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Judicial Watch • Lawrence H. Silberman – 2003

Lawrence H. Silberman – 2003

Lawrence H. Silberman – 2003

Page 1: Lawrence H. Silberman – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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A0-10 FlNANC1AL DISCLOSURE REPORT (overn1nent Act 1918 
Calendar Year 2003 LS.C Up[>. IOl-11 
.-;:-. _,._ ,.-J,-,._,_,}.); ,n University Law Center (Adjunct Professor) Spring and Fa:l 2003 CRQSS INCOME {)::is) 45,000 Spouse1s Noa-(nvestment Income (1fyou wCre married during any portion the reporting year please complete this section. {doHar amount 
not reqoired except foT honoraria/ iiZl NONE (Noreportabe noninvestment income.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS :mnsportatiun, ioog;ng, food. entertainment 
(lndud those spouse and dependent cl:ilJren. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) 
li2I NONE (No such rc,,onablc reimbursemen:S.) 
Name Pcrs::rn Rcponmg Date Report Laurence, Silberman 515104 
INA1{CIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Iii: GIFTS. NONE (Jodude> those spouse anti liependrnc clnldren (No such te!l()nctble gilis.) See pp. 23-3 i.11ntet