutual interest. (U) 1998, spiritual leader, Abu Bakr Bashir, formally accepted UBL's offer ally with al-Qaida. Hambali met with detainee Karachi arrange for members train al-Qaida camps Afghanistan.58 The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 150 (Ch. Footnote 18) DIA JITF-CT Analytical Product, June 2003 TD-314/44238-04 TD-314/52106-04, Analyst Note: This information has been confirmed PK-001460. TD-314/18750-03, TD-314/35496-03 TD-314117276-03 The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 151. Ch. Footnote 22, Analyst Note: this time, al-Qaida started fund Jemaah Islamiya; Jemaah Islamiya would perform casing activities and locate bomb-making materials while al-Qaida would underwrite operations, provide bomb-making expertise, and deliver suicide operatives. 	(S//NF) 1999, detainee provided money and instructions Hambali look
options for attacking the Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia (ID). (S//NF) January February 2002, detainee said aided Hambali's exit from 
Afghanistan acquiring legitimate Indonesian passport which Hambali's photo
was substituted. (C) Detainee arranged for courier deliver funds from al-Qaida leaders Indonesia conduct three terrorist bomb attacks: the 2002 Bali bombings; the 2003 Marriott hotel bombing Jakarta; and, the 2004 attack the Australian Embassy 
(S//NF) February 2002, leaders met Bangkok, Thailand (TH), organize attacks against American interests the region. The attacks were conducted using approximately $86,000 USD given from al-Qaida for its operations, including the 2002 Bali bombing, and the August 2003 J.W. Marriott hotel bombing Jakarta.62 
(S//NF) Before May 2003, detainee gave Hambali approximately $130,000 USD deliver JI; $100,000 USD was given sign congratulations for the success the Bali bombings, and the additional $30,000 USD was provided fund future operations. (U) Manila portion September 2001: Detainee split the September 2001 operation into two parts have greater effect. The second operation involved smaller version the Bojinka plot: including hijacking US-flagged commercial airlines flying Pacific routes and exploding the aircraft mid-air rather than flying the aircraft into targets. spring 2000, UBL cancelled the East Asia portion the 
(S//NF) Detainee instructed September 2001 hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi and operatives Walid Bin Attash and Zohair Mohammed Said aka (Abu Bara alTaizi), ISN US9YM-000569DP (YM-569), Western culture and travel preparation for operations. 
(S//NF) Approximately two months prior September 2001, detainee took several UBL bodyguards including YM-569; Abd al-Rahman Shalbi Isa Uwaydha, ISN US9SA-000042DP (SA-042); Abd al-Malik Abd al-Wahab, ISN US9YM-000037DP (YM-037); and volunteers Abu Hafs al-Kuwaiti and Abu TD-314/39810-03 TD-314/35496-03 
IIR 227 0261 
IIR 248 0019 010024 Moussaoui Testimony, page paragraph The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 157 

SUBJECT: Combatant Status Review Tribunal Input and Recommendation for Continued 
Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9KU-010024DP (S) 
Musab al-Hashidi, Karachi teach them English and American culture preparation for the attacks. (SI/NF) and Israeli embassies Manila: August 2001, detainee gave operative Mohammad Mansour Jabarah $10,000 USD and sent him Manila, Philippines (RP), bomb and Israeli embassies. Jabarah embarked his mission one day before the September 2001 attacks. was joint operation, with al-Qaida supplying the suicide bombers and the funding, and purchasing the explosives and making the plans. 
 (U) Plots the US: (SI/NF) Detainee stated that enemy the US, thought about the policies with which disagreed and how could change them. Detainee's plan was make citizens suffer, especially economically, which would put pressure the government change its policies. Targeting priorities were determined initially assessing those that would have the greatest economic impact, and secondly which would awaken people politically.67 (S//NF) Detainee discussed his involvement the September 2001 attacks with Abu Zubaydah, ISN US9GZ-010016DP (GZ-10016). When Abu Zubaydah asked whether detainee had any other operations ready, detainee replied that the September 2001 attacks had been his dream and life's work. Detainee noted that because did not hit the White House during the September 2001 attacks, intended, that would somehow try attack the White House again one day, due 

68its symbolic value America. 	(U) Detainee told his interrogators that al-Qaida had planned create "nuclear
hell storm" America. (SI/NF) Jewish targets New York: early 2001, UBL's direction, detainee 
sent al-Qaida operative Issa al-Britani surveil potential economic and "Jewish"
targets New York City. (S//NF) Tallest building California: late 2001, detainee directed plan for 
commercial airplane hijacked and flown into the "tallest building California,"
using least two separate shoe bombs gain access the cockpit. TD-314/23432-04, TD-314/23505-04, Analyst Note: This was training for the Asia portion the planes plot. 
.66 FBIS EUP20030124000492 23-Jan-2003 TD-314/36069-03 TD-314/28434-02 Al-Qaida warning 7-Sep-06, Al-Qaida warns Muslims: Time get out U.S. Afghan terror commander hints big attack and Washington. TD-314/44238-04, Analyst Note: This was possibly part the 9/11 operation. 

TD-314/36069-03 11NOFORN1120311208 
SUBJECT: Combatant Status Review Tribunal Input and Recommendation for Continued 
Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9KU-010024DP (S) (U) CIA and FBI headquarters and nuclear power plants: Other potential targets 
detainee considered were CIA and FBI headquarters, nuclear power plants the US,
and the tallest buildings the state Washington. (S//NF) Hacking into bank computers US: Detainee deployed Ali Saleh Mohamed Kahlah al-Mari, ISN US9QA-010010DP (QA-10010), travel the al-Qaida sleeper agent with the mission explore possibilities for hacking into
main frame computers banks. (U) Follow-on attacks the US: Detainee intended for al-Qaida operative 
Zacarias Moussaoui (in custody) participate follow-on attack the US,
unrelated the September 2001 attacks. (S) Cargo airplane hijackings: April 2002, detainee tasked al-Qaida operative Iyman Faris aka (Faris Iyam) aka (Lyman Faris), provide complete study the procedure for entering cargo areas airports. Detainee planned hijack cargo planes and simultaneously fly those planes into several airport terminals across the 
us. (S//NF) Brooklyn Bridge: Detainee also tasked Faris destroy the Brooklyn Bridge cutting the suspension cables.76 (S//NF) Natural gas explosion Chicago: early 2002, Abu Zubaydah sent 

Binyam Ahmed Mohammed, ISN US9ET-001458DP (ET-1458), and operative Jose
Padilla (in custody) detainee discuss future operations the US.Detainee directed Padilla travel Chicago, Illinois, rent apartment, and initiate natural gas explosion cause the building collapse. Detainee told ET-1458 join Padilla Chicago this mission. Detainee also directed Padilla study the feasibility operation set fire hotel gas station the US.
(S//NF) Ammar al-Baluchi reported that ET-1458 and Padilla stayed the Karachi guesthouse for approximately one week, during which time Ammar saw ET1458 and Padilla conversing with detainee. Ammar claimed that even after The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, TD-314/16 750-03, Analyst Note: Ali Saleh al-Mari was taken into custody December 2001 and being held enemy combatant Charleston, South Carolina. 01002 Moussaoui Testimony, pages 1and paragraphs 1and TRRS-0 4-12-0518, Analyst Note: Faris was Ohio-based HAZMAT truck driver who had previously worked with airplane cargo few years prior. ATS/a 050311 TD-314/51751-02 TD-314/3 60-02, Analyst Note: Padilla was arrested authorities arrived Chicago May 2002. DIA JITF-CT Analytical Product: debriefing senior al-Qaida operative describes planning against bridges and gas stations the US. NOFORN 20311208 
SUBJECT: Combatant Status Review Tribunal Input and Recommendation for Continued 
Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9KU-010024DP (S) 
Padilla's arrest and association with "dirty bomb" plot the media, did not discuss the matter with detainee. 
 (S//NF) Detainee was designated UBL the al-Qaida Chief External Military Operations. Detainee was also charge propaganda and facilitation for the al-Qaida network. (S//NF) Senior al-Qaida operative Abu Zubair al-Haili stated that detainee was charge operational planning and execution for operations external Afghanistan. UBL flaced detainee charge the al-Qaida Media Committee, October 2000. 
(U) 1997 and the first half 1998, detainee admits traveling frequently between Pakistan and Afghanistan, visiting UBL, and cultivating friendships with his lieutenants, Mohammed Atef and Sayf al-Adl, assisting them with computer and media projects.83 
(S//NF) Ramzi Bin al-Shibh stated that during his second trip Afghanistan February 2001, learned that detainee was responsible for exporting al-Qaida 
related media from Afghanistan, part the al-Qaida media committee. 
Detainee further told al-Shibh that after al-Qaida left Afghanistan December 
2001, al-Qaida used new approach and started distributing its messages
Jazeera.84 (S/ /NF) When Afghanistan fell coalition forces December 2001, detainee stated was put charge evacuating the families during the coalition bombardment Afghanistan.85 According Sayf al-Adl, Abu Mohammed requested meeting. The meeting was held the Saturday after Muhammad Atef death, probably November 2001, select new Amir, and make decisions the evacuation the families. Shaykh Said al-Masri and detainee supported the effort evacuate the women outside Afghanistan and took the necessary steps achieve the objective. 
TD-314/12265-04, TD-314/05915-03 
010024 Moussaoui Testimony, pages and paragraphs and 
The 9-11 Commission Report 24-Jul-2003, 149 
TD-314/39777-02 TD-314/35339-03 
(FISA) FBI FISA DTG l-SEP-06, SA-RIY-040721-90007-61707, Analyst Note: Sheikh Sa'id al-Masri alQaida's chief financial officer. According FBI FISA reporting, al-Masri, who has been located Pakistan since least 2002, has taken some additional responsibilities his role within al-Qaida. addition his position the senior financial officer for al-Qaeda, Sheikh Sa'id acting the communications conduit alQaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and possibly UBL well. Sheikh Sa'id has also assumed some NOFORN 20311208 (S//NF) early 2002, detainee gave Sayfullah Paracha, ISN US9PK-001094DP (PK-1094), between $500,000 and $600,000 USD for "safekeeping." Detainee stated six months earlier had asked PK-1094 research offshore companies hold
87Qaida' funds. 
 (SIINF) Detainee comes from long line Islamic extremists. 	(S//NF) Detainee's three brothers: Zahid Shaykh Muhammad aka (Abu Hafs), the
director the Kuwaiti Lajnat ul-Dawaorganization Quetta, PK; Abid Shaykh
Muhammad; and Aaref Shaykh Muhammad. His older brother Abid supported the anti-Soviet jihad fighting Afghanistan, where was killed. This significantly affected and influenced detainee support jihad. His other older brother, Zahid, was active supporter various humanitarian assistance programs Afghanistan, and 
90helped establish the Muslim Brotherhood Kuwait. (S//NF) Detainee's six cousins: Detained Ramzi Yousef, captured for his role the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; detained Abd al-Samad; Abd al-Karim aka (Abu Musab al-Baluchi); Abd al-Mun'im aka (Abu Khalid al-Baluchi); Hashim Abd al-Aziz aka (Shabir); and detained Ammar al-Baluchi. Abu Musab and Abu Khalid respectively, handle some the most sensitive logistic and administrative matters for al-Qaida operatives based transiting Pakistan. Ammar al-Baluchi played 
91key role financial facilitator for detainee's operations.
facilitation duties, previously carried out other now-detained deceased senior al-Qaeda leaders, and provides managerial duties for the senior leadership. TD-314/41195-04 
Analyst Note: Lajnat ul-Dawa Tier Terrorist Support Entity (TSE). Tier TSE has available resources and position provide financial support terrorist organizations willing attack persons interests, provide witting operational support Tier terrorist groups. Lajnat ul-Dawa al-Islamiya, Islamic Missionary Commission, the largest non-government organization (NGO) network for Afghan refugees and run rich Kuwaitis. Otherwise known the Islamic Call Committee, LDI was subsidiary the Kuwait-based NGO, Social Reform Society. The LDI has been involved Afghanistan since the early 1980s, and had supported the training camps and extremists there for many years. For further information see TD-314/25433-02. TD-314/45317-02 TD-314/70274-06 USAREUR Current Threat Report 5-Feb-2003 NOFORN 20311208 (U//FOUO) Detainee's Conduct: Detainee detention threat level assessed MEDIUM based DoD initial 90-day observation. 
,,,U>RU' Rear Admiral, Navy Commanding NOFORN 20311208 010024 Profile al-Qaida Kin gpin 28-Sep-2006 Analyst Note: Abdul Rasool Sayyafis the leader the Afghan Ittihad-1-Islami.